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EShine 3 12 Inch Panels LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting Kit, Hand Wave Activated - Touchless Dimming Control, Warm White (3000K)

  • EShine 3 12 Inch Panels LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting Kit, Hand Wave Activated - Touchless Dimming Control, Warm White (3000K)
  • EShine 3 12 Inch Panels LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting Kit, Hand Wave Activated - Touchless Dimming Control, Warm White (3000K)
  • EShine 3 12 Inch Panels LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting Kit, Hand Wave Activated - Touchless Dimming Control, Warm White (3000K)
  • EShine 3 12 Inch Panels LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting Kit, Hand Wave Activated - Touchless Dimming Control, Warm White (3000K)
  • EShine 3 12 Inch Panels LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting Kit, Hand Wave Activated - Touchless Dimming Control, Warm White (3000K)
  • EShine 3 12 Inch Panels LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting Kit, Hand Wave Activated - Touchless Dimming Control, Warm White (3000K)

EShine 3 12 Inch Panels LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting Kit, Hand Wave Activated - Touchless Dimming Control, Warm White (3000K)

NZ$ 260.00 NZ$ 156.00 Save: NZ$ 104.00
NZ$ 156.00 NZ$ 260.00 You save: NZ$ 104.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • WAVE ON, WAVE OFF: One wave is all it takes to activate or deactivate these EShine under-cabinet LED lights. No need to wipe your hands and turn a knob on a shelf light remote; simply hold your hand under the sensor to gradually dim. This all-inclusive, expandable kit comes with everything youll need for a quick install with adhesives or screws.
  • DIM WITHOUT A TOUCH: With our next-generation LED light bars, you can adjust brightness simply by holding your hand underneath the sensor. This gives you exactly the level of light you want while saving on your electric bill and providing more consistent brightness than youll get with wireless shelf lights.
  • BREEZY INSTALL: Whether you prefer screws or 3m stickers, these lights can be installed and shining just minutes after you open the box. The adhesive on the stickers is more than strong enough to hold the light bars, and wire clips make for a mess-free install. Just be sure to position the sensor about an inch from the lip of the cabinet to ensure a good scan every time.
  • EASILY EXPANDABLE: If it turns out you need a few more panels, its a snap to add to this modular kit. Simply use our included handy power supply chart to ensure you have enough juice to power them all.
  • POWER FOR THE PLANET: Consuming just 12W of energy, these multi-purpose LED light strips are easy on your electric bill as well as the atmosphere while providing consistently superior brightness to wireless shelf lights.
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Customer Reviews

