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Cuisinart GG22-24 GreenGourmet Hard-Anodized Nonstick 10-Inch Open Skillet

  • Cuisinart GG22-24 GreenGourmet Hard-Anodized Nonstick 10-Inch Open Skillet
  • Cuisinart GG22-24 GreenGourmet Hard-Anodized Nonstick 10-Inch Open Skillet

Cuisinart GG22-24 GreenGourmet Hard-Anodized Nonstick 10-Inch Open Skillet

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 10-inch hard-anodized aluminum skillet with scratch-resistant nonstick ceramic-based surface
  • Water-based Ceramica nonstick surface won't peel off, free of PTFE and PFOA
  • Superior heat conductivity resulting in less energy use; oven- and broiler-safe
  • 70 percent recycled, riveted, stay-cool stainless-steel handle
  • Limited lifetime warranty; hand wash only; oven safe up to 500 degrees F
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Customer Reviews

Great non-toxic panA great non-stick and non-toxic pan. Not as non-stick as teflon, which I did expect, but still really good for sticky food like eggs, especially with a little oil or spray. Cleans easily, retains and distributes heat properly. Good pan and won't kill you and your family with carcinogens. Not going to use it for high heat cooking, for which I will generally use cast iron.5No better than pans costing a fraction of the costI bought this pan hoping for a non stick pan that would last longer than a year before the non stick coating lost its' ability to prevent cooking food from sticking. Here I am, less than one year after my purchase, reviewing the pan that is less than one year old, to share with others my poor experience with this marginal cooking tool. Investigating other reviews I do not plan to spend my money and time trying to resolve this issue with Cuisinart.1Lasted 11 monthsI know there isn't a non-stick pan that will last forever even if you take the very best care of the pan. This pan was well rated so I gave it a try. It is a solid pan, good quality handle and I really liked the weight and heft of it. I've always hand washed it and didn't store it with other pans to avoid ruining the non-stick. I purchased the pan on 10/12/2018 and today is 9/12/2019 and I am looking for a new non-stick pan to order. I hoped it would last more than 11 months with taking good care of it but it didn't even make it one year.3Miserable PanThis pan is a complete disappointment as is the 10" version I also purchased. The pan is a bit lighter in weight than I expected. The big fail is the performance of ceramic coating. After a month of light use - eggs, omelets, vegetables, fish - the pan began to stick. The coating was no longer effective. Performance continues to deteriorate.There are no marks or mars on either of my pans. They have always been hand-washed with a sponge. Nevertheless, both pans began to exhibit the same defect. Eggs stick, everything sticks, even if using a light brushing of oil or butter.Pans are properly heated, small amount of oil added, scrambled eggs added, eggs stick. The only way these pans can perform as advertised is if you use an amount of oil that would render any pan nonstick.These are headed to Goodwill. Cuisinart has taken a big hit with my impression of their brand quality.1Temperamental pan Update 11 Feb 2015: After using this pan for a while now (6 months +) I have down graded it to 1 star (the lowest I can give it). The Cuisieart GreenGourmet fails as a non-stick pan. Food sticks to it even at low temperatures and with a liberal layer of cooking oil. Will not be buying another Cuisieart GreenGourmet pan again in the near future.A very temperamental pan and needs a lot of care. I use a pump spray to spray on a fine layer of Olive oil to cook eggs and pancakes with this pan. Sometimes it works really well and the food will not stick at all. Other times it will stick really badly and then requires a soak with water and gentle boil before I can get the food off with a spatula. If you don't clean the pan out properly (and carefully) any tiny bits left on the pan will cause even more food to stick to the pan (and then it spirals downhill from there on). The outside of the pan (which is black) also marks very easily. I am looking for a "less toxic" pan and this technology that Cuisinart uses is not ready for domestic use. I was really hoping this pan would work out and then I could purchase the larger pan to replace my ageing 26 cm Scanpan but that's not going to happen now. The search continues... 1Beautiful pan, but not TeflonThis is a very handsome pan. Sturdy, attractive. Good heft without being overly heavy. A solid, ergonomic handle. But people buy non-stick pans for the non-stickiness, so I'll get to that.First of all, ceramic non-stick coatings simply aren't as non-stick as Teflon. If you're looking into ceramic because you're concerned about the health risks of Teflon, understand that you're going to give up some ease of use for peace of mind. Not much, but some.Despite what the manufactures say, it IS necessary to use some butter or oil with ceramic if you want to achieve Teflon-like non-stickiness. I'm okay with this, since I'd be adding those ingredients anyway for flavor. You also need to clean the pan THOROUGHLY after use. Get it squeaky-clean and look at it in good light to make sure there are no grease residue swirls. Reading up on ceramic, I gather that it's the buildup of oil/grease residue over time that causes them to fail.If you're looking for a pan that will allow you to cook an egg with no butter or oil, then slide the dry-cooked egg onto a plate without using a spatula, stay with Teflon. If you're willing to sacrifice some of Teflon's drop-dead-easy ease of use for enhanced peace of mind this might be the pan for you.JULY 28, 2016 UPDATE ...I'm lowering my rating from four stars to two because, after about six months of use, the non-stick characteristic has diminished greatly. It's still a beautiful pan and the cooking surface still looks the same, but pancakes stopped sliding out almost immediately and now they absolutely ADHERE.2Worked great for 6 months and then sticks like crazy [UPDATE to 4 stars]Worked great out of the box for a good 6 months until it started to really stick. Even well coated in oil or butter eggs will bind to the surface and require scraping to remove. I don't expect non-stick pans to last forever but I'd at least like more than a year.