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finessCity Titanium Chopsticks with Aluminium Case - Grey

  • finessCity Titanium Chopsticks with Aluminium Case - Grey
  • finessCity Titanium Chopsticks with Aluminium Case - Grey
  • finessCity Titanium Chopsticks with Aluminium Case - Grey
  • finessCity Titanium Chopsticks with Aluminium Case - Grey
  • finessCity Titanium Chopsticks with Aluminium Case - Grey
  • finessCity Titanium Chopsticks with Aluminium Case - Grey
  • finessCity Titanium Chopsticks with Aluminium Case - Grey
  • finessCity Titanium Chopsticks with Aluminium Case - Grey
  • finessCity Titanium Chopsticks with Aluminium Case - Grey

finessCity Titanium Chopsticks with Aluminium Case - Grey

NZ$ 172.00 NZ$ 103.20 Save: NZ$ 68.80
NZ$ 103.20 NZ$ 172.00 You save: NZ$ 68.80



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • ? STRONG & LIGHTWEIGHT: finessCity Pure Titanium Chopstick are very strong & lightweight and easy to handle. They are perfect Chopsticks Gift Set for any Occasion. You can easily use them to eat Sushi, Noodles or Rice. Each Chopstick sets is just 0.5 oz / 14.5 gm, both quality chopsticks in a pair are of same size & length. i.e. 0.3 inch Diameter & 9 inch length. They are Rounded Chopsticks
  • ? DISHWASHER SAFE, REUSABLE & NON-ALLERGIC/TOXIC: They are dishwasher safe and Reusable Chopsticks. They are also non-allergenic, odorless and tasteless. These Environment Friendly Chopsticks set are not toxic to the human body and are bio-compatible & non-corrosive, much better than any other Stainless Steel Chopsticks or Metal Chopsticks you are looking for. These are 100% Food Grade Chopsticks Titanium (Ti)
  • ? PERFECT FOR CAMPING, TRAVEL & HOME: The Pair of Camping Chopstick Titanium comes in a strong aluminium case which makes it easy to store during Travel & Camping. You can keep them in your desk at work or carry them to school & college, just put them in a backpack and of course you can always use them at Home. Travel Chopsticks with case always comes handy when you like to take it to your favorite sushi restaurant
  • ? EXCLUSIVE PREMIUM QUALITY FREE NEW CASES: finessCity 1 Chopsticks pair comes with 9 different Exclusive Quality Aluminium Cases. So choose from any of the Pink, Grey, Purple, Orange, Blue or New Black, Yellow, Garden, Red Color Chopstick Case. Due to the Strong aluminium case rest assured your ti Chopsticks are safe & away from dust & contamination in Chopstick Holder. There is plug in the bottom which holds the Chop Sticks firmly & will not allow Portable Chopstick to bend accidentally
  • ? ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY & MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Save the Trees!!!, after you buy these you don't need the Wooden chopsticks anymore. Also due to its being made up of titanium these dishwasher safe metal chopsticks reusable will last for years. On top of all this when you order today, you're protected by our 90-DAYS for both chopsticks and case, no-questions asked ironclad MONEY BACK GUARANTEE that is backed by our world class customer service
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Customer Reviews

