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AIBOO LED Under Cabinet Puck Lights Kit with Touch Dimming Switch for Accent Display in Cabinet Lighting (8 Lights,Warm White)

  • AIBOO LED Under Cabinet Puck Lights Kit with Touch Dimming Switch for Accent Display in Cabinet Lighting (8 Lights,Warm White)
  • AIBOO LED Under Cabinet Puck Lights Kit with Touch Dimming Switch for Accent Display in Cabinet Lighting (8 Lights,Warm White)
  • AIBOO LED Under Cabinet Puck Lights Kit with Touch Dimming Switch for Accent Display in Cabinet Lighting (8 Lights,Warm White)
  • AIBOO LED Under Cabinet Puck Lights Kit with Touch Dimming Switch for Accent Display in Cabinet Lighting (8 Lights,Warm White)
  • AIBOO LED Under Cabinet Puck Lights Kit with Touch Dimming Switch for Accent Display in Cabinet Lighting (8 Lights,Warm White)
  • AIBOO LED Under Cabinet Puck Lights Kit with Touch Dimming Switch for Accent Display in Cabinet Lighting (8 Lights,Warm White)
  • AIBOO LED Under Cabinet Puck Lights Kit with Touch Dimming Switch for Accent Display in Cabinet Lighting (8 Lights,Warm White)

AIBOO LED Under Cabinet Puck Lights Kit with Touch Dimming Switch for Accent Display in Cabinet Lighting (8 Lights,Warm White)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • @ TOUCH DIMMABLE: The smart dimmer switch could be connected between the adapter and splitter achieving smooth dimming function 0-100% without any flickering.
  • @ PREMIUM QUALITY: UL listed standard power plug with inline on/off switch, the cable length is 80 inches, enable the kitchen cabinet lights go to further place.
  • @ ULTRA-THIN DESIGN: 2.3inch * 0.3inch flat led puck light, super slimmer, almost invisible the LED under cabinet lighting kit after installation. If you need extra lights, please buy them by the ASIN: B07PRDZ731.
  • @ 90% ENERGY SAVING: 2W LED under counter puck light replaces 25W halogen fluorescent or incandescent lamp, less heat production with long life span.
  • @Multi-Mounting Options: Simple tool-free installationwith two-sided adhesive mounting or by screws as a permanent application choice. If you need the cable clips to help you install the lights, please buy them by the ASIN: B085DC5F9S.
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Customer Reviews