[UPDATE]I had 2 of these pans, one I got from Amazon and one from W&S. I took the one I got from the local retailer back to the store to see if I could get store credit as I viewed it as defective. He sold me a bottle of Liquid Bar Keeper's Friend which is very similar to Soft Scrub and told me to clean the interior of the pan. He explained that these types of surfaces will often get buildup of food material that you can't see or feel and that don't come off with normal scrubbing. After a good scrubbing with the Liquid Bar Keeper's Friend I tried out the pan with an omlette. Thankfully the eggs slid right out and the pan seemed to work just as new. Lesson learned, if the food starts sticking clean it with a mild liquid abrasive cleaner.4Started out great. Turned sticky. My first GreenGourmet pan worked so well that I bought several more (all hard-anodized aluminum) to replace my old teflon pans. Sadly, every one of them has turned from brilliantly nonstick to the most frustratingly sticky surfaces I have ever had the misfortune to cook with. Judging by all the reports I've read of the same problem, I get the impression that these pans will eventually fail for everyone. How long it takes might depend on how hot they get, what oils are used on them (either directly or from cooked food), or how they are washed. In the end, I don't think the cause really matters. These pans do not work as advertised for long.Some people have had limited success in restoring the nonstick property by soaking and/or scrubbing with vinegar and/or baking soda, but the pans just fail again.This review might explain the problem with these pans:[...]They do have a lifetime warranty, which is nice in principle, but Cuisinart customer service requires the customer to ship the pans back to the company for evaluation. Rather than wasting money on shipping every year or two forever, I think I'll trash these pans and buy some stainless steel ones. I'd rather use a little oil in my cooking than continue to experience the frustration of pans that bond to the food being cooked in them. 1Great Pan for the first months then not so good.Much of center has bubbled and peeled, see photos. It will cost me as much to send this pan back for warranty as to by another. My wife and I are both cooks and never had this happen in 20 years since the old teflon issues.. Not Happy with the purchase that I started so happy with.Updated posting: Still does not stick. BUT, pan has begun to bubble and peel in the center half of the pan a couple weeks ago, cooking has been on an LP gas range. Little film bubbles have been popping up and peeling off after using the pan for a couple months. Pan has only been hand washed. Will work on warranty return.Original posting after one week: Cooks like a champ ad there is NO sticking like my last two frying pans.1Coating started to flake...bad customer service!The coating on the bottom (inside) started flaking off after 6 months with very little usage...maybe a dozen times. Called Cuisinart to let them know and they immediately offered a replacement skillet. We are waiting for the new skillet to arrive, but are very impressed with their customer service. We have several other pieces that are used more often and have not had any issues so far. This is really a great cookware line with the non-stick and even heat cooking. As long as the pans don't start flaking again, we'll keep purchasing them.***Update on 6/25/16***Well, too good to be true. I received an email from customer service that I needed to send them a check for $7 in order to receive a replacement skillet! Really? Their defective product and I have to pay for shipping? I requested a supervisor and have yet to hear back from them after many days. No surprise here. I have now determined that Cuisinart is no longer a brand that we will purchase in the future. I recommend you go with a company that stands behind their products and provides excellent customer service...not Cuisinart!!!1Best non stick pan I have ever owned.Best non stick pan I have ever owned. I had an older version of the GreenGourmet in the same size, but it was totally coated with the same material which lead to it being easily chipped. Now with the stainless steel out side I don't have to worry about chipping or scratching the out side of the pan.The non stick surface is so good you can actually melt shredded cheese on it to make into a pancake, get it a little crisp on both sides and then use it as a low carb roll/wrap/taco shell. The cheese will slide right out of the pan. In general you only have to use a little bit of oil, but this pan will actually brown and it's non stick.It's also super easy to clean, at most I've only had to go over with a non stick safe sponge and some soapy hot water. It usually cleans in about 10-20 seconds. I can't recommend this more, it's the best non-stick pan I have ever used.5GREAT customer service - they replaced my skilletsSECOND UPDATE 9/1710016: I'm changing my review to 4 stars up from 1 star. I finally heard from Cuisinart/Conair after writing to every executive officer listed in their home office. They called me and the representative, Tina, was absolutely fabulous. I explained that I had treated the skillets exactly as instructed. They sent me replacement skillets which arrived in 2 days! So they get 3 more stars for terrific customer service. I'll try these again; if they start sticking, expect an update. From reading the reviews, it looks like some of us got a "bad batch", which does happen occasionally. To be continued...Update 9/2/2016: well it worked for a while, then inexplicably started sticking to the point it is unusable. We followed all the "rules" and it was great for about 18 months. At this price I would expect it to last longer. I wrote to Cuisinart giving them a chance to make it right before modifying my review. I have not heard back from them, ergo this update!*Previous Review: Best. Cookware. Ever. Need absolutely no oil. Keep the heat medium or lower - that's all you need. Cleans up in a snap. I have three pieces of this Green Gourmet cookware and would have gotten it sooner had I known how good it is. Fabulous in the oven also.DON'T use the dishwasher - the soap is way too harsh. You will ruin it if you do. But you don't need a dishwasher! A quick soapy rinse and it's sparkling clean again!Love this stuff. Love love love.4I like that they are somewhat ceramic and have less toxic ... I have a lot/hate relationship with these pans. I like that they are somewhat ceramic and have less toxic ingredients, but the non-stick feature wears out after a few months. I've used Green Pan before and I hated that residue would stick on the white pans making them look dirty, so I switched to these. The same thing happens with these pans, unfortunately, but at least they are black and you can't see the residue as much. The appearance is nicer, but they don't stay non stick :( I will probably continue to use these pans, though, because they are the inbetween of tephlon toxic aluminum non stick and cast iron which is hard to maintain. I just wish there was an option for a 'green' non stick pan that actually lasted longer than 6 months and was easy to clean! 3
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