Great portable eating utensils, well made, easy to clean Very convenient, fits in an outside pocket of my backpack well and gives me a very convenient set of eating utensils. Cleaning them usually consists of just wiping them clean. The container is nice, well made, and holds the chopsticks securely.The chopsticks themselves are nicely textured and hold on to food very, very well. they're very comfortable and lightweight. they won't likely replace my titanium spork for camping, but they have found a permanent home in my backpack. I am a paramedic, so eating on the go is just part of my daily life, and these help slow down my eating so I don't eat as much, and it's just pleasant to have a nice, premium feeling utensil when eating your garbage safeway salad. I've been using them for about a month now and am extremely happy. 5Be that guy at the restaurant now.My girlfriend and I are huge fans of sushi and love going out on dinner dates to sushi restaurants. We where inspired by our favorite local sushi restaurant that had these beautiful metal chopsticks that felt really nice to hold and where much better than the cheap wooden splinter factories that most places give you. As we will also make sushi at home sometimes we decided to get a few sets for home. We love them. It has gotten to the point that we will even take them with us to other sushi places that have good sushi, but their chopsticks are terrible. I only wish they had a little more weight to them sometimes, but really I cannot complain. We have become "Those People" now but I could care less. I will enjoy my meal splinter free from now on. 10/10 would buy again4Too cool My wife and I just returned from Japan, having learned that something like 2 billion disposable wooden chopsticks are used there every year. That's a lot of trees. There is a growing movement to reduce this wasteful consumption by encouraging the use of permanent chopsticks. You can, of course, buy some very nicely finished wooden sets, but titanium sounded like the ultimate, so we each got a set--mine with a manly gray case, hers in an elegant purple. As many reviewers have said, they are very light and take a bit of getting used to. The benefits over wood, though, are (a) they're just about indestructible, (b) they clean easily and will not retain any residual food or odors, and (c) they're cool. How many people have titanium chopsticks?We recently went to our local Japanese restaurant and had a great time pulling the sleek aluminum case from our jackets, feeling a bit like James Bond for some reason, and set about using them for our sashimi/sushi dinner. The waitress (Japanese) saw them and asked us about them. She was very impressed. When we finished dinner, we wiped them clean, put them back in the case, and felt quite smug about our purchase. The case even has an internal "stop" at the bottom with two small holes to hold the tips, so they will not rattle.We will use them at home, too, both to keep in good chopstick practice, and as a complement to our occasional Japan-inspired dinners. Rarely have we had so much fun with such an inexpensive, simple device. Our only regret is that we didn't have them for our trip to Japan, where we could have used them three times a day. I'm certain we two gai-jin could have made quite an impression. I guess we'll just have to go back.All in all, one of our better purchases. 5No more splinters from pull apart wooden chopsticks.Very light weight and nice carrying case.In their video they point out the feature of the holes in the bottom plug of the carrying case for the points of the chopsticks to go into so that they "do not rattle" in the case. This in not the case as they do rattle in the case as there is no support for the tops of the chopsticks. I do not consider this a defect in a good product - just pointing out that they said that they do not rattle in the case which is not true.4good, but...I like them. They do what they are meant to do. There is always a learning curve when using metal chopsticks, but that is not the issue. The issue is that the metal taste couldn't go away for me. I've had these for a few months and really tried to give it a chance, but after many times washing them cleaning them, seasoning them, etc... the metal taste just couldn't go away....? At any rate, they are a good solid chopstick! They are made with quality and strength. They are a good pair of chopsticks, but I just personally had an average experience with them.3Just what er wanted, great.Took me a sec to figure out how to get them out of the case...opened the wrong end. They have a nice heft (I was envisioning something like the weight of plastic straws) a little heavier than a cheap plastic fork, and I like that they are seamless and relatively plain (they are stamped with their logo). Yes I will always prefer the round bamboo for the mouth feel, food traction (they're slick), and texture, but I do like that these aren't going to splinter like the cheapo's and they won't get moldy like bamboo does. We got them for our kids and grand daughter as well as for us.5not titaniumeven hollow these would have to be almost paper thin to be titanium the structure should give them great rigidity but they flex alot not so you would notice during normal use. a more accurate discription would be titanium colored aluminum chopsticks performed same tests as i did with the camping cutlery set from same seller and they did not pass them either.2DO NOT USE ON WHITE PORCELAINExtremely easy to leave black scratch on china bowl. I tried toothpaste and dish detergent but the scratches did not come off anyway. Very disappointed.1Awesome product, just buy them already. Bought these to go in my pack for everyday and backpacking. They are extremely light and well crafted. The tube they come in opens via rubberized plugs at both ends for easy cleaning. The bottom plug has two divots that the tips rest in while in the tube and prevent the chopsticks from just falling out when the tube is opened. I am accustom to the chopsticks at my local noodle shop which are plastic or melamine and are a bit longer than these, but only by a half an inch or so. Also, these are lighter and taper more to a fine (not sharp) point. Personally I love them and use them daily.The only complaint I had was that they tend to rattle a bit in the metal tube. A small bit of paper towel inside the tube, and no more rattle. 