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Chicago Metallic 26639 Petite Roast Pan with Rack, Grey, 10-Inch-by-7-Inch

  • Chicago Metallic 26639 Petite Roast Pan with Rack, Grey, 10-Inch-by-7-Inch
  • Chicago Metallic 26639 Petite Roast Pan with Rack, Grey, 10-Inch-by-7-Inch
  • Chicago Metallic 26639 Petite Roast Pan with Rack, Grey, 10-Inch-by-7-Inch
  • Chicago Metallic 26639 Petite Roast Pan with Rack, Grey, 10-Inch-by-7-Inch

Chicago Metallic 26639 Petite Roast Pan with Rack, Grey, 10-Inch-by-7-Inch

NZ$ 126.00 NZ$ 76.00 Save: NZ$ 50.00
NZ$ 76.00 NZ$ 126.00 You save: NZ$ 50.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • ideal size for toaster and countertop ovens: this petite broil & roast pan is essential to create any type of baked goods in a toaster oven; perfect for single servings and reheating leftovers.
  • premium quality, durable and long lasting: this pan is crafted from heavy-weight carbon steel for superior heat conduction and even baking.
  • non-stick coating for easy release: easy release, silicone based, non-stick coating for ease of baking and cleanup and is heat safe up to 450 degrees f (232 degrees c).
  • perfect sized: will fit most standard countertop toaster ovens- overall measurement: 10-inch by 7-inch by 1.75-inch, interior baking surface: 9.25-inch by x 6-inch.
  • dishwasher safe: this pan is dishwasher safe, however hand-washing is recommended to extend the product life.
  • not for user under the broiler
  • Item shape: Rectangular
  • Included components: roasting pan, roasting rack
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Customer Reviews

Non-stick Surface Didn't LastI loved it when I first got it (purchased Sept. 2016). The pan had really good weight and the non-stick surface worked really well. About 3 weeks ago, I cooked a chicken breast and the drippings really stuck to the pan. I used a special "non-stick surface" sponge to gently scrub it clean. Two days later, I noticed a few small spots that looked like the non-stick surface was gone - sure enough, the spots have spread on the pan and on the grill. I don't feel that it's safe to use the pan anymore. :-( 1WASTE OF MONEY This pan does not hold up to any kind of usage. It was used on a limited bases say once a week for 6 months. For the first 2-3 months it was great but slowly things began to stick. Before use I would grease the pan a bit. Then later the pan began to rust at the edges. I started using foil to help with the struggle of clean up. Then pan began to become discolored and more rust spots developed. I would not recommend this pan to anyone unless they had money to waste. I ended up using this pan as a flower pot and buying a different pan for cheaper. another note is that the pan is also a bit small. 1This product is a hazard to your health.This product is a hazard to your health. Nonstick coating chipped off the first time I used it making a meatloaf. I washed the pan with a silicone scraper and portions of the coating chipped off. A week later I washed it again and the surface bubbled releasing more of the toxic nonstick coating. They sent a replacement and the again the coating chipped of while I was rinsing the pan with a sponge. You don't wan to eat non stick coating. Also the manufacturer in hidden behind an outsourced customer service group. 1Very nice, sturdy and well madeThis was a nice surprise. Well made, somewhat heavier than some other cheaper material pans. It cleaned easy. The rack is very sturdy. I made 2 chicken breasts wrapped in bacon on the rack in my small convection toaster oven. It was perfect. The pan is a great size especially when you re trying to only cook for one or two people. I think this combo will last a long time. Very happy. I m going to look for some other sizes by this company to add to my collection. 5Not for broilerThe pan came up when I searched for broiler pans. To my surprise, when I received it, the instructions said not to use it under a broiler.It also claims to be dishwasher safe, but not to use dishwasher detergent tablets or pods.If you want a broiler pan that you can t use in the broiler and have to wash by hand, I guess this is the one for you. 1Should be pulled for safety purposesThis should be pulled for safety purposes. After general, basic use the anti-stick coating will bubble and peel off making it toxic and dangerous if consumed. In addition - there is not an easy way to contact seller or amazon. 1The pan is good. I gave it four start because I do not know the durability of it.The roast pan works perfectly for me. Easy to clean and it fits in my toaster/oven. The size is perfect for cooking almost anything. I personally like to use aluminum foil on top for long-lasting, since I saw some reviews on how fast the pan gets damage. Like anything in life, if you like something and want it to last a long time, then you must take care of it.If you are buying this pan for a small toaster/oven, then you should use a measuring tape to check the size of the inside of the toaster, that is how I made sure it was going to be the right size for mine. 4OK, but you need to be careful when cleaning or you will gouge off the surfaceThis is a flat-stamped sheet-steel pan with a non-stick coating on both sides. The sides are folded like a piece of paper and rolled at the top edge, then welded together, so there are sharp inside corners and the top edge is somewhat uneven at the corner. This makes the pan somewhat harder to clean (than a smoothly rounded cast aluminum pan) and prone to the non-stick surface chipping at the corner, but it is cheaper to manufacture which is why the price is much lower than a cast-aluminum pan. On the plus side it is lightweight, and easy to clean if nothing gets "baked on" to the surface (but then, so is any pan).The metal is thin enough that it will flex when you put pressure on it, making it easier to gouge the non-stick coating off when cleaning it, so you need to "learn" how to clean this type of pan or you will quickly damage it. Some people have mentioned using a bamboo skewer to clean the corners, but you still need to take care not to press too hard with anything pointy or you will gouge off the non-stick coating. Similarly, flat plastic pan scrapers will gouge off the coating as well with too much force, and I managed to ruin the pan after 6 cleanings.Thick hard coatings like carbonized sugar are nearly impossible to remove without damaging the coating unless you use the proper technique. Once the surface becomes damaged, it will continue to delaminate each time you clean it.However, because the metal is relatively thin, there is one solution that may work well if you have large areas of thick, baked on coatings like a sweet glaze that has burned into the bottom of the pan. Just let it cool to room temperature, then place it in the refrigerator for an hour. The metal will contract and the burnt food will crack apart, and should be easy to remove from the pan at that point. I discovered this too late to save the first pan, but am buying another one in the hopes that it will last longer. 3pan surface is a failure - twice!I give this pan 2 stars because it is a nice size and the rack seems to be in good shape after my first use. The big failure of this product is the coating on the pan. I got my first pan and the coating started to bubble up and fall off after two uses. I returned the pan for a replacement since I really liked the pan size and feel. Now the replacement pan is in worse shape than the first one and after only one use! i am going to keep the pan and use aluminum foil on the pan. Very disappointed that this product didn't stand up better. Another word of caution: The pan slides quickly over the oven rungs so make sure you have a good hold on it when taking it out of the oven and don't let your rack tilt or the pan will quickly slide off the rack. 2Gets your roasting work done well!I used it this week end to Tandoori roast a 4 pound bird, the pan is quiet how can i put it 'sturdy and substantial weight', its not one of those ordinary broiling pans than make hollow sounds when tapping on it.The bird fit the pan very well, I kept a heavy duty foil below to make clean up fast, but i think the foil recoiled as i was moving the pan around and the liquid dripped on the pan, i was apprehensive for the coming hours of scrubbing but thankfully it did not need anything like that! Some warm water mild soap and regular cleaning brush , voila it was clean, even heating ensured that the biird was well cooked nor it was stuck on the rack upon removal.In regards with the size, its not a massive pan, Having a small oven and small kitchen this pan suits our needs, so please look at the dimensions carefully before hitting the 'buy ' button. 5
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