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Art of Lunch By ARTOVIDA Large Neoprene Lunch Bag Purse 11" X 15" X 6" Reusable Insulated Lunch Bag with Inside Pocket - Design by Budi Kwan (Indonesia) - The Ocean, The Sea, The Wave

  • Art of Lunch By ARTOVIDA Large Neoprene Lunch Bag Purse 11" X 15" X 6" Reusable Insulated Lunch Bag with Inside Pocket - Design by Budi Kwan (Indonesia) - The Ocean, The Sea, The Wave
  • Art of Lunch By ARTOVIDA Large Neoprene Lunch Bag Purse 11" X 15" X 6" Reusable Insulated Lunch Bag with Inside Pocket - Design by Budi Kwan (Indonesia) - The Ocean, The Sea, The Wave
  • Art of Lunch By ARTOVIDA Large Neoprene Lunch Bag Purse 11" X 15" X 6" Reusable Insulated Lunch Bag with Inside Pocket - Design by Budi Kwan (Indonesia) - The Ocean, The Sea, The Wave
  • Art of Lunch By ARTOVIDA Large Neoprene Lunch Bag Purse 11" X 15" X 6" Reusable Insulated Lunch Bag with Inside Pocket - Design by Budi Kwan (Indonesia) - The Ocean, The Sea, The Wave
  • Art of Lunch By ARTOVIDA Large Neoprene Lunch Bag Purse 11" X 15" X 6" Reusable Insulated Lunch Bag with Inside Pocket - Design by Budi Kwan (Indonesia) - The Ocean, The Sea, The Wave
  • Art of Lunch By ARTOVIDA Large Neoprene Lunch Bag Purse 11" X 15" X 6" Reusable Insulated Lunch Bag with Inside Pocket - Design by Budi Kwan (Indonesia) - The Ocean, The Sea, The Wave
  • Art of Lunch By ARTOVIDA Large Neoprene Lunch Bag Purse 11" X 15" X 6" Reusable Insulated Lunch Bag with Inside Pocket - Design by Budi Kwan (Indonesia) - The Ocean, The Sea, The Wave

Art of Lunch By ARTOVIDA Large Neoprene Lunch Bag Purse 11" X 15" X 6" Reusable Insulated Lunch Bag with Inside Pocket - Design by Budi Kwan (Indonesia) - The Ocean, The Sea, The Wave

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  • REUSABLE, ECO-FRIENDLY AND FASHIONABLE - Helps you look good while doing your part in protecting the environment by not throwing away paper and plastic bags. This DESIGNER LUNCH PURSE has a LARGER HANDLE with a BAMBOO LOOK that will fit over your arm or shoulder
  • THICKER, LARGER, AND HAS A DIVIDER POCKET - If a wetsuit keeps a surfer's body temperature stable, just think how the same material will insulate your lunch. Our 4mm thick neoprene stands upright better, insulates longer, and STRETCHES TO FIT all your lunch containers [dimensions are 10"L x 15"H x 6"W and fits containers up to 7"L x 6"W]. Includes divider pocket with velcro to separate your lunch contents or an icepack.
  • INSULATES UP TO FOUR HOURS - Keeps your food fresh longer than normal lunch boxes built from plastic
  • NON-TOXIC, STAIN RESISTANT, AND MACHINE-WASHABLE - Made up of lead and pvc-free materials to keep your family's food safe from nasty elements found in cheaper plastic lunch boxes for kids or adults. Stain resistant and machine-washable so there's no need to worry about spills
  • MAKES AN AWESOME GIFT with the LIFETIME GUARANTEE - We sell products that last. Our rock-solid guarantee means we'll replace your lunch tote if there's ever a problem!