5Easy To Handle and to Clean. Love the CaseI did not expect the brushed titanium finish to be easy on my fingers. However, that's exactly what happened. I don't know if the disposable ones I used from Chinese food places were that bad, but so far, these are good length for me, and even my girlfriend, who got the purple case, enjoys using them. I may even wind up taking these to a nearby Chinese buffet, and I've enjoyed the chopsticks there.These are never going in the Dishwasher, simply because I don't have a good way to keep them in place. But they wipe up very easily, and the case is invaliable for keeping them organized.5Great chopsticksJust received these. 2 days early I might add. They feel great to hold, they arent heavy like one would expect. They weigh about like wooden chopsticks do. The only downside, which is a personal preference, is that when the metal touches it makes this kind of scratching sound that for me is the equivalent of scratching fingernails on a chalkboard for some people. I believe it is because they are brushed titanium and the case is brushed aluminum so any time any 2 pieces of metal touch, they make that scraping sound that makes my skin crawl lol. But all in all they are a good set of chopsticks. Sturdy. Light weight. Too long to fit in a pocket tho. You'd have to transport them in a backpack or briefcase. ( Which I think is mentioned in the description)UPDATE: I still have these chopsticks after 2 years of use. still going strong! as for the issue in my previous review, I took a piece of cardboard and cut it to fit down the middle of the tube to separate the chopsticks and keep them from banging together when not in use.The only gripe I have is they're too long to stick in my pocket. If they would make 100% titanium collapsible chopsticks that'd be perfect. I'd be able to fit them in my pocket.5Updated to 5 After using these chopsticks for almost 4 months, I am more pleased than at first. They held out and have not deteriorated in any way even after "rough cleaning." They are light, durable, and easy to wash. The texture of the round chopstick is smooth, but not slippery. They have been incredibly easy to use and have served me well over the months. I will update the review if these chopsticks break, but otherwise these chopsticks are well made and I'm glad to have bought them.old review: These chopsticks are light because they are hollow. I gave 3 stars because: they do make a rather loud clinging sound when they touch, and because these are round chopsticks they roll around all the time when I want them to be still. The case was completely useless for me so I got rid of it. Nonetheless, these chopsticks are easy to clean and are rather sturdy which is why they are still usable sometimes. 5Great product Beautiful product, easy to use and lightweight. Feel like I am eating with something much cleaner, and they aren't slick so it's easy to grip the food. I have always liked eating with chopsticks but normally only think of it when I get takeout. Got these on a whim and love using them regularly now. The case makes them easy to keep in my lunch cooler, so I have them on hand whenever I buy sushi or bring rice bowls or stir fry for lunch. I often eat at my desk, using chopsticks slows me down a bit and makes me focus on eating :) 5these chopsticks are awesome. Buy themFirst off, these chopsticks are awesome. Buy them. They are well worth the money and I may never purchase another pair again. They have none of the problems that steel chopsticks do (heavy, slick, cold, has a taste). That said, there are a few things I wish were better.1. I don't like the seem between the endcap and the body. The endcap looks like it is too small and the joint hasn't been dressed as well as it could have been. The cap aught to be oversized and have the solder/weld ground flush before finishing. Purely an aesthetic issue, and a minor one.2. The bead blasted finish. It's great for helping to grip food, but feels nasty on the skin until it wears down a bit (admittedly I do have some sensory issues). It would be nice if the grip had a more coarse, patterned texture.3. The name. I don't care what they want to call their company, but I don't like having finessCity etched on my chopsticks.4. The rubber endcaps on the carrying case. The bottom one has two deep holes to keep the tips from rattling it the tube, this is nice, but they are so deep and tight fitting that if you don't dry them perfectly before putting them away, water will collect here and may linger, making for a mold hazard over time. The top one has no recess so they rattle anyway. Rubber is much less durable than titanium or aluminum, so they will be the first thing to go, at which point you will need a new case.5Great chopsticks and soo much moreGreat chopsticks & wonderful carrying tube. The chopsticks feel just right, not too light but not too heavy. Great feel & precision. Doesn't impart any taste to the food or hold residues of past meals. Priced right for each member of the home to have their own pair. No more splinters from cheap chopsticks. Great for camping too. Great addition to a mess kit and also great for stirring and poking what's cooking. The case is perfect too. Large enough to fully protect the chopsticks and well made too. Seems like alot of thought went into these both. So happy to have found these. From past experience it's probably not a good idea to put them through the dishwasher but a good scrubbing and drying should suffice. Going to buy some more as gifts. I get compliments on them.5
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