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1 X Boil Over Safeguard - Silicone Lid Stops Pots and Pans from Messy Spillovers

  • 1 X Boil Over Safeguard - Silicone Lid Stops Pots and Pans from Messy Spillovers
  • 1 X Boil Over Safeguard - Silicone Lid Stops Pots and Pans from Messy Spillovers
  • 1 X Boil Over Safeguard - Silicone Lid Stops Pots and Pans from Messy Spillovers
  • 1 X Boil Over Safeguard - Silicone Lid Stops Pots and Pans from Messy Spillovers

1 X Boil Over Safeguard - Silicone Lid Stops Pots and Pans from Messy Spillovers

NZ$ 134.00 NZ$ 81.00 Save: NZ$ 53.00
NZ$ 81.00 NZ$ 134.00 You save: NZ$ 53.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Unique silicone device prevents boil-overs.
  • Fits openings with a 6" to 10" diameter.
  • Heat resistant to 400 degrees.
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • Easy to use.
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Customer Reviews

Just the trick for avoiding the dreaded boil overThis does just what it is supposed to - and does it well. The only reason it does not get 5 stars from me is that it does pool some very hot water when it catches the steam and since there are no handles, it is fairly easy to spill it on yourself or the counter. I will certainly continue to use it for pasta and other items boiled in large quantities of water. 4Every carribbean house should definitely have one!Love love love this. I boil plantains practically every night. I also love pasta. This frees me up to do other things with it worrying about spillage. This is important because I don't like mess but more importantly I have dogs that like to lay in the kitchen while i cook. I worry that boiling water could spill on my dogs but not anymore. I could see people who make rice finding this useful, people with small kids that roam in the kitchen, people who like to boil corn etc. Love the product. I haven't tried it with anything that has an odor, so I can't tell whether it retains smell. 5Helped, but not perfectWas so excited to receive this and try it out! Worked okay, but not perfectly...water still spilled over the side unless I stood there and blew on it. But not as bad as it would boil over without the cover. So it does help a lot. Maybe it's me...I used a dutch oven pan and filled it about 2/3 full?? Didn't realize it came in two seperate pieces, so now to store them and keep them together somehow... 3BEST OF THE BEST KITCHEN HELPERSYou would not think this product is as awesome as it is! I never use pot or pan lids anymore. I use the Boil Over Safeguard all of the time because: 1) I can use the little lid insert to heat the food or water quickly; it holds the heat in. 2) Once I take the insert off, the food is visible. I can see it without removing a lid so many times and dripping condensation all over my stove. 3) I can use it on small pots and frying pans as well as large. It does not melt. It is easy to clean. 4) It protects against oil spatters when I saute in a frying pan of any size. It is awesome!! 5It's the best kitchen gadget ever invented and much easier to deal ...EVERY PERSON should own one of these!!! why did I wait so long to buy - you will never have a pot boil over again. It's the best kitchen gadget ever invented and much easier to deal with than the lifting the pot lid and having a gush of steam in your face. I LOVE THIS THING! 5Oh how WONDERFUL this item is!!!I just L-O-V-E this item! I make rice for my 4 dogs, all the time, and don't like rice cookers because 1) they don't make enough and 2) they usually use non-stick coating (yes, I have seen SS too, but again, too small for my use) and if I don't use that coating for myself I certainly will not use it for my doggies! Anyway, no matter how careful I watch the pot, it seems to ALWAYS start to boil over the very second I turn my back for that slight moment. I saw this little hummer and ordered it immediately. What a WONDERFUL invention!!! I have not had one issue with boil-over since I bought it. I LOVE it! LOVE it! LOVE it! The only 2 things to remember when using: 1) when you initially put on pot rim, seal the rim by pressing down around rim and it will work perfectly and 2) do NOT lift rim while in use. If you need to sneak a peek while cooking, just lift the center mini-lid otherwise the steam will burn you and you could break the cooking seal around the rim, lest boil over. You will absolutely LOVE this item! I give it 10 stars! :-) 5Problem solved!I have been frustrated by the fact that now matter how I manage the temperature, no matter what size pot I use, no matter how high (or low) I fill it, whenever I cook beans (pinto, kidney, etc.), the pot comes close to boiling over. With my flat cook top, the constant overflow of drops of water was bothersome. Using this product instead of the normal lid for my pots has eliminated the problem. Foamy water does gather on top (as pictured), but it stays there and isn't splattering all over the stovetop. Of course, you still have to be sensible in terms of how high you fill the pot and you have to mind the temperature, but if you do all those things, and still get spillover, then this could help you. 5GREAT product!Absolutely great product! Quality is much, much better than I expected. This is made of very heavy-duty silicone and has worked great not only to prevent boil-overs, but I use it frequently when reheating or cooking almost everything. It's easy lift off by the edges, and yes, there very well may be condensation... but all lids will get this...that's what lids do! :-) The center piece easily lifts off (does not get the slightest bit hot) so you can look in to see how things are doing without removing the entire lid. For the price, and comparing it to similar products...definitely go with this one. (I'm very tempted to get rid of all those bulky various lids with my very expensive cookware set because they take up valuable space, and this works for everything I've done.) 5Save your money and give better personal attention to the taskHas a pretty picture but I can't seem to master the knack. Main use was for a 5qt pasta pot but is/was not exactly successful in its function. Seems the best action is save your money and give better personal attention to the task. Most inconvenient for stirring and one could actually steam burn themselves in the process. It now hangs on a hook to give others the impression that I have the most modern culinary gadgets. 2SafeguardI was anxious to give this a try as I am tired of cleaning up after soup/pasta/whatever has boiled over on my cooktop. It works great! The longer I have it, the more uses I think of for it. I put it on my bowl of oatmeal in the microwave and voila! I no longer need to watch and stir it down several times. Perfect oatmeal and no mess. It's easy to clean and store until the next meal. 5
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