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Emsa Samba, Quick Press Insulated Server, Red

  • Emsa Samba, Quick Press Insulated Server, Red
  • Emsa Samba, Quick Press Insulated Server, Red
  • Emsa Samba, Quick Press Insulated Server, Red
  • Emsa Samba, Quick Press Insulated Server, Red
  • Emsa Samba, Quick Press Insulated Server, Red
  • Emsa Samba, Quick Press Insulated Server, Red
  • Emsa Samba, Quick Press Insulated Server, Red
  • Emsa Samba, Quick Press Insulated Server, Red
  • Emsa Samba, Quick Press Insulated Server, Red
  • Emsa Samba, Quick Press Insulated Server, Red
  • Emsa Samba, Quick Press Insulated Server, Red
  • Emsa Samba, Quick Press Insulated Server, Red

Emsa Samba, Quick Press Insulated Server, Red

NZ$ 268.00 NZ$ 161.00 Save: NZ$ 107.00
NZ$ 161.00 NZ$ 268.00 You save: NZ$ 107.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 34-ounce quick-press insulated server with Rosalin durable glass liner in translucent red
  • Superior heat retention up to 10 hours, cold retention up to 16 hours; exterior is high impact plastic
  • 100% leakproof attractive design fits any dcor
  • Convenient press-button opens and closes the carafe
  • Made in Germany; 3 year warranty against manufacturing defects
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Customer Reviews

