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Cuisinart CRBS-36MBK Chef's Classic 37-Inch Rectangular Wall-Mount Bookshelf Rack, Matte Black

  • Cuisinart CRBS-36MBK Chef's Classic 37-Inch Rectangular Wall-Mount Bookshelf Rack, Matte Black
  • Cuisinart CRBS-36MBK Chef's Classic 37-Inch Rectangular Wall-Mount Bookshelf Rack, Matte Black

Cuisinart CRBS-36MBK Chef's Classic 37-Inch Rectangular Wall-Mount Bookshelf Rack, Matte Black

NZ$ 794.00 NZ$ 477.00 Save: NZ$ 317.00
NZ$ 477.00 NZ$ 794.00 You save: NZ$ 317.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Rectangular wall-mount bookshelf rack introduces style and function to any kitchen
  • Durably constructed; inset grid doubles as storage shelf for cookbooks and accessories
  • 12 "S" hooks enable moveable positioning to create customized cookware storage
  • Includes 2 reinforced wall brackets and all necessary installation hardware
  • Unit Dimensions: 36. 78"(L) x 8. 74"(W) x 12. 97"(H)
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Customer Reviews

Very sturdy, well made and rather heavy.Heavy duty construction, well made and rather heavy. Not real high quality stainless steel (magnets stick to it very well), but I don t think that matters very much. Attaches via 4 screws and they must be screwed into solid wood, not sheet rock. Doesn t require an advanced skill set, but does require a fair amount of physical strength - or two people.5Works great, even on half drywallThis shelf worked great. My wall studs were not 16" apart so I did not have the option of using 2 studs for mounting. I got one side into a stud and hung the other with 1/4" Toggler Bolts (TOGGLER SNAPTOGGLE BB Toggle Bolt with Bolts, USA Made, For 1/4"-20 Fastener Size (Pack of 10)) to hang the other side. Note that these are not the normal spring-winged toggle bolts. These are rated for over 250lbs, and some quick math shows that you can hang over 100lbs from the very edge of the shelf and not hit the load limit. It's been hanging my entire pots and pan set with lids (which according to Amazon shipping weight is only around 30lbs) for over a week with no issue and feels very solid.Great shelf, quality construction, and if you're willing to blatantly ignore the safety instructions included, you can hang it on drywall (well 1/2 drywall anyway).5Beautiful rack, cheap hardware!I recently purchased the beautiful Cuisinart CRBS-36PCP Chef's Classic 36-Inch Rectangular Wall-Mount Bookshelf Rack in polished copper. While I couldn't be more pleased with the look and quality feel of the rack itself, I am very disappointed in the hardware that came along with it. After carefully measuring, drilling and leveling the rack, I was practically finished installing it when the last bolt snapped off while I was tightening it, leaving part of it in the wall! Now, I'm faced with the task of buying a special drill bit to extract the broken piece, and I'll need to start all over again! Before I do so, I'd like to be furnished with matching copper replacement bolts. Hopefully they will be strong enough to do the job right!3Great pot rackThis thing is well made and sturdy as all get out. My wall is cinderblock with plaster over it, so there are no studs to attach the rack to. I bought 800lb wall anchors, drilled them in, and have had no issues with it holding. My only complaint would be that the top part of the rack where you can put puts is somehow just half an inch to shallow to lay traditional stock pots flat. I leaned mine on the side and it's been working okay. Def recommend having a helper to install it - very heavy!5I'm very pleased. The wall of the kitchen that I plan ...I will be updating this review with pictures at a later date.This pot rack is surprisingly heavy and well-built. I expected lightweight cheap metal when I ordered it and was surprised at it's strength and weight. An extremely heavy cast iron dutch oven hanging in the center of the 3 foot length of the rack does not worry me in the slightest thanks to how strong this rack appears to be. I'm very pleased.The wall of the kitchen that I plan on mounting this rack has stubs at 16" on center, however they are not where I need them to be to center this rack on the wall. In addition, I'm concerned that hanging pots will scratch, dent and scrape the sheetrock wall beneath the rack. To resolve both of these issues I've decided to secure a laminate plywood sheet to the wall, anchoring it to the studs. Then anchoring the rack to the plywood. Technically I won't be anchoring the rack to the plywood but in reality *through* it and the sheetrock, using the plywood's strength to back up the sheetrock and keep my toggle bolts from breaking through the sheetroock. I will be using toggle bolts I picked up at Lowes for this task instead of screws. The reason being is that 1/2" worth of threads into plywood is not enough to satisfy my strength needs. However the plywood will strengthen the wall between the studs more than enough to give my toggle bolts the strength they need to hold the rack up. I will be drilling 1/2" holes through the plywood and sheetrock to insert the toggle bolts through once the sheet is in place. The finished product should be extremely durable.The plywood will extend up above the pot rack to the top plate of my wall and down the wall below the pot rack 2 feet to catch the tip of even the longest skillet. Originally I had planned on covering the plywood in stainless steel sheeting or tiles. The cost of stainless steel though is out of this world so I will not be