Just what I wantedI love these under my kitchen cabinets, above my sink. I can see when doing dishes now and when I dim them in the evening it's a cozy, warm feeling. There were no directions but I figured it out. It would be perfect to be able to get shorter cords but I folded them up and taped them under the cabinets and it doesn't show unless you bend down to look.5BrightThese provide the same amount of light as the previous quartz halogen puck lights without all the heat. They are bright white when I would prefer something warmer, but come with a translucent plastic diffuser that I stained with acrylic paint to warm them up. Still, I wish they came in warm white. They are very easy to install and come in a sturdy machined aluminum housing. Hint, front bezel and housing are threaded. I found that using a light grease made it vastly easier to get them screwed back together.5Not very brightThe listing claims these are 200lm and 2 watts per light. Very efficient LED lights put out 50-60 lm per watt so, at best, these put out 120 lm compared to a 25-watt halogen bulb which puts out 210 lm. But based on my experience with LEDs these are really putting out about 80 lm. The pictures showing them brightly illuminating a counter-top and inside a cabinet must be phony. Placing them side by side with my old 25-watt halogen, these don't come close to being as bright.A 20 watt halogen G8 bulb puts out 210 lm2Great looking lights! Tip for extending cable length belowLooks great, no problems with install. I would not recommend using the double sided tape as it will tear the finish off your cabinets. You can turn the cap off the lights and expose 3 mounting holes for screws (which you only need to use 1 of.Also, if the 5' power cord length is not long enough you can easily extend it with a similar gauge speaker wire since its 12V, which means there are only 2 wires, power and ground, just make sure you get pair up the correct sides on the ends of your splices (one of the two cables has gray writing on it). This will save you a lot of $$ considering it cost $10 for 4 5ft extension cables, which do the same thing I just explained.5Flexible Installation is Bound to Fit!This is my second light kit and based on those two installations here's a review of this kit.The puck lights are quality made. The lamp itself is made up of a number of small LEDs providing 2 W of warm orange-ish colored light. Each puck can be attached with either one of the included double-sided adhesive foam tape pucks or the included small screws. I used both. The top twists off with some fine pitched threads which can be a challenge to put back on but if you start the lid square it will twist back on easy enough.Each light has a length of DC cable that runs back to the included pair of three-way DC power splitters. The tiny jacks fit though a 1/4" diameter hole and two such connectors and cables can be run though one hole. I used T25 cable staples to run the wires along the bottom and inside of a piece of furniture.There's a mechanical on/off toggle switch and a push-to-brighten push-to-dim proximity sensor switch. The dimmer adjusts the light from full brilliant blast to a very low level. With the LED pucks mounted so close to the art work below I adjust my LEDs to a fairly low level so that they're just noticeable in the daytime. At night they act as a nice night-light. The LED's temperature is a pleasing warm "Edison bulb" color. Not overly orange or blue at all and it's diffused nicely with the frosted covers. There are no ugly artifacts like shadows or hot spots.The installation was easy enough for me but taking my time and doing a whole lot of measure once put a screw into the bottom of a piece of furniture's top careful it took an hour tool gathering to floor swept clean. Running the wires was easy enough and the on/off and dimmer switches are hidden within easy reach inside the top drawer.The system is flexible enough that it's likely to fit most display cabinets and furniture. On my first build I custom cut and soldiered each wire. On my second one I just curled the spare wire behind the back of that top drawer out-of-sight. Since the pucks are plug-in if you only need five rather than the six that's something simple to do without having to cut cables.There are two things I don't like. First the dimming action is way fast going from dim to bright in about 2 seconds making it tricky to get the right level. If it ramped up or down slowly at a 10 second rate it would be better. The other thing I don't like is that the dimmer loses it's last setting if the power is disconnected and it comes on full blast again when it's turned back on.5High quality and thoughtfully designed at a very reasonable price.I found the 12 pc Under Counter Lights to be as described and of excellent quality. I liked the low profile and the ability to choose how they are mounted. I chose the supplied double sided adhesive pads, thinking that if they didn't hold securely I would use the screws instead (also supplied). Whenever I use adhesive pads I always clean both surfaces with rubbing alcohol first. No need to use screws as the high quality sticky pads bonded tightly. The LED lights are mounted in robust aluminum pucks that the halves unscrew to access the holes for screw mounting. The supplied on/off/dimmer switch works great and only needs light touches to operate. All the wiring and connectors were also high quality.My wife is a quilter and has 9' wide X 2' deep 5 shelf storage area that needed good lighting to see all the fabric pieces. This 12 light arrangement allowed me to put illumination right where she wanted.5A bit quirky to operate at first but they work wellAlthough the controls are a bit quirky, these lights were very easy to install and look great. I installed mine in our china cabinet after first drilling small holes for each light where I wanted the wire leads to exit the cabinet. The adhesive backed velcro mounting discs are extremely sticky so you want to make sure you initially place them exactly where you want them to go. You also have the option to mount the puck lights with included screws. I decided to use damage-free adhesive clips to clamp the wiring to the inside of the cabinet. The one complaint I have about the lights is that the instructions for turning the lights on and off (with or without using the dimmer) could be clearer.5Good lights, but I still have a few issues.Nice lights, fairly bright, small low profile, easy to install. I don't like the button with the two trees that come off of it, harder to manage cable runs. And it says it 3000k color temp. But it seems higher to me. I was hoping it would be close to the 2700 my whole house has. I'm going to cut amber gels and add them inside this light and see if I can change the color without loosing touch brightness. I would also say just buy the extensions, they were 10 bucks for four cables, they are also hard to find on amazon as they are not listed with the light. I found a model number and put that into amazon and they came up. 4Great kitchen cabinet lightingExcellent led cabinet lights. I recently installed a dozen of these throughout my kitchen above and below the cabinets. My one complaint is the size of the connectors. Way too big! So here are some installation suggestions from my experience. 1. Don't be afraid to cut and resize the wire. It's 12v DC so make sure you keep the positive and negative wires aligned, and use solder and shrink tubing for the splices. A much tidier install and only small 1/8 inch holes to route the wires. 2. The touch switch dimmer included with these lights is great, but if you want to control your lights with a master (wall) switch this electric dimmer will forget your brightness settings and actually be in the off position when the master switch is turned on. What to do? Here's what I did for those lights I wanted to control by a wall switch. Don't use the included dimmer. Instead purchase this manual dimmer. It is fully compatible with the Aiboo lights and has the same size connectors. Works perfectly! Aiboo should offer this switch as an option. It took me a lot of time to find it. Here's the link... Enjoy! TronicsPros DC 12V-24V 6A LED... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B073YB5NK4?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share5Great ProductGreat product. Allows for very flexible configuration. Can leave the dimmer switch out of the configuration (as I did). I did not have a need for dimming the lights. Also, you can buy extension cords made especially for the Aiboo lights from Amazon. Lights are bright and beautiful. I bought 24 lights and extension cords to light a very large wall unit. It worked great! 5Pretty good, but not perfect for meI installed these in my kitchen cabinets. They are nice and bright and the daylight white color I was looking for. The housing is made of some kind of metal, so they feel solid. Just unscrew the covers on the light and then screw them in to the cabinet if you dont want to use the sticky pads that they include. (the sticky disks are actually pretty strong)The problem I have is that I plugged them into a wall outlet that is attached to a switch. So, when I turn the switch off and then back on, the lights dont turn back on unless you tap the dimmer part of the cord. Because of how they are mounted (up high) its not possible for me to tap the dimmer each time I turn them on and off, so I am un-able to use the dimmer function. I had to remove the dimmer part of the cord and plug them directly into the outlet. So now I cant use the dimmer, which I actually am pretty bummed about because I bought them thinking I could dim them and then use the wall switch to turn them on and off and they would remember the last dimmer setting. Sadly they do not. So be aware of this before buying.4Great lights for the price!I bought 2 sets of these for my kitchen redo and it came out great! I had to buy the extension cable for the bank of cabinets by my stove and microwave for the last cabinet! It all came out well, only problem that I ran into was the fact that these lights were hooked up to a switched outlet, so I could not use the dimmer part of it, because you have to touch it to turn the lights back on after every time you turn it off, and with it being wired inside my cabinets, that was not an option! But it turns out I didn t need to use it anyway! The brightness of these lights was just right, so I never used the dimmer part of the switch!5
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