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Gonesh Collection Sandalwood 4 Pack-Extra Rich Incense, Set of Four 20-Stick Piece - GOA4SA

  • Gonesh Collection Sandalwood  4 Pack-Extra Rich Incense, Set of Four 20-Stick Piece - GOA4SA
  • Gonesh Collection Sandalwood  4 Pack-Extra Rich Incense, Set of Four 20-Stick Piece - GOA4SA
  • Gonesh Collection Sandalwood  4 Pack-Extra Rich Incense, Set of Four 20-Stick Piece - GOA4SA
  • Gonesh Collection Sandalwood  4 Pack-Extra Rich Incense, Set of Four 20-Stick Piece - GOA4SA

Gonesh Collection Sandalwood 4 Pack-Extra Rich Incense, Set of Four 20-Stick Piece - GOA4SA

NZ$ 132.00 NZ$ 80.00 Save: NZ$ 52.00
NZ$ 80.00 NZ$ 132.00 You save: NZ$ 52.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • GOLD QUALITY: Our Incense has the highest charcoal content of any brand currently on the market - it delivers the purest, cleanest burn, and crystal clear fragrances.
  • 4 PACKAGES: Contains four 20-stick packages of incense, totaling over 80 hours of rich fragrance.
  • SANDALWOOD SCENT: #1 Fragrance by GONESH. Smooth, fresh, earthy; Warm and soothing; Relaxing and sensual. It just goes to show that the best things in life are hard to describe.
  • GOLD QUALITY: Enjoyed by millions; our unique fragrances are known the world over. Gonesh Incense can be found in stores in the United States, Japan, Canada, Mexico, China and more!
  • ETHICAL PRACTICES: Gonesh Incense utilizes fair trade labor and environmentally responsible production methods to give you the best incense around. MADE IN CHICAGO, USA. Packaging is recyclable.
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Customer Reviews

Fantastic way to save on an item I've been buying for three years I'm a big fan of incense, and I have been buying almost exclusively gonesh sticks for the past three years, it's hard to beat their even burn, even light, and tasteful fragrance. This is a great deal on an item I buy all the time anyway, I certainly won't be buying single packs at the store any time soon! 5Gonesh makes great incense. This one is very rich Gonesh makes great incense. This one is very rich, but soothing. For those that like to light it while taking a shower, this would be very pleasant to you. I would like to try other scents by Gonesh 5Not the same quality....I had bought this exact brand and quality in exact same packaging at Walmart 2 years ago...extremely great quality of sticks and scent. Ordered these from Amazon 6 weeks ago and sticks are very thin and the scent is that of a piece of burning wooden stick...not at all the quality they once were. I will not be purchasing again.2Might be chemically dipped charcoal sticks?I may be wrong but it appears as these are made up from a thin layer of charcoal over a stick that is treated with a chemical sandalwood smell. When burning I can definitely smell the wooden stick but more unsettling is that if I leave one or two sticks out laying around unlit, the smell that they emit eventually fills the room and when I am sitting close I notice an uncomfortable burning in my eyes and nose... keep in mind this is Not when they are lit. Needless to say, I won't be purchasing again.1This is the best smelling sandalwood I have ever come acrossThis is the best smelling sandalwood I have ever come across. I bought it for gifts this time...for family members that have trouble with mosquitoes as our results when using it is that they stay away...just need to make sure it doesn't "flow" across an individual directly as it is very strong. We have used it for years on our deck. I light a stick and walk around the large deck with it so the scent covers the area. Then I would place the stick in a potted plant for it to continue covering the area when guest arrived. It is a large stick, so it lasts longer than others we had tried. Since we have such a large deck, I would light several others and put in potted plants along the perimeter...just making sure it would not flow across the area we were going to sit. It works wonders...family says the same thing.5Disappointing 2019 December 31 Tuesday NEW YEAR s EVE 15:38 HST (GMT-10:00)NOT Sandalwood; at minimum, not QUALITY Sandalwood The reviews were so positive, I was really looking forward to this Many positive reviewers either do not know what QUALITY Sandalwood is, or are shilling for the manufacturers I would have sent it back, except that would ve been more hassle than keeping the 100 sticks for $7 I will say this positive: the LINGERING aroma is a bit more reminiscent of QUALITY Sandalwood than the initial impact 3If It Seems To Good To Be True...It IsWith today's current situation we can't get out so like everyone, I'm making do and being grateful for what I get my hands on. $4.50 for 100 sticks had me mentally jumping up and down(yea cause physically..) The reviews were good. Not sure what others are used to but I like a very full, thick stick with the smell wafting through the box. These did not live up to what I'd hoped for. Super thin, burn out fast and have a smell that's not very appealing. They are better than nothing until I get some real boxes. I burn about 6-10 a day. Meditating, tarot readings and just because. I'm having to burn more but thankfully they don't give me a headache at all.3Great smellSmell is very good -- not super sweet and sicky smelling like many brands. I use it also in my clothing drawers -- wrap a couple in paper towel and it makes your clothes smell good but not overpowering. Put one in plastic garbage bag with blankets for storage. People ask what smells so good in my linens.5Quality you can count onGonesh Sandalwood is just classic quality. It is not overpowering but lingers in the background with a quiet kind of elegance.It's reasonably priced, which is essential for me because I use so much of it.Also, if you tend to have reactions to some incense, as I do, this has never caused a reaction in the years I have been using it. I'd give it more stars if possible.5Awesome scentFor the price, you cannot beat these. They smell great and last nearly an hour a stick. I've noticed that once the bag is open and exposed to moisture, they tend to burn slightly slower. But that's nothing to complain about as that is a pro to me as I like the scent to be more mild and last longer.5Gonesh Collection Sandalwood Incense SticksI love sandalwood. I love the oil, sandalwood fragranced bath and body products, anything sandalwood. Its a rich, earthy yet not overpowering fragrance, a spicey sort of aroma. Ever smelled oranges embedded with spikes of clove? That kind of mild spicey, woodsy fragrance. This brand particularly I found to be the best and truest form of sandalwood fragrance. It burns rather fast, but you don't get that burnt wood after-smell like other brands. I use it, first because I love the fragrance, secondly, my stage3 kidney disease causes me to get weird smells when toxins begin to build up in my bloodstream. Smells that are annoying prevalent and this incense just seems to help alter my sense of smell for the better. I will always buy this brand from now on until the day I die. I highly recommend it. I also found the cost worthy of its quality. I gave the presentation a 3 because the advertisement doesn't give this product justice.5A good, go-to incense In the '70s as a young person I used to burn incense all the time. Then I "grew up" and quit burning it. But we just bought a house and it smelled so good and we realized it was from having had incense burning in it. So we decided to get some. We tried several different ones and I did like them all (#6, nag champa, sandalwood, dragon's blood). And while my favorites are Gonesh #2 and Dragon's Blood, this is still right up there and is definitely a go-to, good for everything incense. It smells great. I will add that we have a stinky male dog and a stinky old cat and it makes the place smell good, instead of its usual pet smell. 5Not Strong EnoughI absolutely love Gonesh Incenses. I've never been dissatisfied with their products and Sandalwood is my absolute favorite scent, but this batch that I got was not strong enough. I know that there are different Sandalwood scents, some sweeter smelling than others, but I like the musky type. This was definitely sweet. It's still good.4
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