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Blue Embossed Dragonfly Faux Leather Journal - Lined

  • Blue Embossed Dragonfly Faux Leather Journal - Lined
  • Blue Embossed Dragonfly Faux Leather Journal - Lined
  • Blue Embossed Dragonfly Faux Leather Journal - Lined
  • Blue Embossed Dragonfly Faux Leather Journal - Lined

Blue Embossed Dragonfly Faux Leather Journal - Lined

NZ$ 144.00 NZ$ 87.00 Save: NZ$ 57.00
NZ$ 87.00 NZ$ 144.00 You save: NZ$ 57.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Heavy stock ivory paper
  • Embossed Dragonfly on faux leather cover
  • Handmade craftsmanship
  • Acid-Free, archival writing paper
  • Measures 5x7"
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Customer Reviews

This was perfect! The color was what I was looking forThis was perfect! The color was what I was looking for, even though it was not the color that was shown. The product was more of a deep vibrant plain red, rather than almost brown as shown in the picture. We used it to record our wedding ceremony notes in. It matched the color of our red roses and our red wedding Bible perfectly! 5Also sent wrong item...Just like a few others, I too ordered the blue dragonfly journal only to end up with the red heart one. As another reviewer posted in their pics, the label on the wrapper does indeed say "Blue Embossed Dragonfly Faux Leather Journal", but seriously they don't look at the actual item before sending it out? I looked at many others before deciding on this one and while the red one is nice it's not what I wanted. Very disappointed. 1Smaller than 5 x 7 inches advertisedI purchased this journal expecting it to be 5 x 7 inches, as that is clearly stated in the product description. However, it is closer to 4.8 x 6.5 inches and is just too small for the purpose I wanted it for. It is too difficult to write in at this size and the pages do not lie flat at all. The red cover and leather appearance is good, but it is smaller than stated and I would not have purchased had the sizing been accurate, since I need a minimum of 5 x 7 for my project. 2Disappointed...While the cover and quote are very cute, I m actually really disappointed with this. I assumed it would be on the smaller side because all the comments said so. But it was described as soft, it s really not. I needed a little notebook for work that I could flip through easily and bend the cover. The cover to this is very stiff and makes flipping very difficult. It s hard and when I tried to see if it would bend a bit, the cover got wrinkles. The stiffness makes it very hard to lay it open on a table without it closing.. which defeats the purpose of taking notes. Also it was said to have College ruled paper. It very much appears to be wide ruled. I haven t used wide ruled since elementary school. I wouldn t recommend. 1Smaller than advertised but still cuteThis journal is cute. It was the exact color I thought it would be, has a nice binding, and feels good in my hands. My only complaint is that it most definitely is not the size advertised; it's smaller. Still, I can use this as a journal if I use two pages at a time, and on days that I don't have much to write, one page will work. It's still really pretty and I'm not sorry I purchased it.**Update: I would definitely buy this again in another design. After using it as a journal for some time now, it is holding up well. The paper is good quality and the pages have enough room to write a day's entry or, if I need to write more, I use two pages. Very good product! 4cute but smallI bought this as a gift for someone so I won't take the plastic off; therefore, I can't comment on the pages themselves. The outside is very pretty and it at least looks like leather (I'm guessing it's not, though, for the price--but perhaps it is). There are a few things I thought I'd mention that I didn't see anywhere else in other reviews.The stated dimensions in the description (5 x 7") aren't correct. The actual measurements of the cover are about 4 3/4" by a little over 6 1/2" inches. The paper is almost as big but since it's not a spiral journal, the writing space will likely be reduced to 4" for each line across. It's quite noticeably smaller than the 5 x 8 1/4" Moleskin notebooks (which are actually 5 1/4" wide). Doesn't look like it will lay flat at all when open, but such is the nature of this type of binding.There isn't a country of origin, so who knows where it was made? Maybe that information is on the inside of the journal itself. ?There's no strap to keep it closed and there isn't one of those fabric bookmarks. Nothing wrong with that; I just thought I'd mention it for those who are curious.I think this is a nice journal and will fit in a purse easily (it's not quite small enough for regular pockets). Not bad for the price, though it would have been more worth the fourteen dollars had they installed a bookmark and strap. 