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AIBOO Linkable Under Cabinet LED Lighting 12V Dimmable Puck Lights with Wireless RF Remote Control, Hardwired & Wall Plug in for Counter Lighting(6 Lights, Warm White)

  • AIBOO Linkable Under Cabinet LED Lighting 12V Dimmable Puck Lights with Wireless RF Remote Control, Hardwired & Wall Plug in for Counter Lighting(6 Lights, Warm White)
  • AIBOO Linkable Under Cabinet LED Lighting 12V Dimmable Puck Lights with Wireless RF Remote Control, Hardwired & Wall Plug in for Counter Lighting(6 Lights, Warm White)
  • AIBOO Linkable Under Cabinet LED Lighting 12V Dimmable Puck Lights with Wireless RF Remote Control, Hardwired & Wall Plug in for Counter Lighting(6 Lights, Warm White)
  • AIBOO Linkable Under Cabinet LED Lighting 12V Dimmable Puck Lights with Wireless RF Remote Control, Hardwired & Wall Plug in for Counter Lighting(6 Lights, Warm White)
  • AIBOO Linkable Under Cabinet LED Lighting 12V Dimmable Puck Lights with Wireless RF Remote Control, Hardwired & Wall Plug in for Counter Lighting(6 Lights, Warm White)
  • AIBOO Linkable Under Cabinet LED Lighting 12V Dimmable Puck Lights with Wireless RF Remote Control, Hardwired & Wall Plug in for Counter Lighting(6 Lights, Warm White)
  • AIBOO Linkable Under Cabinet LED Lighting 12V Dimmable Puck Lights with Wireless RF Remote Control, Hardwired & Wall Plug in for Counter Lighting(6 Lights, Warm White)

AIBOO Linkable Under Cabinet LED Lighting 12V Dimmable Puck Lights with Wireless RF Remote Control, Hardwired & Wall Plug in for Counter Lighting(6 Lights, Warm White)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • # LINKABLE CONNECTION LED PUCK LIGHTS: Linkable connection design makes the puck lights can be connected one by one, providing an extreme simple wiring management.
  • # 2-WAY INSTALLATIONS: The under cabinet lights set can either be hardwired or wall plug in installation, easy to install, absolutely flexible and PLUG-N-PLAY. If you need the cable clips to help you install the lights, please buy them by the ASIN: B085DQ3G7F.
  • # INVISIBLE LOW PROFILE DESIGN: 2.3 * 0.3 inch thin & flat puck light, almost invisible under the cabinets until turned on. If you need extra lights, please buy the ASIN: B07PP5V7LJ.
  • # EXTENDABLE USAGE: The number of puck lights can be added or delete according to the needs. Also the RF remote control can control different sets of cabinet lights.
  • # WIRELESS DIMMABLE: RF remote control making the dimming function from 0% to 100% hands-free. It can also have blinking mode for holiday or party celebration.
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Customer Reviews

Great buy, glad I found these.Love these under cabinet lights. They are easy to hide and install. I bought 2 sets for 2 separate banks of cabinets. The remote controls both at the same time with no special programming. One light or the other sometimes does not respond to the remote and they get out of sync but its easily and quickly remedied. The light is a very soft white, not bright or even bluish like I've seen other things rated at 3000K. Not sure why there is a strobe function, I can't ever imagine wanting to have a seizure in my kitchen. The instructions, while amusing, are terrible. Written by someone who had a mild grasp of the english language and a lot of confidence. For the price these are far better than the brands at the home improvement stores. Update. After 9 months the RF remote sensor has failed. 5High quality,I have installed over 50 sets of under counter lights in past 10 years , This kit is awesome, comes with all the things needed! I would next time go with 3000K light color v/s 2700K, 2700K is a little too yellow. As for spacing 12" seems close but it was perfect , no hot spots and good coverage. 1 remote worked two kits on opposite sides of kitchen at the same time, just push remote and both sets light up and fully dim able . I ordered through Amazon self adhesive clips to take up slack in wires v/s cutting and soldering each strand. Very high quality kit, best I have seen in past 10 years . link to clips (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MTYRVKQ/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1). I used provided screws and pre drilled holes , took 4 hours to install two sets of 10 each. Will purchase again ! Lights only 3/8" thick, easy to hide! and no heat output, total kit only uses 25Watta total for 10 lights ! 