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Command Traditional Plastic Hook, Medium, Brushed Nickel, 1-Hook (17051BN-ES), Decorate Damage-Free

  • Command Traditional Plastic Hook, Medium, Brushed Nickel, 1-Hook (17051BN-ES), Decorate Damage-Free
  • Command Traditional Plastic Hook, Medium, Brushed Nickel, 1-Hook (17051BN-ES), Decorate Damage-Free
  • Command Traditional Plastic Hook, Medium, Brushed Nickel, 1-Hook (17051BN-ES), Decorate Damage-Free
  • Command Traditional Plastic Hook, Medium, Brushed Nickel, 1-Hook (17051BN-ES), Decorate Damage-Free
  • Command Traditional Plastic Hook, Medium, Brushed Nickel, 1-Hook (17051BN-ES), Decorate Damage-Free
  • Command Traditional Plastic Hook, Medium, Brushed Nickel, 1-Hook (17051BN-ES), Decorate Damage-Free
  • Command Traditional Plastic Hook, Medium, Brushed Nickel, 1-Hook (17051BN-ES), Decorate Damage-Free
  • Command Traditional Plastic Hook, Medium, Brushed Nickel, 1-Hook (17051BN-ES), Decorate Damage-Free
  • Command Traditional Plastic Hook, Medium, Brushed Nickel, 1-Hook (17051BN-ES), Decorate Damage-Free

Command Traditional Plastic Hook, Medium, Brushed Nickel, 1-Hook (17051BN-ES), Decorate Damage-Free

NZ$ 90.00 NZ$ 54.00 Save: NZ$ 36.00
NZ$ 54.00 NZ$ 90.00 You save: NZ$ 36.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 10 Days Return

  • Damage-Free Hanging
  • Weight Capacity: 3 pounds
  • Size: Medium
  • Color: Brushed Nickel
  • Package Contents: 1 hook, 2 strips
  • Holds strongly and removes cleanly
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Works on a variety of surfaces
  • Damage-Free Hanging
  • Holds strongly
  • Removes cleanly
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Works on a variety of surfaces
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Customer Reviews

