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Anchor Hocking Heritage Hill 1 Gallon Glass Dry Good Storage Jar with Chalkboard Label

  • Anchor Hocking Heritage Hill 1 Gallon Glass Dry Good Storage Jar with Chalkboard Label
  • Anchor Hocking Heritage Hill 1 Gallon Glass Dry Good Storage Jar with Chalkboard Label
  • Anchor Hocking Heritage Hill 1 Gallon Glass Dry Good Storage Jar with Chalkboard Label
  • Anchor Hocking Heritage Hill 1 Gallon Glass Dry Good Storage Jar with Chalkboard Label

Anchor Hocking Heritage Hill 1 Gallon Glass Dry Good Storage Jar with Chalkboard Label

NZ$ 258.00 NZ$ 155.00 Save: NZ$ 103.00
NZ$ 155.00 NZ$ 258.00 You save: NZ$ 103.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Transparent, smooth, and durable glass
  • Removable lid for quick access
  • Features chalk board on front
  • Ideal for storing candies, treats, foods, and more
  • Made in the USA
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Customer Reviews

Spigot leaks. Cheap Chinese plastic. The spigot leaked right out of the box. Many negative reviews about this same problem, but I thought I'd take a chance that they may have fixed this issue. Nope. It leaks. Says right on the packaging "Glass made in USA, spigot made in china". Why can't they get this right after so long? Was going to start a continuous brew of kombucha... if the spigot didn't leak. Glad I tested it. If it worked, I was going to replace the spigot with a stainless steel one after my first batch in this container because plastic is no good in kombucha. But, I'm returning it because I don't have a stainless spigot yet, so I'll just buy a quality vessel that works out of the box. Shame on this company. Guess I'll keep making single batches of kombucha for now. smh 1Good quality jar, but bad design leaves glass shards in food! READ THIS FIRST!These things are great, usually you can't go wrong with Anchor Hocking and their products. I got these on sale for $7.44 each which was a major win for me. Good, heavy glass that has an excellent clear look, but these lids need some sort of rubber or cork seal! After a few months I noticed glass shards in the food being stored! Upon inspection I realized the lid was chipping everytime you opened and closed the jar!I can't believe they missed an obvious necessity to help prevent glass chipping and to keep your stored items fresher. There's a fix going around that says if you cut out an insert using a cork shelf liner it can make a makeshift seal.I'd cut the inserts a little bigger that the lid itself so that you have a makeshift crumb tray to catch anything nasty that will get in your food.Once you get them set up right this is an excellent deal for the price! 4Keeping the cat crunchies in it, works greatI love jars, all kinds of jars--something I no doubt inherited from my mother. Also, on a more practical note, I seem to have a grain moth problem that drives me nut. The cats love chasing the moths, but what they don't get is that the moth are mooching and laying eggs in their cookies (when left in the bag they come in). So, I bought a few of these jars for cat cookies and other things and they work great!A few people have criticized that the lid doesn't have like a silicone ring around it to make the seal air tight and to keep it from chipping and I would have to agree with that--a tighter fit would be nice. But to be honest, the moths are not getting in the jar because the weight of the glass lid does make a good seal--it's just that the lid floats a bit. Some people have said they're finding glass chips in the jar (from the lid) but I just can't see that happening unless you (or your KIDS) slam down the lid. Just treat it like its glass and it works just fine and is very solid.These are very attractive jars and they look beautiful on the kitchen counter. My mother used to make little artificial terrarium in jars like these from things at the crafts store. So far I have not done that :) 4Heavy Duty Glass, Lids with no Seal!I purchased a few of these Anchor Hocking 1 Gallon Heritage Hill Glass Jars for storing dry goods on my counter since I bake regularly and wanted easy access to my ingredients. I specifically wanted a large, wide mouth jar, without a seal (to keep out the humidity), and with a glass lid and these jars meet my requirements.I've had mine for 6 years and use them several times a week. I did receive one that had a factory defect (warbling on the glass) and it was promptly replaced by Amazon.Pros1. Made from thick heavy duty glass.2. All glass including the lid, no BPA3. Wide mouth for easy pouring and scooping4. Large capacity (holds a 5 pound bag of flour)5. Made in the United StatesCons1. Lid just sits on top, no gasket or seal.This means it cannot be used for storing cane sugar (brown sugar), as it needs an airtight container to keep out moisture.Overall I highly recommend these glass jars for easy storage of ingredients (especially if you bake frequently), or for storing other household ingredients (like fancy bath soaps/sponges). Grade A 4The glass is pretty thick and durableI use this 1 gallon glass jar to make cold brew. The glass is pretty thick and durable. I ran this in the dishwasher and it did just fine. It serves it's purpose and can be used for a variety of things in the future to store food like cookies, flour, etc. I'd definitely buy it again. The only down side is because it's so wide instead of long, it takes up a large space in your fridge. If you don't have room, it could be an issue. 5Nice size and perfect for cobtainersUsing them in my art room for shelf containers. 5This is so perfect for my K-CupsThis is so perfect for my K-Cups. I'm able to keep a wide variety in one location so I can store the ugly boxes of k-cups out of sight. I was torn between the 1-gallon and the 2-gallon size, but I'm glad I chose the 1-gallon size, because I think it forces rotation of the coffee/tea on a more regular basis whereas the 2 gallon size, I think some of the pods would fall to the bottom and not get cycled out. the only thing I wish I would have paid attention to is that there is no seal on this piece, so the lid sits loosely onto the top of the jar. That's my error though so I'm sticking with the 5 stars! 5Perfect for a 5-lb bag of flour! And other dry goods.I'm so glad that I found these jars here in Amazon. I first saw them at the Bed bath & beyond website selling for $10 and I've been wanting to get them but just had no time to go to their store. I bake a lot so I prefer having the flour out in the countertop. These jars can hold a 5-lb bag of flour and I keep them right in front of my rolling space so I won't need to move the jars around as they're heavy when full. The lid doesn't seal so it's not advisable to store sugar, as well as anything that goes stale really quick, in them. I do use one for cookies but my husband devours them really fast and the cookies don't even have a chance to get stale.All in all, I highly recommend this product. They're made in the USA and I support Anchor Hocking for that. I hope they keep making quality products for years to come.**TIP: This jar sells for under 7 bucks at Walmart and Target. The 2-gallon jar is available there too for 10. 5Great jar but lid not tight fittingI bought this to use as a "memory jar" for a milestone birthday. The one gallon was the perfect size and it looked so cute! The glass is heavy/substantial. It was packed very well with zero damage. However the lid doesn't have a gasket (like the ones at World Market) so it's not airtight. There's also a lot of play in the fit of the lid. For my purposes it worked great though. 4Perfect terrarium jarBeautiful and perfect for a terrarium! Arrived safe and sound, no chips or cracks. Thick hearty glass. I may order a larger one! 5
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