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Delonghi EC680R DEDICA 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine, Red

  • Delonghi EC680R DEDICA 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine, Red
  • Delonghi EC680R DEDICA 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine, Red
  • Delonghi EC680R DEDICA 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine, Red
  • Delonghi EC680R DEDICA 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine, Red
  • Delonghi EC680R DEDICA 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine, Red
  • Delonghi EC680R DEDICA 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine, Red
  • Delonghi EC680R DEDICA 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine, Red
  • Delonghi EC680R DEDICA 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine, Red

Delonghi EC680R DEDICA 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine, Red

NZ$ 2,674.00 NZ$ 1,605.00 Save: NZ$ 1,069.00
NZ$ 1,605.00 NZ$ 2,674.00 You save: NZ$ 1,069.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Manual Cappuccino System
  • Thermo Block Technology
  • Automatic Flow Stop
  • Maximum cup height : 3.14 inches
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Customer Reviews

Small and easy to use and makes great shots I have had this for several months now so I have been able to really put it though its paces - and it has held up perfectly. I make espresso every morning and afternoon. Every single day! I love this machine!! The water temp is adjustable and there is a place where you can insert a water filter if your water is very mineralized. I use filtered water so I dont need one but its nice to know you could if you needed to. I have learned a few tricks about this unit....and one thing I wish I could change.Sometimes in the afternoon I like a small cup of coffee....but I don't want drip. So I have figured out that if I use a short coffee cup (one that will fit under the heads and holds three single shots) and then fill the single shot filter cup with an espresso grind - and brew a double shot and then a single right after it....I get a perfect tasting cup of coffee. A little hazelnut syrup and some half and half and I'm in heaven. I know....not your standard espresso use...but it works for me. (I guess I am not a coffee snob) I still like my double shot in the mornings with that perfect crema on top but in the afternoon I just don't want such a strong shot of caffeine.I also learned that if you fill the filter cup too full it is really hard to lock it into place. I read some reviews where others had noted the same thing but didn't know why it was so hard to turn. Well I found out that is the reason. So if yours is hard to turn just back out about a half teaspoon of grind, retamp and it will turn and lock easily.The thing I really love about this little unit is that it is so simple to use. No guesswork. Load your grind, push a button. Voila. Steaming milk is super easy too.Now for the one thing I don't like.When it's time to descale....its time to descale and no amount of wheedling or cajoling will change this little units mind. And here is the kicker...you never know when its time. So you could be trying to get that first shot in the morning to jolt you awake....or you could have company over and they are salivating for a latte and a piece of pie.....and you load up the filter cup and hit the button for a double and nothing happens. And then you notice the steam button is lit up an orange color . Uh Oh. So you have to stop everything...take out the filter cup and fill the water tank with descaler/water solution and run the cleaning cycle. It takes about 20 minutes or more. And nope....it won't let you get that one shot before you clean it. The first time this happened to me I just stood there and stared. I thought maybe I could will it to work by staring it down. It took even longer for me to figure out how to run the cleaning cycle the first time. Soooooo.... Yes I love this machine. It works great and is very versatile and takes up such a small footprint in my small apartment kitchen....and Yes I would buy it again....that is how much I love the coffee this little machine spews forth....I just HATE HATE HATE the fact that you just NEVER know when you will not get that cuppa because its time to clean. Sigh. 5It takes a good 30 seconds to do this In a case of getting exactly what I paid for, this machine is, as expected, just OK. It takes a while to before it's ready to use once you turn it on, and the "on" button is tricky--you have to push it just right, very quickly. You can brew a single or a double shot, but the double shot cup doesn't hold two scoops of grinds, just one and a half, tops. (You can put two scoops into it, but it won't fit into the machine that way.)Steaming milk results in plenty of foam without even trying. The trouble is, it produces so much foam so quickly that the 12oz bell I bought gets completely full of milk/foam before the milk is hot enough. So I bought a bigger bell (3soz), but that requires me to use a lot more milk so the short steamer wand can reach it, so I always have milk left over.When making espresso, your shots will turn bitter if they sit around for more than a few seconds before either drinking them quickly (the way the Italians do) or adding milk. So, you want to steam the milk first and then make the espresso. This is reflected in the instructions that come with the machine. However, those instructions include a step to "cool down the boiler" after steaming the milk and before making the espresso. This entails allowing water to flow out of the steamer wand until it stops on its own and the buttons stop blinking. It takes a good 30 seconds to do this, while your milk sits there cooling. So, you want to make your milk a bit hotter than you want your drink to wind up... if you can get it hot enough without the foam overflowing your bell. With practice, a large bell, and the foam dial set to the right level, this is all doable.Making the espresso is easy enough as long as you don't use more than 1.5 scoops of grounds, as noted above. Quickly add your already steamed milk/foam and you're all set. Except you still have to dump the wet grounds. I recommend leaving them in the holder until they cool off and dry out just a bit, then knock the holder gently into your compost container until the grinds fall out of the cup. Knock too hard or wait too long, and the cup comes out of the holder with the grounds still in it.Once you get the hang of it, this machine can produce tasty drinks. 