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FINIS Original Swimmer's Snorkel Pink, Adult

  • FINIS Original Swimmer's Snorkel Pink, Adult
  • FINIS Original Swimmer's Snorkel Pink, Adult
  • FINIS Original Swimmer's Snorkel Pink, Adult
  • FINIS Original Swimmer's Snorkel Pink, Adult
  • FINIS Original Swimmer's Snorkel Pink, Adult
  • FINIS Original Swimmer's Snorkel Pink, Adult

FINIS Original Swimmer's Snorkel Pink, Adult

NZ$ 212.00 NZ$ 127.20 Save: NZ$ 84.80
NZ$ 127.20 NZ$ 212.00 You save: NZ$ 84.80



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • FIRST CENTER-MOUNT SNORKEL: Created and patented by FINIS; designed specifically for training swimmers
  • COMPATIBLE WITH MANY STROKES: Stays in place for freestyle, butterfly, and breaststroke (including flipturns)
  • COMFORTABLE MOUTHPIECE: Made with a soft and flexible medical-grade silicone
  • ADJUSTABLE HEAD BRACKET: Makes for quick strap adjustments and universal fit, even with swim cap and goggles
  • ONE-WAY PURGE VALVE: Allows water to flow out of the tube without entering the mouthpiece
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Customer Reviews

