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Chicago Metallic Professional 6-Cup Non-Stick Muffin Pan, 14-Inch-by-10.25-Inch

  • Chicago Metallic Professional 6-Cup Non-Stick Muffin Pan, 14-Inch-by-10.25-Inch
  • Chicago Metallic Professional 6-Cup Non-Stick Muffin Pan, 14-Inch-by-10.25-Inch
  • Chicago Metallic Professional 6-Cup Non-Stick Muffin Pan, 14-Inch-by-10.25-Inch
  • Chicago Metallic Professional 6-Cup Non-Stick Muffin Pan, 14-Inch-by-10.25-Inch
  • Chicago Metallic Professional 6-Cup Non-Stick Muffin Pan, 14-Inch-by-10.25-Inch
  • Chicago Metallic Professional 6-Cup Non-Stick Muffin Pan, 14-Inch-by-10.25-Inch

Chicago Metallic Professional 6-Cup Non-Stick Muffin Pan, 14-Inch-by-10.25-Inch

NZ$ 166.00 NZ$ 100.00 Save: NZ$ 66.00
NZ$ 100.00 NZ$ 166.00 You save: NZ$ 66.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • BAKE THE PERFECT MUFFINS: This non-stick giant muffin pan can be used to bake larger cupcakes and muffins or savory egg cups.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY, DURABLE AND LONG LASTING: The Chicago Metallic Non-Stick Giant Muffin Pan is crafted from heavy-weight carbon steel for superior heat conduction and even baking.
  • NON-STICK COATING FOR EASY RELEASE: The Chicago Metallic Non-Stick Giant Muffin Pan features a non-stick surface. The non-stick coating calls for an exceptional baked good release and easy clean up.
  • THE PERFECT SIZED MUFFIN PAN: This non stick muffin pan is the ideal size for all of your baking needs. The non stick pan measures at 14" x 10.25" and bakes up to 6 muffins. Each cup measures 3.75" x 1.75".
  • DISHWASHER SAFE FOR FAST CLEAN UP: This muffin top pan is dishwasher safe, making clean up fast and easy however hand washing is recommended to extend the product life.
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Customer Reviews

