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Fante's Angel Hair Wavy Lasagna Cutter Attachment, For Aunt Ginas Pasta Machine Since 1906, stainless steel with chrome-plated steel rollers

  • Fante's Angel Hair Wavy Lasagna Cutter Attachment, For Aunt Ginas Pasta Machine Since 1906, stainless steel with chrome-plated steel rollers
  • Fante's Angel Hair Wavy Lasagna Cutter Attachment, For Aunt Ginas Pasta Machine Since 1906, stainless steel with chrome-plated steel rollers
  • Fante's Angel Hair Wavy Lasagna Cutter Attachment, For Aunt Ginas Pasta Machine Since 1906, stainless steel with chrome-plated steel rollers
  • Fante's Angel Hair Wavy Lasagna Cutter Attachment, For Aunt Ginas Pasta Machine Since 1906, stainless steel with chrome-plated steel rollers
  • Fante's Angel Hair Wavy Lasagna Cutter Attachment, For Aunt Ginas Pasta Machine Since 1906, stainless steel with chrome-plated steel rollers

Fante's Angel Hair Wavy Lasagna Cutter Attachment, For Aunt Ginas Pasta Machine Since 1906, stainless steel with chrome-plated steel rollers

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NZ$ 103.20 NZ$ 172.00 You save: NZ$ 68.80



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Fantes Cousin Carlas Angel Hair Wavy Lasagna Attachment for forming and cutting homemade pasta dough with Great Aunt Ginas Pasta Machine
  • Made from stainless steel with chrome-plated steel rollers; LFGB approved
  • Easy to use; attaches easily to Fantes Great Aunt Ginas Pasta Machine (#12000 sold separately)
  • Cuts dough evenly for consistent cook time and flavor; fresh pasta can be dried and stored for later use, or cooked and enjoyed immediately
  • Wipe clean or use a stiff brush as needed; Proposition 65 compliant
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Customer Reviews

