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Fenix E12 Flashlight Pocket-Sized bright flashlight 130 Lumens

  • Fenix E12 Flashlight Pocket-Sized bright flashlight 130 Lumens
  • Fenix E12 Flashlight Pocket-Sized bright flashlight 130 Lumens
  • Fenix E12 Flashlight Pocket-Sized bright flashlight 130 Lumens
  • Fenix E12 Flashlight Pocket-Sized bright flashlight 130 Lumens

Fenix E12 Flashlight Pocket-Sized bright flashlight 130 Lumens

NZ$ 202.00 NZ$ 121.20 Save: NZ$ 80.80
NZ$ 121.20 NZ$ 202.00 You save: NZ$ 80.80



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Introducing our new Fenix E12 Flashlight contains High intensity adjustable light beam making it efficient and durable. 50 lumen medium (6 hr. 30 min) and 8 lumen low (40 hours) provides additional flexibility.
  • One of the main feature of this bright flashlight is that it has Precision-machined, high strength aluminum alloy case.
  • Quality is assured and maintained up-to a certain level meeting all the current market standards. Composed of durable aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Tactical flashlight is digitally regulated output maintains constant brightness. Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
  • Compact 4" aircraft grade aluminum body weighs less than 2 ounces IPX-8 Waterproof, 2 meters for 30 minutes supported by limited lifetime guarantee from Fenix Lighting, US.
  • Max 130 lumen output from a single AA battery (included)
  • 50 lumen medium (6 hr 30 min) and 8 lumen low (40 hours ) provides additional flexibility
  • Compact 4" aircraft grade aluminum body weighs less than 2 ounces
  • IPX-8 Waterproof, 2 meters for 30 minutes
  • Supported by limited lifetime guarantee from Fenix Lighting, US
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All you need made tiny and solid. AA power!For those of you who are debating whether or not to spend this amount of money on something as simple as a flashlight, I can say the product really does reflect its price tag. It'll probably be my only flashlight for years. This isn't a spotlight, but it's still plenty bright for most jobs. I've used this flashlight for computer and car work and the low brightness setting is such a godsend. Most of the time I only need the low setting to see what I'm working on without the harsh glare of a super strong beam. The higher settings are decently bright and more than I require. The fact that this little flashlight is powered by a single AA is probably its single best selling point for me because I have an excess of rechargeable AA's. The battery contacts seem to be gold-plated so I don't ever have to worry about the typical oxidation causing the light to flicker when moved around due to poor electrical connectivity. I've owned an Ultrafire and Cree flashlight but I have to regularly clean the contacts every two or so months to get a reliable light. Great reflector, great solid aluminum build with grippy knurls, and small enough to pocket comfortably. Battery included for all it matters; AA's are cheap and ubiquitous.5Perfect pocket flashlightPrefect pocket light. This flashlight disappears into the pocket just like a bic lighter that's the same size.It's easy to cycle through the brightness levels with the tailcap switch. I mostly use it at the lowest setting so I can see without blowing out my vision. But you do have 2 brighter levels if you need tolight up a room. A really good feature is the flat tailcap whick allows you to tailstand it and light a room up like a candle.AA batteries are widely available and you can always rotate rechargeables if you have wired or solar power available. These are mypreferable batteries for an edc pocket light.Not much to say about durability. Maglight set the bar 40 years ago with aluminum tube flashlights. They only get better and better every year. As is typical for lights of this type, it's an aluminum tube with o rings sealing the tail cap and the light head. It's one smooth bar of aluminum with the same circumference along the full length. It's pretty hard to break any of these lights and you can run them over or take them to thebottom of theocean.I have had several engraved and given as gifts.5There's NO excuse not to own one!!!I probably own about eight of these little e12 lights. Not because I'm a flashaholic or anything I just can't see at night or very well in low light. One resides in my pocket at all times, another in the truck, another in my gear, another in the kitchen, another in the bathroom, etc etc etc. I also live out in the country. No not on the edge of street light lit City streets just outside of "town" but a couple miles outside of town. I've got skunks, possums, and had chickens (ever deal with a possum or skunk in the hen house at night?). Night comes and it gets dark around my place. Are you starting to see good quality flashlights are kind of important to me?Now for penis envy and bragging to some but a declaration of facts. I probably own a dozen surefire lights, half a dozen lapg