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Customer Reviews

<3 this lunch bag! Very high quality and absolutely gorgeous. I often pack lunch for the whole work week, and this bag can hold several medium sized containers without taking up a ton of space in the work fridge. The material is nice and thick, and the zipper is high quality with a nice pull. The handles are also very well made. 5Love love Well made ! Tons of space - gorgeous to look at. Lots of compliments. Price was perfect. This would make an awesome gift. Love this bag! Handles make this more awesome !! No smell as reported in some reviews. Maybe faint at first but gone ! Buy this !! 5Lifetime Warranty & Amazing Quality!This bag was EXACTLY what i wanted and more! So stylish and very durable! It has a very sturdy zipper and handles (very good quality) and inside the bag there is a lot of room and it even has two mesh pockets that you can even turn into one big mesh pocket. (the two pockets are held together with Velcro) So you can have two medium sized pockets or one big one if you separate it from the velcro. I can fit lots of tupperware and still room for my water bottle and extra snacks! And the BEST part about this Lunch bag is that is has a LIFETIME WARRANTY!! So to me it was worth every penny cuz if something happens to it I can get a replacement for free!! :D #Lunchbagforlife! Thanks Art of Liv'n! This bag was awesome! Just what I needed!5Serves my needsMy lunch bag gets a real world workout. I work in "shared space" and have to drag in everything I need for a day at the office. Anything big needs to do double duty. I like that this bag can hold a 2-liter bottle that I can bring in each day, hold a large container from a food truck or grocery store trip during lunch, and then folds up into my rolling bag going home. The art is pretty and it looks more fashionable than other lunch bags. My only issue are the round handles. If they were real bamboo, they wouldn't clack together sitting on top of my work bag. I agree that the handles give it a unique feel like a fashion-forward purse, but it also makes it harder to roll up and stow it. I decided to crochet over the handles to quiet them down.4So happy I finally bought it.I've been eyeing this bag for months now and finally bought it. I am so happy I did! It's absolutely beautiful and I get tons of compliments on it. It's huge and has space for my meal prep for work lunches for the week. I can easily fit three containers stacked up (the size of a rectangular plastic Chinese food container for comparison) and a couple of 16oz green tea bottled drinks on the side. In addition, the top of it extends when you zip it, so if you think you over filled it, you probably will have extra room when you pull the zipper up and close it. It's much better than taking my lunch to work in a grocery bag! I will definitely be gifting one of these to my coworker for her birthday. Love it!5Awesome purchase!!!! Beautiful and roomy. It was a great purchase. I wish there was something to put in the bottom so that it would hold it's shape when the items inside are uneven in weight, but thus far it has stretched and held lots of stuff. The handles seem very sturdy. I can't tell how well this will keep things cold since my office is cool, but after being in my office for nine hours, and in the car for about two hours (approximately 77 in the car), my drink was still semi-cool, so I am impressed. I think it will work well. It looks great, and has extra pockets on the inside for my car keys and wallet - so excited that I don't need to carry this and a purse as I can fit everything I need in this bag. I will most likely order another in the future as it would be nice to have another design to carry, and I think it would work great when I travel to keep my cosmetics and other items cool (the Arizona heat melts everything). 5A NEW/DESIGNER APPROACH TO CARRY FOOD & DRINK - AND PACK YOUR LUNCH! This product is so unique! I love everything about the 3 items I purchased (the total design - art, color, & shape). They are a PERFECT way to carry snacks, drinks, sandwiches, thermos bottles for my coffee, water, and diet drinks, etc.) I have already used them and they work perfectly! 5Perfect Lunch BagIf you carry a days worth of snacks, lunch, and water to work then this is the lunch bag for you. It's sturdy and large enough to fit 4 water bottles, a 16 oz mason jar, a yogurt, an apple, an orange, and a 1 lb nut mix bag. Plus utensils and condiments in the interior pocket. And there's still space for more. Not to mention it's super pretty. On the first day I got 3 compliments.5Perfect!! This lunch bag is just perfect! It is very well made and fits everything you need, plus more! I bring breakfast, lunch, and 2 snacks with me every day. I've never been able to find a lunch bag that will fit everything, without having to cram it, so I am extremely excited to have found this one. The bag is easy to carry, even with full hands, as you can just sling it around your arm. Best of all, this bag is absolutely beautiful! 