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GE CoverLite LED Night Light, Plug-in, Dusk-to-Dawn Sensor, Home Dcor, UL-Listed, Ideal for Kitchen Bathroom, Nursery, Bedroom, Hallway, 29847, 1 Pack, Brushed Nickel | Moroccan

  • GE CoverLite LED Night Light, Plug-in, Dusk-to-Dawn Sensor, Home Dcor, UL-Listed, Ideal for Kitchen Bathroom, Nursery, Bedroom, Hallway, 29847, 1 Pack, Brushed Nickel | Moroccan
  • GE CoverLite LED Night Light, Plug-in, Dusk-to-Dawn Sensor, Home Dcor, UL-Listed, Ideal for Kitchen Bathroom, Nursery, Bedroom, Hallway, 29847, 1 Pack, Brushed Nickel | Moroccan
  • GE CoverLite LED Night Light, Plug-in, Dusk-to-Dawn Sensor, Home Dcor, UL-Listed, Ideal for Kitchen Bathroom, Nursery, Bedroom, Hallway, 29847, 1 Pack, Brushed Nickel | Moroccan
  • GE CoverLite LED Night Light, Plug-in, Dusk-to-Dawn Sensor, Home Dcor, UL-Listed, Ideal for Kitchen Bathroom, Nursery, Bedroom, Hallway, 29847, 1 Pack, Brushed Nickel | Moroccan
  • GE CoverLite LED Night Light, Plug-in, Dusk-to-Dawn Sensor, Home Dcor, UL-Listed, Ideal for Kitchen Bathroom, Nursery, Bedroom, Hallway, 29847, 1 Pack, Brushed Nickel | Moroccan
  • GE CoverLite LED Night Light, Plug-in, Dusk-to-Dawn Sensor, Home Dcor, UL-Listed, Ideal for Kitchen Bathroom, Nursery, Bedroom, Hallway, 29847, 1 Pack, Brushed Nickel | Moroccan
  • GE CoverLite LED Night Light, Plug-in, Dusk-to-Dawn Sensor, Home Dcor, UL-Listed, Ideal for Kitchen Bathroom, Nursery, Bedroom, Hallway, 29847, 1 Pack, Brushed Nickel | Moroccan

GE CoverLite LED Night Light, Plug-in, Dusk-to-Dawn Sensor, Home Dcor, UL-Listed, Ideal for Kitchen Bathroom, Nursery, Bedroom, Hallway, 29847, 1 Pack, Brushed Nickel | Moroccan

NZ$ 94.00 NZ$ 56.40 Save: NZ$ 37.60
NZ$ 56.40 NZ$ 94.00 You save: NZ$ 37.60



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Decorative Night Light Moroccan design with a brushed nickel finish complements existing dcor and brings new life to your home
  • Automatic On/Off Light sensing technology allows the night light to turn on at dusk and off at dawn automatically providing light only when needed
  • Cover Unsightly Outlets Unique design allows the night light to be positioned to cover the entire outlet, or leave on outlet free for use
  • Long-life LED Energy efficient LED means no bulbs to replace and the light source feels cool to the touch, even after extensive use
  • Safe and Dependable This reliable night light is UL listed, designed in the USA and is made to last for your peace of mind
  • Material Type: Plastic
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Customer Reviews

