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Confer Plastics HS2M Handi-Step Spa Step Mahogany

  • Confer Plastics HS2M Handi-Step Spa Step Mahogany
  • Confer Plastics HS2M Handi-Step Spa Step Mahogany
  • Confer Plastics HS2M Handi-Step Spa Step Mahogany
  • Confer Plastics HS2M Handi-Step Spa Step Mahogany

Confer Plastics HS2M Handi-Step Spa Step Mahogany

NZ$ 948.00 NZ$ 569.00 Save: NZ$ 379.00
NZ$ 569.00 NZ$ 948.00 You save: NZ$ 379.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Step safely into your hot tub or spa
  • Snaps together with absolutely no hardware
  • Allows for easy, affordable entry into spas and hot tubs
  • Use on either straight and a curved spas with available treads
  • Maximum weight of 300 pounds
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Customer Reviews

Sturdy (holds 350lbs)We built a new deck around our pool. Pool Deck was a little shorter than pool so we needed just a few steps. I wanted no maintenance and sturdy steps. After reading several reviews I purchased these gray steps to match my pool. I couldn t have been happier with my decision! Holds up to 350 lbs very sturdy and to my surprise they came with nonslip pads to stick to bottom!!! After reading the reviews on how hard they were to assemble someone stated they had someone stand on them. I had my daughter step on them to lock them in to place done from opening box to assembled in 5 mins 5Best steps for a hot tubWhile I still do not understand the relatively high price for plastic steps, this was the best deal I could find. I was able to order them in a color that matched our hot tub colors. The steps arrive unassembled, and needed to be snapped into place (no tools needed). That turned out to be more of a challenge than I expected. Have patience, and keep at it. Regardless, the steps are of good quality, and can support up to 350 pounds. One step is curved, and one is straight. This way, depending on the shape of your hot tub, you can make the top step conform to the side of the tub where folks will enter and leave. That is a clever idea. As older folks, my wife and I are very pleased. The steps are sufficiently wide and deep to allow safe entrance and egress. The steps are also grooved to help prevent slippage with wet feet. I recommend this product, though I still wish it was less expensive. 5Spa steps made simpleFirst off, anyone who gave this product a low rating because the top step is curved just needs to turn in their credit cards, driver's license, car keys, and have the child locks on the stove, oven, and other dangerous locations like the knive and fork drawer.For real.The box is literally festooned with clear directions. And if even they were not everywhere, common sense, folks. Seriously. The only thing the seller could do to make it simplier would be to send a person with the box to coach you.Alright, now that I got this outta the way....The steps assembled quickly. You have to be a little aggressive snapping the parts into place so use them muscles and flex for the admiring throng. I had two westies oohing and ahhing over this project. There are little rubber non slip pads to put on the bottom and you are done.The stairs are wide and study. The design is simple and functional. They look nice and should be able to accomodate just about every user. The price is reasonable and the materials stike me as pretty solid.Why do they not get the 5 stars? I don't do a hell of a lot of 5 stars but in this case, there were a couple of things I would love to see.One - a better tread treatment. I would have liked something that would give more traction.Two - I would have loved to have seen a center set of risers. Risers in the middle would give more rigidity and support for minimal cost.Three - a bracket that could be screwed into the spa that would accept the steps. A slip-on piece would have been epic. and a simple element. I would have even been willing to pay for it as an accessory.These are small things but the devil is in the details after all. 4Customer service is BEST EVER! PRODUCT GREAT!First of all, these are AWESOME. Nice, strong and very heavy duty. But put it together CORRECTLY. Pictures on box. Pay attention to details. Once together, that's it, no UNDOING.My husband put bottom step on wrong (curve in) and we called Customer service, (on a SATURDAY), and They were seriously AMAZING!Truly BEST customer service I have had ever! EV-ER!We explained what happened. They were super nice, and they said we are not the only ones to make that mistake. They offered we could TRY to take apart with rubber mallet, but warned MAY crack in process, BUT IF IT CRACKED, to just call them back and they'd send a replacement!!!Well, it cracked, so I called right back and they took my info and sent out a replacement, simple as that! Came within 5 busines days, and we were thrilled to have a 2nd chance to get it right. Honestly, their customer service was pure perfection, and that's why I'd give them 10 stars if I could! And product is fantastic. Wish CS was like them!Not sure what we will do with the extra (wrongly assembled) one. But maybe keep as an extra, as its still "useable". I just wanted it to be done right, to ensure long term use, and stability. We truly could not be happier with product and consumer service. They were so great, I cannot say it enough. 