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Avery Printable Business Cards, Inkjet Printers, 400 Cards, 2 x 3.5, Clean Edge, Heavyweight (8877), White

  • Avery Printable Business Cards, Inkjet Printers, 400 Cards, 2 x 3.5, Clean Edge, Heavyweight (8877), White
  • Avery Printable Business Cards, Inkjet Printers, 400 Cards, 2 x 3.5, Clean Edge, Heavyweight (8877), White
  • Avery Printable Business Cards, Inkjet Printers, 400 Cards, 2 x 3.5, Clean Edge, Heavyweight (8877), White
  • Avery Printable Business Cards, Inkjet Printers, 400 Cards, 2 x 3.5, Clean Edge, Heavyweight (8877), White
  • Avery Printable Business Cards, Inkjet Printers, 400 Cards, 2 x 3.5, Clean Edge, Heavyweight (8877), White
  • Avery Printable Business Cards, Inkjet Printers, 400 Cards, 2 x 3.5, Clean Edge, Heavyweight (8877), White
  • Avery Printable Business Cards, Inkjet Printers, 400 Cards, 2 x 3.5, Clean Edge, Heavyweight (8877), White
  • Avery Printable Business Cards, Inkjet Printers, 400 Cards, 2 x 3.5, Clean Edge, Heavyweight (8877), White

Avery Printable Business Cards, Inkjet Printers, 400 Cards, 2 x 3.5, Clean Edge, Heavyweight (8877), White

NZ$ 150.00 NZ$ 90.00 Save: NZ$ 60.00
NZ$ 90.00 NZ$ 150.00 You save: NZ$ 60.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Printable cardstock lets you design and print your own personalized business cards
  • Our most premium business cards feature Clean Edge(R) technology so that cards snap apart easily and leave behind the smoothest cleanest edges of any printable business card available
  • Optimized for inkjet printers for jam & smudge-free performance guaranteed. Add crisp text and vibrant images to both sides of the professional business cards.
  • Ideal for professional-quality printable business cards gift cards gift tags coupons or customer loyalty cards; use the back for photos maps and notes
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Customer Reviews

