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Bubba Brands 1955218 BUBBA 34OZ TRAVEL BLACK, 34 oz

  • Bubba Brands 1955218 BUBBA 34OZ TRAVEL BLACK, 34 oz
  • Bubba Brands 1955218 BUBBA 34OZ TRAVEL BLACK, 34 oz
  • Bubba Brands 1955218 BUBBA 34OZ TRAVEL BLACK, 34 oz
  • Bubba Brands 1955218 BUBBA 34OZ TRAVEL BLACK, 34 oz
  • Bubba Brands 1955218 BUBBA 34OZ TRAVEL BLACK, 34 oz
  • Bubba Brands 1955218 BUBBA 34OZ TRAVEL BLACK, 34 oz
  • Bubba Brands 1955218 BUBBA 34OZ TRAVEL BLACK, 34 oz
  • Bubba Brands 1955218 BUBBA 34OZ TRAVEL BLACK, 34 oz

Bubba Brands 1955218 BUBBA 34OZ TRAVEL BLACK, 34 oz

NZ$ 130.00 NZ$ 78.00 Save: NZ$ 52.00
NZ$ 78.00 NZ$ 130.00 You save: NZ$ 52.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Great for use with both cold and hot beverages. Temperature: 32F to 200F. Height: 9.09 in, Length: 6.5 in, Width: 4.72 in, Weight: 1.21 lb
  • Dual-wall foam insulation (BPA-free) helps keep drinks cold or hot for hours and eliminates sweating
  • Tough and durable construction featuring an ergonomically designed handle with soft touch grip
  • Convenient flip top lid for easy drinking
  • Hand wash only and not for use in the microwave
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Customer Reviews