Expensive but they do the trick I think these are overpriced, but they work great. I use them as towel hooks in a bathroom that has tiled walls. I did not want to drill through the tile, which by the way is slightly porous and not the shiny glazed type. Each hook holds the weight of an oversized damp towel without any problems. 5Holds a good amount of weight! I am a wedding photographer, and I actually keep one of these in my wedding bag. Often times the only place to hang a wedding dress is not in a great place to get pictures of it, so I keep one of these hooks and a couple fresh command strips in my bag. I'll place a hook where I want to take the dress pictures and then hang the dress in my chosen space. The hooks hold wedding dresses, so that says a lot! Some dresses are heeeeeeaaaavy! Hi five Command Hooks! 5ImpressiveI created an entryway/mudroom by adding an assortment of these hooks to a decorative shelf I already had up. I bought these heavy duty hooks for my kids to hang their backpacks on. Six months in and there've been no problems with the backpacks holding up and no problems with the hooks staying firmly in place. Great product.5Great for hanging curtains, No Drilling Required!As others have previously commented, this plastic hook (I bought 2) makes the task of hanging curtains incredibly easy. They're especially practical if (like me) you live in an apartment where you don't want to be responsible for damaging a wall by drilling holes. They even match my (faux) nickel plated, plastic curtain rod. I'd seen the tv commercials demonstrating how easy it is to release them from the wall-- and they work exactly as depicted. I had to readjust the placement of one and found the removal to be incredibly seamless. I'd buy them again in a heartbeat. Oh, just one suggestion: Make sure you determine the circumference of your curtain rod to make sure it will fit this particular hook. (I failed to do this & had a heart pounding bit of suspense as I approached the installed hooks with my rod-- praying it would fit.) Thankfully, it did!!5Commands hooks work fine!I needed something easy to hang towels on. These Command clips were perfect for the job. They are stuck to a tile wall, just outside my shower. They stick tight, and hold the weight of the towels with ease. I didn't want to have to try and drill holes into the tile to hang a couple of hooks, so I gave these a try. I'm happy that I did.5Still Holding StrongThese hooks hold up fairly well. I have had two mounted on the side of my island cabinet for a year now.The two hooks I have are in the kitchen, attached to the side of my island near the dishwasher and sink. I use them to hold hand towels, and I have not had a single issue yet. They get bumped all the time, and wet towels are constantly put on them. Even with the abuse and moisture, neither have begun to show a single sign of weakening. The grip is as strong as the day I put them up.As for looks, they do look fairly good, at least for a cheap plastic hanger. They do not really look like stainless steel appliances when they are close, but several feet away, they are a good enough match for me. Depending on decor, these may be a much better looking solution than the plain white Command Hooks.I have had good success with these, and would recommend them to anyone. They are a handy way to provide a hanging surface, without the need to damage a surface with screws or nails.4Looks much nicer than the white hooks I used to hang my over-the-ear headset on the corner of my tv when I wasn't using it while playing video games. Well, a game came out and my headset covered the radar so it had to be moved. I didn't want to have them on the floor where my dog could get to them and I didn't want a tacky white hook on the wall so I got this. It's clearly plastic when you look at it but when it's on the wall slightly behind my tv it looks great. My headset finally has a new home. 5Very sturdy and holds up wellThis is the 2nd hook that I have purchased. I have one on the wall next to the shower in both baths. Holds heavy bath sheet and hair towel. First one was put up a year ago...still holding. Command products are really great. My bathroom is full of Command items both in and out of shower.I have not put a nail in a wall in years, will only use Command products5I thought they'd be metal.A few years back I purchased a similar 3M item. They were a pair of brushed nickel hooks which are still in the pack, haven't used them yet, but the package is heavy and weighty and you can just feel they are metal through the pack. I got these and the package was very light and the feel of these are plastic. I haven't used them yet, waiting for a curtain rod to get here which these will be used for. I guess it's like all things these days, no more quality, just cheap goods made in china.giving 3 stars because I believe in 3M products. Might upgrade to 5 later after a time of performance review.3Love how these look Love how these look. However, they do seem to fall off a little easier than I had hoped. Placed them on the back of the door a full 24 hours before use. If you aren't gentle when you take off and put on your towel, they can fall off. I would not suggest for children's bathrooms and just know you will have to be careful...no grabbing and pulling the towel towards you, but gently lift off the hook. 3Advertised as a hook capable of holding a towel or ...Advertised as a hook capable of holding a towel or similar weight, while it cannot. Tried cleaning the wall as advised, and ensured the adhesive strip was applied properly. It lasted less than 20 minutes with one towel each time it was hung.+2 Stars - The manufacturer contacted me and gave a case number which I called in and was quickly helped. verified I was using the correct process and offered up the blue adhesive strips, which apparently are more adept at dealing with the humidity and temperature fluctuations of a bathroom. While I have not received them yet and can't comment on the quality, I am happy with their response. I would say that the hook with the white adhesive strips should not be used in a bathroom for hanging these hooks (I was not aware of the blue strips). If the blue strips do indeed hold better, I will add stars to my review and update.3Work perfectly. Used one hook on tike wall to hang a hand towel. Used the other to hang a toilet brush next to the toilet. Might buy two more to hang washcloths in the shower. 5Don't expect it to hold up a towel in your bathroom I followed the directions EXACTLY, even waited SEVERAL hrs instead of just 1 to place items on the hook and it still would not hold a towel. I tried a second time with the extra adhesive provided and waited 24 hours and the hook still fell. Working fine for my light robe and hair towel but will not hold a single regular towel. 2Adhesive is not sticky I usually use and love Command strips around the house so tried these out for a weightless sponge in my bathroom. I couldn't even let the strip dry for a day because it would not stay on the wall- the wall was completely dry. I tried a new strip and noticed the glue is not sticky at all, it won't stay on any wall! Nothing like the regular Command hooks I usually get, these were awful and a complete waste 1Works, but beware of steam. They looked super nice and I had such high hopes for it, but one of the hooks continuously falls off the wall. It is in the bathroom used to hang towels, and it is the hook closest to the shower, but it falls off all the time, so I guess it s fine to use in the bathroom as long as it isn t too close to the shower. I thought buying the bathroom command hooks would make them stick, despite the steam produced from the shower. 3Stocking holder! Used this to hold my daughters stocking. For the price it's awesome! Comes with two stickies, so I can use again next year. Compared to stocking holders 10 times the price, this hands down exceeded my expectations. Only holds 3 pounds, but I had no issues. Easy install, easy take down, no damage to the wall. Fast shipping!! 5Great productWorth the money We bought the command hooks because we wanted to put curtains in our apartment but when we tried to drill a hole it was metal on the inside so instead of drilling anymore holes we order the command hooks 3 large of them and they are holding up extremely well !!!5Great for inside kitchen cupboards to hang light weight lids Easy to install and remove (I had to change the location of one of the hooks). I am using them to hang my silicone lids and the hook works great. Because of the clearance between the back and the hook, I am able to put 3 lids on each hook. Would definitely purchase again. 5Awesome hooks, looks just like an expensive metal hookI love command strip hooks but had a couple that were up there so long that the plastic was cracking. These have a more curved design so I do not think that it will break down like the others. These hooks say they will hold up to 5 pounds which is similar to the others I had. I got four of them. One I use to hang my bathrobe on the back of the door and the others are used to hang up wet towels.These look great! They match the brushed nickel finish on the door hardware in our rooms so they are great. You can feel that they are plastic before you put it up, but once they are up, no one would ever know that they are not more expensive metal hooks.The hooks are great for my bathrobe, towels or to hang up a pair of jeans, or anything really. My bathrobe is thick cotton and can be pretty heavy when wet. I have not had any of these come loose. I will be buying more to replace other hooks I have in the house. A great find and price!From top to bottom the whole thing is about 4" long. Perfect for the back of a door or any number of places.If you have never used command strip hooks they hold amazingly well, and to remove you just pull down on the adhesive strip that hangs down. When you install them there are too parts. The hanger with the adhesive strip that you apply to the wall, and then once you apply it and hold it in place for 30 seconds the actual hook part that you see slides on it securely. To remove you just slide up to remove and then pull the adhesive tab straight down slowly until it removes the whole thing, with no residue left.The hook comes with an extra adhesive strip in case you decide to paint and need to put it back up, or if you relocate the strip.Thanks for reading my reviewBecky Brooks5Love them! Work great!Love these and they look nice! Have them all over my house holding up curtains, and as coat hooks by my front door and in my bedroom, about 20 throughout my entire place. I can put at least 3 sweaters/coats on each and they hold fine. Havent tried 4. Lol I honestly did not believe they would work so well, but they've been up for about a year so far with no issues. It's also great to know they're not damaging the walls and can be removed quickly and easily, and I won't lose any of my deposit due to holes in the walls.5
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