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DeepCool RGB350 Color LED Strips

  • DeepCool RGB350 Color LED Strips
  • DeepCool RGB350 Color LED Strips
  • DeepCool RGB350 Color LED Strips
  • DeepCool RGB350 Color LED Strips
  • DeepCool RGB350 Color LED Strips

DeepCool RGB350 Color LED Strips

NZ$ 142.00 NZ$ 86.00 Save: NZ$ 56.00
NZ$ 86.00 NZ$ 142.00 You save: NZ$ 56.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Fixed by magnet, suitable for iron surface only
  • Three primary-colors LED, long life (100,000 hours) and high brightness
  • Color change, ?ash-rate adjustment, breathing e?ect etc
  • Can all be controlled by remote-controller, very convenient
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Customer Reviews

Bad QualityOne of the LED strips is not working. Tried to switch the connectors and extension provided but only the other strip is working. Lights are very nice and the magnetic strips are hassle free providing a lot of installation options on where to mount the strip. But all these are useless now as one of the strips is not working.1Plastic melted after 2 years of use.These served me well for a little over 2 years (the remote died at some point, but I didn't notice when, since I only ever used one color), so I wish I could give them a higher rating, but the plastic layer on one of the strips recently started melting out of the blue. I had these on the top and bottom of the inside of my PC case, and one day I noticed the top strip had started to melt and was dripping down the side of the case. My computer wasn't hot at all at the time, since I had just turned it on, so I suspect it was a short in the strip itself. Considering the damage to the strip afterwards, if I hadn't noticed when I did, it definitely could have been a hazard, or at least damaged my other PC components.1Great for budget RGB Case Lighting Great for those who want RGB lighting but don't want to spend more than $25. Don't expect any crazy lighting effects though. You can choose the color your want for a solid color, but when it comes to the effects such as Breathing, Stove, Pulse, etc. it has a predefined set of colors.On the plus side, it works, easy to install, comes with two RGB strips (bare minimum), and they are magnetic which makes it great for when you have to adjust them or when you move your setup to a new case. 4nice additionI have a normal dell xps tower. I upgraded my audio card and it had an rgb logo. seeing the light thru the grill work made me think of adding more lighting. this was a great option with remote, easy install (if you like to get inside) and good price. adds something fun to an otherwise mundane black metal box. the wiring and remote receiver does take up space so you do need room5Excellent buy.For the price the lights work very well and are very bright. I got the DeepCool RGB350 because I plan on upgrading my PC with a motherboard that can control RGB lights and such. This kit will allow you to plug the lights into a 4 pin external controller, use the existing controller, or into a motherboard and control it through software (neat).Pros: 3 diffrent options for connections. The lights are bright. The lights can be dimmed if needed. Magnetic connections on the back of the LED strips.Cons: The white is not pure white (but not bad for the price). When using the stock controller, the speed of flash,strobe, fade, and smooth can not be adjusted.The cons wouldn't stop me from using another set in another PC. I think the lights are an excellent buy.5Common LED strips in a convenient kitDecent for the price, these LED strips are bright, and installed easily enough thanks to the magnets embedded in the strip.The supplied power adapter could have been better. Connecting the molex plug caused one of the pins to back out and strip the wire from the pin, requiring some soldering to get it functional again. Other than that, the connections were fine. Minus for the flimsy connector.The remote is like any standard LED remote. On/off, color palette, brightness control, and 4 buttons for effects, although there's really only two of them (FLASH and SMOOTH are the same, as well as STROBE and FADE). Somewhat unintuitively, the speed of these effects can be changed with the brightness control. Minus for falsely advertising the number of effects.As for the LED colors themselves, the RGB blending to get the various colors could be better. Orange-red is more like an amber, and yellow is a neon green. Blue-greens, magentas, and violets are good enough. White is a cool white. There is no way to set RGB values individually for custom blends.All in all this is a basic LED kit. There's nothing special about them other than the magnetic backing, and are on par color-wise with common RGB strips. In the end I was looking for an