lights, and countless others including cmg, maglite, etc so I think I have a fair bit of experience with different lights to provide a broad spectrum to color or illuminate my opinions. Yes a poor pun intended.The Fenix e12 doesn't begin to compare to my surefire p2x fury at 600 lumens but it's also not that kind of light. This is the type of light that you have with you ALL the time no matter who you are, walk off life, occupation, or financial capability. This is the type of light that will allow you to safely navigate blacked out buildings, walk down the trail that last few miles at night, provide just enough light to walk by and with a couple taps provide enough light to ID something 50 yards away, or even illuminate the inside of that porta-potty at an event to make sure it's "safe" to sit down. This is the type of light that you can keep fed anywhere with some imagination. This is the type of light you can hold in your mouth while working on your car or changing a tire at night with ease. Etc...I find it's beam to be acceptable to my eyes for peripheral illumination as well as focused enough to give me a decent bright spot 50 yards out to my back fence line and into the field behind my house a bit.I have had it turn on in my pocket a few times on accident because of pocket knife, change, etc pushed the button when I sat down. You feel the warmth after awhile. It does get warm. Even with that happening say twice a year I rarely have to change my battery and I use this light every night and even during the day in low light situations. The worse that's happened so far is having a battery discharge enough to not power the high setting but give me a second medium setting. I find medium good for general distance around the yard even though I prefer high.I'm trying to think of anything else.... Oh yes the lanyard after a year of being in my pocket is starting to fray near where it goes thru the light. When it breaks I'll replace it with some spider wire or a stainless steel split ring.In summation of my ramblings....At $25-26 this is NOT a very expensive flashlight, however it's anything but "cheap" where quality for the money is concerned. There is no reason why any thinking person can't afford one. You spend more a week for cable television, cell phones, alcohol, drugs, fast food, tobacco, etc. Hell some of us probly spent more money in a week on condoms when we were younger!!!! LMFAOWhen you need a light it's going to be with you because it's a convenient size to carry without being obtrusive.It's suitably bright for signaling purposes and at night that lost hiker or hunter etc is going to stand out if the light flashes at searchers.After at least a year in my pocket with knives, change, who knows what all it's still not missing a beat.I'm a huge fan of everyday carry and am one of those guys who was WAY before it became cool and this light is perfect for it.One other note while probably not waterproof I have used mine in water to about eight feet many times for a half hour to hour at depth with zero leakage. My kids love it when I turn it on and throw it in the deep end of the pool for a pool light or something to dive for at night. No I don't suggest diving with it, but I'd call it Wx proof enough for my needs.I have purchased all my lights myself but for a surefire e1b that was a gift from a friend. Never has a business or manufacturer given me a light for review. I have received no compensation for my review.I simply want to show people how easy and affordable it can be to have a few EDC items that can make a huge difference.So with all the money I've spent on flashlights over the years my advice to my own family and what I've done for my own kids and family and friends is bought them e12's out of my own pocket and I advise everyone to avoid cheaper priced lights that "are just as good" some would claim and just buy an e12!If Fenix ever reads reviews and listens to their customers there is one HUGE NEGATIVE to this light. It lacks a simple reversible pocket clip. It MUST be reversible. CMG had a simple one one their Ultra Infinity task light. Lapg has a very functional one on their EDC light. Surefire has a great pocket clip that reverses wonderfully for me, and all these allow me to headlight their lights. Fenix has..... Well I guess Fenix has me left waiting.....If you find my review helpful or junk please use the voting options so Amazon can weed out worthless reviews that serve little to no purpose. Thanks!I will also update my review should my feelings change due to light failure etc.Edited for errors due to my smart phone thinking it's smarter than me. Any errors found may likely be for this reason and I apologize if they detract from my review.5Great flashlight at a very good price - but will it meet your needsThe Fenix E12 is a great flashlight for the price.Size: doesn't quite disappear inside a med. size male hand. Fits nicely in a man s pants pocket in general. I could see it being a little large for small or tight pockets. (4.5/5)Grip/Handling: knurling on body gives a good positive grip but could be a little more aggressive. On the positive side it has enough grip without making it difficult to remove the light from a pocket. It also comes with a reasonably sized lanyard that I use due to my lack of dexterity (4.5/5)Construction: the body feels solid and heavy for its size. The lens is clear and appears substantial enough. The black finish on the body is holding up well to wear without aa scratch. The lens bevel has acquired two chips in the paint. I may have dropped it. The light opens easy and has an o-ring seal to keep moisture at bay. I have not testing its water resistance. Living on the coast, humidity is a big factor in killing my flashlights so time will tell. So far so good (4.5/5)Ease of use: One button with three modes. Always starts at the lowest setting and increases to mid setting with press, high setting with next, and then back to low with next press and so on. The switch seems to hit the right mark on sensitivity. After several months of use it has never come on in my pocket (I carry it with me 24/7) and has always worked when pressed. The switch gives good physical feedback when engaged. It requires a surprising light touch too work. Again, really good balance here (5/5)Power: One AA. Cheap and easy. After 3 months I had to replace the factory battery . I will chock that up to the factory battery for now. I dropped in a new Duracell and have run the light several times a day, usually on low but not all the time and it is still as strong as the day I changed the battery. If that changes I'll update this review. (5/5)Value: I am pretty cheap so when I buy an item like this I really consider value for dollar. To this point it has done everything I purchased it for, an always on hand flashlight that provides adequate light for 80 - 90% of what I use a flashlight for and it must be reliable. That being said it has met all my expectations so far and at a fair price point of $25. (5/5)Overall: I selected this light initially because my wife needed a small but reliable light to carry with her daily. In the process of doing my research my cheap flashlight started getting temperamental so I bought two flashlights. Glad I did because the Fenix E12 to date has functioned flawlessly and held up well to daily use. It is not going set to things on fire with 10,000 lumens but for everyday life it works great. With three light levels and easy handling it does what I need without any hassle. I would purchase this product and recommend it to others.(5/5)5Warranty is worthlessThis is a nice little flashlight. When the switch failed after about 2 years I foolishly spent 7 bucks to send it in for repair or replacement trusting the stated 5 yr warranty. After a unnecessarily complicated gauntlet of 2 websites and 3 phonecalls for RMA numbers I got the call. The switch failed due to corrosion caused by the battery. When I pointed out that it had never been exposed to battery leakage and I saw no corrosion when inspecting it, Blake stated that this is different from leakage and is a common problem with DuraCell batteries (??) Not repairable, not covered by warranty. But, they can offer me his personal discount on a replacement which netted out to a little more than the Amazon price. I passed.My advice: buy the cheap knockoffs and throw them away when they fail. With Fenix you are not buying better reliability or a meaningful warranty.1The quintessential single AA EDC pocket light.I love AA flashlights. It is such a common and abundant cell that you can acquire virtually at any store. In the event of an emergency, it's a guarantee that I will have AAs on hand and ready to go. If not, well then I'll empty a few electronics remotes and I'll be ready. If I did have to venture out to a store, it's quite likely I'll find them there as well.That was my mind set when I bought my 2x AA Fenix E25 and the same idea with my new 1x AA E12. While the E25 is more a medium sized light, the E12 is more EDC sized and ready for pocket duty with it's size roughly on par with a tube of Chapstick, or a Bic lighter, just a bit taller. Even being such a small light, it doesn't feel cheap or delicate in anyway. In fact, it is both impact and water resistant to an extent, so it's not indestructible...but pretty close.The modes are nicely spaced: 8 lumen low, 50 lumen medium and 130 lumen high. The beam is a good mix of flood and throw and provides useful light from a small package. Compared to my E25, it doesn't have that tight, super bright hot spot enclosed in a broad floody beam, rather a simple even beam of light. It's no thrower, but given it's size it provides pretty balanced illumination for a variety of tasks. Whether it's a quick trip to take the trash out, a dog walk or taking a look in your yard - the E12 works, and serves a simple, conveniently sized light to ride in your pocket, backpack or glovebox.The user interface is decidedly basic. A full click turns the light on to low mode. A light tap brings you