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Chezmoi Collection Micromink Sherpa Reversible Throw Blanket (Queen, Navy)

  • Chezmoi Collection Micromink Sherpa Reversible Throw Blanket (Queen, Navy)
  • Chezmoi Collection Micromink Sherpa Reversible Throw Blanket (Queen, Navy)
  • Chezmoi Collection Micromink Sherpa Reversible Throw Blanket (Queen, Navy)

Chezmoi Collection Micromink Sherpa Reversible Throw Blanket (Queen, Navy)

NZ$ 506.00 NZ$ 304.00 Save: NZ$ 202.00
NZ$ 304.00 NZ$ 506.00 You save: NZ$ 202.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 1-Piece Plush Sherpa Blanket (Shams Not Included)
  • Size: Full/Queen 88"x90"
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Machine Washable
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Customer Reviews

Comfy, but still cheap Chinese crapIt is indeed as soft and comfy as everyone says. However, it's still a cheap piece of crap made in China.Before I even took it out of the box, I was surprised that a king sized blanket weighed so little. Right out of the box, there were a couple of threads hanging, and one of the crooked, badly sewn selvedges was unraveling. It's nice that my cats love it so much, but after only a couple minutes of their treading several threads had pulled out, despite them having recently had their nails trimmed. And that picture must be a full size bed with a king size blanket on it. I got the king size for my queen, because I wanted it to hang that far. But it doesn't even reach the bottom of the box spring.So now I have an ugly exposed box spring and a cheap-ass blanket that will no doubt be all over threads after a few weeks of being enjoyed by four cats. Yeah, it's great that it's so soft and comfy and all, but I have little faith that it will remain so for very long. 2Very soft!This blanket was definitely better then expected! I winged it on this order and I am very pleased to admit I am not disappointed (winged being didn't read ANY Amazon reviews before buying as I always do). I switched over from a blanket + comforter, to just a big comfy blanket. After reading some reviews about washing the blanket.. I do wash anything and everything that will be touching my body before it does, and it came out of the washer exactly as it did, no annoying lint balls or anything, still nice and soft. I did think I would get a bit hot with it but surprisingly I've been sleeping very cool and comfortable with just the blanket. Even when i get hot I find myself doing that weird half body in/half body out position simply because of the comfort the softness brings you. I actually might just have to order another one because I dislike transporting my blanket too many different places, and this is the only one i find myself still wanting :) 5Soooooooo SOOOOOOOOFFFFFTTTTTIt's like dancing in snow that never gets cold.It's like rolling in kitten kisses.It's like snuggling up on Santa's lap when you were 4 and Santa wasn't creepy yet.It's like bathing in rabbit fur.It's like frolicking in a rainbow, where dewdrops kiss your skin and bless you with a thousand wishes before you're wished for them.It's like making love to karma.It's like a sorcerer cast a spell that turned the Fountain of Eternal Youth into a blanket.Even dandelion fluff isn't this soft.It's exactly that kind of soft that you imagine in your mind, but can never actually find.It's cool and soft to the touch... wonderful to feel, even when my hands are chapped.I want my children to have memories of this blanket.I want to have memories of making children under this blanket. ^_^Seriously.Rolling around naked under this thing... doesn't matter which side... it's pretty much the greatest thing ever. 5Light, warm, comfy. A must have,Light, warm, comfy. I haven t washed it yet but its perfect to use on the couch, sleeping overnight, or at the desk on your lower half of your body. I'm getting to the stages where I'm having hot flashes and while this comforter keeps me nice and warm I'm not finding myself overheating which is a huge plus for me. I typically use this with the fitted sheet on the bottom of the bed and no flat sheet.Our guest room bed is against the window as the puppy uses is a what I call a 'puppy channel' where she sleeps on the windowsill and she also watches people go by. When her hair is cut shorter she shiver sometimes so I share the blanket with her and she seems very content.Update - One year later: I still love this blanket. I work from home and sometimes get cold (year round) and this blanket is something I use regardless of the season. It goes from room to room with me depending on where I'm hanging out.Update 2 - 1 year 6 months later (5/7/19): Summer is starting here in Texas and it's hot out but I'm underneath the fan. I'm covered under the blanket at the moment and I'm still loving the heck out of it. I wanted to make sure to put in here that you CAN MACHINE WASH this, I've done it with no issue. Just make sure that you dry it really well. My