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Chef's Planet Small Glass Cruet 5-ounce

  • Chef's Planet Small Glass Cruet 5-ounce
  • Chef's Planet Small Glass Cruet 5-ounce
  • Chef's Planet Small Glass Cruet 5-ounce

Chef's Planet Small Glass Cruet 5-ounce

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Keep favorite dressings, oils, and vinegars fresh and ready to pour in a beautiful container designed for function
  • Holds up to 5 ounces; Made from break resistant Borocilicate glass
  • Convenient drip-less pour spout makes it great for drizzling directly onto pastas, salads, soups, or fresh baked breads
  • Looks beautiful on a handsomely set table and stores easily on counters or in refrigerators
  • Dishwasher safe for easy care
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Customer Reviews

Caution! This product no longer resembles the photos that you see here!We liked these so much that we gave them to everyone over the last several years. Specifically, I can tell from my Amazon records that we have purchased 50 over the last seven years. UNFORTUNATELY, our most recent order of four cruets had substantially different tops--they are elongated and awkward looking, and it's not clear they'll work as well as the old ones. Oddly, the photos (including the one on the side of this comment box) are of the prior top rather than the one that you'll receive if you order this product now.I'd love to continue to give these to friends and associates, but I can't until/unless the company goes back to its original, elegant design. 1Three months of use now and still good as newI bought all three of these, the Chef's Planet 30-Ounce Oil Pourer, the Chef's Planet 8-Ounce Glass Cruet, and the Chef's Planet 5-Ounce Glass Cruet. After filling them (with vegetable oil, olive oil, and sesame oil respectively) and putting them on the counter, my husband walked in and said it looked like something that belonged in a laboratory. As much as I hate to admit it, it kind of does.But these oil cruets are awesome. They NEVER drip down the outside (it's caught before it gets to that point) and it is so easy to simply drizzle the oil and control how much comes out. I seriously don't know how I lived so long without an oil cruet of some kind!I've had these now for three months and use them practically every day and they still look as good as new. Other reviewers have said things about needing to hold the "stopper" otherwise it would fall out and break when pouring but I've never had to touch the spout when pouring at any time. Its seal holds perfectly. I also don't have any issues with being able to pour versus drizzle in the small 5-ounce cruet. Someone said that it only drizzles and drizzles at a very slow rate but I use it for sesame cooking oil and tip it over enough so that I get a fairly solid stream coming out when needed.Also, any smudges or messes left on the outside of the bottles are easy to clean as well. If something were to happen to one of these somehow, I wouldn't hesitate to buy a new one to replace it. I love it THAT much (despite my husband now calling me the mad scientist every time I go to make dinner). 5These ROCK! They perform great and look awesome!I have had a lot of glass bottles to hold oil and vinegar that have just plain stunk. They did not hold up, they leaked, the wore/yellowed, etc.I bought my first Chef's Planet Cruet about two years ago, and another 4 since. These things are absolutely awesome. They look super cool, and perform far, far better than anything else I have ever used.The use of this design makes it easier to pour without a mess, and gives the Cruet a true no-drip function. Through the use of making the area between the spout and beaker have pores, it actually allows the oil caught in the lip to trickle back into the beaker, but does NOT allow it to leak the other way.The glass is thin but VERY strong...it's actually Pyrex. I have dropped one and it did not break.With all of the different shapes/sizes, you can see these have great ergonomics for a strong grip to reduce the chance of dropping. The lips also shield fingers from a grease splash to some degree.Finally, these Cruets just look plain cool. Everyone who comes over my house asks me about them and admire them. They are eye-catching, but also super functional. 5it's made of glass throughout so no chemical reaction with vinegar or say sauce, so safer for our body.It's very thin, but it is okay because it's small. If it is much bigger, it will be considered to be too thin. The design is not so great because it looks like the tools in a chemistry lab. But the good thing is that it's made of glass throughout. No plastic. No metal. I use it for vinegar and soy sauce in addition to olive oil, so I didn't want to use plastic, metal, or acrylic because these materials interact with acid or salt. So, I bought three of them and keep them on my dining table. What I need is a nice elegant-looking little tray that can hold them securely, and placed on my dining table. 