Great for making eggs for McMuffin sandwichesBought three models of muffin top pan (this one, Wilton and OvenStuff) to make eggs for McMuffin type sandwiches. I'm putting the eggs on toast rather than english muffins and found the Wilton ones to be too small. Feel this has a better non-stick surface than the OvenStuff one. Each cup holds an egg plus filling. I mixed together 6 eggs, half a red bell pepper, some onion and broccoli and it all fit perfectly. Sprayed three of the cups with baking spray and the other three with a little olive oil. 350 degree oven for 10 minutes and they ALL came out flawlessly. They actually start to separate and lift out of the pan. VERY easy to make, clean and eat! 5Exactly what I needed for making Pao de Queijo "buns"This product is easy to clean, durable (heavy gauge), and easy to use. I needed the "Muffin top" pan to make Pao de Queijo "buns" because I love hamburgers and pulled pork sandwiches, but recently have been diagnosed with celiac disease and am now "gluten intolerant." The buns turned out perfect and puffy in this great pan.While I won't be using this for making classic crispy "muffin tops" (the best part of the muffin!) my decades of experience as an amateur home baker (who did go to cooking school) tells me this pan will work perfectly for that purpose.One caution: this is a very heavy gauge pan, and therefore, takes a bit longer to heat up than most pans, and also retains heat extremely well after removing from the oven, so 1) monitor your oven temperature carefully, and like Alton Brown recommends, use an oven thermometer and not the calibration markings on your oven controls, and 2) really be cautious after removing this from the oven because the pan stays hot, and therefore keeps cooking your item, long after you've pulled it from the oven. Give your items four minutes rest and then definitely pop them out of this pan or they will easily overcook. And of course, always mark a hot pan by putting a towel on the corner in the universal chef signal "this pan is hot."Great product, and I highly recommend it for the purpose I put it towards and its original intention. 5Great pan and GREAT customer serviceGreat product, great customer service. I make omelet muffins in these. I thought the holes were too big, but my omelets muffins (flourless) come out like delicious, crusty popovers. I do coat the pan with either butter or a little bit of coconut oil.If you have any issues: call Chicago Metallic customer service... they are great! I had a sticking problem with a muffin top pan (all my others from them work fine.) I had a new pan from them in a matter of days. No return shipment of the old pan, no questions asked... I had photos. They didn't want them. They are a pleasure to deal with. 5Great for Hamburger BunsI bought two of these, and I use them for making hamburger buns. They're perfect for the task. They make buns a little bigger than the grocery store size, which I find to be positive. When my friends are cooking out, they ask me to bring the buns. I can't post a recipe link here, but I did post a couple of pictures of buns made with these pans in the product images. Try searching for "emory cottage hamburger buns" for the recipe. (Beware! When people find out you can do this, you'll get requests.)One reviewer mentioned being hesitant about putting these in the dishwasher. That's how I clean mine, and I've had no problems.Edit: Sadly, the customer images are gone. There are pictures on the recipe page if you search for it.Another edit: Happily, the images are back. (August, 2016) 5Does the job, but thin, easily bent & dented.These serve the purpose. Like other reviewers, I used them to make egg patties to freeze & use in breakfast sandwiches & to control portions (1 serving of Egg Beaters fits perfectly in each section). But - I did have to use some cooking oil spray on them, they aren't truly non-stick. They were easy to clean since they're 1 solid piece of aluminum, unlike other pans I have, that have the wells added to the frame, making a rim around each opening that gets batter, spray or shortening, etc. into it that must be removed with a stiff bristled brush and/or toothpick. But - these pans are thin and lightweight, so they bend and dent very easily. 1 of the pans I received had several dents in the bottom of the wells and was slightly bent, so that it didn't sit flat on the counter (or oven rack). I was able to bend it back so it sits flat, but you'll need to be careful when handling & storing so you don't bend them out of shape. The wells are quite shallow, so if it doesn't sit flat in the oven, it could easily cause things to spill as they expand while baking. Also, if you're using them for something special and cake/cookie texture, the "Chicago Metallic" raised stamp is in the bottom of one well, so it will be imprinted the bottom of one cake/cookie. 3Perfect for ketoers!LCHF Keto dieter here. This pan is amazing, it's highly rated in the keto community and has been a great tool for me in the kitchen! You can use it for eggs, cookies, keto bread replacements, crusts, the list goes on. Nothing sticks to it, it doesn't even appear dirty/greasy after I remove the food. No need to scrub. Definitely recommend and would buy again! 5Great sandwich bread shapeWe use this pan for keto friendly breads and it s been a huge help. It creates the perfect shape. Non stick and super easy to clean. Really glad we tried this out. 5UPDATED 5 stars to 1**** MAJOR ISSUES with the coating.... ******DO NOT BUY.... they have a coating issue: the coating are blistering and peeling off. I'm leaving my previous reviews, so you can see the history. This update is from March 2017. I've had 10 pans in the house, and they have now all failed. Note; They have never been in the dishwasher, never been used above 300 degrees, and have only had soft silicon spatulas used on them. I also greased the pans. They were all less than 6 months old.On my last failure, I tried to contact the company; they ignored my email; the phone number that had been on their previous website was gone. I found out that the company had been sold, so clearly there is a new customer service approach, and I expect a new supplier. After 2 months, they sent me a new pan, and it was DAMAGED; it was bent, and the coating was chipped. Amazon has taken care of this issue for me, and I have replaced all the pans with Wilton mini pie pans.... only used once so far, but so far so good. (I have now used them again: they are much heavier, the coating is more "baked on" ... more a part of the pan, and my cloud breads fall out of the pans. So far, no sticking at all.) The mini pie pan dimensions are slightly different, but they work fine.:Previous reviews are below:*************************************************************************************************Excellent product! These are lighter than my other Chicago Metallic pans, but they work great! Super non-stick coating. I use the pans for no carb breads (made with eggs, cream cheese, a bit of sweetener, and baking soda, so they are "meringue-y"), and they don't stick. For the most part, the breads pop out of the pan. I've used them with butter as a coating, and with nothing, and they work fine both ways.Use tip: wash the pan, and pop it back into the warm oven so that thoroughly dry. That way, you'll avoid any rust issues. Do not let water sit in these pans, either in the sink or after they are washed.Enjoy!** UPDATE** 7/30/16I ran into a sticking problem with one of my pans (all my other types of pans from them work fine.) I called Chicago Metallic customer service... they are great! I had a new pan from them in a matter of days. No return shipment of the old pan, no questions asked... I had photos. They didn't want them. I couldn't believe how responsive they were... Kudos (and thanks) to them!*** 1We love pancakes! If you do too, try this pan!What a time saver - I won't make pancakes on a griddle again!! I love, love these pans (I bought 3). I use these for pancakes, how nice that everyone's pancakes are all done at the same time. Some I top with blueberries, some with chocolate chips, some with cooked sausage. I didn't use any cooking spray or shortening, and they popped out of the pans easily. I am used to using good quality pans (All-Clad, Anolon) and I give these pans high marks for quality. Thank you Chicago Metallic!! 5Love these pans...I purchased 2I have only had this pan about a month and have used it heavily every week. I mostly use it to make ahead breakfast for my family and so far I have made; eggs, "pancakes", banana bread & cornbread. I will say keep an eye out the first time you use this pan for anything. I overcooked almost everything by following another posters suggested time and burnt a whole batch of cornbread. I only have to cook everything for just about 10min or less. In my oven I fit 2 pans side by side and since lowering my time I can make several batches of anything in such a short amount of time. For example I make pancake batter as normal and just fill each well with about 2tbls mix and this makes perfect sized pancakes. I either then put them in a container for the week or freeze them if I have too many. I can also confirm that each well will fit 1 xl egg which is perfect for english muffin sandwiches or smaller bagels. Love Love Love this pan!!!P.S. I do use a small amount of cooking spray rubbed into the wells. I haven't had sticking issues but I just wanted to ensure I don't.****UPDATE****12/3/16I have used these pans every week since I bought them. I most definitely need cooking spray. The times that I have forgotten to use the spray the eggs have stuck to the pan and didn't come out easily at all. Even if the eggs did stick the pans cleaned easily without scrubbing which I would think could ruin the pan anyway. Soapy sponge or rag is all I need to clean it out. Because the ease of cleaning I didn't drop the stars down because it still does what I expected it to do. There has been some spot discoloring but that hasn't affected cooking. 5
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