5Very nice bag!I've been on the hunt for a lunch bag that fits larger, more awkward-shaped containers (without placing them on their side) for some time. This particular design by Art of Lunch does a nice job accommodating, and also includes two pockets. Though I was drawn to the Mermaid bag, I ended up purchasing "Pass It On," because I believed the geometric shapes to be a more mature print. This particular design actually looks much better in person than in pictures, and for this reason I am pleased. However, I don't personally care for the handles of the bag. Though pretty, they make the bag top-heavy if not fully loaded, and also deter from the ability to compress the bag down to store in another bag after a meal. Lastly, the bag arrived with several creases, as well as areas where the zipper cut into the neoprene during storage and shipping. I might be able to get these out, but they deter from the overall appearance of the bag.4MUST HAVE!!I LOVE IT! Usually I'm apprehensive about buying online since material may differ from the picture ...slightly or entirely. This bag looks exactly how it looks online!The handles are sturdy (glossy bamboo), the interior is very spacious and there are two extra black meshed pockets on the inside (separated by a strip of Velcro for additional storage ie: keys, extra cash, coin purse, wallet). I have more than enough room to fit a few more things even AFTER packing my lunch (which usually includes 1 square sandwich size plastic container, 1 square container for fruits/vegetables and my 17oz water bottle --I can lay it down to allow the bag to zip shut or have it standing --however standing upright just means the bag will zip with the lid peeking out --either way works for me :)It's also stylish enough to carry around all day long. Which I appreciate because some days I don't need one more "thing" to carry.I love the versatility of it, today a lunch bag, tomorrow a picnic bag, the weekend --a beach bag.I'd like to add that I received this bag on a Saturday and was so excited to bring it to work on Monday - I have been receiving nonstop compliments.P.S I didn't see any one with this exact style - if you're skeptical about it - have no fear, it's a beauty!5portable lunch in style!I just got this bag and I love it already! the design (map) is SO pretty and I adore the big ring handles! it fits all 3 of my "water bottle" containers - and my other snacks and things... and it zips with no problem! finally found the perfect lunch bag!!!! I will say that the material does smell a bit odd - it's neoprene, a type of rubber - so there's that, but I'm sure some of that will dissipate with time... Already got lots of compliments too ... It's VERY pretty! the artwork and colors are amazing! Hope more designs come out so I can order another! :) Get the bag!!!5I love my bag ! <3Very cute & colorful bag that holds a good amount . I bring w. me to work breakfast , lunch , 2 snacks , a 4 cup water bottle & maybe a few other things from time to time and they all definitely fit ; you will not be upset if you're thinking about buying this lunch bag .5Cute but does not keep cold It is an adorable looking lunch bag, I got compliments the first day I used it. Although I put two ice packs in it for the past week, my food does not stay cold, from 830-12pm, ice packs melted and food on warm side. 3Sandra's View "I love the look"The lunch bag is beautiful and looks exactly like the picture. I love the size, it is quite large and fits more than enough things. I love the handles. They are large and very pretty. There are 2 mesh holders on the inside, nice. I don't smell any odors, like some of the reviewers were talking about.The zipper is great and works fine. My complaint, I put an ice pack in the bag, the bag got wet on the outside and inside. My other complaint is that the stitching on the bottom does not look very secure, like it will fall apart with a little bit of wear and tare. I am debating on whether or not to send it back.Overall a very nice looking and stylish lunch bag.3Three Stars Doesn't seem to really keep things cold but it's cute as heck! I just add an ice pak.Update: Well as much as I'd love a refund, I do still really like the bag so in good consciousthanks but no. I AM in Los Angeles and we ARE having a heatish wave. 3High quality, great function, looks great! Great lunch bag! Easy to spot clean and super cute. Very big inside and the pockets hold silverware or freezer packs. The seams are really well done and have no strings hanging off that would indicate poor manufacture. Many compliments from coworkers, too. One thing I wish is that it would have an artist label, would help my poor memory when telling people about what makes it so special! Overall, very good buy and very, very happy with it 5Good-sized, Adorable Lunch Purse The lunch purse is a good size to carry food for one or two people. I can fit my water bottle in it as well. The handles are made of plastic fashioned to look like wood. I prefer this because I know it won't break down much with everyday use. Its machine washable but I wash it by hand due to the handles. The inner pocket is handy and the design is lovely. I love it. 5ABSOLUTELY ADORE!I ordered the elephant print version of the neoprene lunch box. When I first received it, I was disappointed that there appeared to be some uneven stitching areas when you compared one hole with the other where the stitching attaches at the bottom. I contemplated sending it back. Instead, my husband ran it through the washing machine. After that, the stitching appeared to be much more tight! I have spilled tomato sauce and coconut water on it or in it. No problem! Washes right out! The print is vibrant and beautiful and the wooden/bamboo handles add a nice touch! I have received MANY compliments on my "purse". People are surprised when they hear it's my lunchbox! Honestly I have even used it as a purse at times and it works great! The fabric is stretchy and accomodates the items you put in it. It has two mesh pockets on the inside that come in handy for utensils, napkins, lipstick, eyeliner, gum, etc. I WOULD DEFINITELY BUY THIS BAG AGAIN, IF NOT ANOTHER DESIGN! I don't know how insulated it is but I do know that after about 4 hours cold food does start to warm up but that's not a problem that an ice pack or a refrigerator can't fix!5
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