Avery template will not align with Avery cards, so this is a waste of paper and ink What a load of garbage. After two pages the printing slips, so that each line after the first 2=card line is higher and higher--spoiling the entire page. Their laughable "help" instructions are about a whole page needing alignment (the first two cards on the page print fine, as I said); their "live chat" line is only available M-F 8-5. . . during normal business hours. I need these cards for Monday morning--my only option is to print two good ones and eight wasted ones per page. By the way, before anyone asks, I'm using an HP printer. . . maybe this works better with other brands, but if it does not work with one of the best selling brands in the world, then they should list the brands it does work with on the package. 1Excellent snappy personal cards So happy with these!I am job hunting and realized I needed something to hand out at networking events, so I created my own business cards, just for me. The paper is appropriately stiff and eye-popping white -- The colors look so much better than my test runs on regular paper. And the cards snap out of the sheet very cleanly.I used the Adobe Illustrator template, and it worked for me without a hitch. I have an Epson 830-XP printer.As a former print-shop employee, I know that even in the age of desktop printing if you want truly professional cards, you shouldn't try to print them at home. One thing that immediately occurred to me after printing these is that my ink-jet printer ink will not far well if the cards get wet. (The edges would be more cleanly cut, too, but I'm completely happy with the way these look.) So, the message here is: If you want really professional cards, don't bother with this. But these are handy for my less polished needs, and these would also be fine for small businesses (and I think especially something less office-y, such as landscaping or carpentry), and these would be fine as a holdover, while waiting for the printer to make your "real" cards.Super happy. 5Avery 8871 Ink Jet Business Cards Matte White, Clean Edge Business Cards I purchased these yesterday, Avery 8871 Business Cards. I have my old stock and as some people have said, "the newer stock they received are lighter in weight." I have to agree. Also, my old stock had a template to practice on, which the directions said to make several copies of the template to use for future use. These new ones do not include a template. This way, you could set-up the alignment and print on the copies before printing on the cards. As some people have suggested, the printing is off. My old stock cards suggested using Microsoft Word Template 8371 or MS Template 5371. I used Template 8371 and the alignment was perfect. I would suggest not using the Avery website or not using the 8871 Template as suggested. These cards depicted on the Amazon Site are the old stock. The ones received are Avery 8871 True+Print, which is supposed to improve the alignment. My old stock states"Extra-sturdy." matte coated business cards. These new cards with new packaging pictured do NOT state "Extra-sturdy. Note: I am using MS Word 2003 and Template 8371. I hope this info helps. I would give thesse 3 1/2 Stars but give my old stock 5 Stars. I still like Avery products the best. Here is an update as I just printed these out and compared to my original ones: These say Product of US and do have Canada aver.ca on these. Also, these are not as smooth-edged, and on two of the cards, you can see the perforations. However, as some have said the price can't be beat! 3Mac Users: MAKE YOUR OWN TEMPLATE The cards themselves are great. They snap out easily with clean edges, no problem. 5 stars.The Avery template that I used did not line up AT ALL. I printed a tester sheet, placed it behind the cardstock, and held it up to the light. My tester sheet was so bad that my design would not even have been on the card, and the front and back would not have lined up at all either. I tried altering their template, but it is so overly complicated that altering one part of it always left something else messed up. Designing them on the website was slightly better - they would have fit on the card, but the front and back would still have been offset pretty badly. In the end I made my own template. I didn't test it on Windows, maybe their template would have worked there. But I was stubborn and wanted to make it work on my normal OS.Here's the template I made that worked for me on Word 2011 for Mac:Format --> Document --> MarginsTop: 0.5"Bottom: 0"Left: 0.71" (0.75" would make more sense here, but it leaned to the right on two different printers. Go figure.)Right: 0.75"Gutter: 0"It will warn you that the margins are outside of the printable range - ignore this. The inside of the cards are still printable, I promise.Table --> Insert TableColumns: 5Rows: 2Initial column width: AutoTable --> Table Properties -->TablePreferred width: 7"Indent from Left: 0"Options: All cell margins 0", and uncheck spacing between cellsTable --> Table Properties --> RowSpecify row height of exactly 2" for all five rows.Table --> Table Properties --> ColumnPreferred width 3.5 inches for both columnsTable --> Table Properties --> CellPreferred width 3.5 inchesVertical alignment: CenterOptions: For Cell Margins check "same as whole table"I think that's everything. I really hope this helps someone. 5Even this idiot did a professional job! I was extremely skeptical about how well these labels would perform: feeding through my printer, quality of image, ease of getting everything aligned so that images would print correctly, etc. All of those concerns were wiped out when I printed the first set of business cards! I simply put the page in my paper tray, hit print and selected "automatic" when it asked for paper type, and out came 10 perfectly printed business cards. So simple even this idiot could do it.Avery's software is easy to download and use, with plenty of good default choices that I didn't need to "design" anything.Great product. 5Supplier is shipping very old product I had to return this package, as when I tried to print on the back side of these cards, the print was very blurry. The front side printed 100% fine. Nothing wrong with the printer, as it functions flawlessly, except when the front of these cards are already printed. (I calibrated the printer, cleaned the heads, did all the standard maint. to solve problem). I called Avery (manufacturer), and was asked for the date code on the package. It was March of 2007, and the manufacturer cited the age as the issue. I have printed thousands of these cards in the past with the same printer with no issues. Just beware that this vendor is shipping out some very old (9.5 year old stock), and makes the back side of this card stock unusable. 2Terrible - Templates don't work with .docx!!!! The "free" downloadable template does not match up with the the actual cards. I wasted several pages trying to adjust and re-adjust the doc, which does not save correctly. The date/time of saving would be correct, but when I reopened, it would revert back to a version that didn't resemble any working version I had. So I was forced to redo the cards repeatedly. And no matter how many adjustments I made, the bottom two cards never did a complete print; it's as if the pre-sized boxes are just too short and they are not adjustable, so the most usable cards per sheet is only 4.Every time I would make any change/adjustment to the card, I would get a message that "Word encountered a Problem" changes may not be undone or something to that effect. Free template didn't work with Word or Pages. Clearly they have not updated their templates to work with the program updates. Note: the lines along the side that "appear" to resemble the size of a card DO NOT line up with the perforations, so when I held up my paper-printed template to match, they appeared to match but you cannot see the perforated lines through the paper.Total hassle and a waste of my time. Can get better printed cards and 5 x as many at some place like VistaPrint for 3 more dollars.I printed a sample on plain paper first - quality of the colors and appearance of the cards were better on plain paper. 1Not two-sided! I love these business cards, been using them for years, bought them regularly as #8871.Well... now Avery product #8871 is a *one-sided business card. Look carefully at the picture, there is no mention at all of them being two-sided. The old #8871 package clearly stated TWO SIDED, this one doesn t. Avery does make two-sided business cards, #05871, but that s not this item. I ordered them and --oops! wrong item.Somebody else reviewed this item saying the 2nd side prints like c***p. Well... that's why.This item is simply mislabeled on the Amazon website, probably a confusion with Avery.Reported that to Amazon, who were very helpful. They will try to sort it out with Avery and in the meantime, they told me to post this review.Here's hoping we all get what we truly wish for... 1Don't count on getting each card perfect Boy oh boy... you better have a printer that feeds your pages in perfectly, or you will end up with lots of crooked-looking cards! Even feeding one by one, as directed, 2 sheets still printed wonky, and despite making several printer adjustments and testing on regular paper, I didn't end up with a single sheet where every card was aligned correctly.Also, be aware that if you want to upload your own design to their online template, you have to use a jpeg (or a few other file types I'd never heard of). The upload quality is low, no matter how good your original picture quality is. So... if you use your own design, the overall sharpness is not as good as if you were to design directly on their site (or use one of their designs). I'll attach an example. The one on the left is the jpeg I uploaded, the one on the right is using their design tool.I bought my pack at Walmart but it is identical to this one. 3Great Product - Free Easy to Use Online Design Software Included They were great. The card stock is not as heavy as you would get from a printer; however, that's intentional on Avery's part as most home or small office printers can't handle thick card stock. They worked just fine, and the online Avery design software that is included was really easy to use. Avery makes it easy to produce a professional looking business card on demand in your own office. Saves money. 5
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