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American Tombow 68721 Tombow Mono Hybrid Correction Tape, 10-Pack

  • American Tombow 68721 Tombow Mono Hybrid Correction Tape, 10-Pack
  • American Tombow 68721 Tombow Mono Hybrid Correction Tape, 10-Pack
  • American Tombow 68721 Tombow Mono Hybrid Correction Tape, 10-Pack
  • American Tombow 68721 Tombow Mono Hybrid Correction Tape, 10-Pack
  • American Tombow 68721 Tombow Mono Hybrid Correction Tape, 10-Pack

American Tombow 68721 Tombow Mono Hybrid Correction Tape, 10-Pack

NZ$ 116.00 NZ$ 70.00 Save: NZ$ 46.00
NZ$ 70.00 NZ$ 116.00 You save: NZ$ 46.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 14 Days Return

  • Hybrid-style applicator combines the convenience of a side-action dispenser with the full view of a pen
  • Pivoting head provides ultra-smooth tape application
  • Make instant corrections with no drying time necessary
  • Rewind knob for tape adjustment
  • Break proof correction tape
  • Retractable tip cover
  • Economy 10 pack
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Customer Reviews

Great whiteout tape!Best whiteout tape I have ever used. The tape hardly ever gets stuck, nor does this brand wind back on itself whereas other brands tend to. You can use this whiteout very smoothly without a lot of pressure. With some other brands, I have to try to get it working before I can actually use it.The ONLY drawback is that it is kind of loud if you need to use it on a larger portion of paper but that is okay because it rarely happens (unless you write the same sentence twice a lot). 5Get the Paper Mate DryLine if you can...Awful awful awful whiteout. It tugs and pulls and the plastic sometimes gets stuck onto the side when you try to use it. It's just very "loose" inside the tape and the mechanics of it are poorly designed. Sadly I bought this in bulk so I'll have to annoyingly get through this batch. The best correction tape I've used in all my life is definitely the Paper Mate Liquid Paper DryLine Grip Correction Tape. It's a little more costly but it is always a tight clean pull and never gets caught. 2Work great and the tape doesn't get messed up like the other brand.We've been really pleased with these correction tape dispensers. The other brand (I think it's bic, but not sure) have always been problematic too the point I was just wasting money or prying them apart to try to fix them. I've had no complaints at all about these from my 11 year old. She even says she loves how they are designed to fit in one's hand ergonomically better than the other brand. 5BEST Correction Tape I've Ever UsedI don't know why there are a few negative reviews about this product because it works amazing, better than any other correction tape or white out I've used in last 20 or more years at work or home. Love how easily it glides, turns, stops where you want it to stop without the tape ripping or coming off track like all the others I've used. it allows you to roll additional tape over top existing correction tape if it's USED CORRECTLY too. Overall great product! Everyone at works asks to use it because they don't like their own correction tape :-) Good thing I purchased the 10 pack case. I'll definitely be buying more and recommending to others! 5I see a lot of reviews from people who loved this productI see a lot of reviews from people who loved this product, and I am sorry to say, it did not work out for me. It might be something I'm doing wrong, since so many people love it, but this white out tape came out very unevenly every time I used one of these. The tape would have patches missing or would constantly be coming up off the paper at the edges. I found that unless I held it at a very specific (and uncomortable!) angle, I could not get them to work properly at all, and even at the specific angle, they didn't always perform well. I have not found this to be an issue with other white-out tape, but this particular one just did not work well for me. 1Better than other's I have usedI have ordered these twice already. I am strictly a pen girl.First off. The ones I would get at the store were difficult to use. If I struggle with something in about half hour, I no longer use that product. If I struggle with a product more than once, I'm done. That is what happened with other types of variety at the stores., whether Staples or Fred Meyer. I would have to keep trying to white out something on a separate piece of paper, just for a single use.Secondly: I do not struggle with these. There small and the tape does not get snagged. It might occasionally, but still better than what I have to deal with.I would recommend getting these because you can get a bunch for a single prices verrsus 2 for 5 dollars. You do really get the most for your money. 5Great correction tapeI was a little nervous about buying these at first because of the reviews but honestly, they've been wonderful. I haven't had any problems with the tape and it comes out so smoothly and evenly.The tape is also capable of being written on. I tested a variety of pens and highlighters on the tape (see picture) and they all wrote very well. Sometimes the tape bubbles up a bit but just press your finger down and it'll stick perfectly. The tape is best used at a 45 degree angle. Once you're done, press down and lift the tape up at 90 degrees to make a clean tear. It's also easy to layer if you accidentally miss a spot.One shell holds a lot of tape. I've been using the first one out of the pack for several weeks and I'm not even a third of the way done with it. The price for the amount of tape you get is great, honestly. This product is great! 5Don't BuyTerrible! Derails off the track the white out is located on. I have gone through 3 of these and each one has derailed and can't be fixed. 1Best Correction Tape Ever! (and I would know....)I use a LOT of correction tape! With the "With-out brand" It had taken me some time to master using it without having long rolls of tape, bad coverage etc... but I have gotten pretty good with it. But this "Tombow Mono Hybrid Correction Tape" is awesome! Worked first time out - no learning curve! It just works. You can even go over something twice and it does NOT pick up the previous tape, (if u use white-out you know what I mean) I highly recommend this product! 5Equally High Performing Correction Tape For LESS MONEY Than CompetitorsRight to the point, these are as good as any correction tape products I have used, but far less expensive for what you get. There is one caveat, and this applies pretty evenly to all of the rolling/center-wheel dispensing correction-tape products I've tried, you have to take a few minutes to experiment, slowly, with the tape dispenser, on a test sheet, to learn the right angle for proper dispensing. If you hold it at the wrong angle, like the others of this type, the tape will skew off center and over the side of the track. Usually, if this happens, you just adjust your dispensing angle, back the other way, to pull the tape back to center. However, if it goes completely off the track, it will take some handy work with tweezers to pull the tape back onto the track and, in some cases, disassembly of the unit. It is better to simply teach yourself how to use this specific model properly, as you would do with any new product that has a quirk or trick for achieving best results. Once you learn that correct angle, the sweet spot for dispensing a clean line of tape, this is equal in quality to the best products I have used.I wish you luck in finding the product that will suit your needs. I hope this helps you to make your decision. The best I can offer is that, while this matches the best in terms of quality and results, it is so much less expensive that I can't recommend any other correction tape and routinely recommend this one to friends and colleagues as the absolute best for the money. 5
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