to medium, another tap to high. Full click again to turn off. Easy and effective for one handed use. There's no mode memory, so it always starts on low. The low-medium-high sequence is a plus as well, I don't know why it would be any other way. No momentary on either, but features like that, memory and 5 different types of strobe aren't always necessary to me. It's a no frills light, but sometimes less is more.What I like about the E-series from Fenix is the durability and simplicity. Sometimes, you just need a dependable light that you can count on to work. The E12 is no different and based on the countless positive reviews, I think it will be riding in my pockets for many years to come.Overall, it is a great pocket light that is small enough to take anywhere with decent output.*** 2 year update ***I've had the E12 for 2 years now so I figured I'd update this one last time with some final thoughts. The light has been utterly reliably for the entire time I've owned it. It has survived many hikes and camping trips as well as holding up fine to numerous drops and exposure to rain/water. Still an excellent choice for a small single AA flashlight. Compact yet capable and pretty battery efficient. Definitely built to last!5My new everyday carry favorite.I use my EDC light a lot for working on equipment and for walking around our wooded property at night. I had been using a StreamLight Stylus Pro as my EDC pocket light. I really like the Stylus Pro a lot, it's plenty bright and very thin, not much bigger than a pen, but there were a couple of things about it I didn't like. I found myself using an cheap single AA flashlight at night because most of the time I didn't really want a "torch" just to see where I was going and avoid tripping over a dog. Sometimes you just don't want to attract a lot of attention by using a super bright light, and there are times when reflections can be annoying, especially indoors.My cheap flashlight was starting to give out and I was just going to get another when I thought I'd look on Amazon to see what they had and I'm very glad I did. I wasn't planning on spending much for a new flashlight, but when I saw the features of the E12, I had to try it. Now that I've used it for a week, I absolutely love it. The low setting is perfect for getting around at night, inside or out. I really like the way the tail switch works, turning on and off on the low setting and easily bumping up to the bright and super bright modes when you need them. I also very much like the partially guarded switch, which I think is much better than the fully exposed tail switch on the Stylus Pro. The E12 is a good bit brighter, whiter and has a larger lighted area than the Stylus Pro, which tends to be bit yellowish. I'll still use my Stylus Pro during the day at work, but this is the light that will be with me the rest of the time.Update: Unfortunately, I must agree with the reviewer that lamented for a glass lens and knock off a star. The lens on this light is loosing the battle with all the other pocket stuff and is quickly becoming scratched up. The lens is almost flush with the end of the light so it has little protection and is very susceptible to getting scratched. I was hoping that I could replace the lens, but this light was not made to be taken apart. As a result, I've had to resort to using a holster, kind of like putting a clunky case on your svelte smart phone. Too bad...4Fantastic light - small, light, and great tail cap switch!I have numerous flashlights that I use regularly. I have larger ones that I use outdoors, but I wanted something smaller that I could carry in my pocket. Primarily I wanted something that could help my old eyes read a menu in a dark restaurant without blinding everyone else nearby. This light is the perfect solution.What is fantastic about this light:1) Perfect size and weight. Not much bigger than the AA battery. Very light weight.2) The tail cap switch is perfection and won't activate accidentally3) Full press to turn light on and a light press to cycle between brightness levels4) The light always comes on in low mode (no memory) and cycles low-medium-high5) Comes with a nice lanyard6) No sharp corners or edges. This is a pocket flashlight not a defensive tool.7) Good battery life (40 hours on low!) and a useful amount of light on high8) It doesn't get hot when its onWhat I don't like ... I haven't really found anything yet. Again, my primary desire was something I could use in a dark room (like reading a menu) without blinding everyone around me. The fact that the light always comes on in low is perfect for this. I never have to worry that I left it on some other mode and it's going to come on at a brighter setting. That might not be the perfect configuration for every use, but it's a perfect setup for my use.5Small, bright AA flashlight - great for EDCI discovered the Fenix E12 while searching for a small AA flashlight for everyday carry. Most of the flashlights I own are reasonably compact but still too bulky for EDC; I wanted something small enough that I could forget it was in my pocket. At just under 3.5 long and two ounces with battery, the E12 is exactly that.Don t let its diminutive size fool you, the E12 is well built and feels sturdy in hand. It has a knurled texture, which is customary of Fenix lights, and a recessed tail switch that not only allows it to tail stand but makes accidentally turning it on almost impossible. A pocket clip isn t included but you can attach a key ring.There are three brightness settings of 8, 50 and 130 lumens which you can cycle through by half-pressing the power button. 