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Craftsman 9-17816 General Purpose Red Stripe Vacuum Cartridge Filter, 8.5 Inches - White/Red

  • Craftsman 9-17816 General Purpose Red Stripe Vacuum Cartridge Filter, 8.5 Inches - White/Red
  • Craftsman 9-17816 General Purpose Red Stripe Vacuum Cartridge Filter, 8.5 Inches - White/Red
  • Craftsman 9-17816 General Purpose Red Stripe Vacuum Cartridge Filter, 8.5 Inches - White/Red

Craftsman 9-17816 General Purpose Red Stripe Vacuum Cartridge Filter, 8.5 Inches - White/Red

NZ$ 164.00 NZ$ 99.00 Save: NZ$ 65.00
NZ$ 99.00 NZ$ 164.00 You save: NZ$ 65.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • The Craftsman General Purpose Red Stripe Filter is great for cleanup of everyday dirt like sawdust, wood chips, job site debris and car or truck dirt
  • Fits all Current Craftsman Wet/Dry Vacs 5 gal. or larger, Also fits 6 gal. vacs made since 1992 and 8, 12, 16, 32 gal. vacuums produced since 1988
  • Fully assembled, so get it home and start using it, Available in white/red
  • Dimensions: 8 in. H; 6.75 in. diameter, Item Weight: 4 lbs.
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Customer Reviews