5better than expectedI got these steps for my deck, which is 21" high, so these were the perfect height. I live in a condo so I wasn't allowed to build permanent steps, and this was a good alternative.The price seemed high for a pile of plastic, but I have to admit that the quality was good, and I was surprised to learn that it was made in the USA. I live in the pacific northwest, so I needed something that would hold up in the rain, and these should do fine in that regard. The same item costs much more at my local builder supply store, and that may be because adding the word "spa" doubles the price.Assembly was quick and easy. I used the tip that I read in another comment about doing the bottom step first. I wasn't heavy enough to get the step to lock into place by simply stepping on it, so I had to stomp on it a bit. In hindsight, I should have had another person holding these, and perhaps uses a rubber mallet rather than my foot. So, props to the manufacturer for making this sturdy enough to handle my caveman assembly approach.The color shown in the photo for Medium Red is correct; I would say that it's more of a light brown than a red. It looks fine with a redwood color deck. 5To help with assembly....I've read all the reviews about how hard these spa steps are to assemble so I figured I should write a review to show how I did it to help others who decide to buy.Once I did figured it out (which did take some time) it was simple... First start with the bottom step for stability. Insert the back of the step (as shown in the pic) then step on the front. Snaps right in. Then do the same with the top step. Took me less than five minutes on my own (no help).Hope this helps 5Great product, great price - just needs a stomp to lock steps into placeThis product is a great price for what it is. I moved into a new house and needed steps from a newly installed sliding glass door out to the patio. We aren't re-doing the patio for a year or so and just wanted something inexpensive to fill the gap of this long step down from the house to outside. These steps definitely have more uses than just for a spa.As far as putting it together, I didn't have a problem at all. And I'm a 125lb woman.1. Place the two sides about 3 feet apart with the back of the steps leaning up against a wall.2. Determine if you want the back/upper step to be rounded or straight. Pick the appropriate step - you are given one of each.3. For the back/upper step: Slightly lift the front of the step and put the back two sides in first.4. Push down the front of the step as best as you can.5. Wearing a sneaker or boot, stomp down on the front corners to lock them into place. I only needed to stomp each corner once or twice.6. Repeat steps 3-5 for front/lower step. 5Excellent purchaseI had refused to pay $99+ for spa steps when purchasing my spa from the vendor and thought it won t be that hard to find them elsewhere cheaper. We ll, it wasn t hard to find them cheaper but all the reviews scared me off from actually buying them...until these. I liked that these had a 350 lb weight capacity (vs 250 that most other have). While my husband and I are no where near that mark, we have soft friends that are big boys and I m sure exceed the 250 mark.Now, there were no instructions included with mine but it doesn t take a rocket scientist to figure out how these go together as there is no hardware. You can choose the top step - either curved for a round tub or straight for a square tub. I will say however, it took alllll my strength to get these suckers to piece together - like literally, all my body weight - but I feel confident they re never coming apart because they are STURDY!Seriously though, if you re like me and himming and hahing about the decision these are the stairs for you. Excellent price, quality, etc. 5Some people are saying that the curved edge leaves a ...Some people are saying that the curved edge leaves a gap between the hot tub and the step. These people are putting the steps together wrong. You can put this together with either a curved edge or a straight edge on top. Since my hot tub has a straightedge, I placed a straight edge on the top step as the directions say. If your hot tub has a curved edge, you place the curved step on top. These are definitely rugged steps. I had to jump on the step to get it to snap into place. 5Easy to assembleVery easy to assemble, kind of.I struggled with snapping the pieces together, bc I was afraid I'd break them with the amount of pressure required to snap together. However, if I were that strong, or that fat to break this plastic I'd have other things to worry about.It's shipped in pieces, 2 sides and 2 steps. You should be able to just click together but like I said it requires some real force. Don't worry though, you won't break it! Just use you're strength of weight and snap it together.Once assembled it's solid, even with my fat butt I feel comfortable standing on these steps. It also came with rubber footers, however as this will be outdoors I'm not sure how well the glue will hold up, as a result I'll attach with super glue as well.I recommend these steps if you're looking for an affordable set of stairs for your hot tub. I'm surprised that after spending what I did for my tub, the stairs and easy lift weren't included, but that's probably my poor negotiating.Buy these and the easy lift I reviewed, I just ordered a tray table for our tub that I'll review once it arrives. 5
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