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Govee TV LED Strip Lights, 6.56FT RGBIC TV LED Backlights with App Control, Music Sync, Scene Mode, Color Changing LED Light Strip with Timer for HDTV PC Computer Gaming, USB Powered

  • Govee TV LED Strip Lights, 6.56FT RGBIC TV LED Backlights with App Control, Music Sync, Scene Mode, Color Changing LED Light Strip with Timer for HDTV PC Computer Gaming, USB Powered
  • Govee TV LED Strip Lights, 6.56FT RGBIC TV LED Backlights with App Control, Music Sync, Scene Mode, Color Changing LED Light Strip with Timer for HDTV PC Computer Gaming, USB Powered
  • Govee TV LED Strip Lights, 6.56FT RGBIC TV LED Backlights with App Control, Music Sync, Scene Mode, Color Changing LED Light Strip with Timer for HDTV PC Computer Gaming, USB Powered
  • Govee TV LED Strip Lights, 6.56FT RGBIC TV LED Backlights with App Control, Music Sync, Scene Mode, Color Changing LED Light Strip with Timer for HDTV PC Computer Gaming, USB Powered
  • Govee TV LED Strip Lights, 6.56FT RGBIC TV LED Backlights with App Control, Music Sync, Scene Mode, Color Changing LED Light Strip with Timer for HDTV PC Computer Gaming, USB Powered
  • Govee TV LED Strip Lights, 6.56FT RGBIC TV LED Backlights with App Control, Music Sync, Scene Mode, Color Changing LED Light Strip with Timer for HDTV PC Computer Gaming, USB Powered

Govee TV LED Strip Lights, 6.56FT RGBIC TV LED Backlights with App Control, Music Sync, Scene Mode, Color Changing LED Light Strip with Timer for HDTV PC Computer Gaming, USB Powered

NZ$ 174.00 NZ$ 104.40 Save: NZ$ 69.60
NZ$ 104.40 NZ$ 174.00 You save: NZ$ 69.60



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • RGBIC Lighting Effect: our RGBIC technology allows you to customize each strip light segment. Colors picker ensures more vibrant colors in your light strip to upgrade your visual experience.
  • Dual control methods: manage your lights with the control box or via Govee Home app. Enjoy access to more features like music mode, scene mode and timer, helping you create the ambiance.
  • Music mode: our TV backlights are equipped with a built-in mic, change colors with the sounds of your TV or PC, allowing you to create the ideal ambiance for your gaming worlds or movie marathons.
  • Dynamic scene modes: the Govee Home app offers multiple preset scene modes, helping you create the vibe you need. Your TV watching experience will never be the same with your TV backlights.
  • Install with ease: adhesives and clips not only makes setup simple but also ensures your strip lights do not fall. Your lights are powered by 5V, 10W. Short circuit protection ensures safety during use.
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Customer Reviews

