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Aladdin Perfect Cup Tea Infuser 12oz, Chai - 2 Pack

  • Aladdin Perfect Cup Tea Infuser 12oz, Chai - 2 Pack

Aladdin Perfect Cup Tea Infuser 12oz, Chai - 2 Pack

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Includes 2x Aladdin Cup Tea Infuser Mug, 12oz, Chai
  • Brew and enjoy hot beverages on the go
  • Works with loose tea, tea bags and coarse ground coffee
  • Leak-resistant flip lid
  • Dishwasher, microwave safe, Car cup friendly and BPA FREE
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Customer Reviews

Has additional branding on it (not in picture)I like this cup overall (I've purchased 2 others in previous years not from this seller). However, the one that came from this seller had extra branding on it (says "Blushers") , which was not expected and it did not appear to be in all the original packaging -- so I wondered if it was brand new and also how clean it was...I did not want a cup with additional labels on it -- I thought it'd look as pictured.The one plus is this version vs. the previous 2 I have has a larger lip on the lid, which makes opening the lid easier.They should say that there is additional branding on it. It is definitely overpriced at twenty-five and so with the extra I paid, plus the extra branding, I was somewhat disappointed. 3TeaTimeI bought this cup when I was doing a tea detox because it came with an attached infuser. Overall this cup is made well and works great as a tea infuser on the go.Pro: I love the fact that the infuser is attached on the lid of the cup and all you have to do is push down a little lever to lower the infuser and lift the lever to raise the infuser to stop the brewing. It does not get in the way when trying to drink it and I have not experienced it falling off or getting stuck. I didn't experience any dripping or spillingcon: the cover the covers the lip of the cup was extremely hard for me to lift up when I wanted to drink my tea.I had to use both thumbs to lift it up. now that could be because it was relatively new but I was using it everyday for some time. the infuser did "leak" a little in the sense that some leaf particles did escape and end up in my drink. this wasnt a major problem at all for me because my loose tea was pretty tinyoverall: I liked this cup and found it to do the job really well! 4I loved it so much until It broke!I had one of these in my old office that I somehow misplaced in the move. I got a new one and I was disappointed that in a very short time the metal of the twisting handle somehow broke out of the plastic pin that holds it. I tried to bend it back inside but it keeps coming off and when it does the tea basket drops in the tumbler and can't be raised back up. Often times this results in the contents of the tea basket to fall in the tea as well :( Update: I wrote the seller and they did not even bother responding! 2Steep as much or little as you wantBought 2011, Review written 2012:I've had this travel mug for around a year now, and it's amazing! It's the only one on the market (AFAIK) where you can actually retract the infuser so you don't have to have super strong tea, and you don't have to go fishing around inside the hot tea to get the bag out. The fact that the lower part is microwavable is a definite plus as well. The lid is good at keeping the heat in, I have to make sure to pop it open so it cools down, but with the lid sealed it's so water tight I have no problem throwing it into my purse or backpack along with electronics and paper. Dishwasher safe on the top rack too! (Though I recommend occasionally taking a really good scrubbing to the lid, as you can get dark stuff grimed in the corners.)After a year of use, the lever to lower the infuser isn't the smoothest, but with a little wiggling it always goes down. I dropped it on hard concrete a few weeks ago and the inside and outside parts separated, but with some really hard pushing my officemate got them to go back together - so it's not vacuum sealed now, if it ever was, but air is also a good insulator and I haven't seen any loss in the heat-storing ability.I'm going to buy a second one so I can keep one at the office and one for travel.Update 2015:I've now had this travel mug for four years (2011), and a second one that I bought in 2012. The original one in around 2014 (3 years of use) the seal between the inner and outer layers started to come apart, and the second one is doing that now in 2015 (also 3 years of use). Basically the layers are held together with a silicone ring and friction, and after around 3 years this comes apart and the two layers begin to separate. This makes one-handed use in the car difficult, as when you lift by the lid the bottom/outside part will remain behind. On