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Aunt Martha's 18-Inch by 28-Inch Package of 3 Vintage Dish Towels, Green Striped

  • Aunt Martha's 18-Inch by 28-Inch Package of 3 Vintage Dish Towels, Green Striped
  • Aunt Martha's 18-Inch by 28-Inch Package of 3 Vintage Dish Towels, Green Striped
  • Aunt Martha's 18-Inch by 28-Inch Package of 3 Vintage Dish Towels, Green Striped

Aunt Martha's 18-Inch by 28-Inch Package of 3 Vintage Dish Towels, Green Striped

NZ$ 84.00 NZ$ 51.00 Save: NZ$ 33.00
NZ$ 51.00 NZ$ 84.00 You save: NZ$ 33.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 3 Green striped towels per package
  • 100-Percent cotton
  • Hemmed on all 4 sides
  • Size 18-inch by 28-inch
  • Can be decorated many ways such as by hand or machine embroidery or simply use as an every day towel
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Customer Reviews

WELL MADE ATTRACTIVE VINTAGE STYLE KITCHEN TOWELS BUT NOT ABSORBENT AT ALLI ORDERED THE AUNT MARTHA MULTI-COLOR STRIPE TOWELS TO BE OUT CONSTANTLY IN MY YELLOW AND WHITE KITCHEN WITH RED, BLUE, YELLOW, & GREEN ACCENTS. I WAS VERY PLEASED WITH THE BRIGHT COLORS AND THE QUALITY OF THESE TOWELS. THEY ARE VERY WELL STITCHED ENCLOSED HEMS AND SIDES, MADE OF HEAVY TEA-TOWEL MATERIAL, AND ARE QUITE LARGE 12"X28", WITH A SEWED ON LOOP TO HANG THEM. THEY LOOK WELL IN MY KITCHEN.UNFORTUNATELY, THEY HAVE PROVEN TO BE TOTALLY NON-ABSORBENT. WIPING MY WET HANDS ON THEM LEAVES ALL THE WATER ON MY HANDS, AND NONE ON THE TOWEL.I HAVE WASHED THEM NUMEROUS TIMES OVER THE LAST 2 YEARS IN HOT WATER AND LIQUID LAUNDRY DETERGENT, AND THEN DRIED THEM IN THE DRYER WITH NO FABRIC SOFTENER OR DRYER SHEETS TO HELP THEM BE ABSORBENT. I FIGURED THAT THIS WOULD REMOVE ANY SIZING ON THE MATERIAL, AND THOUGHT THEY WOULD "BREAK-IN" PER OTHER REVIEWERS. BUT AFTER 2 YEARS, I DON'T THINK THEY WILL.THESE TOWELS WILL PROBABLY LAST A LIFETIME AND LOOK WELL ON DISPLAY. BUT IF YOU BOUGHT THEM TO DRY YOUR HANDS, YOU ARE OUT OF LUCK. BETTER TO USE THE INEXPENSIVE FLUFFY "KITCHEN" TOWELS.THEY WOULD PROBABLY BE GOOD COOKING ACCESSORIES: THEY WOULD WORK WELL FOR PLACING OVER BREAD BOWLS TO LET THE DOUGH RISE OR TO USE WHEN ROLLING UP JELLY ROLLS OR CINNAMON ROLLS. YOU COULD PROBABLY ROLL OUT PIE CRUST DOUGH ON THEM AS WELL AND NOT HAVE IT STICK.3Will become absorbent after many washingsI, too was disappointed at first by the lack of absorbency of these towels. But I thought they were so pretty and of such high quality that I decided to try washing them several times before using them. Even after a few cycles of hot water and a hot dryer, they were better, but still not as absorbent as I'd have liked. But that was over a year ago, and I have washed them many times since then. They are still as beautiful as ever, but have now become very soft and quite absorbent. I am about to order 2-3 more sets. If you like the looks of these and have the patience to break them in, I would highly recommend these dish towels.UPDATE in response to reviewer M. Koncar who was concerned about wrinkles and the appearance of the towels:Please see my attached photo. This is what the towels look like after over a year of being used and laundered. They are not wrinkle-free -- as in, they don't look as if they have been ironed. But the colors are vibrant, the wrinkles are minor, and they are extremely soft and absorbent. I love them and I stand by my review.5Good product at a good price.I was hesitant to buy these given mixed reviews. Some found the fabric stiff and non-absorbent. But the vintage look is sweet and the positive reviews won. I gave them a try and they're good. I immediately threw them in the washer and dryer to test out the fabric and they came out soft and thick, not stiff and wrinkly. I think the manufacturer must have changed fabric since the negative reviews. Only four stars because they shrink quite a bit; mine shrunk to 16x 24. Not a deal-breaker but the manufacturer should either change the specs or cut the fabric oversized so it shrinks to the intended size.4Wrinkled and messyI bought these more as a decor item for new kitchen color scheme (details of which I will not bore you with) Previous reviews said they were fine for drying hands but not actually drying pots and pans or other heavy duty uses. Reviews also said they were more absorbent after washing. After a wash with towels and then a time in the dryer, these towels were a wrinkled and twisted mess and would not lay flat to fold. I put them back in the dryer with damp clothing and did an air-fluff cycle and they were wrinkled but could