4Pouring spout is now much smaller than previous ones.I ve had a Chefs Planet decanter for many years which I used to hold my homemade Italian salad dressing. It was perfect until a lip of it broke off unexpectedly. Because I liked it so much, I ordered another one, only to discover that the pouring spout is now made much smaller, making the opening so small that it s not as easy to pour dressing out. I kept this decanter, but I wish the company would go back to the larger spout. 2Almost 2 yearsI have had the 30-Ounce for almost 2 years. I absolutely love it. It is kept by my stove top filled with olive oil and used almost daily. It has not been dropped so I can't say anything about it's strength, but It feels strong enough to me. It looks beautiful and is easy to refill. I occasionally use a damp paper towel to wipe out the inside of the lip and sometimes wash the outside under hot soapy running water while keeping a good hold on it to keep it gleaming. I also occasionally swish hot soapy water inside of it to wash it. Not very often - just when I think it may be time. I let it dry upside down inside a 1 quart pyrex measuring cup so the Oil Pourer is secure and tilted and it dries. It dries completely with no problem.I just received the other 3 sizes of this item. I expect to love them as well. If I ever break this, I would clean up the oily mess, open my laptop and order another one from Amazon without hesitation. 5Used to be much nicerThese used to be amazing. I bought 1 for myself about a year ago, and loved it - it was a great product. I bought about 7 and gave them out to people for Christmas, with great success.I just brought three of these over to Europe as host gifts, and my friends unboxed one yesterday. It's really awful looking and I am embarrased.There are numerous changes that really make the product look cheap. The drip catcher isn't concentric to the spout, the spout is lopsided, the spout tip has a little lump on it... The whole thing looks warped. It's a lot uglier than before, too. The oil drip catcher is enormous compared to the earlier version.This product is awful compared to the earlier version. And of course, it's not as pictured - it's close, but it looks like they melted it in a microwave before boxing it up. 1perfect for dispensing edible oils; nice looking; wide stable base wastes room in cabinetI bought this because the stock bottle of my roasted sesame oil had a no flow-controlling dispenser, as some do. Vexed with dumping too much sesame oil onto my foods with that lousy bottle, I found this nice looking gizmo to take it's place.It dispenses oil well with good control, seems well-made, looks nice & classy.I wish the base were not so unnecessarily wide; it's about 3-4" wide, thus in the cabinet it takes up space of 2 or three other sauce bottles. I would buy another for olive oil and balsamic vinegar, but that wide base is an issue for me. 5Deceptive, in the best wayWhen I bought this about eight months ago, I was concerned that it was too fragile for everyday use.For one thing, it's tiny (perfect for 1-2 people using oil daily for a week, but no more than that) and, for another, the nozzle -- that's the stem you see emerging from the oil-filled base in the promo photo (above) -- is made of thin glass. Well, maybe things weren't quite as fragile or thin as I first thought.My girlfriend and I use this every day and haven't had a single glitch in eight months. It's relatively easy to fill and refill (I admit that I get worried I'm gonna break the thing, even though - by miracle, I haven't). The stem stays in place (I admit that I also get worried that it's gonna tumble out -- even though it never has). And the glass doesn't chip (I further admit that I have been -- OCCASIONALLY -- less than graceful when pouring oil into the pan).In the final analysis, I wouldn't expect this decanter to survive exposure to kids (you know, because "it all would have worked out fine if it weren't for them kids!"). But if you're a couple of adults and if you don't use that much oil in any given week, this is an attractive and very functional piece of kitchenware -- and, weirdly, it actually becomes *fun* to use after a while. 5Don't like the new pour spout.Our old one was broken so we ordered a replacement. However, they made the nozzle smaller and it takes forever for anything to come out. We often find ourselves taking the top off to pour things which defeats the purpose. Still looks nice and holds a lot of oil. 3
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