Great colors and easy to installI installed this LED strip behind my desk to serve as accent lighting. I did not have to trim the LED strip to length and so cannot comment on that experience. I did use the included adhesive strip to secure the LED strip to the table top which worked well. There was plenty of cable left over to find a place for the controller and USB power cable. However, the USB power cable is considerably shorter (~20 inches) than the cable which connects the controller to the LED strip (~30 inches). This would not be an issue except for the fact that both cables exit from the same location on the controller itself and therefore the location of the controller is limited by the length of the USB cable, not necessarily by the length of the cable connecting the controller to the actual LED strip. This is a minor concern and is really just something to think about when routing cables and placing the LED strip. The actual LEDs are bright but not obnoxious and the color reproduction is accurate with the exception of the white which is naturally going to be off since this is not an RGB-W LED strip. The included music mode works very well and is a neat feature. In conclusion, this is a very good product, especially given the price, and would work well as accent lighting just about anywhere.5Great stripsI use this led strip for lighting on the back of my monitor. This strip is amazing for the price. I dont buy anything that camt be controlled by your an app because it makes things so much easier. So many different colors and effects you can do. I've had them for a few months and have had no problems at all. Strip is attached to a wired remote as well if you dont want to deal with connecting a device. Through the remote you can change color, power on and off, and also turn on microphone sensitive mode for music and such. Would reccomend.5Good leds. It does what it says it does... Me and my girlfriend installed this in our battle stations and it looks great. I wish it had an option to rotate while it changes colors besides the music settings which are a bit jittery. It looks the best in "dating" settings and in solid colors.Extremely easy to install, you can change the light settings with a phone app which is cool. I wish it had a longer cable to install in monitors that don't have usb ports but that's not that bad. We just bought some USB extenders so we could install them in our desktops. I attached pictures so you can see my results.Overall this was a good purchase. 4which was nice, asking if I needed help on the positive side: inexpensive, uses bluetooth, uses usb. On the negative side: short--my tv is 44 inches, and I used it on the outer edge; however, the length is about 6 feet, the perimeter is 9 feet. so the bottom edge doesn't have light. You can opt to stick it on the interior if you wish to make it go around the TV. I assume because it uses usb as power, it couldn't be longer than 6 feet. Also, it's not very bright. There are no instructions in the box, got an email later from Minger, which was nice, asking if I needed help. I had to use my apple smart phone to download the app, ihoment, and it worked. The app is not available for the kindle. The control is also attached permanently, so I use that to set what preference I wanted. The tape had to be pressed again the next day because it came off the tv. Not a big problem.So overall, because it's inexpensive, it's fine as an experimental project. Another asset--because it's hooked to the usb on the tv, it turns off when I turn off the tv. 4A Brilliant Smart RGBWorks great on My media console, designed for 65in TVs! It also works well with TVs, but I prefer a more concealed look. Makes My LG Oled E8 look soooooooo good!You can combine and customize any color combination! These are bright and vivid, unlike cheaper brands!With the app, you can control ALL your lights from your phone! I have My office and TV synced up! This is just a great product!My wife got Me one of these as a gift, and now I'm absolutely obsessed! While NO, it doesn't work via hdmi and change with content, it sure as heck is far above other RGB lights!If you need bias lighting, THIS is the one to get! Though be advised, you can't cut it to size, because it would destroy the rest of the light.This is because, all the lights sync with each other. Loosing any part of that system, will jack up the lights effect algorithm, thus destroying your lights. So don't cut it.That said, this gets a pass from Me! Go for it, and you'll be in pure bliss!5Looks great but limit remote distance I purchased two of these and overall, I am satisfied. One was installed behind my living room TV and the other behind the backboard of my bed. They are very simple to install, just make sure you plan the length out correctly before you begin sticking it, otherwise you have to remove it and the adhesive won't be as strong. I had to plug the usb connection to the back of my TV, my issue is it will only work if the TV is on. Once you turn the TV off, the lights will no longer work. Not the end of the world since I can just get a USB extension and plug it directly to the outlet so I don't have to worry about it. The remote via smart phone is through a blue tooth connection. While that seems great, the distance is very minimal. You have to stand within 4 feet of the light in order to change the settings or play around with the colors via phone. I would have given this a 5/5 star rating if the distance was a little better. Otherwise, it's a great product. 4Best Addressable RGB strips you're going to find! These Led strips are completely awesome. I used them on the back of my desk as well as in some tube lights that I made myself. They work awesomely and the app is pretty easy to use and has some great features and animations. I love the addressable rgb features like the music reaction that doesnt just change the whole color of the strip but has different animations and styles. I also have it setup so the desk backlight is normally a light blue and then a wave of dark blue scrolls through which matches my cpu cooler. overall highly recommend these led strips and often refer them to other people. one neat feature i want to mention is that when you unplug and plug these back in, they turn right back and resume whatever animation they were set to before, this is especially handy if you want to use a usb hub to turn on and off the led strips like im using. I control my whole desk's led's from a powered usb hub that has switches on it, very handy unmentioned feature of these leds.5Bluetooth controlled is key! I used this to replace an IR controlled, $60.00 LED light strip behind my entertainment center, which also served as a night-lite for the living room. I got tired of having the original light strip change color to BRIGHT WHITE every single time we changed the channel or increased volume. I can now watch TV, play movies, Xbox, etc. without the light strip changing! My only regret is I did not buy this Bluetooth controlled unit a long time ago. Just bought a second one for the kitchen under cabinet lighting, which will be replacing 4 very expensive LED light strips from Home Depot. The price point of these is just awesome! 