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Cascade 64 Count -Old Version

  • Cascade 64 Count -Old Version
  • Cascade 64 Count -Old Version
  • Cascade 64 Count -Old Version

Cascade 64 Count -Old Version

NZ$ 302.00 NZ$ 182.00 Save: NZ$ 120.00
NZ$ 182.00 NZ$ 302.00 You save: NZ$ 120.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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Customer Reviews

Have use Cascade Complete and Platinum gel pacs for 2+ years. HIGHLY RECOMMEND for hard water and septic tanksWe have a septic tank and above all want to ensure that it remains trouble free during our lifetime. After getting tired of "septic friendly" or "environmentally friendly" dishwasher powder and liquids (that never seem to clean well) in our Fisher & Paykel, I gave in to the higher cost per wash of these "all in one" gel pacs.We've tried all different versions and different brands - from Finish Powerball Tabs, Seventh Generation detergent packs, up and up (Target house brand) dishwasher packs. The only ones that work for our place (on well water = hard water) are the Cascade Complete or Cascade platinum packs - I generally pick up whatever's on special. The scent doesn't matter since it's gone by the time we open the dishdrawers in the am. our schedule - in the morning - load breakfast dishes, load a gelpac in each slot (upper and lower dish-drawers) and set the timer for 12 midnight. During the day - load up whatever dishes are used for lunches, snacks and the different dinner times everyone seems to have. Heavier wash items such as frying pans, pots go in the bottom drawer. Let the cycles run by themselves during off peak hours past bedtime. Each morning - unload clean dishes, cups, utensils etc.. and start again. The Cascade washed ones never need pre-rinsing and come out sparkling clean. We have been using them for 2+ years every day and would not switch back to save $$.During the summer we found that some pacs would stick together if stored under the sink. Our kitchen is setup so that the sink and dishwasher are next to an outer wall. We now store the cascade box in the pantry (a cooler area of the house during summers) and we no longer have "stuck together" gel pacs. 5I stripped my Zyliss garlic press, ice cream scoop ...I stripped my Zyliss garlic press, ice cream scoop and other coated utensils I've put in the dishwasher for years and I had to throw them away. I'm going back to my Trader Joe's dishwashing detergent. 1GREAT PRODUCT, GREAT PRICEThis stuff is sanfrantastic, and way cheaper than the newer version why pay more for the newer version when this product performs so hteat?!Where I use to live I had a water softener, and had no problems with lime scale build up, here, no water softener, thus lime scale build up , especially on my coffee pot, regular squeeze cascade wouldn't remove the build up, but this leaves ALL my dishes SPARKLING!!! Buy it while it's still available, you won't be dossappoined8!! 5Leaves a strong fragrance you can smell and taste behindThis product cleans well but it leaves a very strong perfume odor and taste on all the dishes. I have to run the dishwasher a second time with no soap just to get most of it off. Even after that we can still slightly smell it. Because of this we would never purchase again.I have found by trying other brands it isnt my dishwasher bc this is the only one that causes this problem. 1Such a horrid smell!Only 3 stars because of the horrid smell. In fact, I thought I was smelling mildew or old dirt from a graveyard. I couldn't figure out where the horrid smell was coming from until I finally paid attention to the stench of the Cascade Platinum ActionPacs. I nearly passed out from the stench! I had hoped that maybe I'd just gotten a bad batch and was sure the next auto-delivery would be odorless. NOPE! The ActionPacs do work when I need to soak something, but they only "just" clean the dishes and cutlery in my new dishwasher. I always have to rinse before I put everything I have to put into the washer because otherwise food just gets baked onto whatever's in the washer. Although I can tolerate this, I think the commercials are deceptive because I can't simply put my dirty dishes into the washer as they claim. Still, that horrid stench is enough to knock me over. P.U.! 3Try it, it's worth it.Cascade Platinum gave me another four years out of my Kitchen Aid dishwasher. I was ready to replace it because it had suddenly stopped cleaning my dishes well. Instead, I reread the user manual. The rinse dispenser in my machine was gooey and stuck, and cleaning it out didn't help. So I tried the best dishwashing detergent product I could find, and also started using the rinse cycle between loads (only two of us in the house). My dishes have come out clean ever since, all the way till the dramatic plastic-smoky death of the 14-year-old dishwasher. This product solved a major problem, and it's worth the extra cost. 5Even in a terrible dishwasher, this stuff gets my dishes CLEANI have a pretty crappy rental apartment dishwasher, and NOTHING has worked to clean my dishes properly. Until this. I was highly skeptical that anything would be able to get through the grime with my 20-year-old dishwasher. I was basically washing my dishes by hand because regular detergent wasn't doing anything. I reluctantly tried these, kind of a last ditch attempt to find something that might work, and to my surprise my dishes actually came out CLEAN!!!! Great product - especially for the older crappier dishwashers :) 5Amazing!!Unbelievable! I decided to give this product to it's limit! i overfilled the dishwasher not rinsing off anything! I was amazed when the cycle was through! I had a browne pan in there that had residue on the bottom. It came out sparkling clean! I had a copper bottomed pan in there and it cleaned all of the tarnish off of it and it was shiny and clean! I would highly recommend this product to everyone! It's the best there is!!! 5Prefer these over liquidI have historically been a liquid dishwasher soap gal because it's less expensive & I'm frugal. My dishwasher starting getting a lot of buildup from the liquid running down out of the dispenser during use and it took a lot of elbow grease to get it off it so I decided to give these cascade packs a try. Not only do I no longer have the buildup issue but these also seem to get my dishes cleaner. I will continue to use the dishwasher packs going forward. They cost a little more than the liquid but it's worth it to me not having to deal with the crusty buildup anymore. 5Total convertI was using the store brand/ cheap stuff and my husband was unhappy with the results. So, I purchased this stuff. Let me just say WOW! The difference was amazing. I'm a penny pincher. I'm cheap. I hate spending money on non-enjoyable things. However, the difference in cleanliness is well worth the difference in price! I'm actually about to purchase my second "tub" of pods and will do so without batting an eye at the price difference. 5
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