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Cook N Home Professional Marble Fry Pan nonstick, 8" and 10" set, Green

  • Cook N Home Professional Marble Fry Pan nonstick, 8" and 10" set, Green
  • Cook N Home Professional Marble Fry Pan nonstick, 8" and 10" set, Green
  • Cook N Home Professional Marble Fry Pan nonstick, 8" and 10" set, Green
  • Cook N Home Professional Marble Fry Pan nonstick, 8" and 10" set, Green
  • Cook N Home Professional Marble Fry Pan nonstick, 8" and 10" set, Green

Cook N Home Professional Marble Fry Pan nonstick, 8" and 10" set, Green

NZ$ 302.00 NZ$ 182.00 Save: NZ$ 120.00
NZ$ 182.00 NZ$ 302.00 You save: NZ$ 120.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Made of thick gauge aluminum that provides even heat conduction and prevents hot spots
  • Nonstick coating makes food release and cleaning easy and is cadmium and lead free
  • Soft handles are comfortable and stay cool during cooking; Oven safe to 375F
  • Induction compatible; Works on gas, electric, glass, ceramic, etc.; Dishwasher safe
  • Includes: 8 in. pan with 1.7 in. height, 1.3 lb and 10 in. pan with 2 in. height, 1.7 lb
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Customer Reviews