DisappointedThe front of the light is great, very pretty...BUT there is no cover over the back part, so light streams around from all sides. Almost as much light comes from the sides as from the front. Looks stupid - like it's an unfinished nightlight - which imo it is. Will not buy more. I'll use it behind furniture, where the extra glow won't look strange. If it had an opaque backing piece, I would give it 5 stars.2Lovely NightlightThis is a very nice looking nightlight which I am using in the master bath. I have a quatrefoil print in my bathroom accessories and this matches very well. It is bright enough to really make a difference but dim enough not to be intrusive. It is well made of plastic and is very light so it stays in place in the plug. There is a sensor which automatically turns it on and off. Be advised that it is not really small. It is a nice size but it could be made in a smaller version which would function the same way. Overall it works for me and I am very happy with this nightlight.5Just enough light. I purchased this night light to go in my kitchen, ,I a bronze chandler and vent covers so this matched perfectly. The design is simple and elegant and I think would fit in with a lot of different decor styles. This night light is bowed out and does not sit flush against the wall giving it a lot of dimension. The scrolling work or design on the light reminds of a Celtic style knot. The light that this night light give off is not very bright but it lights the way just enough so we do not trip on any toys from our kids or cats. An LED light is included in with this. I do not think the light is replaceable. The light does come on by itself when it is dark and turns off when it is bright or daylight. There is no on/off switch. I am very happy with this purchase and I highly recomend this to anyone looking for an beautiful bronze colored night light. 5AWESOME NIGHT LIGHT - the bronze color looks great, the LEDs are efficient & safe, the design is solid, & output + color perfect This is a REALLY NICE night light and it is worth the price premium over a basic model because this is a really awesome night light. I was so happy with the look, the build quality, the amount of light it put out & the color temperature of that light, and the extremely energy-efficient design that I purchased a second CoverLite...and I am thinking about a third!Measuring about 4.5 inches tall, 3 inches wide, and 1.4 inches deep, this mid-sized LED night light has a polished & brushed bronze-color finish, which gives it the look of a hand-polished finish (note that GE also has a hand rubbed bronze finish.) You can mount it so that it only covers one electrical outlet and does not obstruct the other, or it can cover both outlets, which gives you usage flexibility. It uses a low-output LED and the amount of energy it uses compared to a traditional incandescent night light is substantially less...an when I say substantially, I mean that the amount of energy this thing uses is almost negligible! Using an automatic light sensor, this comes on when it's dark and turns off when it is bright. Also, by being an LED, you will not have to spend money on replacement bulbs every 1,000 hours or so...the service life of this LED could easily be 100,000 hours + given LEDs have gotten super reliable, and the build-quality of this entire unit is made to last. This maximum energy efficiency and no need to replace the bulb or unit means the 10 bucks on this light will likely save you money in the long run. Unlike the compact fluorescents, this LED emits a SOFT-yet-WARM light...it does not have an office building fluorescent bulb vibe to it, but rather a very warm, friendly color that matches a home setting, and this color temp is literally spot-on for something that will run dimly at night. You could almost call it a mood light.In terms of brightness, the light output is almost PERFECT. It is enough so that you can see your way around in a dark room without needing to turn on a bright light, but dim enough that it is not distracting from sleeping. Compared to my Sun GE CoverLite, this model is not quite as bright. This nightlight, like other GE CoverLites, is UL certified...so you do not have to worry about them burning down your house while you are away on vacation (a friend of mine who is a firefighter has told me that it isn't completely unheard of for very poorly made generic devices like those 30 cent night lights to occasionally cause some major issues.) Additionally, this light does NOT get hot enough to burn children or pets...which my rabbit, Lilly, greatly appreciates.Surprisingly, I get asked about my GE CoverLites all of the time. People notice them almost immediately and they absolutely love them. A lot of people have seen them and then purchased them for themselves. And I must admit they really are handsome night lights. They really favor the warmth of a home-setting mood light rather than a harsher light, and it looks so much better than a plain night light. The bronze color is just plain cool looking and it matches most room decors quite well.So between the efficiency & longevity of a LED, the mechanical soundness & safety of the design, and the fact that these just look plain cool, I highly recommend this and other GE CoverLites. Indeed they are on the more expensive side of night lights, but they're absolutely worth it. 5These are great!These are really nice looking nightlights that work very well. Not too bright or too little brightness. The brushed nickel finished matches the fixtures in my house. The best thing about these is that they automatically turn off when it is light and turn on when it is dark. So I have one in the hallway and one in the bathroom to make it easier in case someone needs to go to the bathroom at night, and I don't even have to worry about turning them on or off. They are also LED so the bulbs are not going to burn out. GE is a trusted brand and these are UL safety tested. Very happy with my purchase.5Looks great, works great.I've only had it for 2 days, but there isn't much to it. You plug it in and it does its thing.Lighting: the packaging shows a "light level" scale: Guide, Standard, Bright, Very Bright. This product is identified as "Standard" and that seems very accurate. It is brighter than the usual LED nightlights that only provide a very subdued light. This is more on par with nightlights that use a small incandescent bulb. I bought this to light the stairs at the landing, at it does just that - enough light to safely see.Size: it is big enough to cover a 2-outlet cover.Design: If you look at the picture, the small dome you see at one end is the light sensor. That sensor is atop the actual plug-in component. So if you want to ensure the light turns off when it gets light out, make sure that end is in the upper outlet. If you want to expose the unused outlet, you can easily plug it into the outlet such that the body extends away from the unused outlet. Unfortunately, my other outlet is dedicated to a CO detector which is quite large, which in turn means the light sensor is touching/blocked by the CO detector, so it stays on. Good thing it is super economic and doesn't get hot.Style: It looks nice, not cheap.5Cute cut-out! Very sensitive to dimness.. Super cute! This cut-out is probably my favorite of all of the similar options. It's not really a complaint, but these are so sensitive that mine are on almost all day because I don't have it super bright throughout the house. My husband said "it's okay.. mood lighting" :PVery handy for the evening, to walk through the living room, use the restroom, etc. I like that it covers up the entire outlet (or not, if you don't want that) and is also a decor piece. I wish it had an on/off button too though. It doesn't use up much electricity at all, I just think it's maybe a little weird to have the light on during the day when it's a little dim in the house. 