inexpensive solution that I didn't have to build myself, and I got it.4Remote makes entire setup non-functionalI wish I could give this a lower score, but alas, 1 star will do. The lights are "bright", which i guess is good. However, specific colors on both strips flicker, so strongly in fact, that it seems like a strobe light. Now normally I would think this is due to some setting on the remote. So I tried changing settings, colors, brightness all on the remote. None of the buttons worked properly. My "OFF" button changed it to white, my FLASH button changed it to purple and then pulsed between purple and white etc. None of the buttons work, including the power, making it effectively useless. Was trying to use these lightstrips on my PC for when I do game/tech reviews on YouTube, but I wont be doing that now and I urge you all to spend the extra few dollars and get a higher quality set of lights.1Best cheap LED lights for your PCI bought one of these after I saw good reviews about it on youtube as being cheap but reliable at the same time. I was a bit worried about the fact that its installed with adhesives that weren't very sticky. I was surprised though that the one I got is installed with a strong magnet instead so I assume the old ones have adhesives but they improved it by replacing it with a very strong magnet instead. The installation was a breeze as the lights were magnetic and doesn't come off very easily. You can also control the intensity of the light to adjust between daytime and nighttime lighting. The lights are very visible even at daytime with light shining on the case. There are 16 colors in total so you would not have to worry about matching the lights with you PC and it also includes 4 different lighting effects (breathing, flashing, etc.). Lastly, reviewers pointed out that these lights can get very hot but the ones I got doesn't produce that much heat so I assume they also fixed this issue as well. Overall, I strongly recommend buying these if you want to add more uniqueness to you pc build.5Cheap LEDs for whatever I've had this for awhile now with no issues. I use it to light up my computer and the magnetic strips work great for it. It's bright, it's lasted so far, and there's some color options.The controller is a bit cheap, but I've yet to see a budget priced option that doesn't have this controller.If you're just looking for a quick, inexpensive lighting system then check this out. 5Nice and affordableSo I built my first PC. Of course I wanted some RGB to show off the side glass panel and to make the flashing keyboard. The price swayed me. Nice and affordable. The the lights are really bright, and the colors are nice. Set up was fairly easy, just follow the easy plug and play directions on the back of the back. MAKE SURE MAGNETS WILL STICK TO YOUR PC case before you buy.Pros: Lights are bright and colors are niceFairly easy to set upAdds a great vibe to the computer for cheapCons: Magnets aren't very strong. You really have to push them down to make sure they stick in placeI wish their was more lighting effects other than color changing flashes TIP: Make sure you to use to the zip ties to tie down to your case so no wires hang.4Easy RGB Kit for BeginnersI have picked up a couple of these kits to bling out my PC builds that have a side window. They are amazingly easy to install and are super bright, with enough options to keep you from getting bored of your PC. You can dim the brightness, and turn the lights off altogether if you want to.I like the included remote that comes WITH a battery installed. The strips are magnetic and I didn't have to use any zip-ties to secure them to my case. One of the strips has an extension, so it should be easy to mount these anywhere in your case.The only reason these don't get 5 stars is because the "patterns/sequences" feature is a little limited. In breath/pulse/fade it just cycles through all the colors at a pre-set speed. It would have been nice to choose 2-3 colors for it to cycle through instead, but I can't really complain at this price point. Overall, very good set of lights if you just need a little bling for your rig.4However when i installed them they worked very well and look amazing! I had one issue with the red not ...When i got these RGB LED'S i was kind of worried they wouldnt work since the package was held close by a piece of tape. However when i installed them they worked very well and look amazing! I had one issue with the red not working. But after disconnection and making sure i had everything installed properly they worked! Highly recommend these for someone that wants leds for their computer and do not want to spend alot of money. I included pictures of 2 colors dont want to spam with all the colors lol.4
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