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Avery Printable Business Cards, Inkjet Printers, 200 Cards, 2 x 3.5, Clean Edge, Heavyweight, Glossy (8859), White

  • Avery Printable Business Cards, Inkjet Printers, 200 Cards, 2 x 3.5, Clean Edge, Heavyweight, Glossy (8859), White
  • Avery Printable Business Cards, Inkjet Printers, 200 Cards, 2 x 3.5, Clean Edge, Heavyweight, Glossy (8859), White
  • Avery Printable Business Cards, Inkjet Printers, 200 Cards, 2 x 3.5, Clean Edge, Heavyweight, Glossy (8859), White
  • Avery Printable Business Cards, Inkjet Printers, 200 Cards, 2 x 3.5, Clean Edge, Heavyweight, Glossy (8859), White
  • Avery Printable Business Cards, Inkjet Printers, 200 Cards, 2 x 3.5, Clean Edge, Heavyweight, Glossy (8859), White
  • Avery Printable Business Cards, Inkjet Printers, 200 Cards, 2 x 3.5, Clean Edge, Heavyweight, Glossy (8859), White
  • Avery Printable Business Cards, Inkjet Printers, 200 Cards, 2 x 3.5, Clean Edge, Heavyweight, Glossy (8859), White

Avery Printable Business Cards, Inkjet Printers, 200 Cards, 2 x 3.5, Clean Edge, Heavyweight, Glossy (8859), White

NZ$ 136.00 NZ$ 81.60 Save: NZ$ 54.40
NZ$ 81.60 NZ$ 136.00 You save: NZ$ 54.40



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Printable cardstock lets you design and print your own personalized business cards
  • Our most premium business cards feature Clean Edge technology so that cards snap apart easily and leave behind the smoothest, cleanest edges of any printable business card available
  • Optimized for inkjet printers for jam & smudge-free performance, guaranteed. Add crisp text and vibrant images to both sides of the professional business cards.
  • Ideal for professional-quality printable business cards, gift cards, gift tags, coupons or customer loyalty cards; use the back for photos, maps and notes
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Customer Reviews

