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Best Home Fashion Iced Fox Faux Fur Throw Blanket - 58" W x 84" L

  • Best Home Fashion Iced Fox Faux Fur Throw Blanket - 58" W x 84" L
  • Best Home Fashion Iced Fox Faux Fur Throw Blanket - 58" W x 84" L

Best Home Fashion Iced Fox Faux Fur Throw Blanket - 58" W x 84" L

NZ$ 918.00 NZ$ 551.00 Save: NZ$ 367.00
NZ$ 551.00 NZ$ 918.00 You save: NZ$ 367.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Thick, lush and rich our faux fur throw is a stunning addition to any couch, chair or bed
  • Luxuriously lined with a color coordinated faux rabbit fur
  • High quality faux fur throws add texture and warmth to your home dcor
  • Look and feel of real fur without harming any animals
  • NO HEAT; Air dry; Dry clean recommended
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Customer Reviews

I waited nearly a year to review this blanket. I have 3 now! Verdict: Treat Yourself!I now have 3 of these - they are lovely and are coveted among my friends and household guests who come to visit. I recently rescued two Siamese kittens who just happen to match these blankets! Needless to say, they are big fans! This blanket (I now have 3!) occupied my cozy chair in the living room and has seen much use for a lap blanket and also an extra bed blanket on very cold nights. It's performed beautifully and has not shed at all.Despite the dry clean label, I have laundered it with plain borax powder and a small amount of detergent in cool water, in a front loader washer - and it's holding up fine. The trick is NOT to use fabric softener which will ruin the lovely "pelt" effect. (You can reverse that mistake by a repeat washing with plain white vinegar). I dry it on the lowest setting and -VERY IMPORTANT-don't let it overheat, or the fibers melt--allow it to finish drying draped over something outside. (After all, it is a poly blend)I'm very happy with this blanket and I purchased a second one today for the downstairs den, which can get fairly chilly in the winter.The photo with the Christmas tree in the background is a representation of how the blanket looks after one year of wear and laundering. (Pretty much the same as when it was new!) 5Totally worth the price. So comfy and softtttt.This blanket is incredible. I was concerned that the blanket wouldn't live up to the price point but I am not disappointed at all. The faux fur is incredibly soft and the pattern is fluid. In my opinion, the colors look a lot nicer that the first photo. The brown is a bit lighter and there are red highlights below.When I first removed the blanket I didn't think I liked it because of the stiffness and lines through the blanket. Give it a day or two to settle and it looks perfect! Of course it isn't real fur but looks darn close and feels increible. The weight is also excellent. I liked it so much I just bought another one! Make sure you check the "USED" option to get it about $40 cheaper. They aren't actually used, just repackaged and perfect.I'm so impressed! 5Kit fox WOW simply decadent This throw is awesome! Faux fur has come a long way baby! This is not your 70's single color FAKE fur. The blend of different colors is amazing. They duplicated the downy grey tones of an animals undercoat with cream in the mid shaft blending out to the dark tipped guard hairs. Very realistic and impressive in person. I would not wear a coat made of this material, I'd be afraid animal lovers would throw red paint or spit on me it's THAT real looking. Its soft, very warm and with decent weight. You can tell this throw is gonna keep me toasty all winter. Some customers say the underside is faux rabbit , It reminds me more of a plush soft fur type fabric that a child's stuffed animal would be made from. It's still good quality material and the color compliments the long fur side well. The 58 x 60 is perfect for this couch lounger and her small small dog too. I browsed HomeGoods, Marshalls, Tjmaxx, PierOne, BedBath and Target for these. We're in the throws of throw season so there's no shortage of them to be found. Yes this one is pricey BUT what I saw in the $40 to 60+ price range pale in comparison to this one on all points forementioned. Most brick and mortor retailers aren't offering much in color choice or realisim. "Wild mannered" seems to offer a much wider range of colors and sizes along with a line of matching throw pillows. If your on the fence about the price and think you can find something as nice for cheaper around town...don't waste your time like I did...no regrets and I'm not the type of person that would ever drop down a chunk o change like this for a blanket!! I'd usually just deal with that 19$ one from Wally World and be done with it.My philosophy is that after spending so much time and effort picking paint, furniture, curtains etc, I'd come home and see my perfect living room with this "busted ass" fleece throw all jumbled up on the couch that should have been upgraded years ago. This kit fox throw looks fantastic at every angle, if it's jumbled up in a ball or stratigicly draped off to the side for an instagram shot, it' amps up the luxx look and is the final cherry on top of my living room.Stay warm instyle my friends...stay warm 5It arrived today and I have to say I am overjoyed. With this quality faux fur there is no ...Exquisite. I have search for a decent faux fur throw a long time. I have touched many in-store products. Nothing has compared to the quality and true fur feel of this throw. It arrived today and I have to say I am overjoyed. With this quality faux fur there is no excuse for anyone to buy an animal product. It is also much heavier than I expected and that is not a bad thing. This was my Christmas gift to myself and I cannot be happier. Cat-approved within minutes of un-packaging. If you are looking for a throw with substance, look no further. 