Great product!!I bought this jug to replace one that was getting old and not cleanable. I really wanted one that had a glass inside as I believe the stainless steel insides alter the flavor of the beverage. When I first received this item, it had the same problem another reviewer did in that the glass insert had not been seated properly within the outer container. I simply unscrewed the bottom of the container, placed the glass insert in the rubber gasket and I have not had a problem since. I use this daily to make enough tea for my daughter and I to enjoy throughout the morning and it works wonderfully. If I remember, I fill the jug at night with water that is about 175 F to "prime" it and when I am ready in the morning, I empty it and make my tea inside (the temperature after roughly 8 hours has dropped to about 135 F). We then drink the tea throughout the morning and it stays steamy warm. It works much better than my last thermal jug and it is much easier to use. I liked that the neck on this one was a bit larger - it is all relative - as it makes it easier to get the tea bags in and out - (I use a brand without strings so I must use a spoon). In addition, unlike the lid of my last jug, this one is easy to thread and after screwing on, you know when it is sealed. I also like that it is a bit more stylish than my last jug. All in all a great purchase at a great price!!5Functional, but color not as shownEasy to use, but the color differed from my expectation. Lightweight and cleans easily.After a few months of use, I have to praise this for its thermal qualities. When I make a pot of tea before work, it is still pretty hot 12 hours later. Even after 24 hours, it does not go completely cold. I'm more impressed with this after using it for a while.4I liked the lookI liked the look, and it kept hot beverages very hot for hours. Even left hot water overnight, and in the morning, water was still very hot! Hoever, small opening makes it difficult to clean, and glass lining is very fragile. I had washed it and left it upside down in my dish basin to dry overnight, no idea how in the morning, the basin was full of glass.3This carafe is great! It keeps my water hot and steamy for ...This carafe is great! It keeps my water hot and steamy for as long as I want it. It holds a lot more water than I'd ever anticipated. The open/close button to the spout works perfectly, I've never had a leaky experience once it was clicked to "off."The only thing I noticed (which I'm not really complaining about) is that you really have to angle it to get the last of the water out. Of course, it's expected that it would be this way because of the carafe's shape. It's not really an issue as I can just refill it when it gets low, and since it holds a lot of water in the first place, it never becomes a problem.I use it for just myself at work, am a perpetual tea/hot water drinker, and usually just refill it once or twice during the whole work day. Definitely a good purchase!4Keeps hot - hot and cold - cold This carafe looks nice and is the first one I found that works as advertised. Transfer coffee from coffee machine in the morning and hours later it is still hot. You do want to fill the server with hot water and let it sit for a few minutes. I do this as I start the coffee machine Tried it with cold water for ice water and it kept it cold. 5Love this little guyLove this little guy! Color is exactly as pictures (raspberry). Keeps my tea hot for hours. Water can get stuck in the lid and the body. The body is simple enough to take apart to remove the water. If you can take apart the lid, I haven't figured out how, but if you just shake it a bit, the water comes right out.4Unfortunately it builds up pressure and the liner shattersI really liked this thermos carafe however it seems that if you leave the pot closed overnight it builds up too much pressure and the liner pops and breaks. The first pot did this, we exchanged for another since we loved the button open/close feature on the lid. We figured we would just make sure to leave it "open" before going to bed. We'll, last night we forgot. At 5a.m. I hear a pop and get up to check on the carafe and the liner is completely shattered inside. Too bad, we really like this one. We have always had Rotpunkt carafes before this, but can no longer get them on Amazon.3Exceeds my Expectations I love this carafe! It keeps coffee hot for at least 10 hours even when I don't prepare it with hot water. The press feature in the lid works beautifully and I hold it down a bit longer while tipping the carafe to let the extra liquid go down inside after pouring my cup of java. The translucent white is definitely white with extra brightness. It looks very nice on my counter and table. I couldn't be happier with this product. 5Translucent nonsense. The flavor of coffee -- fresh coffee -- is complex with a variety of volatile oils. The volatile elements dissipate soon so coffee gets that mud flavor after a while. Rather than keeping my morning coffee heating for 2 hours, after I pour the first cup I want to seal the rest away. Sometimes I finish it in the afternoon, Sometimes I leave a swallow till the next morning.I'd like it if it was still hot but I'll accept distinctly warm as good enough.When the steel outer shell of an old Thermique rusted through I just fired up Amazon to buy another Thermique. They are NINETY-NINE DOLLARS. !!! I'm sure they are really, really good.After buying a cheaper item that had a lot more volume than I wanted, I got this one. It does not keep a remnant of coffee hot for 24 hours as the Thermique did but it is reasonably warm. I certainly don't find an afternoon cup of coffee tepid.---------------------------------------------------------------------Now the complaint. The plastic of this pot is "translucent". I thought that meant that if I got the translucent one I could see how much coffee I had left. There is also an opaque white. Anyway, heat is transferred 3 ways: CONVECTION (Any sealed container stops this, even a metal one), CONDUCTION (A vacuum layer as complete as possible reduces this) and RADIATION (infrared light). For radiation the vacuum side of the glass inner liner is silvered. It should be actual silver because aluminum absorbs infrared while silver reflects it. SO, this item is silvered inside and the coffee is not visible.The translucency means nothing to the colored ones but looks worse for the white one. I don't have an elegant designer kitchen so this is trivial. But I think I should have gotten the opaque white or the red.So I rate this 4 stars, which rounds up to 5. 4I love the Emsa Samba Quick press serverI love the Emsa Samba Quick press server. It keeps the coffee hot, pours without spilling. Since I am not the sharpest tack in the box it took me a while to train myself just to push the pour button and not hold it down. Love that aspect now that I am used to it. The color is very close to the picture. Very bright and cheery. I would recommend and when the time comes will buy the same.5Perfect for morning coffeeI needed something to transfer my coffee out of my French press after it was done brewing, and this has been perfect. It's not the easiest to clean, but it's easier than a majority of my coffee equipment. It's sturdy, and I've had no problems with leaks. It keeps my coffee warm for the two hours I usually spend nursing it on the weekends, so I can't say how long it will keep things warm, but it does the job for me.5Very pleasedMy husband and I have been using this carafe for several months and are very pleased with it. It keeps the coffee hot-hot for hours. It's lightweight, doesn't leak and the top is easy to screw on (i.e. it doesn't get cross-threaded like the Stanley thermos does). Also, it doesn't get hot on the bottom, so there's no sweating on the kitchen counter or table and no need for a trivet. We have the black one and it has a matte finish that looks really nice, not too "plastic-y".5Perfect Tea Carafe for Me I had foot surgery and I have been non weight bearing for weeks now (5 weeks tomorrow) and I drink a lot of tea, so it has been a hassel to get my tea to my chair or bed or whatever, so I started thinking of a carafe, which can hold much more than a mug. I ordered another carafe and it leaked terribly and so I sent it back and I tried this one! Yes!!!! It is perfect! no leaks, no drips, the top is perfect and it opens and closes with a button on top. It is great. and the price is good too. but also, check out how cute it is with this lovely orange color. This is made in Germany and they seem to know how to do it. no more china for me... 5Doesn't keep liquid warm for long Very disappointing. I do warm up the carafe by letting it sit with hot water in it while the coffee is brewing. Still by the end of an hour the coffee is less hot than it started and it even doesn't taste that fresh. I have two Zozirushi thermal carafes that keep water hot ALL DAY. I wanted to save them for water only for parties where I have tea drinkers. You can' use a carafe that been serving as a coffee warmer for plain water - it retains an odor. I'm not using this anymore - it's going to the donation center. 1**EDITED**Arrived BrokenGlass was shattered into thousand of pieces, which dropped all over my hall floor. Had to chase dog and cats out of the room in bare feet to sweep up the mess. I assumed Amazon will handle the return with usual ease, and I will up date the review when I receive a complete product.UPDATE:I received my replacement and so far it is a great product. The color is bright and not as translucent as I guessed it would be. The button pour is a great feature. Other reviews mentioned two-handed pouring, but you actually just click it once, pour, then click it again to reseal. When the button is unclicked, the carafe doesn t spill a drop, which is great since I m usually bringing it upstairs with my hands full of other things.As for holding temperature, I filled mine with hot tap water while the kettle heated, filled it completely (I think this is key) and used that water to brew tea about six hours later with no problem, still too hot to drink right away. The remaining water was still pretty hot the following morning, not quite steaming. I think it s just far more effective at holding temperature when it s full. I will probably use the whole liter within an hour or two after the first pour, so it works perfectly for my purposes.5
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