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Fox Run 3830 Marble Mortar and Pestle, Black

  • Fox Run 3830 Marble Mortar and Pestle, Black
  • Fox Run 3830 Marble Mortar and Pestle, Black
  • Fox Run 3830 Marble Mortar and Pestle, Black
  • Fox Run 3830 Marble Mortar and Pestle, Black
  • Fox Run 3830 Marble Mortar and Pestle, Black
  • Fox Run 3830 Marble Mortar and Pestle, Black

Fox Run 3830 Marble Mortar and Pestle, Black

NZ$ 172.00 NZ$ 104.00 Save: NZ$ 68.00
NZ$ 104.00 NZ$ 172.00 You save: NZ$ 68.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 4 inch
  • Made of 100% Marble - a natural elegant stone with unique patterns and colorations. Due to natural variations in the marble, color may differ slightly from the images.?
  • Effective at reducing herbs, spices and nuts to powders or pastes
  • Sleek design, will add elegance to any kitchen
  • Hand washing is recommended with a mild detergent
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Customer Reviews

Color Green should be listed as "Sea foam," and shown with an accurate image.There are a few things I feel buyers should find forgivable: 1). If a product arrives broken outside the seller's control, and 2). If an item is not as expected by your own fault, and not the sellers. One thing I don't understand, is when a seller goes out of their way to upload an inaccurate item image and misleading item dimensions, because obviously this is going to encourage far more returns. The case of this little green marble mortar and pestle is just that-- a return, because the item's image was inaccurate, and it really wasted my time.I purchased this item knowing the unit would be on the smaller side. According to some reviews, the description leads you to think the item is 4" wide, and/ or 4" deep. I'll tell you now, it's slightly over 3.5" tall, and 2.5 to 3" deep at the most. This is not a large mortar and pestle, and likely won't handle heavy duty jobs. It's cute if you have a small kitchen and you don't cook a lot, but if you're a very involved cook, or you plan on grinding anything more than soft seeds or chili flakes, then you should probably spend the extra money and buy something else.My entire issue with this item is the color. I had a specific need for a dark green marble unit, and the size was more or less inconsequential, so long as I could grind at least half an ounce of herbs, dried flower petals and the occasional course ingredients. More specifically, I wanted a dark green, much like the photo. Fortunately, I have Prime, so this item arrived within three business days, but ugh, I was so disappointed when I opened it. IMO, it's not so much that this is a bad or weak unit, it's that the color was so off. If you don't care about something like that, and you need an expensive mortar and pestle, then this may work out great for you. If you are big on coordinating certain colors, then seriously, but something else. What irks me the most is the way the seller wasted my time. I have a high tolerance. It takes a lot for me to leave a negative review, but all this seller had to do was post an image depicting the accurate color. That's it.So, I ended up having to buy a second unit here on Amazon for a couple dollars more (under $20), shown to the right in the photos I posted. The second unit is slightly larger, but the color is RIGHT, and matches what was shown on the listing. To the left, is the Fox Run unit I'm about to return. The difference is notable. If you plan on buying this, keep the potential for off-coloring in mind.2Works fairly well.I bought this based off Serious Eat's mortar and pestle review. I've used a couple of mortar and pestles for spice grinding before, all of which didn't actually grind spices too well. One of them had a mortar rim too high so your hand would always bang against it while using the pestle. Others just didn't grind spices so much as pushed them around.I made my usual attempt at grinding some cumin and coriander. In other mortar and pestles, the spices would break, but that's it--they wouldn't grind to a powder or anything. On this one, I actually got a nice powder. It took a decent amount of time but a lot less than I'd spent on my other ones, and it wasn't too uncomfortable to use. The rough interior really seemed to help. I haven't tried grinding other things, like pesto.It's not perfect, though. The base is slightly uneven and it liked to slide around my countertop. A damp towel or something on the bottom solves this problem but it's something to be aware of, and it is rather heavy. The interior is a light marble and it was stained yellow from the turmeric I added, which didn't wash away easily. I don't mind that, personally, but it's another thing to take note of.5Dollar for dollar, the absolute best kitchen purchase I've madeI bought my mortar and pestle in 2009, taking a chance on this one because the one I had at the time tended to "encourage" more peppercorns to pop out of it than I was readily willing to retrieve. Not knowing whether the problem was the slope or the depth, I did the best measurements I could and bought something with different specs. Probably the ABSOLUTE best kitchen purchase I've ever made, considering its reasonable price. It is sturdy, comfortable to use, extremely attractive and I love its no-tech functional look so I keep it where I can see it. I grind dry ingredients like