4Great Design, High-Quality---But Not For Heavy-Duty WritersThe Blue Embossed Dragonfly Leather Journal by Eccolo has an amazing quality and great design for being under $15.00. The material feels smooth and does not show dirt or wear, and the cover of the book is extremely durable. Also, the embossing looks really gorgeous in person (the photos do not do it justice)and the dark gray-blue color of the exterior is pretty as well. The pages within the journal are a creamy color and are tightly sewn into the book. They are thick enough for gel or fluid pens, but not so thick that you feel as if you are writing on cardboard. Overall, for such a cheap price, I think that this journal is amazing. However, if you are someone who likes to write A LOT (a few pages a day), this journal will be used up in no time. I recommend this only for people who like to write short journal entries only a few times a week. 4Carpe Diem JournalI've been using this journal for about 2 months now, and it is an ok journal. I took a star off because the binding is not that good. You cannot open this up and lay it flat without creasing the binding which makes it hard to write at times. The paper, however, is actually of a decent quality. I use a fountain pen to write in this journal and there is no bleed through, only a little bit of ghosting. For a first journal this isn't that bad, but I am not going to buy another one.-EDIT-It is now 4 years since my initial review. I'm on my 8th journal since I wrote my initial review. I have bumped up my review to 5 stars. Looking back at my first journal compared to the rest of the journals the binding is actually a bit better. All in all I would say this is the best journal in this price point, and I am about to purchase my 9th journal. 5Good size, good paper, nice coverNice size journal for popping into a purse or messenger bag. The cover is synthetic but closely assembles leather - this is important to me as I try to purchase cruelty-free products. I've bought a couple of these journals, each with a different cover. The cover illustrations are attractive/entertaining but don't scream out. The paper is of a good enough quality that the fountain pen inks I use do not feather or bleed through the page. This is crucial as I am a Luddite who still uses fountain pens. 5A well-made simple journalI couldn't find specifications on this journal initially, so I ordered it and came up with the below information:COVER - The cover is made of red leather with a very simple embossed heart on the front. The actual color is fairly close to the color in Amazon's picture. If the cover appears a little brown on the product picture, the actual color does not look brown at all, but more of a garnet. The cover does not seem to scratch easily or hold marks on it. It should hold up to some abuse.PAGE LENGTH - 128 pages or 256 leaves if you write on the front and back + 1 blank prelim page at the front, and 1 blank trailing page at the back.18 lines per page (not counting writing on the top line)MATERIAL - The paper is ivory and goes well with the red cover. It is acid-free (meaning it will not deteriorate or turn yellow easily) and made of heavy stock. The paper is not very thick and in my hands it feels about the same weight as standard American 20lb weight copy paper. The lines on the paper are a somewhat light color. They are the perfect shade in my opinion and don't stand out too much, but are dark enough for ease of use. There is some light bleeding through to the pages in areas where I pressed the pen down too hard, or when I've used a heavy fountain pen. It is enough that you can easily read what is written on the back of the page. Unless you have a light hand or are using a light ink, I would probably recommend against using both sides of the page. You could certainly do it without a mess, but it just depends on how clean of a look you want on each page. I cut a piece of a manila envelope to the same size as the journal pages, and put it underneath the piece of paper I'm writing on each time so that it doesn't bleed through to the next page.SIZE - 4.75" x 6 5/8" (not quite 5x7 as the description says)Actual writing space (length of the lines inside the margins) = 4.25" x 5.25"THIS IS EXACTLY HOW MUCH SPACE U HAVE PER LINE| (if you were to write in 12 point Times New Roman font). So expect not to get any more than 162 words per page unless you handwriting is very small. The margins are the perfect width to ensure you get enough use out of each sheet and no room is wasted.BINDING/CONSTRUCTION - the binding is sewn in, and separated into 8 sections. This way you don't have to worry about too many pages being held by one thread, and the threads can actually break and only 1/8 of the journal will separate. This method of binding is also very useful because it means you can easily open to any page in the journal and it will naturally separate along one of those sections, so you don't have to break the binding too much to lay the journal flat like you would have to with a paperback book. The binding and threads are also secured on the back with a strip of adhesive. The binding is very well made and the threads seem tight, but strong. I do not have any qualms about the binding breaking and would think this journal should hold up to daily use for awhile and several decades of storage. After heavy use, I do not see any noticeable creases on the spine of the journal where you can tell it has been opened many times. It still appears new. There is no bookmark built into the journal.I find this to be a very nicely-made and simplistic journal and think it would satisfy the requirements for anyone who wants something small and nice-looking. It is not something I would write my Presidential memoirs in, but satisfies my requirements for regular daily use. 5
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