3Diligence required, endurance preferred... This is my second DeLonghi EC680 Dedica, both were purchased on Amazon. The first I bought at a discount from Amazon Warehouse. I returned it after receiving it without all of the components and after noting that the on/off Button seemed to be deteriorating within the first week's use (after about the 10th double-shot I pulled). Today, I finally opened the new one I purchased after returning the used one. Upon following the "Setting up the Appliance", wherein I turned on the Steam/Hot Water spout, the machine immediately started making a loud, thump, thump, thump, thump... turned it off, made sure I had the water tank securely seated (it was), and started again, thump, thump, thump, thump... after about 7-10 seconds of this, water starts spraying out. But under what seems like unwarranted pump strain, as I listened to the machine, I felt that even the used machine bought at a discount sounded less defective than this. Since I already know this machine is capable of making an incredible Colada and Ristretto, I will return to Amazon to see if I can finally find one that has everything and functions properly. 2Broke in less than 1 month. Horrible! Machine broke in 1 month contacted Delonghi. Delonghi said I m sorry your having trouble BUT you didn t purchase from an authorized retailer and therefor they are unable to validate our warranty. If you would like to purchase a NEW machine we can offer you an 20% discount. I will never buy a Delonghi product again! 1Leaking From Every Crevice For six months or so, this was a wonderful product that gave us a lot of joy in the mornings. I probably would have given a five star review, in fact. But then it began leaking from every little crevice. At first it was just a drip or two, but over a few weeks it got to the point where it was like a little rain storm encircling my coffee cup and it s rendered the machine completely unusable.DeLonghi has offered to repair it because it s stillunder warranty, which is kind of nice but...1. I must ship it to them2. I must cover the cost of shipping it3. There is no clarity on how long I ll be without my machine while they repair itIn the day and age of Amazon, if your $250 product falls apart for no good reason, asking the customer to spend their time and money to ship it back to you for repair probably isn t the way to go (at least if you want to avoid reviews like this one). And so, in spite of its lovely aesthetics, this product and Delonghi are getting one star from me and my advice to you would be to find a comparable machine from another manufacturer. 1Smoking three months in and no help from Delonghi or Amazon I have had this product for 3.5 months and it started smoking when brewing. Not steam, smoke! Amazon would not help me because it s past the 1 month return policy. I waited on hold with delonghi for 42 minutes to be told they will have me send in the item and await repairs. I spent too much on this to now three months later be waiting for it to not catch on fire. I am very disappointed with the product and the way delonghi has handled it thus far and surprised Amazon couldn t be of more assistance considering the circumstances. 1Excellent Machine and Value. I was in need of a new espresso machine as my old one was leaking. After weeks of researching per my budget, I discovered this machine.After receiving this machine, I immediately noticed several things that were different from all my past machines.1. This machine is extremely simple to operate if the owners manual is actually read.2. This machine is much quieter than any machine I've owned.3. The time from turning the machine on to ready is truly 40 seconds.4. This machine has several valuable settings and features available... Temperature has 3 settings. Shot volumes can be easily changed to accommodate user preferences.5. Removing the chrome cover from the steaming wand, allows better frothing.6. The resulting espresso and steamed milk produced is excellent.This is an excellent machine out of the box. We'll see as time and usage goes on. So far I am satisfied with my decision to purchase. 5BEAUTIFUL machine that vibrates!!! I've only had this espresso maker a week so realize there could be some surprises ahead of me, never-the-less, it's been a wonderful week! This was a replacement of a much older Delonghi espresso maker that is still functioning (10+ years), but simply wanted to upgrade.This is easier to run, faster to make an espresso, easier to clean, easier to put water in and is a much nicer design. The only downside would be the difference in vibration. My old machine was noisier, but didn't vibrate. The EC680M vibrates enough that the glass espresso cup being filled moves! (Perhaps a heavier cup would remain in place.) Consequently, I bought a bathtub mat and cut it to size to absorb the vibrations. It wasn't that the vibration was intolerable, I just happen to be intolerant of vibrations!Concerning reviews that stated the Delonghi company as difficult to deal with, I've had nothing but fair and timely experiences. I had a coffee maker that had issues, but they dealt quickly and fairly. In short, I see a long and happy future together with my EC680M!!UPDATE: After a couple months of wonderful lattes, espressos, and cappucinos, it seems the pump quit working properly. I've descaled, reset settings to default, replaced the water filter, cleaned every place I can find, yet the espresso just barely drips out. The frother still works correctly, however! I just contacted Delonghi today so will be anxious to hear what they recommend. All dealings I've had with the company have been punctual and reasonable, so will update this review when this is resolved!FINAL UPDATE: So after a lengthy video chat, DeLonghi sent me a new filter basket which fixed the issue. What I assumed was a pump issue was a bad seal that didn't allow the machine to build pressure to push the water through the coffee. In short, issue resolved! DeLonghi was great to work with. I still love this machine!!!TEN MONTHS IN: Still working perfectly. I love this machine so much, I'm considering purchasing a spare in case Delonghi moves on to a different design/model. 5Great till it died :-( I have had this machine for under two years. I had considered it a good product until it failed. I liked the way it worked and loved its small footprint. It looks great and seems solid.Unfortunately it recently started smelling like and electrical fire and smoke came out the side of the machine. I contacted technical support because in theory this is still under warranty. Two tries on their website did nothing. I called on the third day and got a nice person who took my e-mail in order for me to reply with my receipt. Nothing :-( How much work should you have to put in to getting a warranty replacement on a product that fails? A $200 plus coffee maker should last at least 5 years. I'd have written a great review if their customer service department was responsive. I will update if the situation changes but for now I would stay away from this companies products. 1Does not work. Expensive piece of Junk. Does not work. Made one lousy cup of expresso, then the pump quit working. Not enough pressure to push water though fine ground coffee in the filter. Returning defective unit to buy a different brand. I will never buy Delongi again! 1
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