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COMMERCIAL PREMIUM 6 PIECE BATH TOWEL SET BY MARTEX - 6 Bath Towels, Home, Business, Shower, Tub, Gym, Pool - Machine Washable, Absorbent, Professional Grade, Hotel Quality - NAVY

  • COMMERCIAL PREMIUM 6 PIECE BATH TOWEL SET BY MARTEX - 6 Bath Towels, Home, Business, Shower, Tub, Gym, Pool - Machine Washable, Absorbent, Professional Grade, Hotel Quality - NAVY
  • COMMERCIAL PREMIUM 6 PIECE BATH TOWEL SET BY MARTEX - 6 Bath Towels, Home, Business, Shower, Tub, Gym, Pool - Machine Washable, Absorbent, Professional Grade, Hotel Quality - NAVY
  • COMMERCIAL PREMIUM 6 PIECE BATH TOWEL SET BY MARTEX - 6 Bath Towels, Home, Business, Shower, Tub, Gym, Pool - Machine Washable, Absorbent, Professional Grade, Hotel Quality - NAVY
  • COMMERCIAL PREMIUM 6 PIECE BATH TOWEL SET BY MARTEX - 6 Bath Towels, Home, Business, Shower, Tub, Gym, Pool - Machine Washable, Absorbent, Professional Grade, Hotel Quality - NAVY
  • COMMERCIAL PREMIUM 6 PIECE BATH TOWEL SET BY MARTEX - 6 Bath Towels, Home, Business, Shower, Tub, Gym, Pool - Machine Washable, Absorbent, Professional Grade, Hotel Quality - NAVY

COMMERCIAL PREMIUM 6 PIECE BATH TOWEL SET BY MARTEX - 6 Bath Towels, Home, Business, Shower, Tub, Gym, Pool - Machine Washable, Absorbent, Professional Grade, Hotel Quality - NAVY

NZ$ 352.00 NZ$ 212.00 Save: NZ$ 140.00
NZ$ 212.00 NZ$ 352.00 You save: NZ$ 140.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • PREMIUM HOTEL QUALITY AT HOME: A set of six bath towels featuring the same commerical quality trusted by hotels and spas around the world
  • SOFT & STRONG: 100% Looped terry cotton for softness and absorbency, plus reinforced hems and binding for durability
  • GREAT VALUE: Six included towels per set. Great for home, gym, locker room, travel, summer camp, swimming pool, vacation homes, outdoor shower, dorm room, etc.
  • EASY CARE: Machine washable. For best results, wash before use. Fade resistant
  • DIMENSIONS: Measures 30 inches wide by 52 inches long
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Customer Reviews

