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ColorConnex Coupler, Industrial Type D, 1/4" FNPT, Red - A73410D

  • ColorConnex Coupler, Industrial Type D, 1/4" FNPT, Red - A73410D
  • ColorConnex Coupler, Industrial Type D, 1/4" FNPT, Red - A73410D
  • ColorConnex Coupler, Industrial Type D, 1/4" FNPT, Red - A73410D
  • ColorConnex Coupler, Industrial Type D, 1/4" FNPT, Red - A73410D
  • ColorConnex Coupler, Industrial Type D, 1/4" FNPT, Red - A73410D
  • ColorConnex Coupler, Industrial Type D, 1/4" FNPT, Red - A73410D
  • ColorConnex Coupler, Industrial Type D, 1/4" FNPT, Red - A73410D

ColorConnex Coupler, Industrial Type D, 1/4" FNPT, Red - A73410D

NZ$ 120.00 NZ$ 72.00 Save: NZ$ 48.00
NZ$ 72.00 NZ$ 120.00 You save: NZ$ 48.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • COLOR MATCHING SYSTEM - Easily connect plugs and couplers with same color
  • DEDICATED LINE USE - Ensures you never use a lubricated line for dry line applications, preventing cross contamination
  • INDUSTRIAL INTERCHANGE - Type D in all red color
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS - From the makers of Flexzilla. Made from steel and aircraft aluminum
  • HEAVY DUTY APPLICATIONS - Use on professional jobsites, in automotive shops or at home in the garage
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Customer Reviews

Good if you don't use them that much We had bought several 14 pc sets and use these in an industrial environment and switch out air tools several times a day on an air line. After about a month we noticed that they started leaking air due to wear on the male coupling. After looking at them they are made of aluminum instead of the steel. They would probably good for the hobby guy that doesnt use air that much, but if you swap out tools on your airline often expect them to wear fast and start leaking air. I We won't be buying them again. 2Still no leaks after 3 years of moderate use! I have owned a set just like this for 3 years with zero air leaking and zero issues. I recently moved and need many more for my upgraded workshops with several air line connections needed. I bought these as the price and quality are great and from past experience. I now have 6 different couplers in different areas in my woodworking shop and my automotive shop. I keep my air set at 90psi and have zero air leaks from the couplers and they all work flawlessly.I really don't understand the bad reviews of air leaking. My only guess is people are not putting pipe tape on the threaded lines. 2 to 3 wraps if pipe tape and snugging them down good is a must for any coupler you install. My 3 year old set I have banged whacked and used quite a bit and they are still holding up as good as the day I bought them with my first flex zilla air hose. Both are made by the same company and the quality is superb! 5Nice kit that does what it's designed to do. These couplers work fine. To use the quick disconnect, you have to slide the locking barrel in order to insert the male end. Some quick disconnects hold the locking barrel slightly open prior to insertion of the male end so that when the male end is inserted the barrel completes sliding to the locked position. This is a simpler way to complete the connection. Though this kit does not have this more convenient quick disconnect feature, it still works very well and for the price, I would purchase again. 5Bad manufacturing or bad design Fittings leaked air once my compressor broke anything above 40PSI (far from their rated max of 300) and thought okay, maybe the tolerances were just unlucky with both sides being from different manufacturers. Used a hose with a better fitting plug so that the only active quick disconnect point would be from the ColorConnex kit itself, and low and behold same issue with their own fittings (tried every matching set). Not sure if this was a manufacturing defect or just bad design but these things leak an incredible amount once the system they're in is pressurized much at all. 1Buy these and toss them in the trash I am an interior trim carpenter, and I'm fairly careful with my tools. I bought this set to replace my worn out fitting and they all leaked within the first week of use. These are complete trash. I do not enjoy being so harsh, but these couplers warrant no praise. I literally went through the entire set in a month. That is ridiculous for the price. If you use your air tools for work, you would probably be better served looking somewhere else for couplers. 1Great little air kit. I used several of the fittings when assembling my air compressor and a few tools. I like the color coating on them. I was able to put everything together with no leaks. They seem to hold up well, this coming from a person who has a tendency to abuse everything like a gorilla. 5Don't Buy These These are not worth the cardboard their shipped in. Might be a value if only used once a year but in a real shop environment they just don't hold up. It's been less that six months and we have already worn out the male that attaches to the tool. I have other on tools that are 15 years old and still going strong. Don't waste you money!! 1typical cheap garbage Typical cheap aluminum garbage with easy to scratch off finish. I am not giving one star because the finish comes off. But I am giving a 1 start review because the fittings are thin aluminum and they won't be holding up very long. Also, the coupler leaks. I plugged their fitting into their coupler that I threaded onto my Dewalt compressor and the fitting was leaking from where it goes into the coupler when the fitting was moved side to side as the air hose was being used. It didn't leak if it was stationary but it shouldn't leak at all. This isn't something that can be tightened.After these I ordered some solid brass fittings and couplers and they don't leak at all, even moving the hose around, and they will obviously last a long time. Make sure to use teflon tape on your air fittings or the right type of sealant and that will keep air from coming out of the threads. 1Don't bother, junk aluminium Incredibly bad fit on the quick connect side, rattles and leaks constantly. Why? They're a couple mm too small for 1/4" quick connect. Reasonably well fitting on the NPT side so long as you remember to use plumber's tape or some other sealant (as you should with any pneumatic or pipe fitting).On the fence on returning these; I may be able to make them work for now with an additional coating and wondering how much of a hassle it would be just to return them. I guess I'd better go with plan B and machine a set myself if I want accurate fittings :/ 1Not good for the long haul. They''re great at first, but they simply wear out and leak like every other fitting. But the other fittings are cheaper.... Speaking of cheaper, these seem to be a bit of a scam. I don't want to spend the money to switch all my tools back to non-ColorConnex fittings, so I bit the bullet and bought another hose end. Just can't bring myself to replace everything I've already purchase. And to make clear- I am using these at home. I'm a simple DIY'r using them for the occasional tire change, air grinder, or blowing off woodworking tools. 2
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