Quality & Fits, but top different than picture ...2015: Ordered this 17816 filter for my old red 9 gallon Sears Craftsman Model 113.xxx shop vacuum. It is good quality and fits perfectly. Comes in an official Craftsman box with a plastic cap-nut. It measures 6 3/4" outside diameter x 7 3/4' tall and the bottom is wide open (no bottom cover plate). Mine goes over a 4" diameter x 7" tall plastic cage with a plastic 1" long stud on top with a 7/16"-ish thread. Push it down over the cage to seat it and then spin the plastic cap-nut on. I'd suggest looking in that cage first to remove any debris caught in there - you can try and pick any debris out through the cage slots or just pop the whole cage off with some effort by forcing the bottom circular plastic seat lip over the three bottom cage locking tabs - then snap it back on. The top nut is multi-use designed to also work with models with a large diameter stud or a non-threaded stud. Suggest not washing paper filters when they get too clogged ... they curl and can clog more ... instead, take them to a gas station or car dealer and air-blow them out from the middle.Fyi, the filter received has no "ears" like the picture. It is a simple circular plastic plate with a hole in the middle for the stud.There are 4 same-size filters in the product line, so pick the one most appropriate for your use: 1) 17816 general purpose (this filter); 2) 17907 for finer dust & ashes; 3) 17912 for ultimate fine pollen & allergen-level filtration; and 4) 17292 wet-only filter. 4You have to McGyver it to older vaccuums, despite being the exact same part number your old one takes.OK, so you've probably seen all the one star reviews because it didn't fit on their older vacuums. It's hard to know how old vacuums are for sure.But many reviews also say how it can be McGyver'd / altered / forced to work.How to make it fit? Here's a summary of the options:Push like hell and maybe the nut will catch the threads just enough.Turn the wing nut upside down and force it.Notch out the plastic top of the filter.We used a razor blade to cut the plastic top of the filter in fourths, then a heat gun to melt it lower.Which way will work best for you? Will you invent a whole new method? Or would you rather find the exact right one? It's your choice. 3Filter will not stay in placeSame as experience here as with most of the other one star reviews. The integrated filter plate and plastic "compression" nut are a bad design that does not reliably hold the filter in place. The filter can fall off when moving the vac and sometimes for no apparant reason. I have started a practice of removing the top of the vac to make sure the filter is in place each time before I turn it on. Not how you want to use a shop vac. In spite of this, it just fell off in the middle of vacuuming a pile of sawdust. I heard a pop and turned to see that half of the exhaust filter had blown out. When I removed the rest of the exhaust filter I discovered an inch of sawdust in the exhaust port. I can't imagine this is good for the motor. I am writing this review as I literally let the dust settle. If I could give this filter less than 1 star, I would. 1does not fit wellMy craftsman 113 178080 12 gallon vac still works well, but the filter was done. The amazon site said 9 17816 filter would fit. When it arrived the box confirmed it would fit. The instructions said the filter nut that came in the box would not work, but the old filter nut that came with the vac would work. Well the older nut would not catch the thread on the threaded stud on the top of the filter cage. I had to sand the old filter nut until it would just barely catch on the threads. The vac works now but what should have been as easy repladcement was NOT. 2Does NOT work on older Sears vacsDespite these having the same part number as our older filters we've purchased for years, and Sears assurance that these DO fit our older vacs, these newer style filters do NOT work on our older style Craftsman vacs that have a wing nut screw on style and separate lift plate. The new style with the built in lift plate does NOT screw on, and falls down off of the filter cage. 1had to modify but it worksThe package did match up with the model number of my vac and it did not fit on my vac. But with a little creative ingenuity, I cut the threads off the bottom of the filter and batta boom it works like new. With the threads on the nut wouldn't thread on. 4It Works but Modifications Might be NecessaryI was in need of a filter for an old Craftsman shop vac. It's an old school 8 gallon version with black plastic, likely purchased in the early 90s, is loud as all get out but still runs like a champ. The model number is 113.177011 and it's likely been through several iterations since my purchase.I found this filter model and thought it would be a direct replacement. It is, to an extent and some modifications were necessary to have it fit my model correctly. This is not to say you'll have the same issues, but it's just something about which you should be aware. Basically the design is this ... Once you take off the head unit and flip it upside down, there is a long post with threads down the center. In my case, there was a red flag shaped nut that was threaded onto the post. This nut held a plate against the filter to hold it captive. I unscrewed the red flag nut, removed the plate and filter. I've included a diagram of the design, which was taken from a Craftsman box online.This new filter is designed to also fit over that threaded post, but it differs in that the plate is integrated into the design. There is also a raised threaded area on the plate that obscures some of the threads on the post. There was regular, round nut included with the package that is supposed to screw down on the filter and post to hold it captive. I tried to thread it on to the post but to no avail. I don't think the threaded rod extended far enough to make that happen.I then tried the original red flag nut, and while it worked, I had to press down on the filter and was only able to make 1 or 1.5 turns. I thought about it a bit and since I didn't want to strip the threads, the next day I clipped off that raised, threaded area on the plate. I used wire cutters and a razor knife and cut it down the same level as the plate. It doesn't have to be perfect by any means. The red flag nut fit perfectly after that, and I was back in business. I kept the old plate just in case the design changes again. 3Did not fit my Craftsman which used same exact filter before (filter 917816).My Craftsman vacuum previously used this exact model number filter, but this one doesn't fit. The diameter seems correct, but there is a black plastic cylinder on the inside of this filter, approx 1" diameter x 1/2" length, which surrounds the hole for the threaded bolt of the vacuum body. This seems to prevent the threaded bolt from protruding through the hole on the filter far enough so it can be threaded into place. Since the plastic cylinder is on the inside of the filter itself, I can't cut it out to make it fit. 1Filter Will Work But Needed Modification to FitI expected a $16 filter of the same brand and with the exact model of my vacuum printed on the box to just fit. Apparently the new attachment method for this filter is supposed to be a push-on nut, but the filter is too long for that to work on the threaded stem in my vacuum. After fiddling with it for a few minutes and having the filter pop off each time, I gave up. I took out my Dremel tool and used a cutoff wheel to trim down the raised bump in the middle of the filter to expose enough threads, and used the original threaded nut to tighten onto the stem and hold the filter. 1Dang, easier than the originalI have had my Craftsman Shop Vac for at least 15 years, probably longer. I was worried about the replacement filter not fitting properly. Should not have worried, fit easily and quickly. There is a difference in the original filter and the new one. The original had a plate built in at one end that the wing nut screwed down to. The new one has that cover built in with a pronged nut that goes on and secures the filter. Easier and one less part. I did have to push the filter down the cage and make it go on but that was no big deal at. I am happy and recommend this filter. 5
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