8 is perfect for navigating a small room or confined space, 50 is sufficient for most outdoor tasks, and 130 will brightly illuminate anything within 150 feet. Although bright, the beam is a little on the narrow side. I ve included beam shots with my review photos but keep in mind the light is noticeably brighter in person than it appears in the photos.There is no mode memory, so when you turn it on it ll always start out at the lowest brightness setting. This has turned out to be a really handy feature because the brighter settings could potentially be jarring in certain environments. It s quick and easy to increase brightness if you need to.Ultimately, the E12 is a very well rounded flashlight. I really like mine and see myself getting a lot of use out of it. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a small, bright AA flashlight granted the lack of pocket clip and mode memory aren t deal breakers.5... 3 years ago for my everyday carry and i loved it. I lost it walking the dog a ... I bought this flashlight about 3 years ago for my everyday carry and i loved it. I lost it walking the dog a few weeks ago and picked up a replacement the second i could and i figured this time around i should leave a review. This little powerhouse runs on a single AA battery, has three settings (High, Med, Low), is water resistant and compact. It comes with a lanyard that fell off after a few weeks, a AA battery, and a manual. The thing is pretty straightforward and sleek. I've never been a fan of the tactical sharp edgy design that seems to flood the market of powerful pocket flashlights. it sits in your pocket without much fuss like a roll of quarters, but i will say that after a few years of wear the harder edges of the button side might open a hole in your pocket. It can put out around a 130 Lumens on High with a single battery, which makes it easy to forage batteries for during the apocalypse or when you're broke. My only complaint would be that there was no option for a clip or anything and the lanyard punked out too quickly. And I will lastly add that when i got my replacement that it was identical except the settings cycled Low, Med, High and that was a huge upgrade in my opinion.All and all an affordable, durable, and efficient piece of hardware. 5There are better optionsAfter a few days my initial impression is this guy is rather inferior to my surefires and my EDC streamlight microstream. The output seems about as advertised and the focus is similar to the surefire with most going to the center and nice quick bleed to the sides. The issue is the 3 levels output which is completely unnecessary, cumbersome and can cause major confusion. Also by starting on the lowest level it removes almost any tactical use. Then there is the completely round body which completely removes the ability to lay it on its side unless you're ok with it constantly rolling away from you. The only pro I can see it he guarded button which likely would prevent accidental activation. I would be interested in seeing how it handles low battery situations (get dim or just cut out like the streamlight) but I'm seriously considering just returning it.3Love this light. This flashlight goes EVERYWHERE with me. As an RN, the low setting works great for pupil and neuro checks on patients without being painful on my patients' eyes. On medium it's more than bright enough for walking the dog and feeling secure on visibility. On high I can light up the room or see things well at the end of the yard.And that's why I bought 2 of these babys. It's a perfectly thought out flashlight at a great price.Here's an overview:1. Common batteries, er, battery. AA is the most common battery out there.2. Mode order. Low 1st. Medium 2nd. High 3rd. The quick half-click makes it quick to change modes.3. Battery indicator. Sorta. As the battery drains, the higher settings don't come on. In other words, as you battery runs lower, the High mode will no longer turn on. Then, the Medium no longer turns on when your battery is almost drained. It gives you a heads up on the charge and keepa you from leaving you in the dark with prolonged use.3. Build. Solid consteuction (mine has been dropped plenty of times with nothing besides a few amall scratches). Waterproof. Candle mode. Tail switch.Love this light, it's going to be a stocking stuffer for a lot of my family this year. 5
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