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Cork Pops Refill Cartridges - Set of 4

  • Cork Pops Refill Cartridges - Set of 4

Cork Pops Refill Cartridges - Set of 4

NZ$ 152.00 NZ$ 91.20 Save: NZ$ 60.80
NZ$ 91.20 NZ$ 152.00 You save: NZ$ 60.80



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Open Sesame I am and avid wine drinker mostly white since I live in Florida and I do not need to decant my Peter Michael Sauvignon Blanc or New Zealand offerings. The refills make my wine opener easy to insert the needle into the cork, inject the gas and wallah: a pop and I am drinking.This makes me feel like a new man. Guess what, the new man wants a drink. 5Great Refills! I have reordered these Cork Pops refills several times now and they have never disappointed me. They pop in/out easily from the Cork Pops assembly and have decent life expectancy. This cork puller gets a lot of use in my house and I have not found a simpler or faster way to open a bottle of wine (other than screw cap!). My original Cork Pops unit (received as a gift) is still working flawlessly after several years! 5Best Cork Screw and refills ever.... guaranteed!!!!!! i bought this for my mother one xmas I was sooo jealous because I have tried every opener out there. My favorite became the tongs you wiggle in, then twist and pull up. And the cork didn't get cracked and fall into the red wine. But this......Amazing!!!! First it has a pair of cutting scissors that you clamp around the base of the foil. You twist to cut and lift. So, no more tearing you nails up or using a knife. Next, you push the pin into the cork like an injection. And, as soon as you push it in, you push down at the gas cartridge at the top with your thumb, and the cork actually pops out like champagne. Last, the cork is still on the pin, but you grab the foil cutter, which is now above the cork and pin and you pull it down. It pushes the cork right off. And, now, if you have any wine left over you can turn the cork upside down which is wet and narrower then the other end and twist it partially back in to keep it for the next day so it does not it exposed to air and turn to vinegar. 5What s wrong with these cartridges? I just used this product today March 25th , and it didn t work the cartridges were empty... Was very surprised since I use this product all the time.. I don t understand why theses cartridges were this way... disappointed ! I ordered it in Jan.. does this have anything to do with this not working? 1Best way to uncork wine, but not for all corks I've been using this product for years and it is by far THE BEST way to open a bottle of wine. I've gotten all of my hardcore wine-loving friends using it also, they were all skeptical at first, being more traditional with the old style sommelier cork puller, but the advantages of Cork Pops are clear. Also, don't worry about the cost of refills, my wife and I drink wine 4-5 times per week and a refill will last us 6-9 months.There is zero chance of breaking the cork, either the cork comes out or it doesn't, and when it does, it leaves no damage to the cork whatsoever, just a small needle hole in the cork! This is a great way to get old corks out without breaking them, but it only works if the bottle/cork is still airtight, if it's not, then the pressure leaks and the cork won't come out, but that's ok, no damage is done, and you can then try another method, like the double-pronged opener, that's what I use on really old crumbling corks when my Cork Pops doesn't work. I'd say that I can get ~90% of bottles opened with Cork Pops.Another thing to consider, it doesn't work well some synthetic corks, the needle is too hard to push through and it's also hard to get the cork off the needle afterwards. It will depend on the type of synthetic material used, some are softer and it works, some are really hard and in that case, I use a regular cork screw opener.Pro:- zero chance of breaking the cork, either the cork comes out or it doesn't- great way to get old corks out without breaking them (but only if they are still airtight)- no damage to the opened cork, it leaves only a small needle hole- leaves no cork pieces in the bottle, unlike other opening methods- works on ~90% of bottles in my experience (this will vary)- refills last a very long time, 6-9 months with 4-5 bottles per week in my experience (this will vary)- refills are inexpensiveCon:- doesn't work well on some synthetic corks, the needle is too hard to push through- may not work on older bottles with old crumbling corks, needs an airtight seal to work properly (if it fails, use a double-pronged opener)- foil cutter (on the original model of Cork Pops) gets dull after a while 5Only 1 of 2 units worked Perhaps this was an honest mistake or maybe it's a scam by the fulfillment company but I wanted to alert potential buyers from this distributor that only one of the two units in the box worked. The one that didn't work had absolutely no gas in the canister, not even a little bit, it was completely flat. I used to buy refills at BevMo and never had an issue. They're less expensive via Amazon (if both canisters work!), but buyer beware! 1A Great Seller of a Fantastic Product! If you haven't heard of Cork Pops wine openers, you really must investigate.This is the best, fastest, cleanest way to open a bottle of wine!However, where I live in Hawaii, I haven't found where to buy the refills and they can't be shipped to Hawaii either.So, when I run out of the refill cartridges, if I can't go to the mainland myself, I order these from Amazon, have them shipped to a mainland friend or returning Hawaiian, who in turn, hand-carries them on their trip to Hawaii.Now would I go to so much trouble if this wasn't all that I say it is?! 5My boyfriend wouldn't use it at first - now he uses nothing else! My boyfriend has an extensive wine collection, and he is always fiddling with all kinds of corkscrews - fancy ones, small ones, expensive ones, rusty ones - but his favorite corkscrew is his rabbit corkscrew. Well, one evening, while opening a 20-year-old bottle of wine, the rabbit corkscrew broke, and because 20-year-old corks can become somewhat brittle and hard to remove, he was reluctant to try another corkscrew. I had given him the Cork Pop as a gift a little while back, and being the "corkscrew purist" that he is, he scoffed at using it. But he decided to try the Cork Pop this time, and it worked like a charm! Now, HE LOVES IT! I had to order more cartridges. He uses it all the time. He doesn't have to carry his new rabbit corkscrew when we go on trips. It's small, it's convenient, and it works almost every time. Sometimes, a very old cork will have dried up in the bottle, and air will escape when the Cork Pop is used, but one or two more tries, and it pops right out! 4How to get to your wine quickly! I bought the Cork Pop Refills so that we could continue to quickly & easily open our wine. The initial cartridge lasted for approximately 50 bottles (unscientific measure!) as did my second cartridge(expensive when bought at the liquor store) We enjoy drinking wine & open 4 or 5 bottles a week. I used a "Rabbit Ears" opener for quite a while - and have kept it as a back-up. It, also, is quick, but takes a little more effort than these wonderful Cork Pop type openers. And Cork Pop openers are just fun to use! I highly recommend. 5Cork Pops refill Cartriges When my wine de-corker finally ran out of gas, (before it's time, I'm afraid to say, due to my errors and sloppy attempts to pop hard synthetic corks out of bottles of cheap wine), a check on the internet for replacement cartridges reveled wildly varying prices. A search of Amazon's site reveled not only the best price but free shipping as well. Truly a win-win situation. The replacement cartridges come in a two-pack and are rather larger than standard CO2 cartridges you might use for your seltzer bottle. They are easy to replace in the de-capper and last an amazingly long time, (as long as you are weary of cheap wine corked with hard synthetic stoppers). Lest I scare off the cheap wine drinkers reading this, this de-capper works just fine on the soft synthetic stoppers, with only a momentary push on the button required to pop the stopper. By hard synthetic stoppers, I mean the kind you break your corkscrew trying to screw into. Arthritis had made opening wine bottles a trying experience but the CO2 de-capper has made it fun again. Warning! Warning! Greenie alert: involves CO2 gas - might not be politically correct in California and cause anthological global warming. (;->http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000R4LLTI/ref=cm_cr_rev_prod_title 5
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