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Five Star - 6022b_ - Star San - 32 Ounce - High Foaming Sanitizer

  • Five Star - 6022b_ - Star San - 32 Ounce - High Foaming Sanitizer
  • Five Star - 6022b_ - Star San - 32 Ounce - High Foaming Sanitizer
  • Five Star - 6022b_ - Star San - 32 Ounce - High Foaming Sanitizer
  • Five Star - 6022b_ - Star San - 32 Ounce - High Foaming Sanitizer
  • Five Star - 6022b_ - Star San - 32 Ounce - High Foaming Sanitizer
  • Five Star - 6022b_ - Star San - 32 Ounce - High Foaming Sanitizer
  • Five Star - 6022b_ - Star San - 32 Ounce - High Foaming Sanitizer
  • Five Star - 6022b_ - Star San - 32 Ounce - High Foaming Sanitizer
  • Five Star - 6022b_ - Star San - 32 Ounce - High Foaming Sanitizer

Five Star - 6022b_ - Star San - 32 Ounce - High Foaming Sanitizer

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • STAR SAN is a high foaming, acid-based, no-rinse sanitizer that is effective and easy to use.
  • Self-foaming, which helps to penetrate cracks and crevices.
  • Odorless, flavorless, biodegradable,and environmentally friendly. Will not harm septic systems.
  • Reduces water spotting and can be used without rinsing when used at the recommended dilution.
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Customer Reviews

Works effectively, don't fear the foamThis arrived very late, to the point I had to go and buy it locally... but it wasn't any fault of the product or seller.It's one of my favorite non-rinse sanitizers out there. It works quickly, only requires a little bit of solution with a large amount of water, and even has a measuring cup built in to the botttle! Many people don't like the foaming that this product creates (which sometimes can be quite significant), but it's important to NOT rinse it after using it, otherwise you risk recontaminating whatever you're using it on (unless you use large amounts of freshly boiled water, but that's a pain). Don't fear the bubbles, they are not dangerous and do not impact flavors if you used the recommend concentration of this product.If bubbles and foam are driving you crazy, there are lower foaming no rinse products available that may cost more (saniclean is one I've used) you may want to explore. 5A little goes a long way. The bottle has ...A little goes a long way. The bottle has 2 caps, one of which has built in measuring lines for 5, 15, and 30ml. It wasn't exactly clear to me how to use the measuring side so if anyone else is confused: leave the not-measured side closed, open the measured side, hold the bottle upright and squeeze. You'll see the measured side slowly fill up via the small tube that runs along the height of the bottle 5Excellent sanitizer for beer brewing and other usesStar San is an indispensable and necessary sanitizer for beer brewing. It can also be used for other applications. Simple and effective, it's nontoxic and doesn't require complete rinsing when used for brewing. It can be used for other applications that require basic sanitation.Some may wonder how this product sanitizes. I learned through a chemist that Star San contains a surfactant that opens the bacterial cell. Once open, the product contains an acid that gets into the cell and kills it. It does *not* sterilize, it sanitizes. So it's best used with clean items. One other great benefit is this product does not need to be rinsed. In fact, rinsing can contaminate the item you're sanitizing, since bacteria is in rinse water. The foam this product produces is actually acts as yeast nutrient, when used in brewing and fermenting applications. As the manufacturer says, "Don't fear the foam!"Highly concentrated, Star San should be used sparingly. A 32 oz. container should last a long time for most uses. 5A must for brewing.An absolute must for brewing.Every brew session starts with me filling my Rubbermaid tub with Star San and water. Basically anything I use gets put into the tub.I followed this process and got Star San starting on my very first batch after reading some tips. I have never had an infection (knock on wood) and have never dreaded sanitizing, because it seems so easy to just get some Star San on everything before I use it.Oh, one tip for someone who hasn't used a bottle like this - you just take the top off the measurement side then squeeze the bottle. The liquid flows up into the measuring cup and allows you to dump it. Don't be dumb like me and take both tops off or just try to tip it or leave both tops on and squeeze or any of the dumb things I tried before figuring it out. 5Excellent value, perfecr for homebrewers or small restaurants/food serviceIf you are looking for an ideal food safe sanitizer, this is the one. This single bottle provides approximately 150 gallons of sanitizing fluid, ideal for homebrewing, small restaurants, and any other situation where you do not want bacteria but don't want to smell or taste cleaner. 5Good!This was my first brewing experience (apple cider, autumn 2018) and the kit I bought came with some cleanser I'd never heard of. All the articles and forums mention Star San so I decided I should use it rather than whatever came in my kit. I liked it a lot. It's nice to be able to dip this and just mist that, whatever way you use it you can trust it to be effective. When I got it on my hands, no problem (and I am very sensitive), and it seems to have done the job on my equipment- didn't hurt my yeast nor allow bad microbes to spoil my cider. A little goes a very long way... I bet this will last me the rest of my life. So if you brew a lot, you will enjoy the affordability as well as the utility of this product. 51st place. No time for 2nd place here. Perfect sanitizer! Contact touch sterilation!There is always a 1st place and when it comes to safety and ensuring your hard work is protected you don t want it to be anything less than perfect. While it may only be 8oz, the mix ratio is 1oz per 5 gallons of water. We use this to sterilize our wine equipment and bottles. We use this in a spray bottle and a tiny amount of Star San in the small bottle will last us a very long time. Highly recommend! 5Great for homebrewGreat sanitizer for homebrew and lasts awhile. I don't like to use the iodine version as it stains all my homebrew gear. Remember don't fear the foam when using this. The soapy foam also sanitizes! You can also use it as a cleaner around the kitchen or to get hard water stains off things! 5Good for everything... except bottling!This sanitizer seems to work well (though it's a little hard to tell since microbes are impossible to see with the naked eye!). I use it on all my winemaking equipment... EXCEPT at bottling time. I learned my lesson the hard way on that one. I kept reading that Star San does not need to be rinsed and that you shouldn't fear the foam. That seems to be true enough for most equipment like fermenters, spoons, siphon hoses, etc. But when I used it to sanitize bottles before filling with my Malbec, I could very definitely taste Star San in the wine. It drove me nuts for weeks - I kept tasting this funky chemical flavor when I opened the bottles. I thought maybe it was bottle shock or spoilage but then one day I used Star San again and immediately recognized the odor - so THAT'S what my Malbec tastes like!! Fortunately the Star San flavor has decreased after a few months of aging, so the Malbec wasn't a complete loss. But I learned my lesson: Use Star San for everything else, but use sulfite water to rinse bottles! 5Would recommend to anyone who needs to remove paint from glassI use this product to remove lettering from bottles that have the paint fired on. I re-purpose the bottles into bird feeders which are decorated so needed a way to remove permanent paint. This works amazingly well. I put 1 ounce in 5 gallons of water and let the painted bottles sit in it for 2 days. Permanent paint wipes right off. Fabulous product. Would recommend to anyone who needs to remove paint from glass. 5
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