5Dont hesitate to buy these!Heck yeah!!Ive ordered two sets and I am super pleased with the entire product. Im redoing my kitchen, so pardon the messy pictures.1. The box includes EVERYTHING and MORE! Screws, 20sticky pads, a hardwire option... all extras that arent needed for every install, but can be used.2. The dimmest setting is perfect to leave on all night in my kitchen and work waaaay better than holding the fridge open for a midnight snack. On the brightest it eliminates the need for overhead lighting, period.3. Legitimately, a monkey could install these lights. Install is a 1/10 of difficulty with the plug and play system. You cant mess it up.4. Remote is cheap-er but works fine and has a small red light to indicate signal is being sent. With its mounting magnet, it sticks to the frigde when i walk into my kitchen. Ive got them plugged into a recepticle on a rocker switch.5. Warm white is the way to go. As someone who gets light sensitive migraines, the soft hue is wonderful. I can not comment on the colored option lights.Did i mention these are awesome?Only negative so far is sometimes when turned on they flash at full brightness until the controller remembers what the previous setting was. This is never longer than a few tenths of a second. 5Really nice lights with a catchThe remote is awful, just your standard chinese LED rope light remote and god forbid you accidentally hit one of the mode buttons and they start strobing. I ended up removing the remote reciever and direct connecting them to the DC adapter. These things are sharp too, I cut my fingers on at least 4 of them during the install when i was unscrewing the diffusers. I didn't trust velcro or 2 sided tape for my application and intended to screw them to the wood so the taking apart and putting together can be avoided if not screwing.Aside from the complaints they're great lights, quite bright. I have them illuminating the underside of my aquarium stand, a space thats 72" x 24" x 40" tall and they make it gleam down there. It might help that I painted it all white but still, they're very nice and the color temperature doesn't look bad with the aquarium lights on at the same time. 4Great kit for do-it-yourselfer: top quality!After looking at local lightimg store offerings at over $400, and every Amazon offering, I am so happy I chose this one! I did kitchen under cabinet lighting, hardwired it and extensively cut off plugs (to reduce drilled holes to wire width, which is 1/5 of the plug width) and soldered at least 3/4 of the connections. the lights are aluminum with nicely machined screw on lids you remove to mount with the nice short screws, favored over the 3- M self adhesive mount pade whose use I limited to the electronic control boxes which at under 1 and 1/8 thickness remain concealed under the lower lip of all of my cabinets. The included extensions gave me more than enough to make the wire run above/over the sink and above/ over the stove, placing one light under each cabinet section and adding much needed lighting over the stove on the bottom of our underlighted microwave,. The result is a beautifully lighted backsplash, bright exposure of my stovetop, and nice dimming control for everything from subtle mood lighting to super bright lighting ( I chose cool white and satisfied very much with it) for cooking or countertop work. The LEDs are top quality, everything works as stated, I used brads to secure wires discretely behind the cabinet edges. I took my time and opted against coiling unused wire with twisty ties under my cabinets. Wires are clearly marked for positive/ negative so I was able to carry out accurate cutting and resplicing via soldering and electrical tape. I do not cut double wires straight across, but instead cut positive 1/2 longer than negative lead so there is zero chance of shorting if the tape ever fails over time. Anyway, I am very impressed with the kit, the quality and well thought out supplies included, and it was perfect for myneeds- I installed 9 of the10 lights so have a spare. Youcan make your choice of using all the plugs Drilling bigger holes and twisty- tying extra wire) ir doing a pro install with tight wires, no excess, and tiny holes through cabinets. Great kit!Addendum 12/18/2018: 9 days in I was adjusting brightness on remote, after initial flawless operation, and the lights stopped working. Miki at the seller immediately replied to my email with steps to diagnose the problem: NOT the remote electronics... awaiting feedback, but hope the fix is effective and lasting and not too much work since I customized wiring for my space.Addendum: this company has GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE and stand behind their product- Seller Miki contacted me immediately, gave precise tips on testing the lights, and quickly diagnosed the problem, got the lights working, and sent a spare part to assure this does not happen again. Miki also assured me that for a full 2 years they will fully back the product and provide free support. I plan on buying more, and can assure prospective buyers they will do very well with the Aiboo products for lighting. 