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Delta Faucet 73835-RB Lahara Robe Hook, Venetian Bronze

  • Delta Faucet 73835-RB Lahara Robe Hook, Venetian Bronze
  • Delta Faucet 73835-RB Lahara Robe Hook, Venetian Bronze
  • Delta Faucet 73835-RB Lahara Robe Hook, Venetian Bronze

Delta Faucet 73835-RB Lahara Robe Hook, Venetian Bronze

NZ$ 118.00 NZ$ 71.00 Save: NZ$ 47.00
NZ$ 71.00 NZ$ 118.00 You save: NZ$ 47.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Lahara, an upscale Delta Faucet collection, with ocean wave inspired design, will create a fun new project, while delivering inspired bathroom dcor with coordinating faucet, shower head and bathroom accessory options
  • Create an easy-going and comfortable atmosphere in your bathroom with this bath hardware accessory. Lahara is available in polished chrome, venetian bronze, stainless steel, and champagne bronze finishes
  • This robe hook helps with minimal bathroom space in an invigorating venetian bronze finish
  • Metal formed by zinc die cast construction method for increased durability
  • Installation instructions and hardware included
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Customer Reviews

A very nice towel bar... but the INSTALLATION!The reason for this purchase was to add another towel bar to our master shower in our new house. The builder had provided a list of all items used in the building... so piece of cake to get a matching towel bar right? Well... not exactly. This bar had EXACTLY the same part number (Delta Lahara 73824-SS) as that installed in the house. But when it arrived, the color was not a perfect match. The existing bar looked like it had a slightly nickel finish, not the the silvery brushed stainless steel that arrived in the package. It is very similar in color though... hopefully the difference will show up in the photos I included. My Sandi had a great idea... swap the single towel bar from the guest bathroom for use in the master, and put the new bar in the guest bath... color problem solved.Now the INSTALLATION... my biggest fear was cracking a tile while drilling the mounting holes... so I purchased a carbide tipped drill bit labeled "glass and tile bit"... figuring that if you can drill glass, then getting thru a tile would be very safe. In my 73 years, I've never had the need to drill thru bathroom tile before, so I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I venture to guess (I did not check actual time) that it took me at least a half hour PER HOLE (dipping the bit in water periodically to keep the bit cool per instructions), for the four required holes!!! THEN, when I tried to install the plastic sleeves/anchors into the 3/16" holes... I was expecting the sleeve to hammer cleanly into the hole, but not a chance... the sleeve bulged and broke off (fortunately I had other sleeves). Had it been into drywall, it would have worked as designed. Took a while to figure out how to make it work... gave the bit a little 'wobble' to make the hole bigger, and shaved the sleeve a bit with a utility knife... that finally allowed the sleeves to be hammered in (still not easily!). The bar in the right in the photo is the one I added... looks perfect... but BOY was it the project!!! Start to finish, it was about FOUR HOURS. I would suggest, if installing on a tile surface, to make the hole for the plastic sleeve a little larger than 3/16" as in the instructions... I would guess 1/4" would not be too generous. Long time to drill the holes was not of Delta's doing... but the sleeves not fitting into a hole sized per instructions was definitely their error! I suggest drilling one hole in either size I mentioned, then trying to install a sleeve. Then drill the other three when you're happy with the fit. BIG project, but very happy with result.5Shouldn t be so difficult ... It needs to WORKThe toilet paper holder is a swing-gate type, not spring-loaded as others have mentioned. I m OK with either, but it needs to WORK.The unit came without mounting instructions ... no big deal since it is pretty straightforward EXCEPT that the swing arm doesn t swing a wide enough arc to allow replacing the paper roll! I looked to see if the swing arm could be loosened, but it appears to be riveted ... no adjustment available.Customer support allegedly is available until 5:00 PM ... but they don t say 5:00 PM WHERE ... I guess the East Coast is the only time zone in the US.This shouldn t be hard! I m very disappointed.1Style and functionThis hook is larger than the picture lets on. It is large enough to support wet, heavy towels or bathrobes and is a tad pointy enough to keep them from sliding off like a ball hook or J hook. Stylish with great function. Easy to install.5I know, who leaves a review for a toilet paper holder, right? If you have the Delta's Lahara style faucets in your bathrooms and the remodelers used towel rods and TP holders from another collection...Delta charges an outrageous price as a complete set, so buying them piecemeal through Amazon makes matching and completing the collection both easy and affordable. For whatever reason, the Lahara collection accessories are not generally available at big-box home centers, though can be special ordered through them at Delta's MSRP, whereas Amazon offers a more competitive price point. That said, the TP holder works well and looks great, so I'm that person who leaves a review... :-) 5These robe hooks go perfect with our Lahara bathrooms - nice compliment to the ... These robe hooks go perfect with our Lahara bathrooms - nice compliment to the other items in the Lahara series. Not too small and not overly large. Can easily hang a towel - also use to hold pajamas and the clothing / towels stay on the hooks - not an issue with falling off which i was afraid of with the look of the design. definitely recommend. 