both the basket action got a little stiff after a year or two of use, but still usable. Both can sometimes leak if not kept upright, but it's intermittent and in small amounts.In looking to replace this now, there still don't exist any other travel tea infusers that allow you to raise/lower the tea part. There are others that allow you to remove the tea strainer entirely, but it's not practical in a car to remove it and have it dripping all over the place. There were a few styles where you could flip the whole thing upside down or right side up to immerse the infuser, but none of those had lids that could be opened one-handed. So four years after buying my first one, I'm about to buy my third for me to replace my existing ones. Too bad I can't just replace the bottom part! 5How to keep it from popping open.Now that I've figured out how to avoid having the tea basket pop open, I like this mug. The catch on the wire tea basket is flimsy plastic, and comes open easily, spilling your tea leaves into the water. Two ways to avoid this are:1) Don't fill the basket to the top. Leave an eighth of an inch or so of open space. Do not pack the leaves in there, either. If you get too many leaves in there, they swell up when they get wet, forcing the lid to the basket open.2) Be very careful that you don't hit the latch when you put the lid onto the mug. If you use the lever to draw the basket up into the lid, then ensure the basket is still closed, then put the lid on the mug, you'll have fewer accidents.If it had a better latch, I'd give this thing a 5. The advantage of the mug is that you can draw the tea basket up out of the tea and leave it there. This prevents over-steeping, plus saves your leaves for another round of steeping. You can get three mugs of tea out of one basket of leaves. The last mug will be rather weak, of course, but it's enough for me.The thing seems dishwasher safe, and fairly well made, other than the basket latch. Treat the lever system gently, though. I think it would be easy to bend it up. 4Wonderful drinking/brewing cups less than perfectI now proudly own two Aladdin Perfect Cup Tea Infusers, 12oz mugs. That is I am more than a little happy.At the office, I had been using tea bags for brewing my tea and mostly Bodun made coffee presses for brewing coffee. The Tea infuser handles the one much better and, allowing for user error both can be better done in this mug. I love a good gimmick and this one comes close to its advertised perfection. In one assembly, you add your fresh coffee grounds or fresh lose tea leaves into a small mesh cup that hides up in the lid. Into the double walled plastic BPA free container you pour your hot water. There is a lever arm that pivots the cup down into the water and allows the steeping to begin. At desired strength, you move the lever and the cup is drawn back into the lid and above the level of the water. The lid does double duty as your drinking on the go drinking cup, lid.The assembly is designed to facilitate cleaning, but it can be tricky to completely empty the mesh cup and to completely clean the entire assembly. I have used the dish washer to no ill effect.What is odd is that I am better at making tea than coffee, and so far I much prefer this device for my office cuppa joe. There is no device related reason, but so far I am not getting the best tea out of this Perfect Tea Infuser. I think one part is that the small infuser cup only allows in about one table spoon of fresh grounds. This is a tad too much for tea, and allowing for reduced measures of tea, it is possible that in comparison, the retained coffee grounds do not continue to drip flavor into the coffee to the same degree as the drippings from the same infuser with tea.Good:The lid is a threaded, screw attachment to the cup -This is a Huge item for me as I have had to abandon 6-8 snap on lid type cups. The snap on lids can lose their snap and they can become leaky. The screw fitting is more reliable, should last longer and is less like to come off when the cup is older.Easy and intuitive to useYou control your resultsYou can use any fresh grounds/tea leaves you wantYou can ignore the mesh cup and use tea bags, or cold beveragesKeeps the beverage hot enough, long enough for me. Your experience may varyCould be better:The snap cover over the drinking spout can be hard to open, often taking both hands. (while driving?)Once open the snap cover does not secure in any way. It will flop about and can leave your restraining forefinger wet.The lid on the mesh cup is held shut by a simple friction latch. This latch will fail over time.Forget that your coffee/tea is still brewing, you can get some very strong drink.Minor note:The Amazon offering was cheaper than the major mall chain stores where I got my first one. That vendor had only one color choice. 