Super bright, kitchen prep is a breeze now. We previously had battery-powered LED lights under this cabinet, but they were never bright enough, there were two lamps to turn on which I had the touch with my finger which is usually gloved for meat prep, and the batteries needed to be recharged often.When this AC powered solution showed up on an Amazon lightning deal I jumped on it, and couldn't be happier. opening the box it looks smaller than expected, but the light output is very, very bright for the size. I got the 6000k temperature cool blue version and set it at 80% brightness. It's the perfect under counter light for dinner prep now. I love that I can turn it on and off with a wave of my hand, although it was a little finicky figuring out the correct way to get it to go on and off at first. Hint: the sensor is located closest to the plug. While they might seem a little pricey at 50 bucks I think it's a solid deal. If they came up on a lightning deal again for $35-40 I would buy it in a heartbeat for the other side of my kitchen. I don't usually post photos with my reviews, but I did this time just because I was so happy with the product. 5Everything I wanted and more I have been looking for an "under cabinet" lighting solution for a while. I wanted something that would not need to be wired into a switch... used a motion sensor... and didn't require me to put holes in my cabinets. I was actually looking for a motion sensor that I could plug in between regular lighting and an outlet when I found these. The E shine kit solved all my problems And have the added perk of being dimmable!Pros:>versatile /modular - you can combine all 3, 12inch lights, into one long solid lightbar or daisy chain them to cover 8+ feet with a light in the middle and on both ends.>One plug: only one plug to power all three lights.>One control : one sensor on one light controls them all.>Easily hidden: lights & cord are very thin and clips are provided to keep cord hidden under cabinets.>Mounting options: comes with ample amount of double sided "tape?" and small mounting screws.Cons:>One plug: there are 3 lights but they all get power from the one plug. Not a con for me, but be aware that they have to connect to each other.>One control: only one light bar has the motion sensor /dimmer on it AND it has to be the first /closest to the plug for the sensor to work.Over all a great product and I feel that it not only adds in utility to my kitchen space but adds cosmetically as well. 5Excellent purchase! Easy to install and everything you need is included. Adhesive to hold the lights in place, screws to secure and just enough cable ties to make the installation neat. Follow the directions to make sure you don't hook up the master light up backwards or the motion sensor won't work. Would've preferred the sensor to be on the power cable to make the position adjustable. 5Exactly what I was looking for Really puts out a lot more light than I was expecting. My only complaint is that the instructions didn't give advice on where to mount the strips. Originally I mounted the one with the sensor too close to the front of the cabinet, which blocked the sensor from working. I had to remount it further back (just a word of caution to anyone buying these). Other than that, these are great. I especially appreciate that the parts for cable management were included. 5Let There Be Light This is a fabulous product. I am using them to light three shelves in my media cabinet. I am taking a star off for the following reason. After installing these using the screws, I plugged them in and I had a big smile as the lights came on. I excitedly called my wife over and she was pleased. I said "watch this" as I waved my hand near the sensor and ... the lights stayed on. I waved again and again, touched the sensor, and the lights stayed on. I knew I had followed the directions, but I went ahead and switched the power side. No love, the lights stayed on. I switched it back, unscrewed it, held it in my hand and waved with my other hand and...wait for it...the lights went off!By holding it up to near the location where I installed it, I found that if it was closer than roughly 3/4 inch from the 1.5 inch wood lip on the media cabinet, the sensor wouldn't work.So, I used the tape to hang it temporarily, tested it, and screwed it in. All good.Provides great light, and it is easy to find movies in our media room cabinet when our overhead lights are dim. 4Good product with faults! The panels look great and provide just the right amount of light under the cabinets I have in the kitchen. It comes with a panel that is labeled to receive power from the power supply provided only, leaving the rest to be connected together which makes for an easy setup. I did have two issues when it came to the panels though. First, when it says dimmable you naturally assume there will be a significant difference in selections, these you have to focus on to even catch a glimpse of difference between the two. Second the IR or sensor that cuts the panels on/off hasn't worked a lick, currently either leave them on all the time or unplug the power supply to cut them off. Overall good product but wouldn't purchase again with the issues I had. 3Perfect-but watch placement of control light. Quick story: Hubby called and said he was on his way home- about a 15 minute drive. I had just received the under counter lighting and thought this would be a good time to install it. It was installed before he got home. Absolutely everything I needed was in the package. And the lights worked just fine. There are 2 options for connecting the lights together, you can either snap them together with these little adapters making one long light, or you can use the adapter cords to separate the lights which is ideal for an under counter situation. I actually found the cord plenty long maybe even too long. They provide little cord keepers which is very thoughtful. All in all I really like the product it was installed in under 15 minutes and works just fine. There is only one drawback. The dimming feature is very difficult to make work. I feel like an idiot holding my hand under there waiting for it to dim. Fortunately, I will not be using this feature very often. I also found rather than wave my hand under the lights to turn them off and on I think touching it is more effective. It is important to note that only one of the lights has this feature. In other words you control the lights from only one particular light in the string so placement of that light is important. 5Perfect I bought this in hopes of having good lighting mainly over the sink since we didn't have one but the other two lights under the cabinets were just a plus. So easy to install, slim, bright and way thinner and more discreet than I expected. We love the no touch on and off too. Simply put this was well worth the money. I ordered the warm white and love the color and brightness it emits. Another plus was the double side stick tape, so no drilling or screwing required, just stick it on plug it up and wave ur hand to turn it on. Recommend for everyone! 5Easy install and bright light I love these lights! My counters were so dark and now they are super bright. The adhesive stickers are very strong as they should be so make sure your accurate when placing. These are very simple to install. 5You gotta get these I purchased 2 of these 3 panel kits and 1 of the single extra long 20" panels for my kitchen area and for a place above my workshop bench in the garage. Installation could not have been easier. They supply more than enough connectors for the job and two ways to install, either by screwing them in or 3M double sided tape which are also supplied. One of my kitchen areas needed 3 panels while the other area only need 2. I attached the left over panel to the extra long 20" panel for use over the workshop bench. I have to say these panels are great! The only concern I had when ordering these was if they would be bright enough and not like the push button battery operated ones I had been using. I figure if they weren't I'd just return them. They are plenty bright and all three areas are now well lit. The battery operated ones I had are in the trash! Lastly, I haven't even mentioned the motion activation. Great addition, and it also works like a champ. I usually just say I like a product and recommend it, but these are so nice I thought I needed to take the time and write a little more about them. So yes, I highly recommend these, and please note that I did NOT receive any discounted or reduced price to try and write a review. Paid full price and it's well worth it. 5
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