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BIC Intensity Fashion Permanent Markers, Fine Point, Assorted Colors, 36-Count, Durable Fine Tip to Prevent Wear-Down

  • BIC Intensity Fashion Permanent Markers, Fine Point, Assorted Colors, 36-Count, Durable Fine Tip to Prevent Wear-Down
  • BIC Intensity Fashion Permanent Markers, Fine Point, Assorted Colors, 36-Count, Durable Fine Tip to Prevent Wear-Down
  • BIC Intensity Fashion Permanent Markers, Fine Point, Assorted Colors, 36-Count, Durable Fine Tip to Prevent Wear-Down
  • BIC Intensity Fashion Permanent Markers, Fine Point, Assorted Colors, 36-Count, Durable Fine Tip to Prevent Wear-Down
  • BIC Intensity Fashion Permanent Markers, Fine Point, Assorted Colors, 36-Count, Durable Fine Tip to Prevent Wear-Down
  • BIC Intensity Fashion Permanent Markers, Fine Point, Assorted Colors, 36-Count, Durable Fine Tip to Prevent Wear-Down

BIC Intensity Fashion Permanent Markers, Fine Point, Assorted Colors, 36-Count, Durable Fine Tip to Prevent Wear-Down

NZ$ 152.00 NZ$ 92.00 Save: NZ$ 60.00
NZ$ 92.00 NZ$ 152.00 You save: NZ$ 60.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Snap Cap with vapor seal locking feature prevents dry out
  • Bold assorted permanent markers with durable fine tip to prevent wear-down
  • Low-odor, acid-free ink (no added acid; no measurable pH) in vibrant assorted colors - ideal for home, school, or office
  • Soft, non-slip grip offers comfort and control
  • Markers provide long-lasting, fade-resistant color on a wide variety of surfaces
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Customer Reviews

THESE ARE BIC-TASTIC! Amazon tells me I last purchased this item in May 2013 and I'm STILL using them! They are nothing if not long-lasting (at least, the batch I bought was - I hope this hasn't changed since I bought them almost four years ago). I love everything about this product - the variety, the richness of color, the ease of use, the lack of nasty smell - even the container they come in. I use them for art in my therapy sessions, I use them for personal drawing projects, and I use them to create posters and signs. They do bleed through regular copy paper, so be sure to put something behind your sheet to absorb the leaked color.I'm getting ready to order them again - not because I'm close to running out, but because I want to be sure I have some of these markers on hand forever and ever. 5Excellent For Adult Coloring Books!!!!! My picture says it all. The colors are beautiful, no streaks or running with these!!! They will bleed thru a bit so u will need to place a blank sheet of paper behind ur work and u can't color on a double sided page. I bought the 36 ct fine tip from Amazon as well as the ultra fine point. The ultra fine point I later saw in my local Walmart ! Love them! 5Great markers for a great price! These are fantastic markers for coloring. They will bleed through the page, but I have only one sided books. I put a sheet of paper under the page I am working on. The colors are vibrant and beautiful and don't leave streaking. They have a soft grip making them easy to hold. The case they come in is very handy for storage. I would buy these again!Update! I just bought my second set of these markers because I love them so much. I dried up all of my favorite colors from using them so much. They do last a very long time. The color selection is so unique, unlike any other marker set I have seen. The way the ink lays on the page is beautiful. I use them alone, or with my sharpies. Sometimes I will color a page with them and then shade over them with colored pencils for a more complex look. You can't go wrong with these. The price is fantastic for the product you receive. I also have the ultra fine point set and will need to order another one soon for the same reason, I can't stop using them! I have pictures of all of the colors, including metallics, which are sold seperately. 5Long Lasting Markers! These have lasted for a long time! I did use some colors so much that they eventually ran out of ink, but I still have most of this package more than 3 years later! 5Great for coloring open areas! I use these to color. They don't leave too many streaks and they go on smooth. Great choice of colors. The Ultra Fines are great for more detailed drawings, but these fines work great for coloring more open pictures. 5Purchased for Adult Coloring I bought these to use with my adult coloring books. I love the fold out case they come in but I took them out because I also bought the Ultra Fine set and I prefer to carry them all together.The swatches came out very nice! I'm looking forward to using these as the colors are beautiful and brighter than the 24 pack of sharpies I have (plus, 12 more colors)!I will report back on how long they last. 5Nope Several of these markers were either dried up right out of the package and didn't work from the start--or they dried up after a couple of light uses. One dried up in the middle of a project. Project ruined. Other markers had the opposite problem: they bled too much into the paper, making splotches and blots where I needed straight lines. The colors, for the most part, do not match the marker caps. They tend to run on the darker side. (Keep a piece of scrap paper handy for testing purposes.)I cannot recommend these markers for any purpose. I used them for art, homework, and organization (labeling) projects and they just weren't a good fit for any of those things. The only positive thing I can say about them is that the plastic case is handy for storing them in. I hope this review was useful. I wish I had a recommendation for better markers, but I'm still on the hunt and taking suggestions/recommendations. Help appreciated! 1Better than Sharpie, IMO As far as inexpensive alcohol-based markers for coloring, these are my go-to. Although none of the light colors are truly as light as I would like, the color selection is very nice, and I really like that there are a few browns included.If you color somewhat quickly and saturate the paper, you won't have any marker lines with these. They work well as a base color on which to apply colored pencil. The two pictures I'm including have these markers used for the backgrounds: the mandala behind the mermaid is done with these, as is the yellow sky and dark blue of the tree, over which I applied pencil and gel pen.The colors of these BIC permanent markers are, in my opinion, much nice and better suited for coloring than Sharpies. The quality of the ink is fairly similar. These may be a bit juicier than Sharpie. The tips of BIC are a bit fatter and blunter than Sharpie. 4Rich, even color. Nice variety. This is my third purchase of these markers, used for projects and coloring. The colors are rich, varying from pastel to muted to vibrant to dark tones. The color presents evenly on the page. My only complaint is that Bic doesn't offer an even larger quantity of colors. 5There is a nice assortment of colors (especially for the price) I started to get stressed out this semester, and by accident, I discovered coloring/drawing was really helpful to calm me down before going into all out stress mode. I got an adult coloring book, and saw in another review someone wrote, that they used these to color.Pros:The plastic case they come in make them easier to keep organized.There is a nice assortment of colors (especially for the price).They draw smoothly. Other permanent markers can feel like they're dragging on the paper.I've used them to color about 6 pictures so far, and they're still going strongI wouldn't say there are cons, as much as things to keep in mind:They will bleed through paper.They're good for coloring larger areas, but for things with small details and fine lines, it's hard, or near impossible, to color cleanly.In the picture I attached, I labeled some of the colors I used. For the smaller areas, I used ultra fine tipped sharpies. For this picture, the markers were good because the lines were thick and black, but on my coloring pages with fine lines, and many small detail, even the ultra fine points are hard to use cleanly.Overall, I would definitely recommend this product. My sister, who is much more of an artist than I am, was a bit envious of them, so I think I have an idea of a Christmas present for her. 5
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