Works well, but makes pasta too thick It is well built, sturdy, looks like it will hold up. Once you get past the learning curve with it you see that, in my opinion, it makes the pasta too thick. It is a speedy method of getting your pasta done. When it pulls the cavatelli through it curls it and "stamps" it and spits it out the other side. If you like really thick bits of pasta it's good. I prefer more surface area for my ragu or sauces so I don't use this unless I just want to churn out some pasta really quickly for something. 3I highly recommend this gnocchi boardWorks very well at making gnocchi and other pasta shapes. The grooves are the right depth and sharp. I rubbed a beeswax/oil wax (see DIY Beeswax Wood Polish and Skin Cream by Parente on YouTube) to season and protect the wood. I highly recommend this gnocchi board.5Gnocchi Go To: Learn from our mistakesWe have always loved gnocchi. Even as accomplished cooks, it has remained somewhat of an enigma a special Italian restaurant meal to savor that we had never seriously considering making ourselves. A recent night out with an exceptionally memorable gnocchi dish with lobster, shrimp, peas, and a tomato cream sauce changed that. My wife did a search for gnocchi making and found this simple gem. Our new Fantes board is very compact so no worries about finding cabinet space.TEXTURE:We ve already learned to not keep the pasta too moist or it will stick. With sufficient practice and pliable not too moist dough, we re doing it! You are making a light dumpling of potato and will want to practice to work toward a smooth, soft, and silky texture.WILL ANY OLD TYPE OF SPUD BE FINE?Nope. We are using Yukon Gold valued by Italian chefs. Superb. Bake them. Boiling makes for moisture issues and a big hassle.FLOUR TYPE?We re using King Arthur all purpose with good results. Go easy on the quantity.IS CLEANUP A PAIN IN THE GNOCCHI?Cleanup is not difficult but will take a bit of time to scrape through the grooves that still have a bit of dough on them.5Perfect traditional gnocchi board. Perfect gnocchi board. It makes it easy to get the right size and shape for gnocchi. WE are an Italian family and make a lot of gnocchi. This is the traditional board used for the process and works great. It is small and made of wood so I would not put this in the dishwasher but is easy to clean and use. 5Great Little Kitchen toolGreat Little Kitchen tool! It's small so don't expect a large board. The work surface measures about 2 1/4 inches wide by 4 3/4 long. It's 5/8th's inch thick. Plenty thick. The handle is over 3 inches long. I wish more people would get into specifics in their reviews so you know what you're getting. In terms of the groove depth, they are deep enough. If they were deeper, you'd be pressing pretty hard on the dough and it would probably just rip. The groove is 1/8th inch deep. I've used it a few times and it does make nicely shaped gnocchi. Check out the Youtube video on how to use one. It's very informative. Enjoy!5Great fun!We tried this out last night. It is so fun and makes great cavatelli. We made the dough the day before, sliced a piece, shaped it in a long, flat snake (rolled in semolina) and fed it into the machine. Out popped the cavatelli. We were fighting for turns to crank the handle. We tossed the finished pieces in more semolina and let them dry out a bit before cooking - we made a mushroom sauce in the meantime. You do not need to roll out the dough beforehand, just slice and put into the machine. We will be using this more than our pasta machine!5Grooves are too close togetherIt works fine, but I like the bigger grooves that are formed if you roll your gnocchis on a fork instead of this board. The purpose of squishing your gnocchi pillows on a board or fork, which puts a dimple on one side and grooves on the other, is to make more nooks and crannies for your sauce to hang around in. I'd have liked it better if they were further apart. It's like rolling them on a fork with 10 tines. Just one guy's opinion.3Garbage don't waste your money or your timeWe have two different types of counter top in our home, one short and rounded, the other flat and long/wide. The clamp didn't work for either one. It clamped tight but then pulled the machine forward and would fall over. Not functional at all. But without the clamp it just tips right over even without the blades attached, be so don't think you can roll it out first then attach the blades. Unless you have an extra 4 hands it's not going to happen. The blades for the spaghetti did not cut all the way through, regardless of which setting I used or how long/short I made the pasta. This was a mess 100% from start to finish. It is quicker to hand roll and cut your pasta than it is to fight with this machine. Waste of time and money.1Works just fineThe machine does a great job, but the whole thing revolves around the proper dough recipe. Too wet makes a mess and won't yield the desired results. Don't use the recipes in the instructions -- do a little research and find a recipe from a reputable source. A little experimentation goes a long way toward making a decent product.5There's a learning curve, but it works! Not necessarily the easiest device I've ever used in the kitchen, but having experimented with our dough a little bit, we've definitely gotten it to make cavatelli! I returned a CucinaPro cavatelli maker that came with plastic rollers, which the dough stuck to terribly. Haven't had any issues with the dough sticking to the real wood rollers on this one!Unfortunately, no matter what we do, the cavatelli are coming out a bit tough; hopefully a bit more experimentation will yield some that are a bit more tender. So far, a medium-firm dough seems to work the best- too firm and they don't curl over nicely; too soft and they don't separate completely and end up sticking together and getting clumpy.Coating your dough snake in semolina seems to help the cavatelli drop off when they're made. We have had a few stick to the rotating metal bits if we don't coat the dough in semolina, and if they go all the way around they can gum up the rollers a bit, but they're pretty easy to peel back out.Anyway; this cavatelli maker works far better than the CucinaPro did, and we will definitely be keeping it! Once we got the dough and the rhythm down, we've had a blast using it, and it's actually way faster than rolling out and cutting pasta dough, so it's a great way to have homemade pasta on a weeknight when we don't have as much time to cook. 4The pasta has to be just right.If the pasta is too wet it will stick to the board and you will have a mess cleaning it up. If you are a first timer, take your time. speed will come with experience.5Key to authentic gnocchi!Can you make gnocchi without a gnocchi board? Yes, but why would you? You ve gotta have the grooves to hold the sauce, super chieftains.Gnocchi recipes are easy to follow, but the labor-intensive step of rolling out the individual pieces takes a bit of time. The last step is to roll each piece down your gnocchi board, and this board makes it easy to do.Gnocchi recipe:4 baked potatoes, riced1 egg, whiskedFlourMix the egg into the riced potatoes and add flour until you have a pliable dough. Divide into quarters and roll into long cigars. Slice every 1/2 inch or so, and shape each piece before rolling it down the gnocchi board. Briefly (maybe a minute) boil in small batches until they float. Enjoy with pesto, red sauce, curry, or just pan fry with brown butter.Recommended!5Works very wellWorks perfectly well as advertised. Not sure why this product has 4.1 stars since it is an ancient Italian cooking tool that exists for 100's of years and its a necessity if you like to make real pretty gnocchis!! Its a small piece of wood with grooves and works each time. Do not put this in the washing machine but do wash with soapy water and I use a little kitchen hand brush with natural bristles and it cleans perfectly this tool... For you people that gave less than 5 stars I am not sure what you were looking for ?? Did you wanted an automatic gnocchi machine for $5.95 ? This is absolutely a kitchen must for any chef or wannabe Chefs! I love mine!5
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