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Chop Sabers Light Up LightSaber Chopsticks Set, 2 Pairs, Red Green

  • Chop Sabers Light Up LightSaber Chopsticks Set, 2 Pairs, Red Green
  • Chop Sabers Light Up LightSaber Chopsticks Set, 2 Pairs, Red Green
  • Chop Sabers Light Up LightSaber Chopsticks Set, 2 Pairs, Red Green
  • Chop Sabers Light Up LightSaber Chopsticks Set, 2 Pairs, Red Green
  • Chop Sabers Light Up LightSaber Chopsticks Set, 2 Pairs, Red Green

Chop Sabers Light Up LightSaber Chopsticks Set, 2 Pairs, Red Green

NZ$ 176.00 NZ$ 105.60 Save: NZ$ 70.40
NZ$ 105.60 NZ$ 176.00 You save: NZ$ 70.40



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • FUN FOOD WARS at any meal. Impress that date or your kids. Portable and light so you can carry them with you and fit in your pocket
  • NEW BATTERIES AND STOPPER INCLUDED and easily replaceable with 3 x LR41 camera batteries by unscrewing the screws
  • CONVENIENT LEDs Illuminate in bright colors with easy to use on and off push button
  • BE THE LIFE OF THE PARTY and make your friends jealous getting all the attention by showing your a true fan
  • WHAT A BARGAIN 2 for the price of 1 and a Happy 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
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Customer Reviews

Keep your expectations low and you might be ok. Price was right for what it is. Wished for, and would have paid for, more. I have mixed feelings about this product. They are undeniably neat in a novelty item sort of way, but I wish they were a bit less cheesy. Included with the packaging is an insert pandering for a review of the item, which I find tacky to the Nth degree, especially when promising a possible reward for doing so. I don't care about that, but since you wanted it, here it goes.1. Did the product meet or exceed your expectations and why? Neither. These could be so much better. They are made from cheap lightweight plastic rather than a heavier more durable acrylic or, dare I wish for, glass? The 'hilt' of the saber is just a cheap piece of printed cardboard glued onto the end rather than there being any sort of molding or hand finishing or even an attached more realistic piece. Completely ruins the asthetic. Also, battery does not appear to be replaceable, and is open to the elements, not sure how these are going to get washed. A screw on cap (like maybe a real piece of molded and finished plastic for the hilt..hmmmm?) with a washer would have been a nice touch to keep the water/food out and allow a battery replacement. You know, originally, I scored these three stars, but as I write this and think about it, I am going to drop it to two stars. This is really just terrible design, and I would have paid twice as much for quality rather than novelty here.2. Did you like the length, colors, material, quality and why? Length is good, about average for chopsticks, somewhere between the disposable restaurant ones and the reusable Pho style ones. Colors are bright, they do light up well, but they suffer from being made of cheap lightweight plastic, as mentioned above.3. Were you super happy with our service, shipping, packaging, etc and why? I wouldn't say I was "super" happy, but I was not disappointed, I mean, ordered through Amazon so not sure about it had I been dealing with you directly, but yes, shipping and packaging were both good, arrived on time and in good order.4. How likely would you recommend this product to your friends and family? Probably not terribly likely as I was hoping for a bit more. I really wanted to be able to actually use them but I am afraid of washing them due to the construction of the battery compartment, so, yeah, probably just end up in a drawer somewhere. Sad. 2Great experience and love the product This seller was phenomenal to work with! My order arrived fast, the fulfillment center accidentally left out a few lightsaber chopsticks so I contacted the seller and they replied within 2 hours and promised replacements which have already arrived with a surprise gift for the inconvenience which was nice ;)The chopsticks light up just like advertised. They are bright in daylight and brilliant in the dark. My Star Wars fanatic friends will love them. I would buy from this seller again and I definitely recommend him. :)I haven t had the chopsticks long enough to test how long the batteries last but it was nice that the sabers lit up as soon as I pulled the paper tabs out. 5Not impressed Not impressed. Ordered 4 sets that I thought would have been individually wrapped so I could use as stocking stuffers, but instead opened a package for everything to just dump out of the package all over the place. They don t seem easy to hold at all - rather bulky for chop sticks, and they don t have any friction so they keep slipping out of my hand. A cool novelty item, but def not a go-to when we order Chinese and sushi next time. Another side note, there is one set of black handle and 3 sets of gray... doesn t make a difference for me but I d rather not pull the battery strips yet (again, want to keep them new for stocking stuffers), but hoping they are different colors as pictured. 2May the Force be with You! I ordered these for my older boys who love Star Wars. I was worried from the negative reviews but I m really glad I still bought them. They are bigger then expected but still great chopsticks, don t have grip on them so noodles might be a little challenge. The light is bright and is a great conversation starter when we company over or when my boys decided they need to start a lightsaber battle halfway into dinner. Lol! Definitely recommend for star wars fans for a fun addition to your kitchen utensils. 5Love love love them We loved this. We used it for our Son's Halloween costume since we figured that it would look like a regular since lightsaber on him since he is so small. Now we have put them away to serve it's proper purpose. They are very good quality since they survived without a scratch after my son played with them for hours. 5Love love love these Love love love these! Perfect for any Star Wars or SciFi fan! I brought these with my lunch to the office and it was a big hit with my coworkers. I'm sure they would also be fun at any hibachi restaurant....I plan on bringing mine on my next visit. I will say that when I received these, I was missing 1 green chopstick. I am still giving 5 stars because the seller corrected the issue right away in a timely manner and I was sent a complete green set. As long as the seller worked with me, I see no point in downgrading their review because the product and service turned out to be great. 5Junk!!! They do light up nice but that is all . They are cheap made and I ordered two sets and one did not even work. I couldn't have been more upset as they were a gift for my daughters sleepover at our house . She was very dissatisfied as was I . They have a crappy little sticker holding the in place and a junk little button on the end to turn on the light . They are also awkward to hold and balance in your hand. 1Slippery grip. I love the chopsticks for every reason except what they are designed to accomplish. The plastic is incredibly slippery and very difficult to actually hold anything for the means of clean eating. The gimmick is one thing, functionality is another. I have resolved to use a fine tip wood burning tool to etch marks near the end of the stocks to aid in functionality.Note: My score of THREE for the easy to hold category merely reflects the difficulty to hold the object you intend to eat, not the sticks themselves. 3Nice party favor but not a collectible Cute item but I'm kinda disappointed that the handles were just stickers. I know that this was how they were described but the covered up area is so small. If they're just using stickers, it would've been nicer if they covered up a bigger area so my fingers were on the handles instead of on the blades. As for the lights, I got a pair that lit up red and a pair that lit up blue and no issues with them lighting up once I pulled out the tabs but they don't look as good as they do in the ad. They are just clear plastic chopsticks with LEDs inside them to light them up but it gets weaker towards the end. They're also pretty smooth so it's not that easy to pick up slippery food with them (I can pick up ice with regular wooden chopsticks, I was having difficulty picking up pho noodles with these). I think I would've been better off just getting a pair with real handles but these did come as advertised so I can't hate on them too much for this. 3I wish I ordered ones with real handles, but these are cheap and as advertised! There are better products out there...with real handles.The product is as advertised.Decent build quality and the lights and everything worked.Nothing to complain about except one of the 4 chopsticks cuts on and off if it shakes too hard.Im sure i can fix it by securing the battery though.For the price, they are worth it.But after receiving similar products...I regret purchasing these.The other ones actually have a built handle like a light saber,not just a sticker on the handle that looks like a handle,and some don't show the actual light bulb like these do at the base.At least the photos on amazon show exactly what you'll get.I just wish I examined further. 3
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