Not worth the moneyTowels are poorly made, very scratchy and ruff. I purchased these because I have some of these from a couple years ago and they were perfect. But these towels I got are very crappy. They're made in Pakistan. The ones I have are made in America. Very disappointed.1Just terrific--even after 25+ washings!I bought these 11 months ago and have used and laundered them all at least 25 times. They are the best washcloths I've used! The texture is great, they don't get "pulls," and the band across the top doesn't get tight and pull the washcloth out of shape, even though I wash in hot water and dry in a hot dryer. They fold up and stack nicely in the linen closet and have maintained their fluffiness. The only part that looks worn after all the washings is the tag--it is no longer readable and is all soft which is fine by me. I don't use fabric softener because I like the texture and absorbency of the non-softened cloths. I'm anticipating that this set of 24 will last several more years--a lot longer than most of the washcloths I've purchased over the years. See the pictures I uploaded to show how well they've held up.5Almost five stars!UPDATE from March 1st, 2014:I bought 4 packs from Amazon in November, 2011 and then, two years later, moved them from bathrooms to the kitchen because they have become yellowish over time and some got stains. Well, the new batch of packs that I've purchased from a big C store, are indeed twice cheaper, but the quality seems to be somewhat less (it seems that there are 30% less fibers/pile). I am not sure if all Martex washcloths have been outsourced to a new factory during last year or is it a special version for the big C chain. Washcloths from the new batch, that I've purchased in October/November 2013 from the big C chain, seem to be as thin as those that have been used on daily basis between November 2011 and November 2013. I would expect that they would be thicker and initially was disappointed. However, the new batch appeared to be bright white and that was a plus. Also, I've reasoned that perhaps 30% less fibers in each washcloths will make it easier on the laundry machine.If Martex produces a special version for the big C with less fibers, then I am not surprised why they are cheaper. But, if Amazon and the big C sell these washcloths and they are coming from the same factory, then the gain is obvious. If I will not have enough items for the next order from Amazon, I may end up adding one package from Amazon and then buying one package from the big C chain in order to compare objectively.UPDATE from September 25th, 2013:We've noticed that these cloths have started to lose absorbency now (2 years of use). We do laundry them frequently, but not every day. I would say 2-3 times a week. However, the good news is that it seems that a big chain (starts with "C") is offering these packs now for almost half the price of Amazon's. I'll go and check and if it is true, then will continue buying them anyway. Even though some of them get stained and even if they lose their initial absorbency, I can always use them for the kitchen, dusting, car, and bicycle cleaning needs. That's the cycle of life, I guess!UPDATE from April 2nd, 2013:It has been more than one year and we are still using them. After those few that got frayed edges I am not seeing more frayed ones. Still love them and will buy replacement packs if this product will still be offered in the future.Well, for this price I should probably give this product five stars, but I cannot. I think the manufacturer could do a better job. These are overall good. They are not too thick and not too thin, which is perfect for stacking many of them next to a sink. Purchased 4 packs (96 washcloths). After washing them every couple days in hot water with bleach, a few of them got frayed edges. The percentage is not that high for a concern, but if these are called "Hospitality" type, then one would expect that they should last for several months of daily washing before getting any frayed edges, don't you think? Well, back to the price again... The price balances the lack of perfection.By the way, some people have expressed a wish for colored versions. Believe me, after a few years of using colored types that get stained, blotched, and lose color intensity, I would go with white and white only.And be prepared to clean your dryer's filter often during first few weeks, but it's normal for any textile, so it should not be a surprise.4Tiny The towels are very nice quality but they are extremely tiny for a body towel... doesn't completely wrap around the bottom part of my body and im a small girl, my boyfriend trying to use it is actually just something we will still laugh about!Ill keep them for now but definitely would not get again! 3Not what I had expectedHonestly you are better off finding some leaves or something from your backyard and trying to dry yourself off with those. It has the same level of absorbancy and comfort if you were to purchase these towels. The towel itself honestly feels like sandpaper and it's a small towel already. But it's great for exfoliating if you want to spend several minutes in the bathroom wondering why you're still wet after running this towel over your body several times. And normally I would pass the quality issues off as "You get what you paid for." but I went out and purchased the same towel at Target for the same price and got much better quality. In short, these are bad, go to a store in which you can actually feel them and see them beforehand.1Just what I neededI had 2 towels exactly like these for soaking up my sweat at the gym. Then my GF moved in and she uses them to wrap her hair when she gets out of the shower so I had to buy this 6 pack.They are perfect for what we use them for. I wouldn't want to use it as my actual bath towel at home but it would be fine for kids or a day at the pool.It's not huge, it's not thick and its not super soft. But it is affordable and it does its job well.Highly recommend these for most anything except everyday bath towels.5Good Value / Good TowelI bought some of these for Christmas last year as my wife complained she wanted to swap out all of our bath linens w/ white ones so we could bleach the heck out of them and keep them clean. I looked at "good" towels and almost swallowed my tongue at the price. I'm a guy...I'll use an old shirt to dry off after a shower...or even drip-dry if necessary. So, I ordered these with mediocre expectations. So far - the wife and I have been pleased with them. They're basically the same kind of towel you'd get at a Holiday Inn or equivalent hotel/motel. I recently ordered another bundle of the bath towels and some hand towels and wash cloths. If you have money to burn and need designer, 3-gajillion-thread-count towels...these are not the towels for you. If you want a decent, durable white towel to dry off with after the shower - hit "add to cart".5Can take a beating!I have 5 rescue dogs and 3 rescue cats. Although all are house-trained and litter-trained, there are bound to be accidents every once in a while. I use these towels for spills around their water bowls, drying them after a bath, mopping a floor, all sorts of household chores. I have washed them in hot water with detergent and bleach dozens of times and all of these towels are holding up just great. I cannot really attest to their softness though since I have never used softener when I wash them. I'm sure if you did they would be very nice. Their thread count must be high because not a single towel has a hole or has ripped to date. Highly recommend.52nd Quality (Defects, Dirty)The majority of the reviews on this product are 5 & 4 stars. Reviewers mentioned the towels were 100% cotton and absorbed water well, which met my criteria. So, I placed my order -- 6 towels for $59.99 plus tax. The order arrived on time. As recommended, I immediately washed and dried them. And like most reviewers, I can report there was a lot of lint on the lint screen. So far, everything is going as expected but that soon changed. Upon folding them, I notice 5 of the 6 had were defective, different color thread woven with the white, and had small yellow stained areas. Needless to say, I am very irritated with this order. No where is it mentioned the towels were seconds -- is it legal to omit important information? There is no way, I would have paid $10.00 a piece for defective towels. In addition, the towels I received are not 100% cotton but (90/10 cotton/polyester). The tag makes no mention of "Martex" but "1888 Mills". I am posting pictures for all to see and will be processing a return.1Seller included 25, not the 24 advertised! Very pleased with my purchase! Thanks for a great, reasonably priced product!I am very pleased with this purchase! The washcloths are large and the seller included 25, not the 24 advertised. They are by no means the thickest cloth I have ever purchased in my lifetime, but I really didn't want "thick and fluffy," as I feel the thicker, fluffier ones are difficult to maneuver around body parts when showering. I like the thickness of these and think they are perfect for getting the job done adequately! Nice touch for the seller to include 25 cloths! The photo shows the washcloths in the center, two stacks of them. These should last my family for a few years, but, when needed, I will definitely purchase these again. Excellent price for a good quality washcloth....what's not to like? And, as usual, Amazon is awesome with the fast delivery! Happy customer here in Kentucky!5i like rough towelsi like rough towels....a lot....like, ALOT.these towels are EXACTLY what I have been searching for in my local walmart, and target stores.upon receiving them, I immediately washed them in HOTT water, with no fabric softener. dried without dryer sheets, and they came out exactly as I wanted them to. If Im lucky, they will get a bit rougher as they cycle thru the wash5
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