5Warm, heavy, niceVery happy with our Coyote faux fur blanket. So happy, in fact, we've ordered 2 other - mink, & amber fox. We had looked for throw covers but found mostly standard designs, and even the better 'designer' ones looked too pretentious for our natural looking house & decor. Something sparked an idea to look for faux fur - thinking maybe we'd find some cheap but better than cheesy design look. When we stumbled across these, looked at the pictures & read the reviews we knew we had to try one. Coyote was our first (as amber fox was out of stock at that time).I have little experience with real fur. My recollection is that real fur may be a slight touch 'smoother' feeling than these. The best I can currently compare to are some nice sable art brushes I have.Nevertheless - if real fur is a 10, these are a 9.The color blend and gradation is fascinatingly realistic. I ponder 'how do they do that'? Some of them kind of look like pelts sewn together. In the coyote this is less noticeable than in the mink, or in others pictures. Some look more patterned or even striped.If you DON't like patterned / pelt look, the coyote is a good choice.The feel is soft and luxurious. I do not have any sense of the fur 'poking' me. It has a nap to it - so it rubs easier one way than another, but never so stiff as to be uncomfortable.It has weight to it. I like that. Comparison - about the weight of 2 homemade quilts.The backside is a very short 'furry' feeling texture as well. It does NOT look cheap and would make a great blanket in and of itself. It was actually as good or better than what we were hoping to find when we stumbled upon these!We have enjoyed using them with either side in. With the fur side in, it may be a touch warmer, at least initially, as the fur 'hugs' every part of your body. But either way, it is a very nice warm spread.This winter during the record # of snows we had here in NC, I enjoyed sitting in my recliner, wrapped in this, and watching the birds on the feeders through the windows.One thing we do not know yet - how will it perform in the summer? I like cooler weather; my wife prefers warm. Even in the summer though, at the end of the day, with AC going, and activity level coming down to watch a movie or something, it can be a little cool. I wonder if the fur will be too warm for me? I suspect it will still be fine for my wife, especially with the fur side out so there is a bit more breathing inside. I mentioned, we also have the 'mink' and that has shorter fur, so may be interesting to compare then. Will try to remember to update.I have no experience cleaning these. Wife says she thinks she'd dry clean as recommended. Some posters say you can wash in water. But some fear it would 'harden' the fibers. That would not be good, as one of the great features is that they fell luxuriously smooth.We love the largest size - can let it tuck under feet, and pull it up to cover neck & shoulders with no problem. Way better than the shorter armpit to barely over the foot standard comforters we'd been using.Being on the more casual side, I particularly enjoy that when I get up, I can simply leave the spread in a bunch in my recliner - and it always still looks good, unlike the cheaper ones we did have.No funny smells. No shedding. No quality issues here.I'm trying to think of down sides ... and they are all extremely minor.- They are kinda pricey. I have seen a few cheaper faux fur, but they really looked it. And these are no more pricey than the better quality 'designer' throw spreads - which were not nearly as plush.- They are heavy enough and smooth enough that if I let the foot end slide off the side of my recliner, it can sometimes pull the rest of the bottom off of the edge as well. That has never happened with the cheaper, lighter spreads we've had. But a simply kick pulls it all back up just as easily. The weight and luxuriousness is worth it to me though.I do not know how they hold up to spills, stains, etc. - only adults in our house.Barring future surprises we will definitely replace these if / when they wear out unless that is unusually soon. 5Duke Likes Her ?In my youth and into adulthood this man (me) trapped until about 58 years old, so I know a bit about real fur. This throw does a fair job in mimicking fur and does a better job in keeping you really cozy. The weight of it really surprised me and thought Amazon made a mistake and sent me two instead of one, but alas they rarely make mistakes with me. I can understand folks giving it 5 stars but I know the softness of pelts and after all no one can match the Creator in designing anything perfect. This was a pretty good purchase and if my dog would quit trying to take it off my bed it might be a perfect transaction. My dog Duke tells me it came right out of the woods so it fooled him and eventually Duke will realize he neutralized it and will think it is his alone and I should have taken Duke into consideration as he is a fully finished German Shorthaired Pointer. Oh No, I have to go as he is trying to mate with my blanket. 4Pearl Finn I wish they had one the size of my living room - I would carpet the d*** house with it. It's softer than my dog. Makes you want to stroke a furry wall... Oh wait! YOU CAN (if you're into tapestries).75/10 would recommend to anyone wanting to get rid of Nana's crocheted souvenir you picked up as a second hand shame-me-down.Toss this bad boy on anything to make it luxurious AF. 5Kitt and Iced Fox comparison photosPictured are Kitt Fox and Iced Fox. Neither look much like the photos. Iced is way softer and feels more real, but looks extremely tacky and synthetic. It is not all white as pictured, but has brown speckled throughout. Kitt is redder in places and not as soft or nice to the touch, but it looks super realistic. The undersides of both are very soft and my kid loves them. Giving a somewhat-reluctant four stars and keeping Kitt, I think, unless I can find something better. Iced is going back. 4Perfect!Ordering another cos were already fighting over it. 5love, love, love it........Oh my, this throw exceeded my expectations. It absolutely looks like the real thing and adds beautiful texture to our spare bedroom when draped across the foot of the bed. Before I purchased this throw, I did EXTENSIVE searching on the internet comparing quality and price. This item easily wins out in both categories. 5
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