Great for runners getting into lap swimmingThis version with the water vent at bottom is key and better than the longer hooked one supposedly for freestyle (the Finis Freestyle Snorkel) without the water vent at bottom. I swim freestyle 40 laps at a 25 meter pool (2.0 km total), and this center snorkel lets me maintain my breathing rhythm, habitualized and unchangeable apparently from 20 years of jogging. My recent FAI injury forced me to change from jogging to swimming, to keep the pressure off of my injured femur head to pelvis socket joint. The longer Finis Freestyle Snorkel wouldnt be as good, since it doesn't have the water vent at bottom, and this is long enough to keep my head down in good form. I barely break the water surface apparently so I recommend too the Finis Snorkel Dry Top to keep the water out. With a nose plug, I inhale AND exhale through the snorkel, and now it's quiet enough to listen to tunes from a waterproofed iPod Shuffle from Underwater Audio. This set up with the waterproof Galaxy Gear Fit2 Pro (lap counter, heartrate monitor, swim analysis in the Samsung Health app is all killer. This set up changed my life and I can't say enough about how good it ALL is. 5Fantastic snorkelI swim 3x a week, at a 50 meter pool, for 30 minutes--pretty much non-stop swimming. I have no problem swimming for a longer period of time, except then my neck gets stiff and painful the next day. When I went to see a chiropractor, his first question was, do I swim. It seems that by turning my head, and keeping it out of the water (yes, bad form, but I got used to swiming that way)-- I was straining my neck needlessly.One day I saw a swimmer in one of the faster lanes, with a snorkel, gliding effortlessly through the water. I looked on Amazon, and saw this product, and decided to order it, based on the positive reviews. Several weeks later, I saw the swimmer again, and got a closer look and saw that he also had the Finis snorkel.I've only used the snorkel once, as our pool was closed for maintenance for a month, and just reopened yeseterday. I was a bit apprehensive at first, how the breathing would work, bumping into other swimmers, etc.,But the headgear was not at all uncomfortable, and I had much better peripheral vision than I had expected. I did wear a nose plug, and swim goggles (not full face mask), so the breathing and swimming was very smooth. 5I love this snorkel!!!Oh swimmers snorkel, where have you been all my life??? This device has totally changed my lap swimming experience. I feel like Dory the fish and I can Just Keep Swimming lap after lap after lap. I get so much more exercise in the pool thanks to using the snorkel. My teen daughter thinks I look like a dork but I got over that pretty quick as soon as I tried it out. If you're considering a snorkel for lap swimming, just get one. You will love it (and if everyone else uses them I won't be the only weirdo at the pool using a snorkel that all the little kids point at). I did think it was hard and uncomfortable on the forehead at first, but once I got in the water I realized I could really loosen the strap a lot so it didn't put pressure on my head. The strap just needs to be tight enough to keep it from moving back and forth in the water. Turns out that it doesn't need to be tight at all. It's easy to purge if needed, but I rarely find any water gets in there. I'm so glad I finally got me of these after years of contemplating it (I'm cheap). Totally worth the money. 5Miracle in the pool - I can now swim laps.Add me to the chorus of voices who gasped and sputtered their way to the wall in exhaustion before discovering the miracle snorkel cure. I literally took it out of the package, slid it over my head, and promptly swam a half mile. The first few laps were a little disconcerting, to be sure (I did not use a nose clip), and for most of the swim I was focused on the breathing. By my second swim I figured out the rhythm of breathing out through the nose and in through the snorkel in concert with my stroke. By the third swim I was completely focused on my stroke mechanics and oblivious to the fact that I was even breathing. I have had no issues with water getting in, even when swimming with a crowd in a choppy pool. I didn't try any flip turns, as if I would even begin to know how to do that. My wife thought the forehead piece was somewhat uncomfortable, but I have a hard head and didn't notice a thing (I tend to focus on more elemental things, like not drowning). The only negative is my throat gets dry - haven't figured that out yet, short of stopping at the wall for the occasional gulp of water. 5Finally swimming laps!I took swimming lessons in 2016 and finally am swimming at age 64! I can tread water too! The thing I simply could NOT master was the breathing rhythm, which impeded my getting from one end of the pool to the other. I read the reviews on this snorkel and tried it for the first time today. Made it from one end of the pool to the other! I was SO proud of myself. I've read that some swimmers may need a nose guard, but I did not. I initially practiced with the snorkel and a float board, going from one end to the other with my face in the water and breathing through my mouth only. I got a little water up my nose once, at the very start. After that, it was like riding a bike, and I let the float board go. If you enjoy swimming, but have trouble with the breathing rhythm as I did, I highly recommend this device! 5Changed my life at age 48!I have always been a "water bug" and love to spend time in the water. Unfortunately, despite having private lessons and being generally fit, I simply could not master breathing for the crawl. As I get older and my knees have begun protesting when I jog, I kept eyeing the pool and wishing I could just swim like everyone else. This training snorkel allowed that to happen. I had never heard of them until I saw someone using one while on vacation. They told me they originally made them for kids but now adults can get them. For all I know, they have been around for decades. I certainly wish I discovered it prior to this. Anyway, at least now I have one. The first day I used it I was able to swim 15 laps non-stop. I didn't have any problem getting used to it at all. Prior to that, I could only go about half a lane (not half a lap) without stopping and turning over to do the backstroke because that was the only way I could breathe. I am really happy to have this snorkel. I can't compare it to other brands because this is my first one. I've used it about 12 times since getting it about 2 weeks ago and I have no complaints at all. 5Pretty good, just need to get used to it.As someone who's returned to swimming after a very long layoff, my stroke technique needs some work. A coach recommended getting a snorkel, so after some research I decided on this model. I've had it a few days, and the first thing I can say about it is that it definitely allows you to concentrate on your technique. It is, however, something that will take a while to become truly comfortable with in the pool. One thing I noticed was that I have a tendency to tilt my head and look forward a little more than at the bottom of the pool. Overall, though, it seems like a great tool for improving stroke technique. The head harness fits well with goggles, at least on my forehead. It does, however, seems as though it was designed for someone with a larger head. The harness keeps it in place, even during flip turns, but clearing it without having water go down the wrong pipe will require a bit of practice. I've seen others at practice using this same snorkel, and they don't have any problems so I really think it is mostly a matter of practice and getting used to it. When you first get it, I recommend putting the snorkel in the harness on dry land and adjusting the position up or down so that when the snorkel is in your mouth, the silicone part with the mouthpiece isn't bent up or down. Once you have that figured out, go to the pool and make any refinements you need. Overall, this seems like a good product and good solution to a complex problem. It just takes practice, I guess, to make it really work well. 4Huge success: 1st time use review from a newbieI was locked up in the situation where I needed to do more swimming to improve my body condition but because of the later I couldn't complete a lap in the pool without having to stop struggling for air. I got this product after a friend hinted me to look for a swimming snorkel.Today I went to the pool for the first try. I did around 10 whole laps and was able to hit my muscle limitations instead of my breathing. Here I am struggling to keep my arms in level with the keyboard as I type. At last sore muscles because of lots of swimming. This is huge progress.Let's talk the good things:A) Non-stop breathing while swimming for out of shape newbies.B) The pipe somehow stays out of the water. Despite not looking long enough (see attached image). I guess I'm not placing my face down enough to get the pipe in the water like other reviews described.C) The head band is adjustable both in diameter and highness. Large enough for my big head. I'm that kind of person that can't find caps/hats in stores that fits.D) The mouthpiece have a couple of pieces to bite so the snorkel stays firm in the mouth (see attached picture).Now, the less pleasing part:A) The front part of the headband that touches the forehead could use softer materials. Its all hard plastic (see attached image).B) This is not specific for this product but it is something to consider for first time snorkel users: you're sucking air from inside the water that is under higher pressure than the outside. So, the air naturally is forced out of the higher pressure zone (your lungs) to the exterior. You will be fighting that force that initially wouldn't be a problem but after 5-10 minutes you might start feeling it. Again, if you're in bad shape like me. People with stronger lungs that exercise often might not even notice it.C) Another thing not specific to this product: it is common that you will need a nose guard. I was struggling with it. It is clearly stated in the product packaging that "some swimmers might need a nose guard". 5Worth looking like a dork because it is that awesome!I'm a novice swimmer and wanted to swim laps for exercise but could never swim to the point of muscle fatigue because I was too busy trying not to drown. I hesitated on this due to vanity for far too long and then decided that I'd rather look like a dork and be healthy then be vain and unhealthy. This is the best purchase I've made in a long time. I can now swim laps and really get a good workout. I'm also able to focus on good technique of my stroke so that I don't learn bad habits which could lead to injury. Maybe someday I'll be a good enough swimmer to not need this (although competitive swimmers train with them as well) but I love it so much I'll be happy to always use it. I couldn't figure out how to use it without nose plugs - highly recommend the Sinus Saver nose plug, which I also purchased on Amazon. 5Weak strap clips break within monthsThis is a great snorkel and would help improve your swimming, because you will be focusing on one less thing, the breathing. This is the second time, I purchased this snorkel. However, there is a design flaw in the side clips which hold the strap. The clips are weak and break easily. This has happened twice with me. The only fix is to tape the broken clip with some electrical tape. Of course, you will lose the adjustment capability on that side. 3
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