be smoothed flat. They would look messy hanging on the front of the oven. I have other towels, both terry cloth, and cotton tea towel, and they do not require special care to be useful and attractive. Should I wash them again and dry low temp or on a line. I refuse to iron kitchen towels .....2Poor quality, would not buy againThese towels shrink something awful when washed even in cold water. A cold water wash for dish towels doesn't make much sense. They do not absorb or dry dishes very well and they wrinkle something awful when laundered. I bought them to do machine embroidery on them however the stripe runs in a vertical direction so when the towel is folded to hang on the oven door the colored stripes are not visible. Because of this I did not do any embroidery on them because I only sell quality items and these towels are definatley poor quality. I would not buy again.1They are a nice weight and sizeI do machine embroidery and sell them in a local booth. I ordered these for that purpose. They are a nice weight and size, BUT they aren't square! I am having to cut and square up two out of three of them. For me, this made them a poor value. I had this problem with the black ones, the blue ones, and the red ones. I buy Aunt Martha's towels ALL the time from a local store, but they don't carry these colors. I wonder if these are "seconds" and not listed as such.3These towels are pretty (though the colors are not as vibrant as in ...These towels are pretty (though the colors are not as vibrant as in the picture), and a good size. However, they have a peculiar feature in that they are WATER-RESISTANT. Yes. They do not absorb water without a fight. I have washed mine twice to remove any sizing, and I do not use fabric softener sheets or any kind of liquid softener. They wrinkled terribly after the first wash, even when removed promptly. They are no more absorbent after the second wash. I did comparisons with other dish towels I have and I think the weave on this fabric is too tight to allow the water to go through readily. Sorry to say I would not recommend these. I might make spill-resistant pillow covers out of them.1Be patient...you're going to love them!These 100% cotton dish towels are just like the ones my grandmother used in her kitchen. They're so much better than any I found in the chain department stores, but they need several washings to become truly absorbent. If I were buying them new today, I'd cycle them through the wash with the next four or five loads before putting them to use. In fact, if I were giving these as a gift for a bridal shower, I'd do the same. Otherwise, with just a single wash, their performance will be disappointing. But keep at it - once they're broken in, they're great.5I really, really, want to love these towels but it s iffy...This review is for the vintage multi stripped towels. I am in love with these towels, I planned to embroider them for resale in my shop. They arrived quickly and I was so excited to get started using them, so I prepped them for use washed them on the quick wash cycle in cold water and a cup of white vinegar to color block them. I put them in the dryer with no air and once the cycle was complete I promptly removed them and hung them on the clothes line to air dry. I went to take them off the line and the bottom hem on one towel at the end is coming loose, and on another the loop is coming loose. I really want to love these towels and I was just about to order a couple of more sets. I don t want to have to purchase these only to repair them before use, and I don t want to sell them and my customers are later dissatisfied with my work. So now I am waiting to see what Aunt Martha s response to this issue will be. I want more of these, but I want them to be 100% worth my while. Even with the wrinkles, I m ok with this, a good ironing and future folding will still make for a quality towel. I will provide a follow up review once I hear from the seller. And I am truly hoping to improve my rating by 100%.1Read Update: Don't buy if you want to dry dishes with themWhen arrived they repelled water like they had a repellant coating, the water just beaded up. After washing they are better, but still not suitable for what you would want from a premium dishtowel. Even after washing moves the water around on items to be dried more so than absorbing. May be suitable as a baking cloche. I am returning them. A very coarse fabric as well.Updated to 5 stars: They eventually softened up and for whatever reason I love them.5
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