Pass on this panI had two of these pans (one a replacement) and both failed within less than 6 months. The center is not flat and begins to turn brown. Eventually flood starts sticking to the brown center and to clean it more drastic cleaning measure have to be used further degrading the pans nonstick surface.1The Cook N Home frying pan is the best pan we have ever owned and we use this ...The Cook N Home frying pan is the best pan we have ever owned and we use this one 95% of the time and the rest stay in the pantry. Any residue wipes away easily with just using a paper towel. We do not have to use any cooking oil at all and that is great for healthy cooking. You can't go wrong with this frying pan & the 12-inch seems perfect for all of our needs. Another plus is that you can use medium heat since the pan heats up so evenly.5Loose riveted handles, buyer beware.Loose handle which uses rivets to attach the handle to the pan itself. No way to tighten and secure the handle to prevent it from jiggling or wobbling. Given the weight and size of the pan and how loose the handle was when I received it brand new, I suspect it would get much looser.I also suspect I received a return since the cardboard branding overlay had one of its tabs torn where it looked as though it had already been previously removed.It's too bad because the pan itself and its ceramic surface seem very nice and certainly non stick, at least when new. It also feels pretty sturdy like it was last a while if taken care of properly. But the loose handle which can't be tightened is a deal breaker for me personally. So it's going back and I don't want to wait for a replacement. I rated this 3 stars because if not for the riveted handle this would be a great pan at a fair price.3Not useful on induction cooktopReally did not work well on my brand new induction cooktop (Samsung). Would not do much at all at low to medium heat (water wouldn't even come to a simmer), but worked fine at high ("power boost") temperatures. Problem is - the coating on this pan is essentially Teflon (different brand, Greblon C2). You're not supposed to use Teflon at high temps - can emit noxious fumes and lose its anti-stick capabilities. So essentially, the properties of this pan make it mostly useless on an induction cooktop. I am returning it to Amazon.2I only wish I'd bought this sooner!This thing is bigger than my head and it's AMAZING.I made my own fried rice a lot and the problem I usually have is that it spills out of the pan while stirring because I like to make two servings or more. With this pan, there's plenty of room for all of my ingredients! Hell, I can make two egg-in-a-nests at the same time! I really want to try making French Toast in this. Almost as great as it's convenient size, it's REALLY easy to clean! I live in a dorm with a community kitchen and sometimes I forget to bring my cooking spray with me, but nothing has been too hard to wash off of this pan. Overall, I'm so glad I invested in this thing.5Best Non Stick Pan I've OwnedI love a good size, non stick frying pan in my kitchen. It's one of my most used kitchen tools, I'd say. Unfortunately, they always feel like they don't last very long before they are scratched, peeling, sticking, and just feel like you should throw them away. A friend told me she gets a new one every year. EVERY YEAR! Argh. I hate that, it's expensive and wasteful!This pan is different. I've had mine for over two years now and it's still perfect, as you can see from pictures. I bought this one for all the positive reviews and now I need to add mine to them. This pan has a thick, heavy bottom and a nice handle. It's a good, versatile size. Best of all, it's still awesome over two years later. And I use it ALL THE TIME. Even the bottom has color on it from my gas range but the inside of the pan is perfect. It's still non stick! I do still use oil/cooking spray (I have always done that with all my non stick pans) and I only use plastic utinsels on it (I have always done that too with all my non stick pans) but this pan I LOVE. I even love the personality of the green color.! Highly, highly recommend.5Affordable and DurableI've had this pan for almost a year now and I absolutely love it. The flat bottom distributes heat evenly. It's a little heavy, but not too heavy. (I'm always looking for a lighter pan.) I guess it's more "solid" than "heavy." And it cleans up nicely. I cook a lot. This pan gets used every day and it's still easy to clean up - even things that might get burned on. I'd definitely buy more of these in different sizes.5Out of the box convex (rounded or humped) center...Out of the box this pan had a convex or raised center section. As you can see from the photo, all of the water I added to the pan quickly ran to the edges. I suspected this would be a big problem when cooking and sure enough it is a nightmare. Eggs run straight to the side of the pan, making it impossible to cook effectively. I am at a compete loss to find a quality frying pan that works on an induction cooktop. I can't rate it's durability as I have only used it two or three times. Given the hump in the bottom, it probably won't see much use and will end up going to the Good Will. -- I DO NOT RECOMEND THIS PRODUCT.2I LOVE this panI LOVE this pan. It is so easy to cook with AND clean. Having a pan that was not only super simple to clean but that made clean up quick was incredibly important to me and this pan does just that. I love how high the sides come up, because this has allowed me to make a variety of dishes in this pan, including stir-fry. This is one of the best purchases I have made in months...I could not be happier!5Great set of perfect sizes Great set of perfect sizes. Very well made, and heavy duty. Lightweight, but sturdy. The inside coating somehow keeps food from sticking. Recommended utensils would be wooden spoons or plastic spatulas, but at first I used metal utensils. Other reviews said to never use metal due to the probability of scratches, but I found it to be acceptable when used carefully. Most of the time, you can just wipe clean and wash. Now and then, we'll soak for a few minutes, then wash clean. So far, nothing we've cooked has had any problem with cleanup. With high use in our home, and many cooks, these pans have stood up to the variety of cooking styles and variety of utensils with little visible wear.This picture is exactly what they look like. The two sizes are perfect together, and great for stocking a kitchen.I would highly recommend these frying pans! Will definitely buy again. 5Great for Induction Cooking! NOTHING sticks!!! EVER!!After 14 months, this is still a 5-star pan! I use it to cook EVERYTHING. I cook meat and sauces in it, brown onions and potatoes, scrambled eggs and omelettes. EVERYTHING just slides out, and the pan wipes clean with a soft sponge.I also bought Cook-N-Home's 8-inch and 10-inch pans for making cr pes, plus the 12-inch wok. They all work great on my induction cooktop, and nothing ever sticks at all. But this 12-inch frying pan is my favorite, and it still spends more time on the cooktop than on the shelf. I'm seriously thinking of buying another just to keep for that far-off day when this pan finally needs to be replaced -- but that day is not yet!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I bought this pan because I needed just ONE non-stick pan to cook eggs and cr pes over my new induction cooktop.I've owned the pan for three months, during which I've used it about six or seven times a week, more than any other frying pan I own. I don't ever use it on a conventional stovetop or in the oven -- it's my one and only go-to pan for cooking with induction. I use it to brown meat and onions, cook eggs and omelets, fry bacon or potatoes -- nearly everything that needs a wide, shallow, non-stick pan. It spends more time off the shelf than on it.After three months, its non-stick finish looks as good as the day it arrived, and works as well, too.I do take care of it. I never use metal cooking tools (at all), and I never overheat the pan. Induction cooking is generally lower temperature than conventional cooking because you can control the heat more precisely -- so this pan has never been used at temperatures higher than 320F.I wash it by hand with a soft sponge. It never needs scrubbing -- just a soapy wipe, rinse with the sprayer, and towel dry.I'm pretty pleased with the pan overall, especially considering how cheap it was to buy. There are only two reasons I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 --(1) The induction layer is a paper-thin disk on the bottom that is very slow to heat the rest of the pan. Since induction works by heating ONLY the ferrous metal layer, if that layer is very thin then it will take much longer to collect enough heat to distribute to the rest of the pan. It would be better if it the ferrous layer were thicker and did not have so many holes in it.(2) The bottom of the pan warps upwards when it heats. This means that it is not suitable for making cr pes and other thin-batter foods, which flow off the center and to the sides. I will have to buy another pan strictly for making cr pes, which is disappointing and somewhat annoying, as I had intended to use this one for everything.But I guess "everything except cr pes" is still a pretty useful non-stick pan!5
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