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Filtrete Standard Capacity Whole House Replacement Carbon Wrap Water Filter 3WH-STDCW-F02, 2 Pack, for use with 3WH-STD-S01 System

  • Filtrete Standard Capacity Whole House Replacement Carbon Wrap Water Filter 3WH-STDCW-F02, 2 Pack, for use with 3WH-STD-S01 System
  • Filtrete Standard Capacity Whole House Replacement Carbon Wrap Water Filter 3WH-STDCW-F02, 2 Pack, for use with 3WH-STD-S01 System
  • Filtrete Standard Capacity Whole House Replacement Carbon Wrap Water Filter 3WH-STDCW-F02, 2 Pack, for use with 3WH-STD-S01 System
  • Filtrete Standard Capacity Whole House Replacement Carbon Wrap Water Filter 3WH-STDCW-F02, 2 Pack, for use with 3WH-STD-S01 System
  • Filtrete Standard Capacity Whole House Replacement Carbon Wrap Water Filter 3WH-STDCW-F02, 2 Pack, for use with 3WH-STD-S01 System
  • Filtrete Standard Capacity Whole House Replacement Carbon Wrap Water Filter 3WH-STDCW-F02, 2 Pack, for use with 3WH-STD-S01 System

Filtrete Standard Capacity Whole House Replacement Carbon Wrap Water Filter 3WH-STDCW-F02, 2 Pack, for use with 3WH-STD-S01 System

NZ$ 108.00 NZ$ 64.80 Save: NZ$ 43.20
NZ$ 64.80 NZ$ 108.00 You save: NZ$ 43.20



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • CLEANER, BETTER TASTING WATER - These filters reduce chlorine taste & odor, sand, silt, rust, and sediment
  • UNIVERSAL USE - These universal whole house sump style filters work in most standard capacity whole house sump style systems
  • THREE MONTH FILTER LIFE - Use these filters for up to three months each
  • PROTECT PLUMBING AND APPLIANCES - These filters help protect dishwasher, clothes washer, water heater, and showers
  • IDEAL FOR TWO BATHROOM HOMES - These filter cartridges fit into a system that is recommended for up to four person/two bathroom households
  • NSF STANDARD 42 CERTIFIED - Tested and certified by one of the world's most respected independent certification organizations that helps protect the world's food, water, consumer products, and environment
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Customer Reviews