5Great lightsBought these lights and installed as top cabinet inside accent lighting. They can be hard wired or wired in via a plug. The lights put out a lot of light for such a small puck, were easy to install and work as advertised. The color is cool white, which I wanted. I think about 5000k. If you want a warmer color go with the 3000k. They are fairly focused, so if you were going for under-cabinet lights you would need to use a lot of them, which requires hiding a lot of little wires. I recommend using strip or bar lighting under the cabinet instead, and use these for accent lights 5Wonderful additional to "class up" your kitchenHighly reccomend. I went back and forth between the likable lights and the other sets and I am very glad I went with these. They are easy to install by using some cheap stick on wire holders, also available on Amazon. The heads require you to drill decent sized holes so be sure you are ready for that if you want them to be hidden correctly. I have included pictures of how I went about hiding everything. You can easily cut and splice the wires together if you want to drill smaller holes. I shaved the back off some quarter round molding to hide the wire behind to get to the other side of the sink. The remote is magnetic which is great to leave on the fridge. I do not use the switch itself but I have it tucked behind the edge of a cabinet in case I need it. I cut some of the round stickers to attach the cord connector and it is working well. I have had them installed for a month and use them every day. They do NOT get too hot. I will be adding some in the pantry and will connect them to a motion sensor at the outlet, as well. Do it up! 5Easy, easy, easy. Great kit for DIYers.A very nice, quick and easy install.It is a slick complete kit. Everything is nicely wrapped and you don't need to be an engineer to put it together.POSITIVES:- easy assembly and install- nice packaging- decent amount of light- really like the "linkability" of running the lights in series instead of parallel.- extra extension wires to get over/around sink or stove openings- nice thin, machined pucks- dimmable (with supplied remote) in 5% increments and "quick dim" buttons for 100, 50 and 25%.NEGATIVES:- the only way to dim them is with the remote. It would be nice if the toggle switch on the power line was a rheostat, but the cost might be prohibitive.- the strobe functions on the remote....why anyone would use them is beyond me. They will either give you a migrain or seizure.- there is the slightest delay from turning switch on to when the lights go on. This is quite a picky thing because I'm new to them and studying them. I'm sure when I'm busy in the kitchen I won't notice the delay and/or will get accustomed to it.- no way to mechanically attach power transformer to underside of cabinets (such as a screw hole). Need to use tape or velcro.Highly recommend these if you want to retrofit quickly and economically under cabinet lighting to existing cabinets. There are certainly better options if you want to spend the money, but for DIYers or those not comfortable working with electical, these are a great alternative and are literally 'plug and play'. 4Nice Lights. Good Value.Good value. Excellent lights. These replaced a set of original round LED s that were first to market. These are much brighter and are controllable with the included remote. I already had wires installed that were hidden well, so I didn t want to start from scratch. I cut the wires a few inches from each light and used butt splices to join the old cabling. These lights are 2 3/8 inches, which is smaller than the old lights. A hole was previously cut, so I had to get creative with mounting. I purchased 4 aluminum discs on eBay and mounted the lights to them. The disc covered the old hole and left space to hide the connections in the cutout above. The kit comes with everything you need for a standard installation. If you re handy, you can customize it. My picture shows the lights at 50% brightness. 5Great priced product easy install. Brightness is not uniformGreat price for under cabinet lighting. We have been remodeling our kitchen, and as a DIYer I have been doing most everything myself, these lights were easy to wire and install, I had to order a few extension cables to get around sink and microwave. As wel as an additional 4 pack of lights since we have 13 total. I tested ahead of time with extensions and additional lights to verify it did not dim, and the last light was as bright as the first. Only issue is the variance in brightness. We originally ordered the daylight ones but they were too blue/bright. So we ordered the warm light and most of these are exactly what we want. But a few vary and our slightly brighter, not near as bright as the daylight, and it isnt terribly noticable, but they are not all the same level. That is the reason for the 4 stars. I opt to screw these in into the bottom of cabinets for a permanent install. 4
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