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Bostitch InPower Spring-Powered Premium Desktop Stapler - One Finger, No Effort, Red/Silver (1117)

  • Bostitch InPower Spring-Powered Premium Desktop Stapler - One Finger, No Effort, Red/Silver (1117)
  • Bostitch InPower Spring-Powered Premium Desktop Stapler - One Finger, No Effort, Red/Silver (1117)
  • Bostitch InPower Spring-Powered Premium Desktop Stapler - One Finger, No Effort, Red/Silver (1117)
  • Bostitch InPower Spring-Powered Premium Desktop Stapler - One Finger, No Effort, Red/Silver (1117)
  • Bostitch InPower Spring-Powered Premium Desktop Stapler - One Finger, No Effort, Red/Silver (1117)
  • Bostitch InPower Spring-Powered Premium Desktop Stapler - One Finger, No Effort, Red/Silver (1117)
  • Bostitch InPower Spring-Powered Premium Desktop Stapler - One Finger, No Effort, Red/Silver (1117)
  • Bostitch InPower Spring-Powered Premium Desktop Stapler - One Finger, No Effort, Red/Silver (1117)

Bostitch InPower Spring-Powered Premium Desktop Stapler - One Finger, No Effort, Red/Silver (1117)

NZ$ 116.00 NZ$ 70.00 Save: NZ$ 46.00
NZ$ 70.00 NZ$ 116.00 You save: NZ$ 46.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 80% easier stapling with One-Finger spring-powered technology by PaperPro
  • Use one finger to staple up to 28 sheets
  • Built-in staple remover, staple storage compartment & opens for bulletin board tacking
  • Smooth, jam-free performance
  • Sleek, die-cast metal housing for durability
  • New Brand, Same Great Product!
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Customer Reviews