5Low profile, works perfectly!When we built our home, we used the Lahara line in both of our bathrooms. What we didn t take into consideration was needing a towel at the entry of our shower door and this robe hook works perfectly! The profile is a bit deceitful, it s less than you think, so we don t run into and it isn t in the way.5stainless color different while the lahara line is not the same as the different lines I put into our new bathroom this year, the stainless steel color of the ones we received have a yellow tint to them and are NOT the same stainless steel that we have elsewhere. I actually have four different lines of delta stainless and they all match (i.e. shower heads, shower faucet, grab bars and sink faucets are all different lines but all SS. I am not sure why this was so yellow compared to the ones I have but am returning. Packaging and item number verifies it is the SS version, but with such a color variation and the bath color scheme, I can't use them. 3Sturdy, Holds Towels well I read lots of reviews before purchasing thee. No complaints. They look nice, and seem very sturdy. Someone else installed them. I didn't hear they had any trouble with these. Four were installed in 2 bathrooms. All seem secure, and do really hold the towels. I was skeptical when I first saw them, but the oval look matched my overall bathroom design, and the reviews were good. I'm also very pleased with this purchase. I purchased the toilet paper, and 2 different towel bars to match. All look great. 55 stars for the design, 1 star for the supplied anchors results in 3 stars overall5 stars for the design, 1 star for the supplied anchors results in 3 stars overall.I purchased this Towel Ring after reading others reviews indicating issues with it pulling from the wall but still purchased it because it matched the rest of the hardware I was using. After approximately 1 week of daily use, using the supplied anchors and a large towel, careful not to "pull" the ring from the wall each time it was used, the weight of the wet towel was enough to begin to pull the top anchor out of the wall.Recommendation is to use different or better anchors than the supplied ones, or find a stud to directly anchor toI would purchase this again but Delta really needs to supply some better anchors3Super sturdyThis toilet paper holder was very easy to install and even easier to change out a roll when necessary. You simply lift the bar and slide out the old roll and slide on the new one and lower the bar. Our previous toilet paper holder had one side open and the roll would sometimes go flying across the bathroom. This holder solved that problem. We own it in both the brushed nickel and champagne bronze. Both are true to the photos.It holds a large roll without getting stuck for the first few uses of a new roll.Overall it s an excellent sturdy product that will last a lifetime.5Missing a screwI was sincerely disappointed that I had already mostly installed this towel rack holder and it was missing the screw to secure it to the wall. I had to improvise with my own screw (which of course I do not have hidden screws so it's a regular screw on the bottom which totally defeats the clean line look. Also, I didn't realize it was 18" as this style also comes in 24" which are all over my home. Make sure you measure, as this is a short towel rack, not what I was expecting. Overall, if my home didn't already have these all over I would not have purchased this style. Finger prints also show up on the chrome so I'm constantly wiping them off.3Warning Delta has two versions of the 78350 toilet paper holderThe item seems fine, but I received the spring-loaded version, even though the listing mentions a solid aluminum bar. Delta makes two versions of this holder, one with a solid pivoting arm and one with a spring loaded bar, as pictured in the listing. The item Amazon sent was model number D73850, which has a spring loaded rod and is simply labelled "Toilet Paper Holder." I wanted the solid, pivoting arm version which is labelled "Pivoting Toilet Paper Holder", model 73850. Unfortunately, Amazon's listing has both part numbers. I returned the spring loaded version and kept the pivoting version, which I bought elsewhere.Both look quite nice. The pivoting version has a bigger end cap which can be a snug fit when you slide the TP roll over it but it's not really an issue. The pivoting arm is a solid cast piece, but hollow on the back where you can't see it (i.e., it's not a solid rod as you might expect.)Both items are fine and deserve a 4-5 star rating, but the item listing and Delta's confusing part numbers hurt it. Kudos for Amazon making the return painless. I hope they clarify the listing and/or sell both versions.3Color and quality was subparThe reason why I bought this particular toliet paper holder was because I bought the faucet from this line. However upon receiving this product, the color did not match the faucet at all. On top of that, there were some paint imperfections on the holder itself. For a Delta product, I would have expected more. In addition, they left such little margin of error on the mounting hardware. If you are a little off, the leaver that holds the paper towel won't fit properly.3Hard to Get Roll on and OffWe have other holders of this type in another brand. Simply lifting the roll makes it easier to change them. The fact that it has two connections with the wall makes it sturdier when someone uses it to stand up too.This holder, however, instead of lifting at the end of the bar, lifts with the knob. That knob isn't so small. You can hardly fit the roll over that end and have to push, wiggle and bend to get it on.Sorry, it's a poor design. I really don't recommend it.2Not stainless I hated that this isn t stainless per the description of Brilliant Stainless. My contractor had put this on while I was at work and when I came home I saw how it didn t match my Lahara fixtures at all. Packaging was thrown away. I will replace it with something else. Nothing like throwing away money. 1
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