4I like these, such that I now own 3A great lil gimmick. Works as well with coffee grounds as with tea leaves. At work, I use mine twice a day, once for hot tea in the morning and fresh coffee for the afternoon slump. I now have 3, the original one bought in a mall specialty store for a much higher price. I rotate the three so that I can have a clean one at work, one in the dish washer (It is dish washer safe) and one freshly cleaned to take to work.There are a few things to consider:1. Make a habit of confirming that the basket lid is fully clicked down. A small amount of grounds or leaves in the wrong place and this basket will open as soon as you flip it down. Instant crunchy coffee.2. While on the subject of the basket lid, it is designed to fail. As the plastic lock gets older it will fail or the hinges will wear out.3. When using fresh coffee, a finely ground bean can clump up or an over filled basket and flow through is reduced; yielding a weak cuppa coffee or tea. 4Well designed, stays cool, brews well, can drink with no mess!Who knew it would be so hard to find the perfect tea cup? The ceramic and metal ones got too hot. The ones with a tiny tea basket don't brew well and make a mess when you remove it. This is indeed the (well almost) perfect cup. Great capacity, double wall plastic does not get hot. But the very best part is the tea cage - it allows water to circulate and you just flip it up when ready to drink. No mess. When you are done drinking the tea you can empty the cage, rinse it out and be ready to go again. I love it so much I bought one for work and one for home. Great gift for the tea lover. 5Great Idea in theory... doesn't work as I'd thoughtThe theory behind this is neat. Place loose tea in the little bin, and use the lever to drop it in the water or remove it as you please. However; this does not work quite as one would think. For starters the clasp on the part that holds the tea is very very loose. If you do not pay very close attention when using the lever to remove it from your water it will catch on the side of the cup and open- leaving you with a glass full of tea leaves. I tend to just leave it in the "down" position constantly unless I'm not actively using it.The lid is also very hard to open at first, perhaps after a lot of use the clasp will loosen up so that you could realistically open and close it with one hand while driving...but don't try it when you first get it!The pros to this is that it is double walled so hot water will not burn your hands when holding it. Because the lid is so hard to open at first it gives me some hope that it will last a little while. As much as I'd love to drink my tea on the way to work I'd also prefer it not all be in my lap so it can be a pro or a con depending on how you look at it.Overall it's a neat idea, but the manufacturer needs to do a little tweaking to the design. 3Finally, The Perfect Cup For Tea!I enjoy loose teas for their freshness and many fruit varieties, but every standard, metal infuser I've tried leaks bits of the tea into the water, doesn't stay shut, or is hard to clean and quick to start rusting. Mesh-type infusers I've tried didn't leak or rust but they generally rest on the lip of the tea cup, which causes other problems. First, you have to fill the cup with enough boiling water that the infuser will sit below the water level, which makes the whole thing prone to spills and burns. Second, it's impossible to tell how dark the tea is without lifting the infuser out; this is messy and kind of a hassle, since you must keep checking till the tea is to your desired strength.This cup solves all of those problems and more! The mesh-type infuser does not leak and snaps shut securely --- just don't overfill it, since loose tea increases in volume as it absorbs water. The infuser is also easy to clean: tip the used tea out into the bin, then run the infuser under the faucet to remove any remaining bits. Because the cup is clear, you can watch as the tea brews without removing the infuser or taking off the lid. And the lever mechanism that lowers the infuser into the hot water and then lifts it out and stows it in the lid when the tea is brewed to your desired strength is truly ingenious!The double-walled construction of the cup is fantastic, since it keeps the tea warm for a good hour or more, but the exterior surface is never too hot to hold---not even immediately after pouring in the boiling water to start brewing! There are lots of double-walled tumblers like this out there, but this one is both microwave and dishwasher safe. All that, plus the fantastic infuser mechanism, make this cup a real winner for me. 5
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