Going to keep looking. I have a purple one that I have used that keeps ice cold over 24 hours I drive and travel during work so cold drinks are important with the new one because I wanted something larger I barely get 8 hours out of it. It had a disc at the top that restricted airflow but disc has since come off and now drinks are unpredictable. I have had too many accidents in the last week to name. Going back to my purple one or hope to find one bigger that keeps things just as cold. 2THIS IS MY FAVORITE MUG OF ALL TIME! THIS IS MY FAVORITE MUG OF ALL TIME. I have had 2 of them for several years. They are wonderful; in fact, I just bought several more to make sure I'll have one to use even if they are discontinued. They don't sweat much at all, keep the water hot or cold for quite a long time. They are easy to seal and make a good seal and are easy to take the top off and clean. Don't put them in dishwasher, though. I'm not at all sure how they would work after being in the dishwasher. 5Honest review for the needy Man, let me tell you. I am a huge coffee drinker and ever since I hit the road going long distance to jobs and such, I grew tired of paying so much money for the regular 16 oz of coffee you find at gas stations. After finding out about this bad boy, (it being the largest cup that can fit in a passenger car cup holder) I had to stand up.For the price, it beats anything and it is perfect to drink out of and hold. The design has no flaws, and after about 10 uses it pays itself back.I highly recommend any homie out there who's been longing for that right feel on his coffee cup to go ahead and purchase one of these thingies and forget about all his problems once that caffeine hits.Enjoy. 5Very disappointed This review is mostly for the seller, but I'm also disappointed in the mug compared to other Bubba products we've owned. This mug did not even keep my coffee hot for 30 min. This seller must deal in seconds, returns, &/or refurbished items. The mug arrived dirty & had some sort of sticky, yellow glue all over the stainless portion like it had been sloppily repaired. The Bubba logo was already partially rubbed off. The lid & handle are the only parts that looked new, although the handle wiggles, making me think it was a refurbished return. I guess that's why it was so cheap. Not worth the hassle of a return. I will only shop for future Bubba products in retail stores or straight from the manufacturer. 1Great Looking Mug, Inside scratches Easily I love the look and feel of this mug, and would use it a lot more, but the inside of the mug is plastic. So I noticed on my mug that it scratches easily. I bring K-cups to work and when I reached into the cup to pull the K-cups out, I noticed how easily it scratched the inside. Also, using a kitchen sponge with the coarse side of the sponge to clean it also causes scratch marks. If you don't mind drinking little plastic bits every once in awhile then no big deal. Just a shame, Really nice looking mug. 3Awesome Mug - Serves its Purpose! Love the look and feel. I love the mini drink cap to keep any contaminants out of my H2O. I filled with ice and water at 9:00am and at 6:00pm I still had ice left in water.The first one I ordered had a ding on the metal sleeve. The company I ordered this from immediately replaced it! Great service, not to mention provided me the label (via Email) to return my original damaged product.Only criticism is you have to place the cup a certain way in my SUV to sit flush as the handle is lower on the cup which causes it to hit the rim of the holder. Once flush, it fits perfectly. 5It's a great product, but watch out for idiots Oddly this product was not durable enough to withstand tumbling off the roof of my car at 60 miles an hour. The lid and metal were chipped and scratched, and coffee leaked around the seal after the fall.Before that, though, a perfectly serviceable and sturdy product. It's a pity that Bubba mugs was unable to make this mug idiot-proof.Mug, 5 stars. Me, one star. Overall, four stars primarily for the mug. 4Great Mug, but inadequate vent I just got this mug today and like most everything about it.Pros-Large enough to fill with ice and poor hot coffee in it to make Ice coffee without any overflow-Seems well made and durable-Well insulated and keeps things cold for a good amount of time (haven't tried hot, but common sense tells me it would keep it hot as well)-Cons-My biggest complaint is the venting system is inadequate for the mug. Which means the beverage trickles out at a slower rate than I am use to drinking. If you have ever poured gas from a gas can without taking the cover off of the vent in the back of the can, you know what I mean. I suppose if you drilled a small hole in the cover you could remedy the problem. I am considering that option myself, but am concerned I would damage the cover. To be honest it's not a huge problem, it's not like nothing comes out, you just need to drink a bit longer. However the vent is the reason why I dropped 1 star. -I have a keurig K-cup coffee maker and the mug doesn't fit under the coffee dispenser (not even with the bottom plate removed) Not a big deal, I just made it in a smaller mug and poured it into this one over ice.As far as the complaints that it is top heavy, that goes without saying. Anytime you have something with a narrower base and wider top it is going to be top heavy. However I don't see it being a problem. I filled the mug with ice coffee and set it on the table near my recliner and then gave the table a good shake. The mug didn't tip in the slightest. I don't have any concerns about it flipping over while driving. Unless of course you like to take corners like a Nascar driver. For everyday normal driving I don't see a problem.Although the narrower base allows it to fit into a cars cup holder, because of the width up top I can't imagine a second beverage would fit in the cup holder with it (meaning the dual side by side type holders) although in all fairness I have yet to try it.All in all the pro's out way the cons and I would recommend this mug, as long as you don't mind keeping it tipped a bit longer to quench your thirst (due to the vent). 4Sad I'm a Bubba Mug fan and have several of their products = that being said I was really disappointed in this Insulated Travel Mug. I bought this to replace another Bubba Mug that I had because it had a broken seal in the top. Unlike the old mug I had, that kept my coffee hot for HOURS - this mug had me sipping lukewarm coffee after just an hour or so. I guess this is better than a regular mug - but it's definitely NOT what I'm use to. PLUS, the top of this mug LEAKS!! I honestly fished my old mug out of the trash, I'd rather deal with the broken seal until I find a suitable replacement :-( 3Nothing about Bubba, I think I like Bubba cups. In fact I'm getting ready to buy their complete stainless steel one. The problem I have is with their plastic. I don't think I've ever had this problem before. Anyway, as the months or years go by and you're constantly cleaning out the cup you're causing micro abrasions in the plastic which allows the cup to more easily absorb the chemicals. Eventually your drink tastes like dishwashing liquid. Sometimes I'd let the soap soak in the cup and I think that caused even more of a problem. So from now on I'm sticking with a complete stainless steel cup. 3
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