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Deflect-o 51 DEF51 Air Deflector for Wall Register, Clear

  • Deflect-o 51 DEF51 Air Deflector for Wall Register, Clear
  • Deflect-o 51 DEF51 Air Deflector for Wall Register, Clear

Deflect-o 51 DEF51 Air Deflector for Wall Register, Clear

NZ$ 128.00 NZ$ 77.00 Save: NZ$ 51.00
NZ$ 77.00 NZ$ 128.00 You save: NZ$ 51.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

  • Tracked Shipping

  • Secure Payments

  • 14 Days Return

  • Adjusts 10"-16"
  • Strong Metal Magnets Attached
  • Molded-in Screw Slots For Secure Mounting To Register
  • For Heating Or Cooling
  • Clear Plastic
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Customer Reviews

Great design and durabilityGreat product!!! The designer air register was not magnetic but the screws in the register were and the magnets were so strong that I actually was able to temporarily affix this to just the screws. The product understandably fell after running the air for a few minutes but surprisingly didn't break or crack from and 8 ft drop onto stone. I used the screw slots in the deflector to permanently affix this to the register and it works beautifully! So even if you have a magnetic issue like me you can use the side screw slots and it will work flawlessly.5One StarTotally melted! My heater was set to 65F only. Don't buy it!1Horrible, worse than terrible - do not buy!I was so excited the day this arrived because I was sure it was going to change my life & I would no longer have to lay in bed with the sheet over my head while reading my iPad. Wrong!First of all, this is more cheaply made than the worst dollar store toy gun I ve ever bought my son that broke within 10 minuets. It s a flimsy plastic and when you try to adjust the length it comes right out of its track so you have to force it back down. I m shocked it didn t shatter during that process.Then the magnets don t stick. My vents appear to be metal, but they must be plastic or else the coating is plastic, but either way they wouldn t stick. No problem, right? There are holes for screws, so I ll just screw it into the ceiling. Nope, the screws wouldn t hold it onto the ceiling and it just falls right out.Hopefully this thing can be returned. What a scam that these guys probably spent 3cents on the materials to make this junk and then swindle unsuspecting prime members out of hard earned money. Total waste of $111FREAKING AMAZING!!!omg i cant believe all these years i didnt know such thing existed !! this is a life saver for me and my husband )) for past 6 years we have air conditioner WAR going on in our apartment. he loves AC on most of the time,which i don't mind...BUT i cant stand it when it blowing directly ON me all night...which it does cuz of the way our vent is installed on the wall. as a result id get sick a lot, and my husband would get hot a lot when i make him turn it off lol by accident i found this vent cover online and decided i must try it !! OMG this is a miraculous invention!! finally our bedroom can stay nice and cool (btw we live in TX with over a 100 degrees summer so u can imagine!!)) and it doesn't blow on me anymore)) fall in love with it instantly and magnets are nice and strong!! great product and looks nice and neat on the wall!!5Not designed well.Not designed well at all. It is nice in the fact that it is adjustable to fit many size vents but there are two major problems. The first is the slot on the side provided for the damper adjustment for the louvers will not allow any of the damper adjustment arms to pass through. It is such a narrow thin slot it is useless. If you do manage to modify the slot to be a bit larger then the magnets are on the inside of the rim of the wall plate resting on the vent fins and there is not enough surface area for the magnets to grab onto. Second are the magnets. They are so weak that they will not hold the unit secure and it falls off. Even when placed on a flat metal surface like the refrigerator it just slides off due to the weak magnets. In my opinion these issues could have been fixed in the design stage. I would not purchase these again.2Deflector Performs as Described. Use with traditional low wall vents. Cooling Season OnlyThis residential deflector is accurately shown in the picture. It is clear plastic, not white as is currently described in the additional information table or in the comparison to other similar itesms. (We have sent in an incorrect info report.). The item performs as described and the magnets are strong enough to hold the deflector to the metal vent cover even with the AC system fan on full. Would be 5 stars but we feel, that despite its low relative cost to other Amazon offerred deflectors, it could be priced $1 to $1.50 lower to be a great (5 star) value. The thickness of the plastic is just enough to not flex and the magnets just strong enough -- it is somewhat easy to disloge the deflector from the vent. Despite these reservations we will purchase 2 or 3 more since we know what we will be getting and delivery is quick and our need is immediate.Update to our Review: We purchased a total of 5 deflectors, both shipments arrived quickly. There was a definite increase in the dispersion and