Eliminates sulfur smell from well water w/o needing to add ... Eliminates sulfur smell from well water w/o needing to add chemicals. Needs replacement about every 3 months for normal household use for 2 people - water for plants and yard does not go through filter. 4Good water at last!I have nasty-tasting well water. Non-carbon filters didn't do the trick. This one did. I used to have to run my drinking water through a Berkey filter, and also use Berkey-water to make ice cubes. Not anymore. At long last, I can enjoy an automatic ice-maker!5Very disappointingI wanted to change out my current whole home filter which was getting clogged due to it being a very low 1 micron and we have so much mud and clay in our new well. The 1 micron filters worked great for about 3-4 days and then we lost water pressure due to them being clogged. We wanted something with less maintenance that we wouldn't have to change weekly so we tried these. After install and purge I ran a tub full of water and the bottom was full of small rocks and sediment. I never had that issue with any other filter I have used, I returned these and purchased the 5 micron version of the other filter.1Excellent replacement cartridge at a great value.I have been using a DuPont whole house water filter system in my 2500 sq foot house with a private well. The filter works great and does exactly what I was hoping it would. this was a good alternative to buying the DuPont brand replacement cartridges and was a good value. I change them every 3 months and find that it gets really dirty at the 3 month mark. Our previous home was smaller and we were able to get 6 months out of each of them.5Don t last long with silt well water.Bad! These filters have short lives. Our first lasted 10 days and the second lasted 3 until reduced water pressure. We live in well water and have a DuPont whole house filter. We were using the white filters that came with the unit. Those last about 30-45 days and I wanted something to last longer. These are definitely not the solution. 30 days doesn t seem so bad now.1good price and installation tipuse these with a whirlpool model whcf-dwhv installed about 12 years ago. good price and no problems with fitting. they last about 4-6 weeks for me. I'm on a well and the water issue is rust and odor. couple tips for installing. i let the new filter fill up slowly, maybe 30-45 seconds. this prevents the pipes from knocking, which can stir up sediment in your lines. then i run water on hot and cold in the tub, where there's no filter or aerator to get clogged up. if there's any air and sediment, it will bleed out fairly quick.5Cheap and insufficient Our city water is actually pretty good, but I'm sensitive to the chlorine. Was not looking for the best filtration in the world, just to cut out the chlorine taste and odor. These filters simply have too little carbon and the water tasted the same with the tap on full. You'd have to really slow down the flow of water to have any effect, and even that was only effective for a few weeks before it seemed these filters did nothing at all. I finally rigged up a system to put loose carbon for aquariums into the center of the filter which was the only thing that helped, rendering these little more than a housing for my own solution. Overall not really worth it and better to spring for a more expensive system or better carbon block system as these do very little and not for a very long time. 2Really lightweight compared to other brandsI purchased this to replace my current filter. I am shocked at how lightweight this is to my previous ones of different brands. I suspect they put in the minimum amount of carbon in this filter. About 2 months in, my filter seems to have worn out, the taste in my water has definitely changed. Cheap because it doesn't last longPros:- Inexpensive, 2 filters for under $10- Does the job for a while- Installation is as easy as most other filtersCons:- Very light weight, doesn't seem to have a lot of material in them- My filter only lasted 2 months before my water pressure and taste started to change- If you value your time, these filters will definitely cost you more time due to how much sooner you'd have to change them out.Overall:These are inexpensive and they worked okay. However, they wear out really fast, they don't seem to have very much material in them. Pay a bit more and better carbon filters. I would not buy these again.3The best kept secret on AmazonI stumbled upon this brand and vendor while searching for other filters. They did not come up in the main search for water filters, so the vendor may need to look at their search-keywords.The best kept secret? The price for two. I have been paying more than double that for just one final-stage filter. Definitely keepers. as we have to change filters about every 20-days.We have a 400-ft well and Iron sediment and Iron Bacteria mean frequent filter changes so finding lower cost filters that work well, (pun intended) is always a great thing.I have just ordered a second set after testing the first purchase for a few months. We have a three-stage filter set up with, 30-Micron, 5-micron and then this Carbon Wrap and I have to say, I am VERY impressed and we are VERY happy with the water clarity and taste.We still have to change the first and second stage (30M and 5M) at around 20days but this last change, I left this Carbon Wrap in to see how long we can get out of it before it needs changing out. So far it has been 35 days and still no major pressure drop with clear and fresh tasting water.5Whole House Carbon Wrap Water Filters, in Bulk At estimated service-life of units, I ordered a 2 year+ supply each of these and another filter. They last much longer than expected, So I probably now have a 5 year supply for full time rv livin', semi-retired. Price for one complete filter change on my reverse osmosis filter system was more than replacing the whole thing, so I bought a new R.O.F. These two filters will be in-line before the R.O.F., so it will last even longer. Some filters are rated at one half micron. Is they? Do they reduce flow? 4Not terrible, but there are much better... more expensive of courseThese work, maybe better than some but no comparison. Ordered and used them a couple times for my well whole house filter. Tried these and the string-wrapped type and the sort of solid plastic ones that seem to be made from something similar to styrofoam. The plastic ones are maybe the cheapest and they don't do a bad job of filtering out the sediment but don't do much about the smell and don't seem to last long before they and my canister look horrible. I had issues with those getting them to seal up properly in the canister, and water pressure was poor.I change them every 2 months, don't use much water but after 2 months these were all green, water had a lot of sediment... I'd put water (even after being filtered once more with a ceramic under-sink filter) in my cat's bowl and wipe it out the next day to replace it and the paper towel came out obviously brownish as would water if I boiled it.So now I use these https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06ZYC5NG5/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1They almost seem magic, no signs of sediment or smell and even water pressure seems better. To my further surprise there was a lot of sediment (both brown and green) in the cannister that was hard to wipe out but after putting the new ones in there after a few days the canister even looks almost like new. The new ones are more costly, wish I had taken pics but didn't.No, I'm not affiliated with either or getting any kind of discount for any review.3Good but not greatRemoves the chlorine smell and taste and really improves the harshness of the water, but it doesn't do as well for turbidity as the other filters. I believe running two filter system, one charcoal and one standard filter element will fix this. At least my skin and my hair are thanking this filter as the immense chlorine was like bleach coming out of the tap before hand and now is undetectable. It is still a worthwhile filter, I think it will be better to invest in a higher quality charcoal filter next time.4Not a true carbon filterThe amazon price on this filter set it great. However, be advised that this is NOT a carbon block water filter. It is a standard sediment filter with a this carbon paperlike wrap around the outside of the sediment filter. It might help reduce contaminants but on very slightly. I would much rather have a true carbon filter when filtering my water to reduce off flavors and contaminants.1
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