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Cuisinart HM-70 Power Advantage 7-Speed Hand Mixer, Silver

  • Cuisinart HM-70 Power Advantage 7-Speed Hand Mixer, Silver
  • Cuisinart HM-70 Power Advantage 7-Speed Hand Mixer, Silver

Cuisinart HM-70 Power Advantage 7-Speed Hand Mixer, Silver

NZ$ 336.00 NZ$ 201.60 Save: NZ$ 134.40
NZ$ 201.60 NZ$ 336.00 You save: NZ$ 134.40



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Hand blender with 220-watt motor and automatic feedback
  • 7 speed options; slide control easily shifts speeds with a single touch
  • Swivel cord; extra-long dishwasher-safe beaters; beater-eject lever
  • Spatula, chef's whisk, instruction/recipe book included
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards
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Customer Reviews

A modern mixer that has POWER I bought this Cuisinart HM-70 mixer for my wife for two reasons:1. It can actually mix dough without melting2. It is greenSeriously though, I spent hours reading reviews of mixers and every single one had the singular problem of being severely under powered and burning out after consistent use. Growing up my mother had a cheap sunbeam mixer that could mix anything. The thing was a beast and cost like $20. Now, even the $100 kitchenaids strain to mix anything beyond icing.The Cuisinart HM-70 was the only one I could find that had consistent reviews noting it's 220-watt motor could handle things like cookie dough and bread. Besides the power, it's got a retro 50's style to it that I really dig and it has a nice set of features to boot. There's a snazzy digital reader that shows your power setting and buttons to change them. There is also a feature that makes the mixer start slowly so it doesn't spray everywhere which is nice. Ejecting the beaters is easy with the little trigger on there.Overall, if you are looking for a mixer that can actually MIX look no farther this is the best thing you'll find. It may not be as beastly as the old Sunbeam but it'll do. 5Burned out under light load. Warranty is 3 years. Lasted 4 years with occasional/light use. Won't buy this brand again. I bought this from Amazon in 2012 which at the time of this writing was 4 years ago. It was a gift for my wife. She used it very little. While she was making "gobs" this morning it burned out with a strong electrical smell. Since we rarely used it, I checked the warranty. It's only for 3 years so we are out of luck. Mixing gobs (whoopie pies) is not an especially demanding task. The descriptions says this will mix cookie dough which is much denser and requires more torque. I am VERY unhappy with this unit and the warranty. I will not buy this brand again. 1Very disappointed! The lowest speed which is "1" starts fast Very disappointed! The lowest speed which is "1" starts fast, but then it slows down, but randomly picks up speed, slows down, faster, slows down, and you have no control and this is all on the lowest speed. I can't imagine going any higher than "1". The blades are so cheap and flimsy. One of them will only stay popped in on one side, it you put in the other hole, it just falls out. Don't waste your money. I haven't found a good hand mixer yet. If you only have one mixer, put your money on the Kitchen-aid mixer which I have. Sometimes I don't feel like pulling her out because she's a little heavy, but she sure is reliable and slow speed is slow like it's supposed to be. 1Updated review I am updating this review because I've had it for 2 years and it's no longer usable. I used it once or twice a month because I normally use a stand mixer. The second beater will no longer stay in the mixer, despite the fact that I inserted the proper beater first, as directed, each time. So it's worthless. I'm ordering the Cuisinart 9-speed because according to reviews, the beaters are not an issue. Hope I don't regret it.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This mixer does a good job of mixing but I have issues with it. First of all, it's heavier than I anticipated. Because I'm short and this mixer is 'taller' than my old hand mixer, I've found it tiring to hold it up for more than a minute or two because of its weight.Another issue: even when the mixer is set at speed '1', the first 1 1/2 seconds of mixing seem to be at a speed of around '3'. Therefore, at the start of a recipe, it's necessary to turn the mixer on without having the beaters in the bowl of ingredients, or the ingredients will shoot out of the bowl because of that temporary faster speed.The 'vents' are located at the front of the unit and I've found that flour and other ingredients seem to fly up into those vents, making it difficult to get them clean.I've mixed a variety of ingredients/recipes with this mixer, from light cake mixes to heavier mashed potatoes, and have been pleased with the performance. I just think this mixer isn't a good match for me as far as size and weight. 