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Bankers Box HANG'N'STOR Medium-Duty Storage Boxes, FastFold, Lift-Off Lid, Letter, 4 Pack (00784), Blue;White

  • Bankers Box HANG'N'STOR Medium-Duty Storage Boxes, FastFold, Lift-Off Lid, Letter, 4 Pack (00784), Blue;White
  • Bankers Box HANG'N'STOR Medium-Duty Storage Boxes, FastFold, Lift-Off Lid, Letter, 4 Pack (00784), Blue;White

Bankers Box HANG'N'STOR Medium-Duty Storage Boxes, FastFold, Lift-Off Lid, Letter, 4 Pack (00784), Blue;White

NZ$ 410.00 NZ$ 246.00 Save: NZ$ 164.00
NZ$ 246.00 NZ$ 410.00 You save: NZ$ 164.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Save time transfer active files to inactive storage without removing records from the hanging folders!
  • FastFold quick and easy assembly
  • Hanging folders fit securely in box and glide smoothly for easy file access
  • 15.75" x 13" x 10" Box with lid: 16.5" x 13" 10.2"
  • Pack of 4 Boxes
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Customer Reviews

A hair wide from front to backFolds are problematic, when completed box tiny bit wide for the arms of the hanging folders. So push the sides in a bit and the folders will seat. When folded, the box is heavier than regular storage boxes. Really not the best design. But they will do the job. The one I got from someone before is not available that I could find, so I settled for these. Not the best but do work. 3Easy assembly, sturdyNeeded to move from one office to another with a lag in storage time between. These are perfect. No, there are no plastic rails on the sides but I don't see that as a problem. If I needed to use the files while inside the boxes, I'd buy one of those plastic boxes from the office supply stores. Sturdy and easy to put together and the price is right. 5It works but could be betterThis is the only hanging file storage box I could find. Boxes used to be available that had a plastic strip the allowed the files to move slightly forward and back which was very useful for short-term storage. It works well as long as you don't need to find a particular file, although you do have to scrunch the sides to fit the file hangers. It works, but I don't like it as well as the plastic-strip style. 4The price is great, but the product is not so muchThis is a darn good price for hanging files... but just an okay price for boxes. And as it turns out, these don't work great as hanging files. There is a tendency for the box to bulge out subtly which causes the hanger file hooks to bind or even jump the track. Of note, the track is corrugated material... which isn't great for letting the hooks glide even without the bulging. This really is best for storing the hanging files... not using them. 3Good box for papers but not for hanging foldersThese boxes are okay for paper but not for hanging folders. We ordered a whole bunch last year for our office and these boxes started loosing its form. We had to change to the other style. The 0785 box actually has like a metal thing that you can attach folders and the boxes don t loose their form because of the weight. In general, these are simple banker boxes but if you want to put hanging folders use the 0785 box. It is a bit more pricey but totally worth it. 3These are totally useless for hanging file folders since they are not actually ...These don't work for intended/advertised use. You need the plastic inserts that the hanging files sit on. These are totally useless for hanging file folders since they are not actually high enough for the hanging folders so the folders push up and over and off. I will look for a type with the plastic inserts or try the all-plastic bins. 1Cleverly designed and strong.I have to re-configure my living space on a regular basis. These sturdy boxes have the advantage of being easier for me to store and rearrange than if I had a regular 2- or 4-drawer file cabinet.The boxes are well-designed, and the rails are simple and sturdy. Foolproof assembly. A very good product.UPDATE: 2013The first ones I ordered had plastic rods that fit over the sides, so that hanging files move easily forward and backward when looking for a file.On my next order, they had been redesigned. Now it is just a folded edge in the cardboard. I do not think it's as good. The hanging files seem to drag a little on the sides. 5GET SOMETHING ELSE!These hanging file folder Bankers Boxes are TERRIBLE! What a waste of money. I use lots of the regular Bankers boxes to store stuff, so I thought these would be a great solution for hanging folders. They are not, at least not if you want to be able to easily access and flip through the hanging folders. Because the folders "hang" on the cardboard sides, they do not slide well at all. Because the box is cardboard, the sides are not necessarily exactly the right distance apart for the folders to hang on. What a waste of money. As soon as I can I'll replace them with metal or plastic boxes. 1Be careful - measurements are larger than described. Also, these no longer come with plastic inserts.The first time I ordered these boxes they were exactly the way I wanted them. They were almost a square cube and had a plastic insert that the hanging files sat on. The files were easy to push forward and back and the size was perfect for my needs. However, a few years ago, I ordered them again using the same style number (784). They are larger and more of a rectangular shape than square. The measurements given are for the original 784, not the current 784. The edge where the hanging files sit is just cardboard. They are much harder to move forward and backward. I don't think these will be suitable for long-term use, since the cardboard will surely deteriorate if you push the files back and forth often. I will order them again anyway, since they are the only cardboard storage boxes for hanging files I can find anywhere. For long-term use, I will buy the more expensive plastic bins for hanging files. They are heavier, larger, and more costly, but better for my needs than a filing cabinet, because I need portability. 4Long term storage for file foldersNot sure if they're worth five dollars a box, but to me they are. I run a mechanic shop and I save a copy of every invoice, parts and customers. This makes storage incredibly simple, convenient, and organized. The folders metal bracket is just a tad bit too big for the box, but the cardboard flexes to fit very snug...not enough for me to take a star off because they don't pop up. The boxes themselves are thick and strong, seem like they'd survive the five year storage system I have. They come flat and fold into shape very easily and firmly. I'm quite satisfied and will buy these every two years as I only need two boxes a year. 5
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