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Checkered Chef Cooling Rack Baking Rack. Stainless Steel Oven and Dishwasher Safe. Fits Half Sheet Cookie Pan

  • Checkered Chef Cooling Rack Baking Rack. Stainless Steel Oven and Dishwasher Safe. Fits Half Sheet Cookie Pan

Checkered Chef Cooling Rack Baking Rack. Stainless Steel Oven and Dishwasher Safe. Fits Half Sheet Cookie Pan

NZ$ 124.00 NZ$ 75.00 Save: NZ$ 49.00
NZ$ 75.00 NZ$ 124.00 You save: NZ$ 49.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Cooling rack or baking rack the choice is yours! With solid stainless steel construction and no artificial coatings or treatments our rack is safe for use in the oven too! Ever tried oven baked bacon? How about some crispy chicken wings?
  • The perfect size! Measuring 17" x 12" designed to fit perfectly inside a standard 18 x 13 half sheet pan, youll be cooking up a storm in no time. Nice generous size for cooling cakes, cookies and more.
  • Sick of flimsy racks that warp and twist? This 100% stainless steel cooling rack is designed for maximum strength and durability, and weve also added a unique strengthening cross bar to resist warping and wobbling.
  • No more cookies sliding through the gaps on this cookie cooling rack! Our perfectly spaced grid pattern optimises airflow and prevents your treats from falling through. Wash up is a breeze! Our racks can safely be washed in the dishwasher without corrosion or rust.
  • Achieving perfect scores for both Cleanup and Strength and Stability in recent product testing, the Checkered Chef Cooling Rack is proud to be Highly Recommended by Cooks Country (Americas Test Kitchen).
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Customer Reviews

Today my 2nd set arrived the minute I picked them up I knew very were different not happy should send them backThis was my 2nd time I order these the first set was outstanding. Today my 2nd set arrived the minute I picked them up I knew very were different not happy should send them back.i even went though my back orders to order them again so I would get the same ones.Looks like it's time to find another company. 1cheaply made, sent them back without even using themcheaply made, sent them back without even using themthe ~$13 price tag is about all they are worth. every once in a while you hope you can buy something that is decent for a great price. if you're thinking that on these racks think again. one of the racks was "racked", so out of square it didn't fit the pan (see the pic). it had no apparent shipping damage to it or the box. both of them had "pits" all over the "stainless" (see the dark spots in the second pick close up). I put stainless in quotes because this material didn't seem like stainless with all of the surface imperfections. I sent them back the day I got them and spent almost twice as much to get something decent (304 stainless and high gauge wire, no sharp edge etc...nothing like this thing).don't bother buying this. disclaimer. UNLIKE the other DOZENS and DOZENS of people who got this at a discounted rate for their "unbiased" review... I DID NOT get a discount. I paid FULL PRICE... that said... it was worth about the $13 tops. maybe if it was that half price it would get it a 3 or 4 star review.EDIT: added pics. they did not attach the first time. 1inferior stainless steelInferior stainless steel. will surface rust. I modified it to fit another pan so i can't send it back. 1Great cooling rack that can go in the dishwasherThis cooling rack was designed to fit a half-sheet pan. This makes it easy to use when you want to roast a spatchcocked chicken and give the fat somewhere to drain off to. The rack has extra supports to support fairly heavy items. By the way, it s safe to go in the dishwasher (particularly after you ve roasted a chicken and you have the baked on chicken bits). Or poured a caramel glaze over a cake. Or....It can, of course, be used as a cooling rack. 5Great rack. Get a half sheet pan, too.I bought two of these racks. They have been getting a TON of use every day with half sheet pans I bought from a restaurant supply store.Dishwasher cleans them, can clean them by hand, they are still sturdy so far. They fit perfect in a half sheet pan.I keep things warm in the oven on these w a sheet pan, I cooked a prime rib on one w a sheet pan, I put frosted cookies on to dry, I use as a stand alone cooling rack, cooked egg rolls on the racks with a sheet pan and all surfaces cooked more evenly.Very happy so far. 5CAUTION: Promoted product.2 stars because of the materials and design. 3 star demerit due to questionable ethics and poor quality control.There are criterion that certain products must meet to be considered 'better' than average. This rack does have a few merits - stainless steel construction and an ocean of material diligently spot welded into submission. It sat level without rocking on my countertop without needing to be manipulated.What it lacks is authenticity. The product I received had (too many) sharp/ragged edges exposed on the end cuts of the wire mesh - meaning when it comes time to wash it up dish cloths, scouring sponges, steel wool or towels will snag. The heavy gauge reinforcing wire which runs longitudinally down the center of the rack is not parallel to the mesh or the rim, skewing from centered from one end to decidedly uncentered at the other. Meh.The material, although stainless, is graded 18/0. Best practice would dictate stainless graded at 18/10 for oven use as it resists reactivity with acids better than 18/0. 18/0 is therefore also less likely to weather washing in a dishwasher without damage due to detergent additives (chlorine, for instance, and 18/0 stainless, are not compatible).I'm going to call Amazon on the carpet here, too. Their acceptance of reviews from individuals who have been given products in a promotional gimmick is a questionable, and in this case, unacceptable practice. 2These racks rust immediately!I bought two of these racks a week apart and started using them. One month later they have both been rusting! I feel like I have just thrown money down the drain, and it is past the 'deadline' from Amazon to return these. Now I am stuck with rusted racks that can't be used. 1Great rackAs baking racks go, this one is great. I ordered it because I bake a pound of bacon all at one time, and I like to have the slices sit up out of the grease that collects, and this rack fits nicely over my baking pan. I like that it has wires both directions so that the slices (or anything else I bake or broil) can't slide down off the side as they would with a rack that had wires going in only one direction. I coat the wires with oil before laying the bacon slices on it so that clean-up is easy. 5Perfect still after 2 yearsI purchased 1 of these racks 2 years ago and it is still pristine. I'm back to order 2 more so I can dehydrate more trays in my convection oven. It fits perfectly in my commercial half sheet baking trays and it has been used for baking raised meats in the oven, draining and glazing doughnuts, onion rings, and now dehydrating foods. Very sturdy and I've been pleased with the quality. 5Thin wires, widely spacedI just bought 2 of these for my mother. I'm not impressed with the quality. The wires are very thin, and the spacing is both wide and uneven. The weld cleanliness is poor. One of the racks had a sharp metal protrusion that I had to file off after it poked me a few times just handling the rack to examine it.I previously bought a Mrs. Anderson's Baking Professional Half Sheet Baking and Cooling Rack, Heavyweight Chrome, 16.5-Inches x 11.75-Inches, which is both much better and less expensive. I would have bought that again, but they were out of stock at the time I placed the order. I also have a DecoBros 12x17 inches Half Sheet Cooling Rack Wire Steel Pan Grade, Chrome is also better quality and cheaper than Checkered Chef's, but that one doesn't quite fit in a Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Baker's Half Sheet.It'll do the job, but for the price I expected better. Disappointing. 2
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