4WAS A GREAT PRODUCT - BUT CHANGED OR REC'D A KNOCK-OFF :-(WAS A GREAT PRODUCT - BUT CHANGED OR THIS IS A KNOCK-OFF. Just received this and it's not as bright as the one I've used for the past 2 years. It felt flimsy out of the package; very light weight and the color of the metal looked cheaper and not as shiny or pretty. And it's not bright enough.The package says GE on the front but on the back it says by Jasco. But it's not the same as the first one I bought and loved. No where near the quality in any way.Bought this in June 2017, it just burned out March 2019 - it stayed plugged in all day and night - and was turned on because the bathroom has no window and is dark. The first one had a soft, pretty glow and was the perfect amount of brightness. I have other LED night lights that are so bright and harsh to look at but don't put out a lot of light around them - but this first one did. I LOVED the first one.With the one I rec'd today I can barely see to walk in the bathroom...very disappointed. Loved the other one so much. This is NOT the same product at all I could tell as soon as I looked it and felt it....and very bummed once I plugged it in. :-(2Just the ticketI got this for my dog, who doesn't like the dark when he's crated while I'm at work. I usually leave a timed light on if I leave early or plan to come back late in the day, but when unexpected clouds move in or I don't set the timer properly for dawn/dusk, that's not very useful.I've been using this for a couple weeks and it does exactly what I wanted and turns on just when I would be turning on a lamp if I were home. It's light enough for my daytime wifi camera to pick up on movements, which is an added bonus. It works with the camera plugged in below, although the connection is a bit loose sometimes (cheap apartment sockets) and causes the light to rest on the camera's plug and turn on, but for the price I can't complain about a couple seconds spent adjusting it.4Brownie PointsBought for my wife - who wanted a nightlight in the bathroom - and she loved itUpside, I got brownie pointsDownside, she wants 4 more ....5STOP and buy these lights now!I love these lights. While they are more than the typical white plastic ones from Walmart, they are fantastic. I ve waited for a while then I finally purchased them. I don t know why I waited so long. They look great under my kitchen cabinets and the entry hall. I would buy 20 for all around the house. UPDATE- 5 months later and they work perfectly. I have 4 and waiting on my 5th was to be delivered today. Great for the bathroom as well and now the new one for under the kitchen island so it lights up the wal at night.5Great night light This light is great! I love the tree design. The brushed copper color looks classy. It is large enough to cover both sockets when plugged into the bottom one. It also has plenty of space for something else when plugged into the top socket. It has a light sensor so it turns off during the day and when I turn on the room light. I keep it in my bathroom. It is bright enough to see the room in the middle of the night but dim enough to not create wakefulness. 5Tree Of Life Night Light-Yes Very nice...nicer than you think it will be.. Only minor issue: to widen the prongs so the light fits upright and snug in your electrical outlet, you will most likely need to use pliers or a tool of some sort-it's that solid. Although light is 'white light' (as opposed to amber, red, green, etc.), it is a 'warm' light and not too bright or harsh to the eyes. Installed in bathroom (MY bathroom). Recommended. 5Great looks. Amazing night light.Simply beautiful. The trellis design is amazing and the color is very smart. The light activates automatically based on ambient low light. The lumens is also very adequate for a medium sized area. Not too bright and not too dim. Perfect for keeping it on at night and doesn't bother your sleep at all. Another cool part is how you can use it to cover up an entire outlet for unused sockets. Loving it.5Works very well. Bright enough for larger bathrooms, but isn't distracting. At first, I thought these weren't very bright. We live in an 1880s home and our bathrooms are very large spaces with high ceilings. Once it was completely night and dark I could see that this actually put off a very nice warm light that was very sufficient for our bathroom, but not so bright that it was distracting into our bedroom. I don't use the motion detection on that one, but I do use it on another one and it works very well. I love that you can select motion and night time on so that it will come on with motion and also when it gets dark. These are large enough to mostly cover an outlet... But that's not why I bought it. In our old house outlets are hard to come by so we don't want to cover and hide them. If you have worn outlets.. Like us... They are a little loose, but we are replacing our outlets soon. All in all, I love the traditional beauty these have for our old Eastlake Victorian. 5Nice looking and the right amount of light The oil rubbed bronze and the tree cutout are nice. It puts out the right amount of light for our upstairs landing. When plugged into the upper plug of a 2-plug wall outlet, it does not cover the lower outlet, which allows you to plug in a vacuum cleaner, etc. without removing the night light.It's a little bulker than I would like...it's rounded, like a barrel cut in half....so it sticks out into the hallway a little bit. I prefer a more low-profile, wall-hugging night light, but this is still nice, and not so bulky that it is a problem. And another good thing....the half-barrel shape has a translucent piece of plastic on the top side, which effectively tones down the light that would be visible coming out of the top (so you don't get blinded by a bulb as you walk past). 4Nice, bright, gentleThey are not motion-detecting, but they are light-detecting, so they will automatically turn on when you turn off the room s light and turn off when you turn on the room s light. They look nice and are surprisingly bright, but a nice, gentle glow. The first time I used these, I thought I had actually left a light on in the other room because they illuminate so well! These are made to cover and hide wall outlets, but you can still use the bottom outlet if you plug this nightlight into the top one. However, the auto-light sensor is on the bottom of the nightlight, so anything plugged into the outlet below the nightlight will cover the sensor and prevent it from turning on.5
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