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5 Pack - Orbit Adjustable Flow 8-Port Drip Irrigation Manifold for 1/4 Inch Tube

  • 5 Pack - Orbit Adjustable Flow 8-Port Drip Irrigation Manifold for 1/4 Inch Tube

5 Pack - Orbit Adjustable Flow 8-Port Drip Irrigation Manifold for 1/4 Inch Tube

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NZ$ 156.00 NZ$ 260.00 You save: NZ$ 104.00



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The Orbit Apollo 8 manifold gives you even more precision in a small, durable package. This simple manifold screws on to any 1/2-inch riser and contains 8 individual outlets for 1/4-inch tubing. Each outlet has its own adjustable flow control from 0 to 25 gallons per hour, so you can tailor the watering of different types of plants and using different methods of drip irrigation on the same manifold.
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Customer Reviews

Finally enough ports to do drip!I do drip irrigation in my ornamental flower beds. With these sprinklers, I ve got 8 ports and if I put drip tubing on a few, I can adjust the individual flow, which I appreciate. I also like that I can thread the caps on and off, so if I change my mind and don t need a port later, I can shut the water off to it easily and put a cap on. 5Great manifolds, BUT the defect rate is very highI have installed 72 of the Apollo 8 mini manifolds (model #67000). I have tried many other brands and these are the most functional in that you have a lot of control over each output port. The problem that I experienced is that the defect rate is very high (12%). They are not very well made and 9 out of 72 of mine failed due to leaks. I tolerate the high failure rate because I like them otherwise and because they are not expensive. I have returned the defective ones for replacement. I suggest that if you buy them, you should buy extras as you will need them for immediate replacement when they fail. 42/3's of the item works...It came very quickly, which was nice. However, 2 of the eight ports don't work so it's a six port upon first installation. The adjustment screws are tedious, which wouldn't be a big deal if they all actually worked. I have little faith that this will keep the 6 working ports actually working.I haven't complained to the seller, or tried to return it because I feel it will end in the same result. Just disappointed. 2Great features.The features of the port are exactly what I need for my patio drip irrigation system. Finally I am able to control the flow to each individual plant without concern that one might be overwatered while the one next to it is drying. The build in filter is an important attribute. My plants are set up in groups of five so I don't use all eight ports (which is no problem other than my innate nature to worry that I paid for something I don't use). 5Perfect for conversion from spray to drip irrigationI'm in the process of converting my existing spray irrigation system to drip. Fortunately, the T-connections for the spray heads are 1/2 inch so it is simply a matter of removing the existing head & installing a riser & this manifold/tubing/drip emitters. The fact that there are eight connections makes it fairly easy to get the appropriate coverage for our gardens. The supply tubing for my system is almost 400 feet long with 24 spray heads. I don't believe I will have any problems converting this system & saving water. I anticipate breaking even this year on water savings. I might break even on the time to install the system verses time spent watering for a single season. 5Some instructions would be nice, but not a bad unit.This arrived loose in a padded envelope, no box or additional protection. No instructions or paperwork of any kind other than a paper name tag attached to one tube. Other than that, it looks ok and doesn't appear to be broken or used. I bought this to have onhand to try as an alternate to my Rainbird Xeribird 8-port manifolds which tend to blow out with no warning every once in a while. Will update this review when I put it into use.UPDATEI have raised my original review from 3 to 4 stars. I have ordered more of these to replace my Rainbird manifolds. I find these to be much more reliable, less prone to leaking or random "blowouts" than the Xeribirds. The main complaint I have is that the adjustment caps at the top are made of very soft plastic and are easily damaged by a screwdriver (even after one use). This needs to be upgraded with better quality material. And it seems like it would be an easy design change to put a central pressure regulating valve to adjust the whole unit at once while retaining the individual port fine-tuning. But otherwise these are excellent and will buy more. 4Works well, needs parts for hose hook upThis seems really really cheap but it actually works fairly well and so far no leaks. I am disappointed that the flow control "screws" are so difficult to deal with. With very little effort I have started to strip out the top area where it looks as though a flat head screwdriver should be used but the screw driver slips halfway out of the slot and is hard on the plastic. Luckily once you get it where you want you shouldn't have to keep using that screw. Also, I installed inline cutoff knobs at all my water zones that can be turned on and off with not tools so it works fine. I did need to get a short 1/2" pipe and brass adapter for that pipe to hook this up to my hose. 4Not PerfectThis is a great way to convert a sprinkler riser to drip without the expense/hassle of laying and connecting drip supply tubing. My only objection is the small plastic adjuster sscrews for flow atop the manifold. The screwdriver slot is very poorly formed and the material is very brittle and sometimes breaks easily while trying to adjust the flow. One broke while trying to fit a screwdriver in the slot. I can forsee having to buy spare manifolds in order to harvest the adjusters for repairs to already installed manifolds. SO, five stars for the idea and three stars for quality of materials. Average of four stars. 4Best I've found over the yearsThese are the best drip emitters that I have found or used. I've been a casual gardener at my house for years. These are not bullet proof, but they are very durable. Keep them out of the sun and they last even longer. I have some that are over 10 years old, still putting along. Pair these with a bubbler or several bubblers- 8 nipples on this manifold (I don't think the micro spray sprinklers work well in most applications)- and you can effectively water anything you want. My water bill is generally 30 to 50% less than my neighbors. One tip I can contribute is that once you have the 1/4" tubing connected, DON'T remove it. The green elbows are the weak link and break easily once they've been in use a couple years and you pull on them- thank goodness there's a valve at each nipple. INSTEAD, cut the tubing about a foot away and use tubing couplers to connect your new lines. 5Perfect to tinker with dripper pressure!!Allows you to regulate emitter pressure individually and precisely, and cap them if not using. I find myself adjusting pressure more often than what I thought, and the adjustments are much more precise than those that can be done at the dripper, if the dripper allows that adjustment.Plus, very inexpensive. 5
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