doing that. I've considered a few options including painting the plywood black and covering is with a punched aluminum sheet. I've considered using plywood that has been molded to look like bead board and painting that a nice country kitchen white. In the end I've decided to buy a nice birch plywood, stain it to match the cabinets and trim it in oak trim for a nice finished look.I'm using laminate plywood for strength. OSB or CDX is far from strong enough for this job without buying something extremely thick. I can do the job with 1/2" laminate easily.5This Thing Is EXACTLY What You're Looking For!This has been just the thing I was needing for my 'smaller' kitchen.. With how much I cook, and wanting to keep my new pans safe, and easily within access, I don't even know how else to say how happy I am.With the advice of the "fyurguy" review here, I fell in love, and had to try doing it myself. No BS about it, if you can pull this off, it will make your wall/pans/hanger all just POP out!If you mount this properly, you should be able to do pullups from the shelf, so don't even worry about strength. Just make sure you're doing the mounting proper!All in all, this was a must-have for me, and it couldn't have gone any better.5Solid construction. Must anchor into studs or a solid backer board that is anchored into studs. Do not skimp on this.The construction and the material is really solid. If my ceiling was higher, I would have been able to make a normal installation. However, I knew going in it would not be the case. Rack is secured 1" below top of ceiling. A local machine shop fabricated hanging brackets for me from one of the braces. Do not attempt this without proper tools. Stainless steel is a hard metal to work if cutting, drilling and bending. Rack position is centered on a window and ceiling joists permitted only 16" spread on hangers. Attachment to wall was into structural top plate, so is attached with 32" full width. Lag bolts supplied are 2" length. Due to wall and ceiling construction, I replaced them with 2-1/2" and 3" lag bolts to ensure good bite into studs. Someone asked if the rack can be mounted with brackets upside down. The steel is 1/8" thickness and may work, but over time they may bend because there is no stiffener built in. They are designed to provide tension support, not compression support.5Simply Perfect Absolutely exactly what we were looking for. Superior quality (as would be expected from Cuisinart). The finish matches beautifully with our Viking range and other stainless appliances. We had a very small section of wall to put this on and it fit perfectly. We had to install it on a piece of plywood that was installed into the studs because of the stud locations on this wall. But we cut a piece of cabinet-grade ash plywood to the exact height of the rack and the width of the wall (only 3 inches wider than the rack) and then sanded, primed, and painted the plywood the exact paint color of the wall. Then we mounted to rack to the plywood. Unlike other folks, we had no trouble with the mounting hardware that came with the rack. We simply drilled the pilot holes using the bit size prescribed and then hand torqued the screws into the plywood. It is simply perfect and I have it fully loaded. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product. 5Mount with a Backsplash and its AMAZINGI mostly followed fyurguy's instructions but I have a few tips to add as well:Supply List:-Cuisinart Pot Rack (as shown here)-24x36" stainless steel backsplash Broan SP3604 Backsplash 24-Inch by 36-Inch Stainless Steel Range Hood Wall Shield-24x36" 3/4" thick birch plywood (this part is tricky, I will explain below)-x5 1/2" #8 Stainless Steel Screws-Box of 3" Course Thread Drywall Screws (don't bother with the fine thread)-Flat Black Spraypaint-x1 squeeze tube of liquid nail-x1 cheap paint brush (its just to spread liquid nail... I used an old paint soaked one. It doesn't matter)-Metal Boring bits for your drillOK to begin, the Plywood is probably the trickiest thing about this setup. Most stores won't have a prefab cut of plywood in 24x36. You can have a lot of places cut a Longer sheet down, but their tools they use to cut it are used for rough cuts and not the precision you need. If you don't have the equipment to cut sheets of plywood, have the store get it as close as possible then with a jigsaw clean up the edges. You need the backsplash (which is EXACTLY 24x36) to be flush with the PlywoodOnce you have your plywood cut and ready to go, take the spray paint and paint all the edges with a few coats to make sure they are good and covered in the little crevices. I sanded down the edges of the plywood to make the suface look a bit cleaner for the end product. Let this dry for as long as you can, you don't want this rubbing off on your wall when you are taking your stud measurements.While the paint is drying, take a studfinder and find your mounting points. Always check (in a spot that will be covered) by hammering a finishing nail into the wall - if it sticks than you got yourself a stud. In a lot of buildings there are things in the wall that may interfere with the studfinder's capability to accurately represent whats behind the wall. You stud locations need to be precise, mark off on the wall both side of your studs that you find for the plywood.Once the paint is dry, hold the board up to the wall, make sure everything is plumb, and mark where the studs are on the plywood. Draw a line all the way up and down on the board to mark off your screwing region -- trust me, this helps. Now take the board down and pre-drill counter sinks into the plywood. When someone is holding that board up on the wall, you want to be able to just slam those screws in as fast as possible. It also helps to take a very fine drill bit and drill a guide hole if you have hardwood studs like I have in my old house. The counter sunk holes make sure that your screws will be flush with the plywood once they are in place.Once you have the counter sink holes, line the backsplash up on the plywood. Find the dead center of the board and bore a small hole in the back splash. You want a fifth SS screw in the center to make sure that the backsplash stays put. After you have the center hole drilled, take your plywood to the wall and mount it in. I personally used 5 screws in each stud and 4 screws directly into the drywall (just for poops and giggles). Always double check that everything is plumb with the ground before screwing this in... once its in, its in... You can't really try this again.Next step: cover the plywood (that is now on the wall) with liquid nail.. You want ti to be spread out and not globbing. It is more effective the more even the coating is. Take your 1/2" SS screws and screw that puppy in. Make sure everything is lined up perfectly because you will be screwing close to the edges of the Plywood. You don't want to split the wood. Drill a tiny tiny guide-hole if it makes you feel more comfortable.Congratulations! You now have a SS backsplash weigh anchor mounted on your wall!From here you follow the Cuisinart directions, but I will still tell you what I did, and the order I did it in:Tightly bolt the arms of the unit onto the shelf unit so it looks like the finished product (keep the wire rack out of it though). Have someone hold the unit up to your backsplash and find the position you want it in. I put mine at the very top, but it really is just personal preference. Mark the screw holes on the unit (there are 4) with a piece of chalk or a pencil (chalk is easier to see and cleans off better). Pre-drill the holes with a metal boring bit so all 4 are ready to go.Take the arms off of the shelf unit and set them aside. Mount the shelf part onto the wall first with the supplied SS lag bolts and washers, but attach it loosely - DO NOT RATCHET THESE DOWN TOO TIGHTLY. Bolt on the supplied arms and use the supplied lag bolts to post them into your pre-drilled holes. Line everything up while you have it loose and then tighten all your bolts. Again, DO NOT over tighten the bolts, they will likely just be going into plywood and maybe a bit of stud if you have lined it up this way. tighten it too much and it will strip the hole.Finally, slide in the SS grate and you are done! Voila!Post comments if you have any questions!5Nice Rack!I thought it was high priced but no regrets it's plenty sturdy to hang anything you want. A perfect fit for my kitchen and excellent care for my cookware while I don't have to crawl on the floor searching through cabinets. I suggest using a 1/8" bit not 3/16" in the instructions (seemed large) and bar soap your screws. I think this will receive many compliments!5Couldn't be happier with my purchase Couldn't be happier with my purchase. Installed into plaster with wire mesh lathe. Measured out where I wanted it and used some medium duty anchors to drill the provided bolts into. Didn't need to find a stud at all and has no issue holding up an entire set of pots and pans, plus some decorative stuff on the shelf. 5Mounting problem solved!As stated in a previous review, this rack has to be mounted directly into the wall studs. Unfortunately, the limited space in my small kitchen and the location that I wanted to mount the shelf did not allow for mounting the shelf directly into wall studs. The solution.....I attached a 24" X 36" piece of 3/4" birch plywood into the studs using eight 3" drywall screws (it's a good idea to countersink the screws into the plywood). To the plywood, I laminated a 24" X 36" stainless steel backsplash (available at Lowes or Home Depot for about 30 bucks) with liquid nails and four screws (holes are pre-drilled on each corner). I could then mount the bookshelf rack into the plywood/stainless steel backsplash without having to worry about mounting the unit into studs. You can also add some trim around the edges of the plywood/stainless to hide the plywood edges. My Cuisinart Mult-Clad Pro cookware looks great displayed from this rack. The mount is rock solid.If this solution exceeds your carpentry skills, I would recommend hiring a handyman to complete the job. It should take no more than one hour to complete the mounting. I would also recommend going to the hardware store and purchasing four American-made lag bolts and four stainless steel wood screws (the bolts provided with the shelf are metric and cheaply made). My total investment in the project (not including the shelf) was $39.50 and well worth the additional expense. I would love to include pictures with this review but I keep getting a message that Amazon is experiencing technical difficulties uploading pictures. I will however, keep trying and update this review with pictures. In closing, I would even use this method for mounting if I didn't have issues with the location of the studs. The plywood/backsplash protects the wall from cookware dings and looks great!UPDATE: Finally got a couple of pictures to upload. My my next Amazon purchase will probably be a good digital camera!5
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