Perfect for anyone with arthritis in hands/wrist, carpal tunnel or elderlyExcellent!! I have RA in my wrist and usually have tenderness and pain after stapling alot. This stapler is perfect, you can staple one handed without even picking up the stapler. When you have to pick up and hold in your hand it's so lightweight and doesn't take much strength to use. I would highly recommend for anyone especially those that have any type of arthritis in hands and wrist, carpal tunnel or elderly with not much strength. 5Hey PaperPro: Awesome Stapler but Desperately Needs a Color Makeover!!!!!I had a PaperPro stapler for over 15 years and probably hundreds of thousands of staples went through it. It survived so much office warfare, but could not survive the jaws of death of a yellow lab (generally speaking, only the hardest of rubber or rock survives playtime with her). This version, definitely a step-up from my original is a NEARLY perfect, dream stapler. Clean, no jagged, half stapled papers, doesn't require he-man strength, works well flat or if you're the handheld stapler kind of person and it's a breeze to reload staples.My one and only beef is the color. Why, oh why, do office product manufactures live in a black and sometimes gray or putty colored world? And what's with that strange red bottom (too many bottom pieces from some left-over private label job)? C'mon PaperPro, live a little!!! Get some better colors going and move away from the tired boring office black and chrome. I know you make a red and blue metallic, but not everyone who needs office products is a guy! 5Nice as you expect from a PaperPro. Review update:Well, they must have changed the product style and or part number as shows I bought this before but I don't have this model. But to my surprise, I like it better. Easier one finger operation is true, has a built in staple remover as well as staple storage on the bottom. This one is also unique where you can use it in the opened state to staple something against a post/ board etc like a staple gun would do. Oh, this model case is metal as well so should hold up well.Orig review:Nice as you expect from a PaperPro.. this model is metal unlike cheaper plastic versions...Only problem with this (and most PaperPro) is they are too powerful... this one will blast through the paper if only a few sheets... I put a piece of tape on the bottom of the stapling part to make it damage the paper less.And FYI for those of you that have never used a PaperPro you cannot use this with the bottom open, to lets say staple something to a post/wall etc... its design makes it where the bottom must be close to function. So you can't use this like a staple-gun. 4Could be a great stapler, but unless you're stapling large quantities of ...Could be a great stapler, but unless you're stapling large quantities of paper, you're out of luck. If you only have a few pages to fasten together, you're in for a let down. The power behind this thing causes the staple to push through the paper. They're not connected in any way, but they do have nice clean holes in them. I guess if you're hard up, this can double as a hole puncher. 1Only stapler you'll ever needI got this stapler after hearing my brother rave about his -- we were on a business trip in a new country and we were talking about his stapler, how could I not get one? -- and trying it myself when we got home. He has a plastic version, very light. I loved how easy on the hand it was to staple a decent amount of pages. So here I am, a graphic designer who rarely staples anything, reviewing my stapler, which happens to be, in theory, better than my brother's. I did staple 20 sheets together (not 25 yet) and it worked like a charm: didn't have to use both hands, didn't have to put all my weight on it... Actually, I did it with one finger, like I'm supposed to be able to and not once did it not work (I've had my fair share of practice already.) Be warned that the ends of the staple do stick out and can hurt you. I also started stapling some cardstock I had lying around (think the material of a paperback book cover) and was able to staple 13 pieces together.I find that it's somewhat on the heavy side, but it's definitely a stapler to keep on a desk, and, I assume, in order to staple 25 pieces of paper together with the use of one finger, the weight is probably necessary.Loading the staples is different than with most other staples (see photos): you open the stapler like you would any other, the spring mechanism jumps out and you insert the staples upside-down. You push the spring mechanism back in, close the stapler and you're ready to go.I definitely recommend this stapler (or another version of this one, depending on your needs) to everyone. I'm relatively young and healthy, but I know this stapler would be great(!!) for people with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc. Most definitely worth it! Only wish I had more need for it (although I do use it, but maybe once or twice a day). 5Just Bought My 2nd OneI brought this stapler from home when I volunteer at my son's school, because every single stapler in the building is unequal to the task of tacking children's work to the bulletin board in the hallway. I would spend forever out there, feeling lame, surrounded by ruined staples, just trying to tack up their work in the hallway. Finally, I GOOGLED a stapler that could work on bulletin boards, and found this. It's like using a staple gun for bulletin boards. Works so easily. Soon, the other moms were borrowing it, and I just bought another one to give to my son's teacher.I have seen a review that complained that it's too powerful to use on just a few sheets of paper. That one must have been defective, because I tack single sheets to the wall, as well as staple two sheets together, all the time just fine. It's never jammed, and I use it frequently.This is the best stapler I've ever owned. Honestly, before I bought one, it would seem strange for anyone to wax poetic about a stapler. Times change when you've got an entire school of elementary students filing past you to lunch while you are STILL trying to tack up the &*(&*&(*& artwork, without using any naughty words, shoving the stapler against the unforgiving wall surface for the 5,565th time, but the staples of an inferior stapler keep bending and falling out. Then you have to go borrow the secretary's magnet to pick up all the dead staple carnage. Trust me, after an afternoon of this, you would be gleefully telling all your volunteer mom friends about this little dynamo. Instead of sweating and swearing and trying to force those little &(&*& staples into a bulletin board that must be made out of granite, everything goes up with a touch of a finger. 5Stapler jams all the time!Being a teacher, you use a lot of staplers. This stapler has been durable and staples well so far. The issue is that the top part has an elongated top which makes stapling near the top of the wall impossible with this stapler. I cannot get the staple near the top of anything on the walls because of this top. Why would the maker make a top that elongated? If you are stapling papers, great stapler. If you are using it on the wall, get another one.UPDATE: This stapler jams all the time. It is only been used from January to March with normal teacher work and it is already useless. I have many other Paperpros and this one fell well short of the mark. I would avoid this one due to poor quality of the product. 1Takes 35 pages with ease...I have had this stapler for about a year, and it performs as a stapler should: it fastens 2 or more sheets of paper together and can be used for tacking.Pros: it easily lives up to its 28-sheet capacity, and fires the staple into the stack like a bullet with just a light press of the handle. I have even stapled as many as 37 sheets, and the staple went through effortlessly, but I had to manually bend/flatten the prongs on the back of the document with a letter opener; not a bad thing, considering I was 9 sheets over the stated capacity! It could maybe fasten 40 sheets of standard copier paper, but the limiting factor is the length of the staples, not the power of the stapler. The PaperPro seems well made of plastic and metal; it takes standard staples and loads easily; and it operates with just a light press.Cons: although one of the descriptive images on Amazon's website gives the impression that it can stand on its "nose" on the desktop, it absolutely can not. They way its designed, it simply won't stand on end. This was a real disappointment, as I had hoped to keep it on my desk, but it resides in my drawer due to its normal-sized footprint. I considered deducting 1 star for this design oversight (the manufacturer could have easily tweaked it to stand up), but it works so well I had to go 5 stars.Three additional points: First, the pictures (all three of them found on different part of the Amazon webpage) show the staples being loaded into the stapler upside down. Besides being shamefully stupid and laughable, following this "image-guidance" could damage the stapler with the first push, and at the very least you will staple nothing but the inside of your stapler (and have to clear the resulting obstruction). Second, a picture shows a person loading the stapler through some sort of flap. There is no flap; just turn the stapler over, open the baseplate 180 degrees, and load as usual. And third, when you open the base plate to use the stapler in "tacking mode," the charging slide opens automatically for refilling, so just ram it shut before trying to use the stapler as a tacker.Other than big, heavy office staplers I've used at work for joining 100-page documents, this is the best stapler I've found. If you keep trying -- unsuccessfully -- to join thick documents up to 30 or so pages, this is the stapler you want. 5Great Stapler, lives up to its specsSo the first thing my friends and I did when I got this was to test if the one-finger 25 sheets claim was true. All I can say is that it easily staples 25 sheets with the press of one finger. It does take some effort to use one finger to staple 25 sheets, but nothing unreasonable. My friends always ask if they can use my "fancy stapler" to staple their homework together.This is a hefty stapler, so it's not super portable. It's also bigger than the traditional desk stapler, although it is still a reasonable size. It has a rubber material on the bottom to help prevent it from sliding around, which is a nice feature.It has a safety mechanism that prevents you from being able to shoot staples at people, although you can get around it by depressing the mechanism.Another nice feature is that it uses regular staples, so you don't need to buy fancy heavy-duty staples for it.I recommend this to anyone who wants something that can staple a decent number of papers together with little effort. 5satisfyingly powerfulI'm an exec admin so I professionally staple papers. :-) I've used the PaperPro staplers ever since I first got my hands on one about 5 years ago. The power you feel when you use one finger to staple a stack of papers and the loud "PACK" it makes when the staple goes through is extremely satisfying - for everyone! Everyone who uses my stapler (because people think an admin's desk is community property) remarks on the power of the stapler and then want their very own. This is the only stapler I use - even at home. The pedestal I had this stapler on was rocked a bit when I dropped my stapler on the (carpeted) floor and it landed on it's back end (the side opposite the stapling end); it popped something out which couldn't be fixed rendering my stapler useless. I had to use a regular boring staple for the 2 days it took my Amazon Prime shipped PaperPro stapler; those were some frustrating days; having to use my whole hand. I think I may have even suffered a staple jam during those days - something I never get with my PaperPro. I actually understand Milton's love of his red Swingline stapler...because...if they take my stapler I'll set the building on fire. 5
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