5I love it! The lights adhered to my 50 4K TV with no issues. I bought the lights for several reasons: ease the eyes stress when watching tv at night, have flashing feedback while I game and watch action movies, and for the ambience lighting in my living room. I am very pleased in the amazing multitude of settings and customizations that are available in the Govee app for my smartphone. I am also enjoying the lights responding the sound due to the mic. Overall, I am very pleased. I hope the Govee app adds even more options, and I plan to purchase more in the near future to expand my setup even more5Exactly what I was looking for!These things are so great. I was looking to craft a foam replica of an object that has pulsing multicolor lights running down it (the laser blaster from Smash Bros. Ultimate that you use after clearing a battle on the Spirit Board.... never mind) and I never thought I would find a set of lights that could do this relatively complex pattern, especially having zero experience coding with an Arduino or other LED driver. Enter this string of lights. When I first powered them, their action was relatively simple, either syncing to the music or ambient sound, or just staying one solid color. Then I downloaded the app and discovered the magic of the DIY mode. This thing is so versatile! You can choose so many different patterns, colors, speeds... I was able to get exactly the pattern I needed!"Colors weave into a spire of flame", if you will.It's fairly safe to say the possibilities are endless when trying to integrate this into a cosplay. And you do it right from your phone, there's no stupid cheap remote you'd have to drag around to control it while on the go. Not that I need to interface with it often, it retains its last configuration so I just power it on and BAM, rainbows. It's. So. Perfect. I power them using a USB power bank stowed in the handle of the object. The adhesive on the back is sufficient to keep it attached to the PVC that forms the core, although I reinforced it on the ends with hot glue just to be sure. The Bluetooth connectivity might diminish the battery life, but I'm pretty sure I'll get a few hours out of it, which should be enough. If you've ever wanted to do a cosplay that involves LEDs but have been intimidated by the complexity, let these lights guide you on your way to the ultimate---um, they're a great place to start.5pretty good product Pros RGB!!! pretty good productPros: Good color, LEDs looks pretty high quality Good mic reception and vibrate with music featureCons: Software has some bugs, should add more effects on the software5Good Bright Strip, But Could Use Updates The LED strip has a very nice quality feel to the coating, and applies very easily. I have had them for 2 days now and they show no sign of defects or bad quality. I only have a few qualms about this product. I purchased this with the assumption that the strip was capable of displaying a continuous rainbow effect, as shown in almost every product picture. The ihomentlight app is easy to use and easy to set up with the strip's control box. But, unless I'm blind, I can not figure out how to do what I thought was being advertised as "DreamColor". Could easily be implemented into the ihomentlight app. 4Bluetooth control is infinitely better then IR especially with digital strips.Never write reviews so that should say something about these lights.USB powered is great and the wired remote offers basic adjustment. Bluetooth control is what im excited about though as my biggest issue with the LEDs currently behind my TV is that since they are IR hitting purple mutes my soundbar and volume up with the bar remote changes the lights to blue. This is not an issue with bluetooth control.The ihoment app is decent in design and allows for just about any color and brightness adjustment. It also has a few scenes to pick and 4 music modes. The app lets you name multiple strips and pick which on you would like to control. The app does crash occasionally on launch on my galaxy s7 but relaunching works.Since these LEDS are digital each diode has the POTENTIAL to be controlled individually. I say potential as this is not implemented other then in a few audio modes. I would love to be able to set multi color chases with the ability to scroll in a set direction, ripple from the middle to the ends or ping pong. I would also like the ability to group multiple strips together so I could set colors to multiple strips rather then one at a time. This should all be possible and would just need to be coded into the app.These will be my new go-to strips to recommend assuming the app stays supported or become feature rich enough to not need updates. I will be buying a second set to replace the IR analog LEDs on my TV.5They're very versatile lights.I'm constantly seeing reviews that don't begin do Govee LED Strips justice. You can accomplish just about any look you want to with these lights.. Below I've just selected a few DIY Presets I've created to give you a better idea of what's possible rather than just an example of the basic everyday plug and go... theses were exactly what I was looking for but no one had demonstrated the full capability.. Hopefully it helps and saves someone time. (Any and all color combo is possible)5Worth the money Easy set up, great adhesive on strip. Remote control works ok but the app is WAY better! Def worth the price 5Easy to install behind my 42" TVEasy to install behind my 42" TV. Took only 2 minutes to apply to the top-back and sides. I didn't have a powered usb port on the tv so I tried a old phone charger. Apparently it was not strong enough so the lights stayed on the white color and would not work with the app. I switched the charger to a stronger charger about 2 amps and it started working perfectly. I love the microphone feature which allows it to pulse to any music source. It would be nice to customize the light pattern. Generally...I use it to create a nicer back drop to my wall behind the tv when on or off and to watch movies with it to help improve the colors. Going to order one for my large computer screen at work! Having a blue tooth app is MUCH BETTER THAN USING A SMALL REMOTE that has to be pointed at the receiver for the lights. My daughter has the small remote and she doesn't have the microphone to allow pulsing to the music and she loses the small remote in the couch all the time. I can turn the lights on or off from two rooms away with the blue-tooth connection on my phone app that comes with this light set. For the price and the features...its the best.5
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