the vertical mixing of the cooled air with the room air. While the $ savings in AC costs (electricity) were less than we expected (even . This is probably due to that an undersized central AC unit and/or a significant loss of shade which resulted from fence line development/large tree removal.IMPORTANT: This type of diverter MUST be removed from the vents prior to the heating season!! Failure to do so will result in higher heat costs and/or poor thermal mixing. It's also prudent to change the furnace/ac filter)s) at this time and again in the spring when the diverters are reinstalled.4It may not melt depending on your setupa review for people who've read through comments about these melting. for the tl;dr crowd: yes it works. It redirects air. And the magnets are strong enough to hold onto a wall register. But here's the deal... not everyone's heaters are the same. I live in an apartment where I have one register in the living room and one in the bedroom. So unlike "central heating", all my air comes from this one register. This makes a MAJOR difference, because the temperature of said air must be drastically hotter than air spreading through several registers all over the house.[I *need* to address the idiotic comment regarding "this melted and my heater is only set to 65 degrees". No. The heat coming out of your register is not the same temp as what the thermostat clicks on at. Your body runs at roughly 98.6 degrees. This air would feel cold on your skin if that were true. Stupid comment.] ANYWAY, so, I temped the air coming from my register and it is a staggering 280 degrees. If this is made out of polycarbonate plastic, then that begins to melt at about 297 degrees, so I can see why this might happen for some folks. And as I watched, I did notice some slight warping, so I decided to buy some heat reflecting spray paint. I'm not sure if this will help in the long run, but it's worth a shot, and it actually looks quite nice up against my register. So, I'm not going to knock off any stars for the seller because if your heater gets up to 290+ degrees then just about anything will probably melt. However, it would be prudent for them to add the temperature information to the listing. Although, to be fair, the listing does specify for *central* forced air heating/cooling only.5Works great for me. It may only be a piece of plastic but it has definitely saved me from overheating at night. The vent in my bedroom is unfortunately situated under my bed at the head and the heat from it was blowing upwards, towards my head. This thing was a simple fix to redirect the hot air from the vent towards the bottom of the bed and now I sleep much better. It works as advertized and I have had no issues with it. 5This Model 51 vs Model 52I ordered this Model 51 Air Deflector, as well as the Model 52 Air Deflector. I was unable to easily determine the difference between the two online so ordered them to check it out. Details of my discovery follow.The Model 52 (also sold on Amazon.com):- Rated for hot/cold- Designed for Floor Register (air vent)- Curved Deflector Top- 3/4 Depth of the Model 51 (smaller than my register)- A little bit taller than Model 51- Flimsy Plastic (with hanging chads)- Difficult to slide to adjust width without breaking- Mediocre Magnets (strong enough to hold to floor, not to wall)This Deflect-O Model 51:- Rated for hot/cold (says so on box if not on website)- Designed for Wall Register- Flat Deflector Top angled up from base- Covers full width of Register- A little be shorter than Model 52- Cleaner Plastic with solid feel- Not particularly easy to slide to adjust, but solid feeling- Darn strong magnets (would hold onto a ceiling I'm confident)So in case it isn't clear, I kept the Model 51, and returned the Model 52. The difference in quality was worth the extra 2 dollars (price difference at the time) in my opinion.5Works wellThese work really well. Wanted for vents near furniture that block the cool air from cooling down the room. These come with magnets on each side that stick to the sides of the vent. They are adjustable and slide to match the width of your vents. You have to wiggle them around a little to get the magnets to stick, they don't fit well around the screws. They come with holes you can loosen the screws from the vents and put thru the vent covers/defectors. I didn't want to go to that trouble so I just wiggled it around until the magnet stuck. If the vents are painted over the metal, it might affect the magnets, but you have the holes for the screws if needed. Overall I recommend these, they have worked well so far for me.5Exactly what I neededWhoever built the apartment I live in really did not think through the placement of the ceiling air vents so I was at a loss as to what to do (they are painted into the ceiling in a way that would cause too much damage to swap them out for a different vent cover style). Someone I work with recommended one of these and I decided to give it a try. It is absolutely perfect! The magnets are strong enough that I just had to get the width correct and press it to the metal and that was it, done. So happy the air doesn't blow directly in my face now!5
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