peppercorns and dried herbs and spices, then add to the mortar garlic cloves and pieces of peeled ginger root and pulverize those, then add to that liquids like olive oil, balsamic vinegar, citrus juice, soy sauce, etc. and thoroughly mix everything with the pestle. A fantastic meat marinade and only one major item to wash! I'm glad Amazon keeps record of my purchases and extra glad that this item is still available because I wanted to buy the exact same one as a gift - I know my friend will be delighted!5I prefer flat. This thing is not.Sturdiness will be the deficit where if I had a thing to spin a stone and take the inside and grind down the lines that we re not flattened at creation. I just wanted it flat and I guess some grinding might benefit from this structure. So I lower the rate but that s all relative to my use. So consider those 7 or so circles which were about a couple mm tall and it seems like on purpose. I3OK for infrequent or on-the-go useI have a large marble mortar and pestle at home, but needed something smaller that I could use when travelling. This little one is the right size for crushing a big pill or a couple of small ones. But I wouldn't recommend it if you have the space to use a fullsize, heavy mortar and pestle. A big one is easier, faster, and requires much less force.4perhaps a little smaller than expected but loved it. However a few months into use ( ...Bought this item few months ago. Found it cute, perhaps a little smaller than expected but loved it. However a few months into use ( only used this to crush ginger or cardamom on weekends), it broke into two pieces! Total rip off!!! Major disappointment1Works great for spices and seasonings. This is the best-looking mortar and pestle for the money on Amazon in my opinion. Feels great and it doesn't look as cheap as it actually was. I mostly use it from grinding fresh cumin in the kitchen. 5Great mortar and pestle; many uses This is a great mortar and pestle. The marble is wonderful for this because it makes the pestle heavier and easier to grind things with. The mortar is textured inside to allow easy grinding too.As a chemist I have used a number of types of mortar and pestle (ceramic and other marble ones) and this one is a great one. I think it is a wonderful buy for the price. It was bigger than I thought it would be, but that's not a bad thing.The marble makes it very sturdy; it's a great size for grinding a number of things. Right now I am using it to grind up my cat's medication so that I can blend it in with his food. The size of this set would also make it good for grinding a variety of food items.The only problem with it is that the grooves inside the mortar are a bit deep and tend to retain some of whatever your grinding; not a big deal since you can just rinse it out, but could be an issue if you are dealing with small amounts of material. 54" Diameter is Outside DiameterThe inner diameter measure just a hair under 3".The issue is not the unpolished interior surface, but the fact the bottom is uneven. There is an elevated ring/ridge on the bottom that doesn't allow you to easily move the pestle seamlessly across the bottom. An unpolished interior is fine for breaking down spices and seeds, but more care should be taken to ensure the bottom has been fully ground.Will be returning due to poor workmanship.1Nicely made.Nice small set. I purchased this for grinding charcoal and 'chalks' for artwork. It is more than suitable for that use. I have larger stone Mortar & Pestle sets for cooking but I may take this camping. For herbs, some spices this is fine. I don't think I'd try crushing cinnamon bark or cracking anything tougher than pepper corn because of the Pestle weight. Absolutely great for what I got it for.5Sturdy, good-looking and just right size for prepping herbs.Just what I'd needed to grind small amounts of herbs, not too small nor too big.The pestle id adequately comfortable to get good leverage, and the interior surface is just right to give some grip to the herbs.The base is broad enough to give sturdy support.I found it to be not well suited for pulverizing fresh garlic; a dedicated garlic press is probably a better choice.As other have noted, the Marble Mortar set looks good by itself, if kitchen esthetics are a factor for you, I think you'll find this set to be easy on the eye.Very pleased to see it washes up in the dishwasher just fine. A nice little set!5Absolutely stunning piece!Merry meet! Absolutely amazing product. Not sure why it shows a smaller version in the picture, but I was looking for a large one so I looked closely at the specs (which a lot of the people giving bad reviews probably did not do lol) boy let me tell you I ground up everything. Pepper corns, allspice, pesto, made a great holiday blend for the season. It really is beautiful. I leave in on my counter with my other art pieces. I plan to use it a LOT.5It's pretty I really wanted a little one I could put on the back of the oven, but this is nice, too. I like how heavy it is--it stays put while you, um, pestlize. I use it to crack peppercorns for soup and to grind dried herbes de Provence to powder for omelettes and such. It's 4 1/8 inches high and 4 inches across, with a bowl 3 inches across and 2 inches deep. The base is round, about 3 inches across. The pestle is 5 inches long. 4
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