dryer required I run it through two full drying cycles before it actually came out 100% dry, just one cycle and it was still really damp. 5No lie guys, it really IS soft.This is a great blanket. When I read the reviews before purchasing and saw how many people commented on how soft it was, I thought to myself, "How soft could it really be?". The answer turned out to be "very soft". Seriously, buy the hype. The person who compared it to the texture of a cat's fur was surprisingly close to the mark, only no shedding :D As for warmth, I'm a body that likes to turn down the heat in the house when it's time to sleep, and I find it plenty warm enough by itself without layering to sleep comfortably. I'd be just as happy if it were a bit heavier, but it's not too light. I've only had it for a couple of nights now and it's already my favorite blanket. No regrets about my purchase! 5best sherpa blanket i've ever ownedI absolutely love this blanket. I have order it 3 times now. It is super soft and Stays soft for a VERY VERY long time, through Many Many washes. I got 1 as a gift several years ago, It has been washed countless times and well used over the years, The seams are still held together nicely and the Sherpa is still very soft. I only ordered a second one due to a mishap at a fire pit. the burn spots aren't so soft LOL. I highly recommend you give this blanket a go. it is a comfortable heavy and plenty warm (good for outside in the cold, just maybe not by a fire pit!) Most Sherpa style blankets in this price range are soft to start but not for long and never after being washed, because the fur clumps together, That is defiantly not the case here, I am highly satisfied shopper with my 2 blankets. one for the living room and one for the bed room! P.S. I wash mine in washer on cold in normal cycle, dry on low heat. 5Warm and so light weight. !I'm retired guy in Florida, and frequently use a/c in summer & winter....it blows air a bit on me. As hot as 90 inside does not bother me, but around 74 inside means use blanket. So usually used a cotton blanket year long before, and will do the same with this one, but to lay on instead of sheet. Bedspreads at Amazon mostly are thin, weirdly colored, and expensive......found this blue twin blanket @ great price' Really soft to touch on both sides...I have blue showing outside and although reversible, the white side is different material, that does not look like it should be on the outside. Beautiful sheen of blue...quite impressive. Warm it is and light weight...also extra long, covering sides of bed nicely. You only get blanket...no matching pillowcase. 2 things: Want to keep it looking like new, so hope to never wash it or lay upon it. UPDATE UPDATE; Been laying on blanket most every day, as have not usually needed a blanket ! Still looks brand new in every way ! Note; have not washed it yet. Have had it for 3 1/2 months. So many colors available---best blanket I've owned. 5soft and warmThis blanket is very thin, but much warmer than I expected. The first couple of nights I used it, I woke up sweating and almost thought I had a fever, just to give you an idea of how warm it is. And it's soooo soft, the kind of soft that you almost can't feel; like it's melting in your hands. It's like sleeping inside of a stuffed animal (in a good way). Not just the topside, either -- the sherpa side of the blanket is just as soft, and not at all coarse or wooly as I expected it to be. The gray color tends toward a dark seal gray in a well-lit room, not a lighter "powdery" gray as the photos might suggest. I haven't experienced any shedding or pilling, and the twin blanket is true to size. Definitely worth it. 4Withstands washing in regular washer!Super soft and cozy. I was worried that the Sherpa side would get nasty after washing, but after three washes, it's still fuzzy and soft. The micromink side has also stayed soft as new and there are no signs that it is going to fall apart or bunch like similar blankets I've tried. It's just the right combination of warm yet breathable. I've only woken up sweating when I have half the blanket bunched up around my shoulders and neck. I purchased the twin size because I like to be greedy with my blanket and burrow around in it, and it's plenty big for one person. I would guess, though, that the queen size would still fit in the washer. I've washed mine in our traditional top load washer on regular settings and it's doing just fine. Overall a terrific value for the price. 5You dont know what you will getI ordered 1 of these blankets and it was very fluffy and warm because it had some kind of filling inside of it. Then I bought a 2nd one and there was NO filling inside it. It's not thick and fluffy, it's thin like a thin piece of uncomfortable cloth. Do NOT buy this. They stopped filling the blankets and the quality has gone down. Those 5 star ratings were from before, when the product was good. 1
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