Love the clean edge glossy cards but cards not truly two-sided printable.The business cards came out looking very professional after struggling with the template I downloaded from Avery.com I used color background on my cards so it had to fit perfectly in the 2 x 3.5 card; no white could show in the background. It is not a problem if your card background is white. I do like the clean edge and it's very easy to snap out the cards.The product is not truly two-sided, the word "Avery" runs over onto the back top left card of each sheet. That's 20 business cards that can't be printed on two sides. I didn't need to print on both sides but I did need to carefully use whiteout to hide the word "Avery" on the back of the 20 cards. I don't believe it was just a bad package I got because I ordered to packages and both had the same problem. 4Makes a great impressionI have used this particular template for a little over a year now, and my cards always make a great impression on the people I hand them to. Sometimes they even remark later that they remember my card! The strip down the middle allows users to design a card with a side-to-side bleed, and if the color is solid, top and/or bottom bleed as well. I use a photo of the San Gabriel Mountains across the top, and the picture comes out clear and beautiful. the printing is also crisp, on both the front and the back. (The only template I would like better is one that has a thin strip between the cards so I could bleed on three sides.)Printer settings I use with an Epson: Front, "text and image" and "glossy photo paper". Back, "text" and "matte paper - heavyweight".I suggest printing on plain paper first to check that everything is aligned, because printers and applications can differ slightly, which can make a big difference on a document as small as a business card. 5Wish I could find betterFirst, I need to say that I contacted Avery support and they where very good about helping me use these business cards with a third party design product (Business Card Factory by Nova - Nova support is TERRIBLE!). That being said, I do wish that Avery would make a durable double sided glossy. I do believe that their description on their packaging is a bit deceptive leading you to believe that this product is glossy on both sides. Another factor to be concerned with is that when the cards first print, the glossy side looks great, but over time if you carry the card in your wallet or pocket, the color and printing will rub off a little and then the card looks bad and cheap. I have a higher end HP Office Jet Ink Jet printer, and these cards are suppose to be made for Ink Jet. I don't think the printing should rub off over time. I have had the same designed cards done at a printer and they hold up and are double sided glossy. We change the back side of our cards often, so we will continue to use these until we can find a better product. 3A Creative Alternative for Business CardsAn Even Later Update 5-15-12I'm continuing to make discoveries; when I tried to update our other computer it would not accept the 8859 template and I realized it was running an older version of Design Pro, # 5.4. It appears you must install Design Pro 5.5 before the 8859 template will install. I updated the other computer to Design Pro 5.5 and now it too has the latest with the 8859 template as an option.Update 5-15-12I just discovered a few minutes ago that Avery has now included in their latest templates update a template for 8859 in Design Pro, Hooray! Problem solved!We have used the Avery clean edge business cards for some time now but just started using the 8859. What is annoying is Avery doesn't specify a template on their pro software for 8859. If you will use your search engine there is a wealth of information there on the 8859 template. Avery has one for Word and the business card template 8371 can be adapted for the 8859 in Desing Pro by setting card margins at Top, Left and Right at 0.2 and bottom at 0.0 and setting sheet margins at Side, Top and Horizontal gap at 0.5 and Vertical gap at 0.0. This was all courtesy of Kimball 1530.I have tried these margins in Publisher using the 8859 card stock and it worked perfectly; as I recall I started with a blank card 2 X 3 1/2 rather than using the 8371 template and just added the card and sheet margins. I saved the template and when we want to print more cards simply go to Publisher's "My Templates" and use the saved 8859 template. Although only one side is glossy the reverse side takes the ink well and looks good on the finished card if you want to print both sides. 5Don't waste your money or time on these. Just use regular glossy photo paper and a paper cutter.This isn't card stock, or even particularly rigid paper. It's just regular glossy photo paper with pre-cut areas that let you pop the "cards" out after you print them.In order to use this paper properly, you have to create an account on the Avery web site and load the corresponding template from the website. If you don't, you have to carefully calibrate your printer and your design to get them to match up with the pre-cut regions, which is more trouble than it's worth because all you get, IF you are successful, is a floppy little piece of photo paper. You'd be better off just buying regular glossy photo paper, printing multiple cards on one page, and then cutting them out with a paper cutter, because it's less trouble and expense to do it that way and you get the same result. 1You would be better off just using a piece of photo paper and ...First of all, there is nothing "heavyweight" about these cards. Probably around 24lb stock paper equivalent. They are flimsy cheap homemade looking. The cards don't even separate well and have to be cut. You would be better off just using a piece of photo paper and cutting it up yourself. Even called up the Avery company and they said if you wanted cards like those that are printed by card companies, you need to order them. I returned these for a refund. 1Truly TerribleWish I had paid more attention to reviews!! I agree with those who gave this a one star. This product is truly terrible. Very thin paper, not even as good as the photo paper I use (I made some business cards on photo paper to see for myself). I had to make up my own template as the ones on Avery.com did not have any blank ones that I found suitable. I've always liked the prices on Amazon, but this paper, if I were to ever buy it again, is much cheaper elsewhere. So I cannot recommend this product. 1Thin Cards, Ragged EdgesOne star off because the paper stock is very thin, about half the weight of matte cards like Avery 8871. Maybe I got a bad batch, but another star off because the edges aren't particularly clean. The glossy edges have minute cracks. Breaking the cards apart is more difficult than the matte versions, partly because the stock is so thin and partly because there is a half-inch separator between he card columns.On the plus side, the back can be printed using a plain paper printer setting and pictures look a little better on the glossy paper. But the flimsy paper and unattractive edges are a big trade-off. So one more star off because I don't think the cards are good enough to hand out. I threw away all the cards I printed. I might find another use for Avery 8889 where appearance is not important, but they fall short of making a good impression for business. 2I guess it's time to move onI have used Avery clean edge cards for many years. Bought 2 new packs and wow what a disappointment. The stock is thinner, repeatedly jams. The cards no longer match the template that I have used for years. I have wasted several more sheets tonight trying to get them to sort-of work. The DesignPro software no longer has the 8859 template. I really needed to get these done tonight but that was not to be.I would suggest that others abandon these cards or use them only for non-critical, non-business use when you have lots of time on your hands and don't care about the waste or the "fine points" of marketing. What a waste.I'm going to have to redesign all my cards and move to proper card stock. I already bought a manual card cutter. Using real business grade stock is cheaper, looks and feels better. And with all the time and money wasted on Avery- the cost will disappear within a short amount of time. 1Professional Look and Feel!Great product. I've been using them for years. Not a great bargain it you need 500 cards. I only go through a hundred or so a year, and I change them every year, so it's great to be able to make my own. I like a glossy front and a matte back so you can write on the back. Also, because the 8859 has space between the cards, you can do a full bleed just like a print shop. They have a decent weight, like they were printed professionally. When I tell people I made them, they are surprised by how good they look and feel. Lately, my local Staples stopped stocking them. Then Office Depot closed in my town. I checked Amazon and found out I could have been paying a lot less. Oh well, now I know where to go. 5
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