2Warning, consider this post! I suggest you consider a different mixer. Upon receiving this mixer I loved it. All the positive aspects mentioned in the reviews are true. But the downfall of this mixer is in the beater retention mechanism. In other words, the beaters will start falling out as your using it after a short period of time. The beaters are held in by very tiny plastic tabs, which break quite easily. You will end up with a perfectly new mixer, that the beaters won't lock into. I've used mine less than 12 times and now it is useless. Cuisinart doesn't offer a fix. Since I don't use the mixer that often, it is out of warranty. Still very,very poor design. Hope you have better luck. Mixer and price are good, if only the two little plastic parts didn't break. 2Broken way too soon! Bought this mixer in 2014 and it is now 2017. It is the highest rated mixer from CR and other sites. For about a year now the large beater will NOT stay in the mixer. I need a mixer that I can use both beaters. Do NOT buy! Price is too high for it to break so quickly! I had a $10 mixer from Walmart that the motor finally burned up that lasted from 1985 - 2014. I use my mixer about 6 times a year. This one is not the mixer of my dreams! 1Wasn't string enough for my needs This is an excellent mixer but it won't do for creaming butter or mixing thick batters. It's not just this one - when I started baking, I had this one. It lasted like 6 months but then just seized up and died on a thick buttercream frosting. Every other one I bought to replace the other one suffered the same fate. Even a nearly $100 KitchenAid dies on 2nd use on Christmas DAY an hour before I had to have all the desserts at my brother's house! Amazon, as well as the other places I subsequently purchased from, refunded my money but I knew I was gonna need something better. I just got a KitchenAid stand mixer and am in love. They're not cheap but I saw it as a lifetime investment. 5Nice blender, a few gripes but an overall good purchase. The blender is nice and seems to work fairly well. I am not craze about the beater release trigger as it is in a spot where I would place my hand when mixing, other than the standard hold. The slowest revolution is a bit on the fast side so you need to be cautious when starting your mix of flour based mixes. Overall the blender is plenty powerful so far, it has not been slowed down a bit, although I have not seriously tasked it. It does not seem to exhibit the ozone odor of an electric motor I experienced with my previous mixer(Hamilton Beach). The noise is decent and again, not as loud as my previous mixer(Hamilton Beach). The cord swivel is a nice feature and helps manage the cord as you mix. The base could be a bit larger; It does sit up somewhat stable, but it is easier to imbalance if you bump it while working. I have not had any issues with the blades, although for the price they could be a bit more robust and they could have included a few more tools. I had hoped the blades from my dead Hamilton Beach would fit, they did but would not lock into place. No biggie though.I do feel that although the mixer works well, it and many others are a bit on the pricey side. If it lasts as long as my Hamilton Beach did (10 years), then it will be a win. 4Perfection When I pulled it out of the box I knew I had my hands on top quality. I had never had a digital mixer before. The last one I had cost $8 and broke after two uses. I paid so little because I have a Kitchen aid mixer and only needed a hand mixer maybe a couple of times a year so why spend the dough. After being unhappy with every mixer I had ever owned I turned to Cook's Illustrated for trusted advice. They have a perfect score with me. Cuisinart 7 speed they said, so that is what I got. When it turned on I really wanted to see if it actually went slow. I pressed the oh too cool up button and it purred like a kitten while slowly mixing my flour around inside the tiny bowl. This mixer exceeded my expectations ten fold and I really wish I needed to use it more. This is top of the line and led me to buy the food processor. 5I Don't Like It I bought this Cuisinart HM-70 Power Advantage 7-Speed Handmixer because compared to others, it had more power (wattage). I don't like it for two reasons: 1. Although the manufacturer claims that it has a slow start (to keep ingredients from flying out of the bowl), it doesn't. Even at the lowest speed, there's an initial burst that kicks up flour and sugar. After a couple of seconds, it reverts to a very slow speed. But, the damage is already done--and out of the bowl. 2. Making meringue with this mixer was a very shoulder-straining chore. It took more than seven minutes at high speed with the whipping beater and I still didn't achieve the high volume I wanted.The only positive I can add is that Cuisinart thoughtfully provided two different beaters. The two (pictured) for mixing and the single whip for whipping cream or egg whites.My husband already tossed out the box, or I'd be returning this mixer to the store. 2
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